The karcher mud cutter does not work. Why it doesn’t start

Kherherher 5 600 works jerkily. Why does the Kerher jerk, why is the cutter not working?

Yesterday I went to the cottage to wash the car and noticed a strange feature in the work of avd, after some time after turning on begins to work “intermittently” the feeling that there is not enough water supply, blowing under pressure. a delay. again under pressure at an interval of a second or two! If you reduce the “power” on the nozzle, no problem! Sometimes this effect disappears and the sink presses as it is supposed to! Maybe this nonsense can be due to insufficient voltage in the network? (quality electrification is still coming to us) or is it something with the sink? Unfortunately it is problematic to check in another place!

I don’t remember what kind of kerher I have, I got it two years ago for 8 thousand p. I am not a pro in this business, but it happens to me too, only to a lesser extent. Sometimes the jerks increase, but rarely. Mostly everything is stable. I’d like to know what’s causing it.

And I have a model 5.20 also works at the beginning of the wash. The machine is 2 weeks old. My guess is that there is air somewhere in the system. I remove the nozzle and turn on the scrubber for 10-15 seconds without it. Then everything is fine. Try it, maybe it will help.

I may have it at the beginning of the wash, or maybe at the end! I’ve noticed if you put a mud cutter in, the interruptions sometimes stop. One of these days I’m going to try powering up the well, see what happens.

Try cleaning the nozzle on the spray nozzle.

How is the sink connected to the water? By gravity or to a central water supply. How long is the hose?? Do you use a filter?? There could be several reasons. But most likely not enough water in the machine. That’s why it can’t create the right pressure. Or there is an air lock in the system.

It’s nothing like that. It feels. yes, it lacks water, but I have it hooked up to a sprinkler hose. and there’s pressure there.

You know, this situation solved itself somehow.

100% water shortage, pressure in the hose may be present, but not enough for the machine, try from a tank by gravity, it will take as much as he needs. Tested myself, exactly the same sink.

You clean the inlet filter, you’ll be fine. But that’s just a quick guess. Maybe there’s an air leak. But most likely the inlet filter is clogged.

“Could be such a nonsense due to insufficient voltage in the network? (quality electrification is still coming to us)” Had similar symptoms at a friend’s dacha because of unstable electricity! Now this is not observed. have established a normal power supply!

no you have sourced or knocked down feed valve disassemble the air cleaner and poke around hard to explain I had so much trouble with mine wanted to buy a new one there is a little thing inside the body of the air cleaner when you press the gun pulled away due to pressure and closes the contact switch and the air cleaner turns on and in it a valve with a spring that could warp from here and malfunction in the water supply voltage is not involved

I have the same thing when I don’t have enough power

I had the same problem, turned out in the course of the voltage was 190 volts, put the stabilizer for 10 KW, the output was 220 volts and still jerking, bought a gasoline generator 6.5 kw, the problem went away.

found fellow sufferers, I have 5.55 used for exactly one year, no problems, I live in a private sector where people still use old appliances, cerculars and other electricity eaters, before no problems were not any. but this spring the jerking problem started. I can turn the power down all right but it’s not enough, I’ve washed more than one car. I don’t think I’ve had any problems in the last year when no one has used the mains or overloaded it. It seems to be a normal pump but it is powerful, took apart almost everything except for the engine, everything seems to be clean, blew out with a compressor, put it back together and lo and behold, miracle, everything is normal. But it does not last long. In fact, inside there is nothing of the sort, the grid at the intake is very small and dirty does not let dirt in, but before the hose put the old sled (like a sock) may be from a piece of pantyhose, filters too well, dirty water in general does not affect the jerk, the pump is just trying to gain pressure in the hose, tell me who tried and what did ?

The appearance of jerks when working

Some owners of mini sinks notice that the device works unstable, supplying water at intervals. This effect can occur even with brand new equipment, which many people are puzzled.

When the Kherherher is working jerkily, the reasons may be different. One thing is unchangeable. This mode of operation is extremely inconvenient for practical tasks. Unstable pressure does not allow you to properly wash the surface, because not enough water jet power.

