The knife on the brushcutter with his hands. Snowmobile or snowcat

Homemade cultivator from a grass trimmer and bicycle, a hand cultivator for row spacing

The difference in these two units only in their design and names, the essence of the work they perform the same. to loosen the earth.

Important! Toothed models have a lower weight, therefore, it is better to process with them light soils, unlike disc ones.

Such a nozzle works from the engine by means of a special rod (sold separately). There are slits on the boom, there can be from 7 to 9. That is, you need to know exactly which attachment to buy, because from one model it may not fit on the other.

When the cutters and discs are fixed with slits, the cutting bodies will move freely, you can loosen the soil to a width of 20-25 centimeters.

Note! Long beds are more convenient to work than short ones. In the first case, you have to make fewer turns.

When choosing a nozzle, you need to consider the power of the grass trimmer. If the device capacity is less than 1500 watts, you can work only loosened soil. For example, you can only plow potatoes.

The disadvantages of this design include the fact that it is not possible to dig deep into the soil. Only the top layer can be mowed, and then only if it has been ploughed recently. On hard soil, such a cultivator attachment will simply “jump”, it will not loosen the soil. And you can not press it tightly to the ground, the bar will spring and bend, resulting in a grass trimmer breakage.

Still, sometimes it makes sense to buy one of these nozzles. Given its sometimes not a small price, many craftsmen decide to make a cultivator for brushcutter itself.

Gasoline grass trimmers and the advantages of buying them

If you’re considering a petrol mower for grass, here is a collection of criteria, tips and tricks for choosing the right tool. A quality machine called a lawnmower is quite expensive, so very often many people refuse to buy a device only to use it periodically to mow the grass. But you can also use the tool’s powerful gasoline engine for many other tasks around the house, like cultivating, cutting down branches on trees, or pumping water. And these are just the basic types of work.

Attachments for trimmers and brushcutters are produced not only by manufacturers of basic tools, but also by Chinese companies. When choosing these or other devices, it is necessary to carefully study their technical characteristics, as not all types of trimmers fit devices that expand the functionality. The obvious advantages of buying a gasoline grass trimmer with interchangeable attachments are as follows:

  • Versatility. Lawn mowers not only cut grass, but can also be used for weeding potatoes or sweeping the yard.
  • Easy to use. There are two ways to attach the attachments to the tool. the attachment to the boom and the body. In both cases, there are no difficulties with the connection of devices, but when choosing it is still important to consider that the products are suitable for a particular model of the tool.
  • High work speed compared to hand tools. There is no doubt that automated work is much faster than manual work.
  • Safety. the attachments are designed directly for use with gasoline trimmers and brushcutters. There are also devices for electric trimmers, but their list is not as wide as for gasoline tools, which is associated with low power and low torque of the electric motor.
  • Getting the job done.

Thanks to special attachments, the lawnmower can be used not only as a garden or vegetable garden tool. Let’s look at the most popular types of trimmer accessories that can extend the functionality of the tool.

This is interesting! It is important to note that the disadvantage of using nozzles for gasoline-driven tools is a decrease in the operating life of the engine and its other working parts. The reason for this is the overloading created by the nozzles.

The process of making the brush head

To make the head, you need to remove the handles from the carpet brushes. You can cut them with a metal saw, but it is quicker and smoother with a hot blow torch knife. It cuts them like butter.

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Next, you need to screw the brushes on the blades of the grass trimmer blade, using 2 mounts on each. It is important that it retains its balance after rework. For this purpose, brush mounts must be installed with the observance of symmetry. On each beam is made marking for 2 holes. The distance between them should be less than the length of the brushes.

After drilling the knife necessary to put to one of the beams of the brush and by measuring drilled holes in it for fasteners. Further, since everything is drilled symmetrically on the knife, the remaining brushes are drilled using the previous one as a template.

Use self-tapping screws with a metal drill bit to screw the brushes to the blade. It is necessary to screw on the bristle side. Bolts with a nut and lock nut can be used instead of self-tapping screws.

After installing the nozzle on the trimmer for grass need to attach to his boom bent at the edge of the tube for water supply to the brushes.

This can be done with a gas torch or a construction hair dryer. The tube must reach the handle of the grass trimmer. On this side its edge is also bent, but by 15-20 degrees. The bent tube is attached to the bristle with duct tape. This will allow it to be quickly removed after work.

