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Starts only with the gas pedal Video inside

Hello! Lately I started noticing that the car hardly starts. when you turn the key the rpm rises to 500, then increases with difficulty. (Formerly just up to 1500 and then gradually down) And now today, trying to start and nothing) Ie The starter cranks okay, but something is not enough. Almost starts but immediately stops. All electronics work. No error message on the dashboard. At idle, slightly strokes and rpm 900-950 (before it was always 800). Engine temperature does not go over 70°C.Always starts with gas pedal depressed at 1st time.Searched for information in the internet, came to the removal of the terminal, change the plugs (checked. they are fine), the crankshaft motion sensor, coolant temperature sensor, ice in the muffler (fell off, summer came, nothing has changed).

I can’t even take the terminal off the battery! No tools (I own my car a month) I bought a car, bought a driver’s license, bought a car, bought a tool 🙁

Added 19.05.Cleaned the choke. in the photo

Troubleshooting the reasons why the lawnmower won’t start

Fuel mix should be made with accurate petrol and oil proportions. It is not possible to use another brand of fuel. In order to avoid dirt, gasoline must stand in a glass or metal dish for 2 days. Do not use plastic containers for storing fuel. Oil accurately measured with a medical syringe without a needle. Use only freshly mixed fuel. don’t leave fuel in the tank. If the engine is capricious, the lawnmower stalls when you press the gas, the fuel may be to blame.

the lawnmower does not start when hot. pull the trigger and yank the cord sharply several times until the engine starts, then put the trigger down. Won’t start. need specialized repair.

Check the ignition system if the lawnmower does not start in sequence:

  • Clean the spark plug from soot and dirt, dry it and set the gap to 1 mm;
  • connect to the high-voltage wire and check for spark by yanking the starter several times;
  • If there is no spark, check the high-voltage wire for continuity;
  • replace a spark plug;
  • dry the spark plug passage;
  • at the same time check the operation of the ignition coil, it is faulty if the working plug does not spark.

It is when the ignition coil is defective that the lawnmower does not start when hot, stops, runs intermittently.

Cleaning or replacing the air and fuel filter will ensure the necessary flow of ingredients into the carburetor. The air filter can be washed in soapy water or replaced. If nylon fabric is used, wash it, replace the porous felt filler. Replace the fuel filter carefully, without leaving the intake opening open. Whether the air filter needs to be replaced, you can determine if the engine with the air cleaner removed starts. If the lawnmower won’t start, do you need to change the fuel filter?

The breather plug, the air inlet to the gas tank. If it is clogged, a vacuum is created in the tank and the mixture does not flow to the carburetor. The vent may be blown or needle-cleaned. Clean the exhaust duct, remove the mesh of the muffler.

Features of self-repair gasoline and electric trimmers for grass

Lawn trimmers are simple devices for mowing grass, replacing the ordinary grass scythes. This type of household equipment is powered by an internal combustion engine or electricity. During operation, there may be parts that break down. Repair trimmers perform independently. If complex faults are found, they can be diagnosed and repaired at a service center.

Why does the lawn mower malfunctions when you put the gas back on?

Grass cutter, which has a gasoline drive. this is a necessary thing for owners of homestead plots, lawns, and when the grass trimmer at one point collapses, the work of cleaning the area from grass stops. The device itself is a fairly complex mechanism, so there are many different circumstances of his failure. The operating instructions contain the most frequently encountered problems. Know the background, why the trimmer to the grass stalls, should be to without the help of others perfectly perform repairs of the device.

Problems with the gasoline mower, related to the fact that this device does not start, are classified in a specific way by service technicians. They stand out faults with such nodes of the mechanism:

  • Engine, which can wear out or fail the piston and bearings, crack the crankcase;
  • fuel system, a clogged filter or problems with the carburettor;
  • Mechanical damage to the wires, tubes, hoses;
  • ignition circuit.
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To correctly find the node where the failure occurred, you must learn the circumstances in which the trimmer for grass stalls.

If the lawnmower stops when you press the gas, the following are the causes.

