The muff of a conditioner compressor does not turn on

Diagnostics of electromagnetic clutch of air conditioner

Faulty cabin air cooler is usually removed for repair. After a replacement of unusable parts the device is put back and antifreeze is pumped into the system again.

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Failure of an air conditioner worsens a microclimate in the salon of a car. Before repairing, first check the electric clutch of the compressor. Faulty part must be repaired or replaced with a new one.

How to check the operation of the air conditioner

If there is no click during air conditioner switching on, the following reasons are possible:

  • the refrigerant leaks and the control system blocks the compressor.
  • Pressure sensor in the system is defective.
  • Faulty electrical circuits, check fuses and relays (fuse box: XRAY, Vesta, Largus, Granta, Priora, Kalina, Lada 4×4).
  • electrical circuit breakage of electromagnetic clutch coil winding.
  • the control unit of the engine for any reason (high temperature of coolant, the battery died) has blocked activation of the compressor.

If there are extraneous noises in operation of an air conditioner (noises, buzzes, crackles and so on), it is possible to say that the compressor.д.If there are noises in operation of air conditioner (humming, clattering, etc.), it can be a sign of destruction of bearing of air conditioner muff. In this case, it may be hot or there may be a smell of burning.

If the clutch rotates easily and freely, but all the same there is a noise at switching on of the conditioner or even the engine stops, most likely, the compressor has jammed. The internal pump part of the compressor cannot be repaired (replacement only).

If clutch easily rotates a shaft of the compressor, but there is no cool air. In this case it seems that the compressor works, but in fact it does not pump anything. In this case, only an experienced technician can determine the cause.

Also cause of bad air conditioner performance (blowing hardly cool air) can be condenser (air conditioner radiator) pollution. Do not forget to service the air-conditioning system regularly.

If the air blows badly, check the cabin air filter.

Warning ! All works connected with service, repair, disassembly of elements of air-conditioning system, if possible carry out in specialized service centers. Contact of refrigerant with skin causes heavy frostbite! It is recommended to perform only air conditioner cleaning by yourself.

Check the unit depending on the defect

Consider the possible actions of a mechanic or user of the split system, taking into account all the faults noted above.

But first of all you should take into consideration the following moments:

  • Have this equipment serviced by an expert. We told you about cleaning split system by yourself here.
  • The system is filled with chemically harmful substances.
  • Unit is working from the network with a high potential.
  • Knowledge of electrics, electronics, mechanics is required.
  • There’s a risk of harm to your health.
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The calm, reliable and qualified way to check the system is, of course, to contact professional craftsmen.

Nevertheless, it is not excluded the possibility of using personal skills and abilities at your own risk. For the second variant let’s consider the ways of checking the equipment for malfunction.

Problem #1. high levels of mechanical noise

So, if the machine produces an increased noise, not characteristic for normal operation, you can state with high confidence the destruction of internal components.

It can be bearing units, valve group parts and others. In such cases, the only possible option is to replace the unit.

Excessive noise can also be caused by the excessive mass of the coolant introduced into the system. However in this case the character of noise is obviously different from the mechanical one and after short work the compressor usually is switched off by automatics system according to high pressure parameter.

The check for these two options is accompanied by the following steps:

  • Connect a pressure gauge station on the discharge side.
  • Close the system tap on the circuit line.
  • Monitor the pressure reading.

If the valves are defective, the noise level usually increases, but the pressure does not actually change or changes only slightly. If the bearings are faulty, however, the increase in noise will be accompanied by an increase in pressure.

An excessive quantity of refrigerant in the circuit will also show an increase in pressure with rising noise and consequent shutdown of the compressor by the automation system (pressure switch). about the structure of this unit, its operating principle, connection and regulation, we wrote in the following publication.

Problem #2. Freon overfill or shortage

This type of “malfunction” is determined again with the help of a manometer station. It is necessary to disconnect split system from network, wait a little, then connect gauge station and start air conditioner. Observe the readings on the devices.

Working pressure for a domestic split system of a particular configuration can always be determined from the technical label attached to the housing of the outdoor unit. There, on the plate, the boundary parameters of pressure of discharge and suction contour sections are specified.

If the nameplate is exceeded, it indicates definite refrigerant overflow in the system. However, the table gives only the upper values of the pressures.

Therefore, a lack of refrigerant is defined in a slightly different way. The average residential split system suction pressure rating is approximately 4 to 6 bar (ATI), depending on the configuration.

When the suction pressure limit at the manometer station is significantly less than the specified range of 4 to 6 bar, this factor indicates a shortfall in charge.

Such a condition also affects the operation of the compressor, when abnormal noise is noted and periodic operation of the protection systems.

Problem #3. no start of refrigeration compressor

Widespread defect of split systems, connected with the compressor, is total absence of starting moment of the refrigeration compressor. In this case, the system successfully switches to cooling mode, all instruments of automatics work normally. Another issue is the condenser fan.

In such condition of split system the condenser fan shows a little bit unusual operation. When the air conditioner is started, the fan impeller starts rotating but stops rotating almost immediately.