Wrap electrical tape around the edge of the pipe on the handle side and put on a garden hose. It is secured with a clamp for safety. After that the grass trimmer is started and the water supply is opened at a low pressure.

Before you start working with the nozzle, you should first soak the surface and then treat it with brushes. After scraping off the dried mud, if you wash the concrete or paving tiles, you should pour everything with a hose to drive away the dirty water.

Choosing the motor

In this case, the best choice would be an asynchronous motor with output of 500 to 600 W or more. The RPM for this kind of work is up to 3,000 per minute. A big advantage of the asynchronous motor model is its quiet operation. The higher the engine speed, the more even and high-quality the grass is cut.

Generally, mowing quality will be determined not by the rotation speed of the blades, but by the linear speed of the cutting edge relative to the vegetation. at the same RPM, the linear speed of the blades becomes higher, based on the value of the grip (diameter of the circumference in which the cutting edge rotates).

For this reason, a large grip (more than forty centimeters) can significantly reduce the speed of the device. But in this case the power rating of the motor has to be higher to overcome the increasing resistance. Practice has shown that the following configuration is workable: grip. 50 cm, engine power. 1 kW, the number of revolutions per minute. 1500. But the engine with power of 500W and rotation speed of 1500 rpm will cut the grass, though worse. If the motor power is low, the blades have to be resharpened regularly.

To connect a three-phase motor to a single-phase system, you must use the principle with an operating and starting capacitor. You can easily find information about this connection on the Internet. It will also be easy to find a formula for calculating the necessary capacity for capacitors. Most often in the design use about 200 uF for a motor with a power of 2 kW. For 500-600 watts of power, only 60-80 μF will suffice.

When creating a special cover for the motor, you must remember about the holes for cooling the device.

Create a lawn mower with their own efforts, you can use a simple electric drill with up to 3000 revolutions per minute. Coming up with a method to mount the drill to the frame will be easy. But you need to understand that in terms of reliability and duration of operation, the drill can not be compared with an asynchronous motor, which is why if you have to mow a large area of the plot with grass, it is best to think in the purchase of a powerful motor.

Choosing the saw blade

Included with the disk are three rings with the same outer (30-mm), but different inner diameter, that is, they differ from each other in width. These rings are designed to compensate for the difference between the saw blade seating hole and the counter element on the larger diameter clamping washer.

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It will be made into a disc that needs to be cut out of sheet steel. It is best if the sleeve is the same size as a standard mower blade. If your brushcutter has a powerful engine, the loop may be slightly longer to fit between the rows. The center of the nozzle is approximately marked on a sheet of steel, and a 6 or 8 mm hole is drilled.

The bolt is inserted into it and is tightened with a nut. You need to bind a loop of yarn folded in half the length of the disc radius. Having thrown one edge of the loop on the bolt and catching it with a marker, it is necessary to draw the circumference of the nozzle.

The circumference should be cut with a tool that is readily available. After that, the edge of the disc should be deburred.

The center hole in the disc must now be drilled to the bore diameter of the washer used to mount the mower blades. This can be done with a step drill.

If desired, one more hole can be made in the center of each segment to fill in the gaps. It is very important to maintain the symmetry, in order to keep the balance of the disc.

The surface of the disc is sanded to remove any burrs from the drilling. A bolt with a washer is inserted into each hole and tightened with a nut.

The cutter bar is now clamped in the brushcutter like a normal knife. As it rotates, its bolt spikes grab the top layer of soil, pulling out weeds and damaging their root system. This grinds the stems, so they will not be able to regenerate even if it rains.

Unfortunately, it raises a lot of dust, so it is better to cultivate behind the wind. Wear high boots and goggles when working, because the stones in the soil can fly out. If the ground is soft and cobble-free, and the attachment is well centered, the grass mower gear will not break.

What is the best way to cut the grass

Before you install the cutting equipment, figure out exactly what you will be mowing. If fresh grass, then the answer is unambiguous. choose a line for your trimmer.


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The line for the trimmer is a thin nylon thread. Also called cord, string or wire. The mowing head has a spool (bobbin) inside, on which this wire is wound. The bobbin is attached to the shaft and the engine speed is transmitted to it via a gearbox. The tips of the line are exposed to the outside. When rotating the bobbin, they also rotate with great speed and force. This is how the grass is mowed.

The cutting width is between 40 cm and half a metre. The wider the wire, the faster you mow the lawn.