  • A more common variant. it is the failure of the carburetor adjustment, which appears when there are significant loads on the drive after long periods of inactivity of the mechanism or otherwise when using it in harsh conditions.
  • Fuel valve clogging, which can be eliminated by loosening it, and as a result the gasoline starts to flow through the system normally.
  • Loose and hanging cable in the carburetor. Also appears stretching the fuel hose right up to its rupture, caused by the action of a significant load.
  • clogging of the breather (turnover valve), for this reason the fuel does not flow into the tank.

STIHL weed trimmer STUTTERS on the throttle

If the fault is in the carburettor unit, it is of course noticeable when the lawnmower vibrates. When the hose breaks or the cable is stretched. make a change of these devices.

When the grass trimmer stalls at high revolutions, it is due to such problems:

grass, trimmer, starts, press
  • a clogged or jammed valve on the gas tank lid;
  • The carburetor is disturbed by the vibrations produced during operation;
  • problems with the circulation of the fuel consistency;
  • atmospheric air intake;
  • the hose created for fuel intake is cracked or weakly connected.

The carburetor is adjusted, focusing on the operational annotation to the trimmer. It is often sufficient to loosen the tightening of its body for the option. If there are problematic moments with the circulation of fuel consistency, then it may flow into the carburetor little by little. After its exhaustion, the engine will stall at high revolutions.

At idle speed, the following are common causes of grass trimmer stoppage:

    the reducer when heated, as a result of using the wrong fuel consistency;

  • The clogging of the throttle valve;
  • air ingress into the system;
  • not enough fuel to do the lawnmower’s work.

If the problematic place is the carburetor, then the technique will stop both when starting cold and when starting hot.

The machine can shut down immediately after start, if the carburetor razregulirovaniya or was incorrectly adjusted. it causes an uneven fuel supply. The result will be that the device begins to vibrate clearly. To fix the problems, the carburetor is readjusted, acting according to the annotation to the mechanism.

Trimmer starts and dies. Quick fix.

The lawnmower stops or suffocates when the throttle is pressed

Also the engine stops when the fuel valve is clogged. In this variant it is quite easy to clean it. If the lawnmower first started, alas later immediately stopped, it may be that the fuel in the carburettor unit comes with some difficulty. The problem can be solved by loosening the valve, which allows free circulation of consistency in the system.

Stopping can also be caused by air suction in the presence of mechanical damage to the hose (holes, cracks), produced by the fuel intake. Then you should add revolutions to drive, to expel the air bubbles from the accounting system faster.

the lawnmower often stops when it heats up. At the same time it starts, works jerkily, and stops evenly. This process occurs when the gasoline in the carburetor boils or the choke is installed there rotary, rather than disk type. In the latter case, the part is replaced.

It happens that the grass trimmer heats up if the ignition circuit wire or coil is damaged. What the unit starts to work normally, make a change of parts.

It happens that the unit turns off when the air damper is opened, while working normally at idle speed. It is associated with air drainage by the system, caused by cracks in the fuel hose or unavailability of seals. Also may malfunction carburetor dosing system, with all the lawnmower will stop after opening the valve.

What remains to do our customer probable causes that the lawnmower stops, and methods of treatment are contained in the following video

Circumstances of stopping a brushcutter are many, but as a rule, there are problems in the works related to its carburetor. They occur in any variant. The most problematic option is when a severe breakdown occurs, and it comes in handy to get new parts or change the lawnmower.

Sadko lawn mower \

For the grass trimmer to work properly for a long time, it is necessary to follow the requirements of the user manual. It is necessary to fill the unit with a suitable fuel consistency and the device should work at a moderate load.

Weedeater starts but dies. Easy quick fix.

Why the grass trimmer does not start: main malfunctions and troubleshooting

As already noted, such situations are typical for trimmers that have been idle for a long period of time. Therefore, after detecting a problem, you need to immediately engage in troubleshooting.

Fuel as source of problems

The first step is to check the presence and quality of fuel. First of all make sure that there is fuel in the tank. Those who have bought a machine recently, often forget that the grass trimmer needs to be refueled. If there is no fuel, then the equipment simply will not work.