The reasons

The main causes of incorrect functioning of Kercher washing machines:

  • Air bubbles form inside the underwater hose.
  • In rarer cases, the cause of the jerking is a power failure.
  • The most common cause is a pressure valve. During operation, the unit can shut down for 1-2 seconds and then start up again.

If the inspection excludes the system is leaking and sagging electricity, it is likely that the spring of the pressure valve is damaged. This element in the equipment is responsible for normalizing pressure and shutting off the electric motor. The unit may operate with short interruptions in this condition.

The valve spring is made of solid stainless steel, but it wears out with heavy use. As a result, less pressure is needed to start the valve, i.e.к. its spring is sagging. The phase starts, the pressure rises, and the valve disengages the actuator. Then the pressure is reduced again and the unit starts up again. The duration of this cycle is about 1-2 seconds.

What’s Broken?

Since the very description of the problem indicates a fully working motor, if the Kercher is humming, but does not pump water, the causes will most likely be attributed to the function of the pump. With a relatively simple design, it has a number of relatively sensitive parts, the breakage of which leads to the described results:

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Valve block. Failure of this element will cause all the work of the moving pump plungers to go nowhere, not creating pressure. As a result, the Kercher pumps water jerky, or does not pump at all, only wasting energy.

The valves themselves. Designed for high-pressure operation, these elements eventually stop working as they should and become stuck in one position. If this situation is due to their contamination, cleaning can theoretically help.

If the Kherher K5 does not pump water, it is very likely that it is due to a leaky housing. Such a pump will suck air instead of water, which leads to the observed undesirable results.

This is only the main list of the reasons why the Kherherher does not pump water. Most service center employees have also encountered other causes, however, they can be considered too “exotic” to be fully considered in this article.

Care and correct operation

The manufacturer claims that the first oil change should be done after about 60 hours of operation. The next preventive inspection and repair should be done after 300-400 hours of operation. That is, you can practice preventive inspection every 2 months. In this case the following operations are done:

For a device with heating, it is necessary to clean the fuel filter, that is, to remove salt deposits, without this cleaning there can be no normal operation of the vacuum cleaner and for car washing, for example, it will be unsuitable. It is also not uncommon for the pump to fail, which affects the working pressure, which inevitably drops, because the water begins to leak through the plunger gaskets.

Glands fail sooner or later, microparticles leave marks on them and in time they inevitably start leaking.

If the suction power is not high, then during the work with the hose and nozzles it is necessary to prepare soft material in advance, so that it is possible to clean the surfaces and the body from the inside. All elements that fail (in particular the gaskets) need to be changed in good time. If the machine is fitted with a Total Stop system (this function is responsible for stopping the pump when the gun is not working), then such a unit will start to run randomly if there are leaks of liquid. The reason is very simple: the assembly perceives a drop in pressure as a “start” command. The machine growls, excessive vibration occurs.

Also affected by malfunctions:

To learn how to repair the Karcher miniwasher with your own hands, watch the following video.

Repair nozzle Kercher last thing we think about when expensive washer stops working properly. Got the Kercher out of the garage after the winter, decided for the first time in the season to wash the car. Unfortunately found that the car washer almost no pressure, from the gun comes a small trickle. But if you shake the gun, the jet appears for a couple of seconds. Changed the main nozzle to a mud cutter and found that everything is fine there, so it’s the nozzle.

Jet tube Karcher VarioPower VP 145 K3-K5

Prickinuli store, turned out to be a jet nozzle costs from 2800rubli and wait a few days. So without thinking for a long time I disassembled the defective part.

After you have unscrewed all the screws, we see a very simple construction. The nozzle and the nozzle, which has guides and in the case when we turn the nozzle control, it moves further or closer to the nozzle.

There’s an o-ring and a bronze nozzle inside

That’s the nozzle I had a little pebble sticking out there and it was clogged. After taking it out with a needle, I blew into it, making sure that it freely let air in. Then assemble everything back and use a working nozzle.