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Internal A/C unit continues to operate with non-operating compressor of external unit.

Haier Portable AC Buzzing and Not Cooling. FIX

This defect, as a rule, appears in the systems that have successfully worked several years (more than 5). And the reason of such behavior of the system is a starting capacitor included in the circuit of compressor electric motor supply.

To diagnose the condenser malfunction is simple. How to do it. see below.

Problem #4. the inter-turn short circuit of the stator winding

How to determine this fault is a far from clear-cut question. For example, when 2-3 windings are short-circuited in a short section, it is practically impossible to detect the defect without using a specific tool.

Other variations, when sufficiently distant sections are short-circuited, can in principle be determined by simply measuring the resistance of the working windings of the motor stator.

Usually, the winding, where there is a “short”, gives less resistance in relation to the other windings. But it is necessary to have exact circuit of motor.

The air conditioner is not working: how to avoid global warming in your car

Summer trips by an automobile with left elbow stuck out of a window and with other windows open for total airing of the salon are a thing of the past. Most drivers today get air conditioning systems in their cars to make journeys in the heat of the day comfortable. However the automobile climatic installations are difficult and vulnerable in difficult conditions of road movement. Is it possible to establish quickly the faults which have appeared in auto air conditioner and is it worth trying to remove them by yourself??

Diagnostics of air conditioner compressor clutch

Checking the air conditioner compressor clutch functionality is simple enough. Experienced motorists have several ways of diagnostics in their kit.

It is necessary to start the engine and switch on air conditioner. Check whether the sensor on the panel works. Check whether there is a click at switching on, which can be heard at the moment of clutch connection with the compressor. To check with help of second person. whether there is a connection (at switching on the disk is pressed to a pulley).

It requires neither the presence of coolant in the system, nor even starting the engine. With the switched off engine it is necessary to disconnect a power plug and to connect plus battery terminal with a wire on the compressor. At that moment you should hear a click and compressor muff should start moving. PLEASE NOTE: On some modern cars, the connection is not on the outside but inside the clutch, which means that the plate will rotate even if you use any of these methods. If the procedures clearly indicate that the clutch is not working, you will most likely have to dismantle it in order to determine the exact cause of the malfunction.

Bring your hand to the deflectors. in a minute or two the cold air must flow from them. If you have an electronic thermometer handy, double-check your senses. if air conditioner is defective, thermometer at deflector outlet will indicate air temperature not over 10°C (if it is 20-25°C outside).

You see the thick and thin aluminum tubing? They usually go from the front along the right mudguard to the shield that separates the engine compartment from the cabin.

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Take hold of the thick tube with your hand (be careful of rotating parts)!). In just a few seconds after starting the engine the low pressure tube should be cold. And after about a minute. ice. If the tube is cooling for a long time, it means that the conditioner is defective.

Disassembly and repair of the compressor of the auto air conditioner

How the repair of a compressor of the air conditioner? Complete disassembly of the compressor is quite a time-consuming operation. It consists of several steps:

  • disconnect all pipes and wires from compressor;
  • remove the compressor itself;
  • remove the clamping sleeve;
  • Disassemble the housing and separate the cylinder block;
  • take out the valve board;
  • remove piston group.

After disassembly all the parts are washed and degreased. Worn out elements are replaced. They also change the rubber gaskets, even if they look intact. After assembly, grease is poured into the compressor and it is sent to the diagnostic stand.

After checking on the stand, the repaired unit can be installed back on the car. Prior to charging it is necessary to vacuumize the system for complete cleaning.


Diagnosis of the clutch operation is performed using special electronic tools, but a preliminary inspection of the entire air conditioning system is mandatory.

  • Initially an external inspection of all air conditioner parts for breakage and deformation is performed.
  • After that the air conditioner itself is switched on, the quality of its performance, the degree of air cooling is evaluated. It is necessary to listen to extraneous noises, which normally should not be.
  • You start the leakage search with a special leak detector, which can fix the places of oil and freon (coolant) leakage.
  • With the help of sensors starts verification of operation of all components by type of compressor and the clutch itself. This stage allows you to qualitatively check the performance of the component.
  • Check the freon container for leaks as well as the freon itself. It should have a clean, transparent color without visible bubbles.

Does it need to be disassembled?

As a rule, to repair the compressor, you have to dismantle it. Naturally, freon is drained from a conditioner. After repair, a conditioner should be charged again, and it is additional money. Is it possible to remove a muff of a compressor without removing a compressor and not breaking hermetic condition of the system??

Repair of a muff of a compressor of the conditioner on a car without its disassembly, but not on all models of automobiles. Some manufacturers place the compressor so that removing the belt, pulley and solenoid coil is simple enough. In other cases, it will be necessary to remove wheels, a bumper or other parts, but the compressor can be left in place. And finally, in the third case, you can’t do without complete disassembly. How it is with your car, you can specify with an employee of car-care center. He can also tell you how long the procedure will take and how much it will cost.

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