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If there is fuel in the tank, but the grass trimmer does not start, then the owner needs to check if it is working properly. In this case it is recommended to study the instructions. If the start is made correctly, the malfunction can cause improper mixture quality.

  • Oil. It must be special. designed for two-stroke engines. It is not recommended to save on the product, as the term of operation of the equipment depends on the mixture. Grass trimmers with a four-stroke motor require pure gasoline, it is not mixed with oil.
  • It is necessary to use not only high-quality gasoline, but exactly the brand that is recommended by the manufacturer of a particular model. If there is no way to know what fuel is needed, then it is recommended to choose either AI-95 or AI-92, and the latter gasoline is a favorite, as the former contains additives that react with two-stroke oil. It is not recommended to use other grades.
  • Correctly preparing the sweep for the gasoline trimmer. It has been noticed that at first this stage is paid maximum attention, but over time, mowers begin to mix the composition “by eye”, and this is already a serious mistake. the correct petrol to oil ratio is 25:1. 40 ml of the second, two-stroke oil is needed per liter of the first mixture. Engine oil, designed for cars, is not a suitable option, as at high temperature the fluid loses (partially) its lubricating properties.

Correct storage conditions for the fuel mixture are important. To save time, some owners prepare it in advance to use in the coming weeks. This option is contraindicated, since the prepared fuel mixture quickly becomes unusable. The reason is that oil precipitates. Both petroleum products lose their properties during such a change. The carburetor is leaking because of vibrations and shaking from the engine; STIHL grass trimmer STIHL STOPPING on the gas. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a certain volume: 2 liters, no more.

If everything is all right with gasoline and oil, then proceed to the diagnosis. to check the spark plug.

The spark plug and its condition

At this stage of diagnosis it is necessary to stop in more detail. Most experienced owners, who are already familiar with the question of why the grass trimmer does not start, first of all check the state of the plug contacts. Diagnosis of this element is carried out as follows:

grass, trimmer, starts, press
  • First, the spark plug is unscrewed, then inspected. If the electrodes are in perfect condition, they should have a soot, the color of which resembles brick. Wet element, or white, black fouling on the contacts indicates the presence of any malfunction. Pink and red color of the electrodes. proof of a large amount of additives in the fuel. Such a mixture should be replaced.
  • If the spark plug is wet, it means that there is unburned fuel in the combustion chamber. It is left in place. Clean and dry the contacts of the plug (burning is prohibited). After this step, the candle is connected to the candlestick.
  • Then the ignition is turned on, the starter knob is tugged. When all is well with the element, it should give a constant spark. If it is weak or completely absent, then the verdict is one. you need to replace the spark plug.

There is another reason why the grass trimmer does not start. It is a large gap that has appeared between the contacts of the candle. A distance of 0.7-1 mm is considered normal. To correctly adjust the gap between the electrodes, use special probes.

If there is no such a device, then a folk method is used. The razor blade is broken, folding its parts together. Then this “probe” is inserted between the pins. The ideal is blades that enter tightly.

Starting a Gas String Trimmer

The problem is in the fuel line and carburetor

If there is a spark, and the grass trimmer still does not give signs of life, then the problem may lie in the fuel supply to the combustion chamber. To make sure that this unit is the culprit, carry out the following actions:

  • Pour about 20 ml of fuel into a syringe or pour into the cap from a plastic bottle.
  • Then fuel is gently poured into the combustion chamber through the spark plug hole.
  • The spark plug is put back in its place, a candle holder is put on, the engine is started.

In the event that the grass trimmer started, the problem may be in the fuel line and carburetor. If there is no effect from the performed manipulations, continue diagnostics by checking the high-voltage wire. At the slightest suspicion, this consumable element is replaced with a new.

What to do if the grass trimmer engine still refuses to work? In this difficult case, you can follow these recommendations:

  • When in doubt about the spark plug and high-voltage wire, it is better to replace them immediately.
  • If when checking a new spark plug, the appearance of the spark could not be achieved, then you can almost certainly say that the ignition unit is defective. the coil is out of order.