When assembling, you need to set one of the halves in the MIX position so that the nozzle will work properly when adjusting later.

karcher dirt blaster repair, dirt blaster [Conisescu Lilian]

In this video I tried to talk about repairing high pressure washer karcher karcher mud.I do repair household appliances karcher and often these karcher mud appliances are broken because of improper connection.karcher

#Sink connection #karcher #high pressure repair #Karcher Connecting #Miniwasher #Miniwasher #Miniwasher karcher3 repair karcher mud repair

Thanks a lot, I was going to buy a new one, but after watching this I decided to repair the nozzle! I’m going to try this one of these days.

When my cutter does not work well, I just disassemble the nozzle and lubricate with generic lithol.It’s working fine without boring

Thank you, it worked, went over the inside of the cone bit with a 6.5mm drill bit less than 0.1mm worked with the bit40 minutes.flying smooth

Thanks for the video. I had two nozzles. The old one was 130 bar, the new one was 140 bar. I had a similar problem with the old one, it would spin or not spin, hit it a little, it would work again, but it kept getting worse and worse until one day I broke it. The second nozzle has a slightly different problem. At first it worked fine, but then somewhere else something. and I switched back to the old one, a few knocks but it works fine. In short, the problem is this. It’s kind of spinning and buzzing, but the jet is bad. I can even see from this video at the end how it should work. Tried disassembling, cleaning, reassembling but no luck. It looks like somewhere in the way of a particle, the jet goes, everything rotates, but a little bit in the scatter. Tried combining with an old broken nozzle, but the white pipette is broken, so completely change everything did not work. The new one in the store is ~45 euros. Maybe you can tell me what else could be the reason. Maybe I’m missing something. I have an idea to find and borrow a working one and compare it. Maybe it’s just a figment of my imagination. But I’m sure it doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. There is too much variation and it lowers the pressure. At this pressure, it’s better to use a simple vario nozzle. Maybe you have some ideas?

Thank you! It turns out the nozzle should be in contact with the cone head, only the tip. But because of the wear and tear it starts to contact the plastic housing. You could try sanding the plastic nozzle body down a bit.

Repair “Kerher” with their own hands. Repair of the high-pressure hose, high-pressure carwash, miniwashers, foam nozzle, pump “Kercher” with their own hands

Regular use of the high pressure washer requires quality service of the machine in a service center. In order to save money, many users make repairs of the “Kerher” with their own hands. It is not recommended to clean and replace parts before the warranty period expires, which will result in denial of further service.

Regular replacement of oil, seals and collar on the pump (high-pressure pump) is required for trouble-free operation of the device. In case of interruptions with water pressure or improper storage/application of the device may require urgent repair of “Kerher” with their own hands. What parts fail?

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The choice of household mini-washers excludes difficulties in maintenance, but different models have their own features, which you should first ask the seller. For example, the car wash nozzle with a plate structure will ensure quality operation with regular cleaning with a toothpick. Otherwise, penetration of small particles will cause termination of the unit operation.

When buying the product you should clarify the availability of the nearest service centers and the warranty period. If such issues are omitted, the breakdown of the machine will lead to unnecessary problems. If it is decided to carry out the repair of “Kercher” with your own hands, the right step is to study the instructions in detail.

According to the manufacturer and the carwash workers, the main reasons for the device failure are low water quality and lack of service. To increase the life of the unit, basic requirements need to be followed:

  • Install a coarse and fine water filtration device at the water inlet of the machine.
  • Check the required volume of liquid in accordance with the technical data of the appliance. For example, if the flow rate is 15 liters per minute., and the water supply allows 13 liters, after 2 months you may need immediate repair “Kerher” with your own hands (or in the service center).
  • The water pipe diameter should be 3/4 inch per unit.
  • Self-replacing factory nozzles and accessories.

With regular preventive maintenance, you can eliminate unforeseen circumstances that lead to the replacement of expensive parts.

Repair is required if there is a decrease in pump capacity and operating pressure. This is caused by leakage of fluid through the plunger seals. Gland packing wear and tear occurs naturally or with exposure to abrasive elements. At high pressure, small scratches will affect fluid leakage.

The first indication of a malfunction is a small puddle of dirt in the hose. To solve the problem you can make a simple, but painstaking repair of the car washer “Kerher” with your own hands. It is enough to change the glands (seals). The installation of a new actuator, housing elements, seals, etc., will be more difficult.

