The engine from the lawn mower where to use. Step -by -step manufacturing of parts and assembly

Electric motor from the lawn mower where to use

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Lugger from the engine from the washer

List of materials:- engine from the old washing machine (better than more powerful);- iron corners;- bolts with nuts;- profile pipe;- iron plates;- 3 wheels for carts;- circle;- iron sheet (for shield);- cable;. island.

Step one. We will produce the main part of the frame by the frame, we will have a square or rectangular. For the manufacture of the frame you will need an iron corner, cut it, and then weld the structure. The welds are cleaned with a corner grinder so that everything looks neat.

Now the frame is ready, install the wheels on it so that the lawn mower can ride. It is better to choose a large diameter, so the braid will pass obstacles better. We drill the holes of the holes and fasten them with bolts with nuts. Each such wheel can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. However, only the front wheel can be done rotating.

Step two. We make a knife. we will start with the adapter, which will allow you to remove the knife for replacement or sharpening. Remove the pulley from the engine shaft and pull the transition from the round. In the round, you need to drill a hole and cut the thread under the bolt, which the knife will be screwed.

Well, then we make the knife itself, then the author used an iron plate, and it is better to use steel so that the knife retains sharpening longer. In the center of the workpiece we drill a hole and then you can sharpen the knife. We work with a corner grinder using a thick sharpener or petal nozzle.

engine, lawn, mower, step

Step third. The engine fasteners next step we have to install the engine on the frame, for this we make fasteners from the iron plate. As a result, the fasteners should turn out in the form of the letter “P”. We drill holes in the fasteners, it will be attached to the frame with bolts with nuts. Thanks to several rows of holes, it will be possible to adjust the height of the location of the knife. In the center of the bracket, we drill a hole for the engine shaft, as well as invent how to secure it securely, it all depends on the shape of the engine body and fastening capabilities.

Step fourth. Pen and assemble a handle for a lawn mower, here we need a piece of round and a piece of a profile pipe. Just weld the steering wheel in the right place depending on your height, so that it is convenient.

Also at this step you can install the engine in its place and fix the knife on the engine. It is important that the knife is fixed reliably and does not fly anywhere if it suddenly comes.


The lawn mower can have a complex device due to various options, but at the base of its own, this is just an engine with a knife put on its shaft, fixed on the chassis with a handle. It happens that the shaft with the knife is installed separately and it is tied to the shaft of the engine or belt gear.

  • Gasoline: a lawn mower with such a drive is autonomous, which is very convenient with a large area of ​​the lawn.
  • Electric: you need connection to the mains using the wire, so you can’t go far on such an apparatus.
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The lawn mower equipped with an electric drive has a number of advantages:

Elekposilk is a preferred option for a lawn with an area of ​​up to 12 acres.

The platform on which all nodes are installed is called a mowing shield. Below it has sides that prevent the grass from flying up in all directions.

By the number of wheels, the lawn mower are divided into:

  • Two.wheeled: maneuverability characteristic of this device allows you to process areas. But it is difficult to give the knife a horizontal position, so experience is required to perform an even cut.
  • Three.wheeled: maneuvering is more difficult, but the mower is stable and its knife is strictly horizontal.
  • Four-wheeled: irrational option: the advantages are the same as in 3-wheeled, but you will have to spend one wheel more.

The dimensions of the wheels and other elements are selected so that the knife is located 5-6 cm above the ground. then the cut will be even.

A handle is attached to the chassis to control the lawn mower to the chassis.

Unlike the purchased, a home.made mowing cannot be made self.propelled and provided with mechanisms for collecting grass and adjusting the height of the cut. But with the main function, she will successfully cope.

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Grinding machine. Snowman. How it works?

A snowbox from a corner grinder is made on the basis of wooden sleds, to which the rest of the mechanism is attached. The design contains: deflector, rotor and its casing. A sheet of steel in the shape of a shovel is attached in front. Corner grinder plays the role of the drive, and is responsible for rotation of the blades.

How this miracle of technology works? The operator pushes the sled, rally the snow in front of him. Snowball, falling on a shovel, enters the rotor’s blades and is thrown to the side.

The principle of operation of this device is very similar to a mechanical snowman, which we will talk about here.

What and what to do from

The assembly will require plywood, a thickness of 20 mm, from which a sleigh and a handle will be made. Sheet metal, 1–1.5 mm, is useful for the manufacture of the main parts of the apparatus and raking shovels. Metal tube of small thickness. Semiautomatic type welding machine. Drill, jigsaw and some manual tools.

Let’s start with the manufacture of the base. Drink two blanks in size 610 per 100 mm with a jigsaw, cut one of the edges under 45 degrees. Two pieces of plywood will be required, with a size of 370 by 50 mm, to connect them.

Snowman from a trimmer for grass.

Alteration of a trimmer for grass in a snowball player.

