The best single-arm chain saw: Hopper or Champion

The Benefits of Do-It-Yourself Maintenance and Repair

The chainsaws are designed for a high maintainability level. No special skills required to disassemble the tool for the replacement of worn parts. The care and operation manual, included in the factory, will help you avoid mistakes that are typical of do-it-yourself repairs.

Do-it-yourself maintenance and repair reduces the user’s dependence on service and repair structures. Quite a large range of spare parts and accessories makes putting the machine back into operation easy and cost-effective.

Champion chain saws are not legendary for their reliability, like Stills and Huskvarns. The saws are sturdy enough, with a good working life and are not characterized by “strange” malfunctions as their cheaper counterparts from the Celestial Empire.

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  • Breakage of a cord of the starter (it can be avoided, if during start not to pull out a cord up to the end);
  • problems with the carburetor (over time, its parts wear out and need adjustment, in some cases, to forget about the problem again for many years, it is enough just to replace the carburetor for a new one);
  • loss of spark (in most cases, it is solved by replacing the high-voltage wire or candle);
  • Wear of the drive sprocket of the tire (earlier wear compared to its competitors is noted).

All of the above mentioned faults can be fixed by your own hands, if you have a little experience in repairing similar equipment and a standard set of locksmith. Of course, if you have no experience in locksmith work or equipment repair, it is better to contact a specialized service. This is quicker and more reliable.

If you do not use a chainsaw constantly, but only from time to time, it is not always justified to buy an expensive device made by such prestigious brands as Husqvarna and STIHL. On the other hand, cheap Chinese chain saws often break down too quickly and can even be dangerous. In such cases, a good choice can be a chainsaw made by Champion. They are also assembled in China, but from other chainsaws from this country they are notable for higher quality, although in this respect they do not catch up with devices from the most expensive brands.

Champion offers a wide range of models of domestic and semi-professional class, distinguished by a combination of high performance and reasonable price. it is because of this combination and they are considered the best choice. Although chainsaws under this brand are made in China, it does not affect the quality of assembly. Users have almost no complaints about it, on the contrary, many note that the devices are well assembled. But they still belong to the budget price category, and therefore can not fully comply with the expensive models.

This can be seen in the use of cheaper plastic, a headset with not so high characteristics. The manufacturer has tried to minimize the impact of these factors. Chainsaws are quite reliable and repairable. The latter is promoted by their disassembly-friendly design: many breakages can be repaired by one’s own hands, without going to a service center. The manufacturer supplies all the necessary spare parts, and they’re readily available in big cities. Malfunctions are not very frequent: if you don’t subject your chainsaw to extreme loads and take care of it according to the instructions, it will likely use its full service life without any malfunctions.

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But not without problems: for example, owners of Champion chain saws sometimes point out that the rubber parts and electrical wiring is not reliable enough, and the cost of spare parts for older models is quite high. In addition to these, the following problems are the most common:

  • Because of the low quality of the plastic, mechanical damage is possible. The only way to avoid them is to try to handle the saw more carefully, especially when it is cold and the plastic is more brittle.
  • The chain is blunted very fast. Sometimes it is replaced with a chain from another manufacturer, and the chain can last for years afterwards.
  • Leaks. There is a risk of leakage of both the oil used to lubricate the chain and the fuel.
  • Carburettors sometimes need adjustment or replacement.
  • Other faults are also possible, but not as frequent as these.

Of course, chainsaws under the Champion brand cannot compare in terms of reliability with products from market leaders. STIHL and Husqvarna, but for the budget segment they are good enough. Malfunctions, if they occur, can almost always be corrected without great expense, often by your own efforts.

After eliminating them Champion chain saws usually work for years, without causing new problems. in contrast to other Chinese products that tend to fail all the time, primarily due to poor workmanship. Champion offers a wide range of models designed for different tasks: from low-power and lightweight, to chainsaws with impressive features, which the manufacturer itself positions as professional. We’ve highlighted five, and each of them is good for certain tasks.

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They are listed in order from the most powerful to more residential-grade products for those who only need a chain saw for cutting branches and small logs.

Selection Tips

When choosing a compact tool you do not have to choose carefully parameter by parameter the features of power, chain pitch and compatible guide bar. They are all standard and manufacturer-tested. Rather, it is worth paying attention to the reviews, the overall quality of the tool assembly. If you work in a country house and in case of malfunction you can take it to the service center, a tourist in the middle of a dense forest is deprived of such an opportunity. That is why the saw is small, but it has to be as rugged as possible.