The suction duct is formed by the housing elements that hold the flat filter between them. The efficiency of the appliance depends on its condition. The formation of defects in the adhesion of the surfaces of the housing parts leads to a decrease in the main characteristics of the device. At low suction power during the work with the hose and nozzles repair of the “Kerher” high pressure washer with your own hands requires the preparation of soft material for cleaning all surfaces and ribs of the body parts. Damaged elements should be replaced.

If the device is equipped with the Total Stop system (deactivation of the pumping system when there is no pressure on the gun trigger), leaks will lead to involuntary activation. the automatic device perceives a drop in pressure as a “start” command, the device rattles.

Wear of the bypass or bypass valve, rubber seals (rings) of the pressure sensor and hose failure influence the decrease in productivity or disconnection of the high pressure washer. This is accompanied by low gun pressure, a decrease in spray density and washability.

If the device does not maintain the specified pressure level, the pump works intermittently and the water supply is made by interruptions, the repair of the “Kerher” high pressure washer with its own hands will not make any special difficulties. It is enough to unscrew the screws with a screwdriver and remove the housing, take out the motor with the pump and separate the motor from it. The pump must be directed upwards, otherwise there will be oil leakage from the piston drive.

The valves are pulled out of the piston (do not use any sharp objects as they could damage the surface), the pump is disassembled into 2 parts. The valves are removed again.

This is how you find out what is causing the unit to fail. This could be a build up of scale or a blockage. All parts in the interior of the pump are cleaned and wiped with felt. Then the construction is assembled in the reverse order.

Repair of a high-pressure hose “Kercher” with his own hands is to pressurize the damaged element on the ends or along the entire length. If the hose is torn from the flange, you should evenly cut the unusable part to the zone where there are no deformations. The necessary flange is selected and placed on the hose. The first one needs to be inserted into the second one and squeezed in a vise. The top is struck with a hammer.

If there is a cut in the length of the hose, similar work is done. The hose is cut and removed to an undamaged area. A connector of a given diameter and two clamps are inserted. They are put on the hose, a coupler is inserted and tightly crimped with clamps. If cracks form along the entire length of the hose, the repair of the high-pressure hose “Kerher” with your own hands is impossible. The complete replacement of the appliance is required. it is best to have this done by a service technician.

If the foam nozzle has stopped producing thick foam, has been used for a long time or is not rinsed with clean water after use, the shaft-like mesh is clogged with dried “chemistry”.

To clean the foam tablet it is necessary to perform a number of operations:

  • Disconnect the tank from the main unit of the foam nozzle.
  • The arrow marks the location of the pin that holds the plastic tip of the tablet on the brass element. The pin should be knocked out. If it is decided to carry out the repair of the foam nozzle “Kerher” with your own hands, you can use an awl or a thin screwdriver.
  • After removing the plastic tip you will see two petals that form the angle of spray foam. They need to be unscrewed.
  • In the inner part of the removed nozzle will be visible steel threads, taking a rounded shape (in the form of a tablet). They should be removed by means of an awl. Clean the cured “chemistry” in the nozzle with a needle.
  • The product is assembled in the reverse order.

Repair with their own hands carher

In detail: repair with their own hands from the real master carher for the site

The washer began to work intermittently and there is no pressure. What to do? How to repair the Kerher car washer with your own hands?

The reason you described may be due to incorrect operation of the water pump. To fix it you should: first of all disconnect power supply, then remove the plastic cover (housing) and get to the pump. The pump should be removed and disassembled into parts, only then you can determine the cause. Wear of the o-rings and much more visually immediately after disassembly all the defects are clearly visible. Often with water fall solid particles that can disrupt the operation of the pump. When the pump is disassembled

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When all the parts have been removed they should be put in warm water with citric acid to get all the old grease off. Then wipe everything thoroughly and inspect every part for defects and replace.

You are writing that there is no pressure, most likely the reason is this bypass valve

But I want to emphasize right away, the models of high-pressure washing Karcher, quite a lot, the reasons for breakage even more, because the technique is quite complex.

Proper diagnosis, it is 90% of the success in the repair.

Valve, which he wrote above, can stick, the cause of dirt.