Homemade snowmaker from a trimmer for grass (part 1)

On this day there were 3 degrees, and the snow removed an interesting channel for lovers of self.useing:

Another detail, 370 to 100, in which a semicircle is cut out in size. Runners are ready, proceed to the creation of a pen

The blank for the snowman from the same plywood sheet makes two bars with a 50 mm wide and a long operator growth.

Keep in mind that the handle will be at an angle relative to the runners. Its length can be measured experimentally.

Two more bars. struts similar to the width will provide a durable fastening of the handle. Their length depends on the angle of inclination of the handle.

STIGA electric lawn mowers will give your site a well.groomed view in a matter of minutes.

engine, lawn, mower, step

This article contains useful tips on which chainsaw to choose.

We make a scraper. Iron sheet 570 mm long and 150 mm wide. We bend it in such a way that it turns out a shovel, with a base size of 370 mm, an initial side height of 100 mm and the opposite side of 570 mm.

Let’s proceed to the manufacture of the main details. Cut the strip 330 mm long from metal and 250 mm wide. We turn the resulting workpiece into the ring. We fix it with spot welding. We make the bottom for the learned pipe and weld it in place.

Now you need to make 2 holes. One will be in the center of the bottom. Its diameter should be equal to the protruding part of the gearbox cover of the corner grinder. The other hole is located on the side. Its dimensions are 150 by 200 mm.

The snowman deflector is made by the deflector, which is responsible for the direction of the release. It consists of a rectangular plate of 420 by 150 mm and two side supports of a triangular shape. Long side of the triangle 420 mm height 150 mm. At its base you will have to cut a semicircle for a tight fit to the body.

Electric clutch installation (PTO) for mowers with new clutch supplement

The rotor will look like a drive with welded blades. Its diameter 300 mm. It will also be necessary to cut 4 blades in the form of a rectangular triangle, with a height of 100 mm and the size of the base 277 mm. In the center of the disk we drill a hole 23 mm.

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It is better to order a rotor in a lathe. If there are the slightest errors in the calculations, increased vibration will quickly ruin the gearbox.

you will not have to disassemble the corner grinder. The only thing to do 4 bolts should be done. Their diameter and thread should coincide with the holes of the grinding machine gearbox. Only the length should be at least twice as much as.

  • We collect the base. We fasten the runners with each other with the help of prepared bars. We fasten on screws, one in the middle, the second at the end with a saw. We use the same fasteners to join handles and struts. At the top we attach the metal pipe, connecting both handles.
  • We fix the shoulder blade to the even ends of the perspective. To increase strength, use bolts with nuts.
  • Attach the deflector with spot welding, above the side opening of the case.
  • We attach the corner grinder to the body using elongated gearbox bolts. An additional mount will be appropriate. We make it from thin lanes of metal. We bend the half.ring, put on the tool, and weld to the bottom of the case. DIY snowmaker
  • We put on the rotor on the planting washer of the corner grinder and twist the clamping nut.
  • We weld two corners to the case on each side. They, in turn, are screwed to the runners so that the case rises tightly onto the front bar.

All spare parts of the resulting snow removal car should be covered with paint. This will help to extend their service life. As you could already notice as a result, you will receive an unit of impressive size, but if you are the owner of a small territory, it is better to concentrate on the assembly of a mini snowman with your own hands, because it is much easier to collect, and after use, lay it in the far corner of the garage.

We make a turning machine from a washing machine

What else can be done with the engine from the washing room? One of the popular ideas is a current wood. Consider the phased process.

Illustration of the description of the action
For strong fixation of the engine on the workbench, make fasteners from a metal corner. To do this, drill holes for fixing to the engine legs and table.
For attaching a wooden part, a flange recorded on the motor shaft is required, and these are the studs made of ordinary bolts with cut heads. Screw these studs into the base. 3 stilettos are required.
The engine is fixed to the table with self.tapping screws, to the metal part. bolts.
The opposite end of the wooden part is attached to such a device. It consists of a screw with a loop, two perpendicularly fixed on the corners of wooden stands.
This wooden part should be mobile so that different blanks can be used. For mobility, it is attached to a rifled hairpin using bolts.
To control the engine, you need a power supply. You can use one of the computer blocks. You will need to install switches to adjust the speed of rotation.
How to connect a motor to a power supply in animation.
To direct the tools, make a handwriter. It consists of two wooden parts and a metal corner. All parts are mobile due to attachment to one bolt.
The lower part of the handle is firmly fixed on the workbench using self.tapping screws and corners.
The workpiece is fixed on the machine on both sides: on the left. on hairpins, on the right. on a bolt with a handle. For fixation in the workpiece, you need to drill the corresponding holes.
Work will require sharpened tools. cutters.
The final grinding of the workpiece is carried out using a strip of sandpaper.