Hold the stringline parallel to the grass when mowing. According to the consultants in the S Torgom store, the brushcutter can be driven as you please. in one direction, from right to left or in both directions. It is also possible to use the so-called “square” method. around the perimeter of the field. The main thing is that you can’t press the mowing head strongly to the ground, because the load on the engine increases instantly. It heats up a lot, some parts can melt, leading to motor failure.

The trimmer line cuts even the highest grass. even the highest that a lawnmower cannot cut. In general, there are many places where a lawn mower will not pass. narrow places, the edges of lawns, near curbs, flowerbeds, under benches. These are all places for a brushcutter with a string tucked in.

The wire is especially efficient for mowing grass in the garden, as it slides easily over tree trunks and does not damage them.

It is also convenient to mow grass for hay, but if the vegetation is tough and dense. install a knife.

Grass trimmer line

For more comfortable work with trimmers when you want to trim a big area overgrown with grass, it is desirable to use a special belt. This accessory takes the fatigue off the arms and back of the mower operator and makes the job a lot easier when compared to the same job without the belt.

Belts come in shoulder straps and backpack straps. The shoulder strap is the simplest device and consists of a loop with two or one latch (carabiner), with which it is attached to the mowing unit. To the second carabiner is usually attached a plastic plate that protects the operator’s side from the pressure of the grass trimmer’s boom.

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Shoulder strap is usually used with light trimmers weighing 3-4 kg. For heavier machines it is more convenient to use a backpack strap.

Grass trimmer belt can easily be ordered online or bought at a specialized store where these devices and accessories are sold.

and above.

If there will be a desire to make it by your own hands, then any hostess, after taking a look at this device, it is easy to sew it from hand-made tools (old belts and belts). It is possible that it is necessary to buy buckles and carabiners. But nevertheless we recommend to buy a backpack hanger, and not to waste time and money on making a worse than ready-made device.

For many dacha owners the grass trimmer has long been a familiar and almost indispensable technique. But it is not always possible to buy a model that can meet all needs. It happens that the grass trimmer easily copes with fresh young vegetation, but there is a desire to clear a place behind the fence or along the driveway, and the high mature grass is “beyond the reach” of machinery.

We offer a variant of self-made nozzle for the grass trimmer from simple, almost improvised, means. You will need a metal peorized plate (100mm x 240mm), two hacksaw blades on metal, 4 screws and 4 nuts M5, 4 washers and 4 washer. From a safety point of view, the hacksaw blades must not be completely glazed.

All you need for making the nozzle

The most difficult part of making the head is to symmetrically mark and make holes for blades and grass trimmer shaft. That’s why you choose a ready-made peorized plate.

First you need to make the base of the nozzle. For this purpose, from a metal plate with an angle grinder cut a square with a side of 100 mm. It is necessary to mark it so that in the center (on crossing of diagonals) there is a hole. To do this, measure a distance of 50 mm from the center of the hole perpendicular to the short side of the plate, and mark the trim line.

Cut off the excess and you get a square of 100 mm x 100 mm. Now it is necessary to round the corners a little and drill a central hole for the grass trimmer shaft.

Round the corners and reamed the central hole under the trimmer shaft for grass

Cut the metal blade, measuring from each end 8 cm. We get four blanks with ready-made holes.

These blanks are to be shaped into the shape of the blades. To do this, we mark the line for the trimmer cut by eye (special accuracy is not required), fasten all four blanks together and grind off the excess.

As a result, we get blades of equal weight and size, and it is possible to sharpen them a little on one side. Now all parts of the homemade grass trimmer nozzle are ready, you can begin assembling.

Put a small washer on the screw and put it in the corner hole. Place the blade on top, sharpening the side in the direction of rotation of the shaft of the grass trimmer. Next is a large washer and a nut that is not tightened so that the blade can turn freely. Fix the other three blades in the same way.

Rivet the end of the screw to prevent the nut from coming off.

The nozzle is ready. It is installed with its nuts to the ground and fixed in the same way as the three-blade blade that comes with the trimmer. When hitting a rock, the blades will fold and move inward slightly.

knife, brushcutter, hands

This idea was suggested by our constant video author Tatyana (Tula region). To see in more detail the whole process of making such a nozzle for the grass trimmer and learn some of the nuances, you can watch the video she prepared.

When working with a trimmer, it is important not to forget about safety when using any attachments, especially homemade ones.

Discuss this idea in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the publication. Share your ideas with us and tell us about your own solutions.

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