Sometimes it is enough to wash, clean and lubricate, it is demountable unit, it is better to take the grease brand Karcher in our case needed silicone grease.

Remove the housing (usually 8 bolts), the machine lying upside down with the wheels.

Next, remove the nozzle (plastic), you need a hex key, it is attached to the three bolts.

Inspected, wiped, you want to disassemble the components.

Lubricated, assembled in reverse order of the sink and run it.

If everything is okay, then you did with little effort (investment) if not, replace the valve for a new one.

When reassembling check the strainer located in the nozzle (see above) the mesh may be torn so that the dirt gets on the valve.

The filter is only cleaned, it is not repaired, if torn buy a new one and change.

If the Karcher is intermittent, as you correctly noted it may be due to loss of pressure, then the water supply is shut off until the machine has the necessary pressure and so constantly.

As I noticed there can be several reasons, at least two.

Do not climb straight into the water pump, you must first look at the contamination of the filter and the water system in general, it is possible just no access to water.

If everything is normal with the filtration, or rather all is clean, then check the tightness of the system, it is possible that the pressure is bled because of water leaking from the system, perhaps just a cracked hose or leaking cuffs.

If the first two inspections show nothing, then the water pump is diagnosed and repaired.

I personally recommend installing a new pump assembly, due to the fact that in the old can be a depreciation and replacement of the repair kit will not work.

And the price is not particularly different, so the pump costs from 2000 to 5000 rubles, if the assembly, and repair kits from 1000 to 4000.

To choose a pump, you need to know the Karcher model and, in some cases, what it looks like.

Here’s an example of a replacement pump for a karcher k 4 model.75

Kercher is a quality equipment for professional cleaning or household cleaning.

But even high-quality equipment can break down with constant or improper use. In this article we will tell you about the principle of operation of the devices, the weaknesses of the equipment, the main breakdowns and their causes, so that in the case of encountering any of them you can know how to act.

Despite the fact that the Kercher washers are leaders in their industry, they also fail. If one day the kerher washer does not turn on. no need to panic, in most cases the problem is not serious and it can be easily fixed. Some of the most popular reasons why the sink may not turn on are:

  • Control valve piston sticking. This problem means that after turning the control knob, the unit still will not turn on because the piston does not move and cannot reach the desired activation lever.
  • Relay failure.
  • Piston failure.

In 90% of the cases when the air cleaner doesn’t turn on the valve is because the valve is stuck. This problem is usually caused by the fact that it is the valve through which the detergents pass. As a result, it stops responding to activation.

The system can be repaired yourself, if you have basic technical and electrical skills. Stuck valve can be due to the constant flow of detergents through it, which are fed through the plastic nipple.

To fix the problem you need to disassemble the body of the machine. To do this you will need a screwdriver, Allen screwdriver and stars, you can also use an electric screwdriver to the process went faster. Make sure that there is no water inside the sink and unplug it.

First disassemble the housing, then remove the clamp that secures the motor. The valve we are interested in is hidden under the plastic nipple, but you can not get it, you can only check the valve stroke. To remove the valve itself, you need to open the 4 hexes on the body, disconnect it, remove the electrical box and separate the lower part. You will see the tip of the valve which presses on the end of the chain splitting and that is why the sink doesn’t turn on.

Now you need to clean its seat, wipe it with grease and if the spring is bent. unbend it. However, if you do not have the technical skills, it is better to contact the service center.

To reduce the risk of such a problem in the future, you should buy a foam nozzle. foam is much lighter than a liquid detergent.

In order to understand what exactly is broken and why the sink stopped working, you need to understand the principle of the Kercher. At the heart of the work of this washer uses high-pressure technology, the water is fed under pressure, this device allows you to cope with any contamination as quickly as possible and with little effort, with its help you can wash the car or clean the area.

The design of this unit is based on a powerful synchronous electric motor, its power can reach 3 kW. The engine rotates, catching the inclined washer attached to the shaft. The plunger is in contact with the washer, making progressive movements, and when the plunger moves to the lowest point, water is pumped through the inlet valve. And when the plunger moves upward, overpressure is created and the high-pressure discharge valve opens.

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