Repair and alteration of an old lawn mower in a self.propelled cart in the RAT ROD style

Step two: Sitting instead of the old seat, the master sets the box of garden car. The holes were drilled in the box, and it was assigned to the base of the old seat. For depreciation under the seat, springs were installed.

Step Three: the chassis further the master cuts off the front of the frame. The chassis will be converted, new wheels and steering rods are installed.

The previously cut off the front connects with the frame using the pipe. T.e. the frame will be longer than before.

On the 3D printer, the master printed an adapter for installing an air filter, ignition body and mailbox (wife of the postman).

Step Five: Management Master sets traction and steering. The photographs shows that all the nuts on the steering wheel look upside down. One of the tricks is to install important bolts upside down, so that it is easier to follow them.To adjust the position of the steering wheel, the master installed a screw.

Сцепление. Как оно работает?

What can be done from a trimmer for grass?

The amount of equipment that can be made on the basis of a gasoline braid for grass is a fairly large. The endurance and supply of torque of the motor motorcycles makes it possible to collect homemade dampers that will be highlighted by high speed and stability when working in any operational conditions.

The engine from motorcycles can become a suitable basis for the manufacture of a motor that can drive a small rubber boat in motion. The maximum speed of the water vehicle will be approximately 15–20 km/h. At the same time, two adults can be on board the boats and their luggage.

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To make an boat engine boat from a trimmer for grass, a gearbox and a metal rowing screw will definitely be required. The gearbox will take rotational effort from the motor, and transfer it to the screw. The latter, during its rotation, will create a force that can push the boat. It is very important that the screw is made of stainless steel. Otherwise, due to constant contact with water, the node will eventually begin to succumb to corrosion.

engine, lawn, mower, step

When remaking motorcycles to the boat motor, you need to leave the standard fuel tank motorcycles. For refueling the boat engine, the fuel mixture prepared in the same proportion should be used as for the operation of a garden tool.

We collect a simple and reliable lawn mower from the engine from the washer

Step one. Preparation of the basis first of all we will prepare the basis, for this you will need a piece of thick sheet steel. The base should not bend and the motor should be reliably fixed on it. Clean the base well and cut off the excess corner grinding. You also have to cut or drill a hole for the engine shaft and the protrusions of the case, if they are.

Step two. Modeling the engine shaft, we take a pulley from the engine shaft, if the engine is old, the pulleys can sit quite firmly, especially if the metal pulley. The author used the puller and heated the pulley with a gas burner to remove it.

Removing the pulley, cut into the shaft a thread for a nut, which will hold the knife. It is better to do such a job together, one should keep the shaft with a divorce key. It is also necessary to choose a sleeve for the shaft, a suitable diameter tube is suitable.

Step third. The installation of the engine on the foundation installed the motor on the base is quite simple and reliable. With the help of welding, weld the mounting brackets of the engine to the base. If there are no such fasteners, we fasten the motor using bolts and nuts.

Step fourth. We knife a knife for a lawn mower, for this you will need a piece of a steel plate. Steel from the old manual saw is quite suitable, or you can try to adapt the circular disk on a large diameter tree. We pull the edges of the plate and drill a hole in the center under the shaft of the motor. Keep in mind that the hole should be clearly in the center, otherwise vibrations will occur.

Step fifth. We start the wheel for the wheel of the wheel, the author simply welded the wheels to the base. Wheels are suitable from a children’s bicycle, strollers, or even from a overall children’s toy. It is important to properly weld the wheels in order to get the necessary gap between the ground, do not forget about the shield.

The sixth step. We make a shield thyroidly around the knife so that stones and other dangerous items do not fly in you. The shield will also allow you to collect ground grass in grooves. The shield can be boiled from a steel plate of suitable thickness.

The seventh step. Hand and connection make a pen for a lawn mower, the author cooked it from a profile pipe. This approach is bad in that the design is heavy, and there is a danger of getting an electric shock. The pen can be made from a piece of the sewer pipe. We connect the cable with reliably insulation and business on the handle switch. Instead of a switch, you can adapt a fork with a socket.

After that, the lawn mower will be ready to devour your grass. The home.made is fine, the grass is mowing without problems and evenly. Of course, such a machine will not pull high vegetation, but it is quite possible to trim the lawns by homemade. The project can be considered successfully completed on this, I hope you liked the homework, and you have found useful thoughts for yourself. Good luck and creative inspiration, if you decide to repeat this, do not forget to share your ideas and homemade ones with us!

Motovelot from a trimmer for grass. what to pay attention to before assembly?

Before starting to assemble a motorized car with your own hands from a lawn mower, you will need to choose an engine that will become the basis of a homemade. It is the power of the internal combustion engine that directly affects the traction characteristics and endurance of the adaptation.

In practice, homemans equipped with trimmers with a capacity of 3 liters showed the best of all. with. and higher. Each such a scooter with a motor is able to transport 1 adult from manual luggage, having, while, an additional supply of torque.

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