The line cutter on the grass trimmer with your own hands

How to change lines on a trimmer

The fishing line is wound on a spool (bobbin), which is located in the body of the grass trimmer head. First, we unscrew the head from the brushcutter bar and open its top cover by pressing the side latches. In some models the housing is simply unscrewed.

We take out the spool, clean it from dirt, remnants of the old fishing line. Recoil can be one or two-sectional.

Winding the line on the single reel

We take 2 m of fishing line, pull it through a special hole inside the spool up to the half. On both sides of the hole the ends of the fishing line of the same length will stick out. Wind them both around the groove of the spool in the direction indicated by the arrow on the body (the opposite rotation of the spool on the shaft of the grass trimmer). We don’t reel the fishing line up to the end. the 10-15 cm pieces that will work, we fix in the grooves on the side of the reel. This fixation is needed to prevent the line from unwinding while installing it in the grass trimmer head.

Insert the spool in the body of the head, and at the same time put the free ends of the fishing line through the holes in the body, expose outward. Assemble the head, put it on the grass trimmer. That’s it, the line change in the trimmer is done.

How to wind the line on a grass trimmer with a two-piece reel

If the reel has two sections, fold the line in half and insert the bend in the special groove in the flange between the sections. Start winding the ends each in its own groove. then everything is as in the case of a single-section spool.

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How much line to wrap on your brushcutter? Can be wound up to 2-4 m, depending on the model. You can’t reel it in too tightly, it has to be spinning freely so that it can retract while you work.

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How does the line head work on a brushcutter Why do you need to know the principle of operation

Depending on the manufacturer, the heads differ structurally not only externally but also internally. Most reels have a compression spring inside (semi-automatic and automatic). Above is the instruction on how to disassemble the grass trimmer head without the spring, i.e.е. on a manual-type head. The principle of dismounting a semiautomatic head with a spring inside is almost identical to the above instruction.

The principle of operation of a semi-automatic grass trimmer reel is as follows:

  • The spool is located inside the head and is mounted on splines preventing it from moving freely
  • the spool is acted upon by a spring which presses it against the slits in the design of the cover
  • A fishing line is wound on the lead, the length of which depends on the tool itself. This length is usually 1 to 4 meters
  • During work, if the need to increase the length of the fishing line, the protruding part of the reel is pressed, by which he leaves the engagement with the slits. The line is coiled from the reel, increasing in length
  • After releasing the necessary amount of line, release the hold-down and continue mowing the grass

How to make a Home Grass Trimmer with a Angle Grinder DIY

line, cutter, grass, trimmer, your, hands

The advantage of a tool with a fishing line is that this consumable does not require sharpening, compared to metal discs. over, if a stone or wood gets in the way, the line simply comes off, without negatively affecting the tool’s gearbox and motor, as is the case with metal cutting discs.

Knowing the construction and device of the types of mowing or trimmer heads, it is necessary to proceed to the consideration of the process of threading the line into the grass trimmer spool. After all, it is this moment that most owners of special tools have difficulties.

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The cutter of the fishing line on the trimmer for grass with their own hands

I want to share with you some useful information for those who use a trimmer, also called a lawnmower, benzo. and brushcutter, and the residents of sleeping areas of multi-storey buildings dubbed it “good morning, country”. But, as it were, most people wonder if there are such options as a timeless line for the grass trimmer with their own hands. In order not to bog down the expectations of users, I will say at once: “Yes, it exists, and it will outlive even the tool itself”.

At first it would not hurt to understand what wears out the factory line, which is constantly necessary to change, which is not very convenient, and sometimes such a need can even spoil your mood, since there is simply nothing to replace. I’ve noticed that lawn mowers, in order to finish the job, are forced to use some wire instead of fishing line, and I’ve even seen on the Internet that they tried to use pieces of a soft hacksaw blade broken in half. there are holes on both sides for fastening. But all these attempts are ineffective, because the cutting element always breaks, or tears from hitting the hard trunks of the weeds, or foreign objects that are in the grass.

Instead of fishing line it is much better to use a thin steel rope. its threads are made of tool steel, which is not subject to corrosion, but has an extremely high barrier of strength. That is, in fact, the pieces of steel wire attached to the rotating disc of the brushcutter should last forever, at least much longer than the grass trimmer itself. But this is not quite true, and to be more precise, in order to ensure the endless service life of a rope, its free end must be sealed, which is not easy or even possible to do in the home. The fact is that the tip of such a secant element will start to fluff up and gradually turn into a bundle of steel threads, which will become tangled. There is only one conclusion: if you can solder the tip like a plumber’s cable, do it and use it for good health.

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How to make a spool for a grass trimmer with your own hands

Often manufacturers of mechanized tools do not complete their products with a number of necessary or useful devices for work, offering to buy them separately (as an additional option). The case is different with a reel for brushcutter: as this is the main working element of the garden tool, all grass trimmers are equipped with it, but the quality of grass trimmers reel leaves much to be desired.

The consumer has to buy the spool separately, this is done to increase sales and get additional profits from producers.

Below are considered questions about what is a grass trimmer, what spools there are and how to insert and fasten the line yourself.

What is the best line for a grass trimmer??

To answer this common question, it is necessary to consider the main working parameters of the cutting cord in turn.

  • thickness. the larger the diameter of the line, the higher its effectiveness in working with thick weeds;
  • Section. the best proved to be the cord with a twisted and round section. Another popular option. “star”. Cords with a section of this type successfully cope with high dense grass and young shrubs;
  • manufacturer. cutting cords of Husqvarna and STIHL brands stand out for their high quality, strength and durability. Their only disadvantage is high price. In such cases, you can choose inexpensive cords brands Sturm, Forte or Intertool.

When choosing a fishing line, it is desirable that the gardener has the opportunity to test the cord with his own hands. It is important to stretch the cutting cord and try to break it. If the fishing line does not give in, then it can withstand a sufficiently high load.

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