To check their condition simply unscrew the spark plug and then lean it against the body of the grass trimmer. If there is no spark when the starter does not fire or does not fire every time, a new coil is needed. This element can also be replaced by yourself.

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Checking the filters

If the spark plug is dry and there is no spark, but the grass trimmer is “silent”, then the next stage of diagnostics is performed. the air and fuel filter check.

External element problem

A clogged air filter is one of the causes. It is the inflow of less air into the carburetor or its complete cessation. In this case, the diagnosis is as simple as possible:

grass, trimmer, starts, press
  • The air filter is removed and inspected. if the contamination is found, it is possible to consider that the main culprit is found.
  • if no obstruction is found, try the engine without the filter. If the grass trimmer starts to work, this element will have to be replaced.

A relatively new part can be cleaned with compressed air or washed with dishwashing liquid. When a filter has been in use for a long period of time, it is better to replace it with a new one. Do not work with a trimmer without a filter, because dirt will get inside the mower, which will cause a reduction in operating life.

It must be said that a clogged air filter very rarely causes machinery failure. Accumulation of dirt on it to a greater extent affects the operation of the engine, its stability, and hence the performance of the equipment.

Fuel filter clogging

Severe contamination of this part of the grass trimmer is a real problem that many unit owners have to deal with. Fuel filter is in the tank. If the mower has been in operation for more than 2 years, the owners need to check this element, even if the device has not yet had any unpleasant surprises.

This filter quickly clogs under unfavorable conditions, these include:

Another rare but possible cause is a fuel hose that has been disconnected from the main tube.

If the fuel filter is clogged, fuel is unable to enter the carburetor. Consequence. the inability to start the equipment. In this case, the inspection and replacement does not promise any difficulties: the part is simply pulled out of the tank. Regardless of the degree of contamination, this element is recommended to change, as a quality cleaning it is not possible even with the help of a compressor. Dirt will remain inside after such an operation.

To perform diagnostics, perform the following steps:

If the grasshopper starts very quickly, you can say that the source of the malfunction has been found.

Checking the breather operation

After completing the diagnostics of both filters, start checking the breather valve, which is also called a breather valve. This element maintains normal tank pressure. It discharges the vacuum, which is created when the liquid escapes from the tank into the carburetor.

The breather is equipped with a filter, which is designed to clean the incoming air. This part also becomes clogged over time, the consequence is the formation of a vacuum in the tank. It is responsible for the grass trimmer’s failure to start in a third of all cases. The breather, unlike the fuel filter, is easy to clean. The sequence of operations is as follows:

  • First unscrew the cap of the gas tank. If this stage is accompanied by air bleeding, then we can confidently state that the cause of the malfunction is the breather.
  • The cover is put back in place and start the grass trimmer. If the equipment starts working and stops after a short period of time, the breather plug needs to be cleaned.

This operation is simple: this part is cleaned with a sewing needle.

Muffler clogging

This malfunction is common in older models of trimmers. New equipment has no such problems. If it is blocked, the engine cannot be started. Since such a problem does not appear overnight, owners are able to detect the malfunction even before the grass trimmer fails. The obvious symptoms of muffler problems include the following “abnormalities:

The method of diagnosis in this case. inspection of the exhaust system, in particular. the anti-spark grid of the muffler. Since soot poses a serious danger to humans, work with this part is carried out in protective equipment: a respirator is mandatory. The mesh and walls of the silencer are cleaned with special agents.

Malfunction of the carburetor

The answer to the question of why the grass trimmer does not start can be a carburetor malfunction. Its task is to prepare and supply the air-fuel mixture into the cylinder. The reason for the inability to start or unstable operation of the equipment can be improper adjustment of the mechanism, as well as its clogging.

If the carburetor adjustment did not help, then the power system assembly is removed, washed with clean gasoline, then the holes are blown with a pump. Or disassemble and thoroughly clean all parts, but leave the lower part untouched. If necessary, replace filters, gaskets, diaphragms, etc. д.

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