Owners of domestic and semi-professional medium-sized chainsaws can be recommended an economical method: buy a compatible replacement bar and chain under it for your unit. You have to remember that if the pitch of the new chain is smaller, you also have to change the drive sprocket. Unfortunately, for some models it will be difficult to use a chain of a different pitch. For example, on some models of Makita, the drive sprocket is made as a single unit with a clutch disc.

Review: chain saw gasoline Khoper 4518. The Tale of the Hopper. It’s not just the river!

Nowadays, there are more and more various products that facilitate the performance of some kind of work. One of these production tools is the gasoline chainsaw.

Especially nice to get it as a gift. And although they say. “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth!”I still will make a detailed study of this unit, in the hope that someone besides me this information will be necessary.

So, we meet the chain gasoline saw Khoper 4518. It is no secret that this brand is originally from Volgograd, and in the market to be since 1991. The main products are agricultural production tools, as well as useful accessories for private households or summer cottages, which have proven to be excellent in our country and abroad.However, something tells me that in fact all the components come to this company from China, and we have only screwdriver assembly. Who would say that this is bad, but I can say that there are several companies, including “Enkor”, which have established, such production and their products are in good demand.

After receiving the saw as a gift, I checked its equipment.

Included: chainsaw, guide bar, cover for the bar (plastic, black), chain, container for the fuel chain (six hundred grams), cogged stop, screwdriver wrench combined with a spark plug wrench, hex key, screwdriver for carburetor adjustment and instruction manual on 22 pages.

The main features of this chainsaw are: air-cooled, two-stroke engine with 2.2 kW output, cylinder volume. 45 cc, chain speed 13.5 m/s.

The guide bar is another important removable part that is subject to a lot of wear and tear when working. The bar is 45 centimeters long, but before that I had a chainsaw with a 40 centimeter long bar. Partner 352 Chrome chainsaw. The thickness of the groove of the guide bar is 1.5 mm, the sprocket pitch is the value. 8,25.

As it was already mentioned above, this part can fail rather quickly if used incorrectly. There are a number of measures, the implementation of which will significantly increase its life cycle. They include the following actions:- after each sharpening of the chain (new chain installation), it is necessary to turn the bar;- timely lubrication, through a special hole, the front sprocket;- after finishing work, remove sawdust from the guide slot and the lubrication hole;- timely check the bar for wear (cross-sectional section of the guides should have a rectangular shape).

What the chainsaw cannot work without? Right, without chain. For this model. the chain with total number of driving links. 72, chain pitch 8,25 and the thickness of the driving links is ideal. 1.5 mm.

When you should not only think about it, but directly sharpen or replace the chain:1. By the appearance of sawdust (reminiscent of wood dust).2. Vibration is sharply increased (feels in your hands and “dries them out”)3. force is required for sawing.4. The total fuel consumption increases (which is natural).

If a great desire and skill, the chain can be ground with a file, but I prefer to give a specialized workshop, where a hundred for a special machine sharpens them perfectly.

The main reasons of blunt chainwheels are: long-term work with hard wood (oak, ash), different metal parts (screws, nails, etc) getting under the cut. д. and t. п.), earth falling on the chain and tire.

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In order to prevent the chain from coming off during operation, it is necessary to install it correctly.In accordance with the operating rules, make sure that the chain brake is not engaged, then unscrew the nuts and remove the side cover with a breaker. Then you install the chain on the cogwheel and the tire on the motor, keeping the chain on the tire in position. Install the chain so that the direction of the cutting tooth is correct (usually the direction is indicated on the chain). Install the side cover in place, but tighten the nuts by hand, without maximum fixation.

Chain tension is adjusted as on all chain saws. lift the bar up by its front edge and at the same time use the adjusting bolt to set the chain to the desired tension. After that it is necessary to tighten the nuts of the side cover to the end and check the tension of the chain by moving it manually on the bar. If the chain slides easily and a little effort comes off (as if plucked) from the bar, you have not tightened it enough.Remember there is such a thing as fluidity, which is also typical for metals, especially when heated, so a new chain, you need to retighten after a little but intensive work.

Special topic is gasoline and special oil. Those who have or had, mopeds, scooters, motorcycles or any other technique, using as a power plant two-stroke engine know that you can fill in the fuel tank only a mixture consisting of gasoline and oil.

For this engine, the manufacturer has specified a type of unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92. And as an oil it is recommended to use. high quality antioxidant oil for air-cooled two-stroke engines. I pay attention, to thoroughness of mixing gasoline and oil. The better you do it, the better will be lubrication of details of a piston group and the longer engine will work.

For mixing I always use a 1.5 liter bottle. This is the capacity I add 38 grams of oil. For this purpose I use a 20cc syringe I bought at the drugstore.A reminder that an excessive dose of oil can also have a negative effect on engine performance, due to possible fouling, with all the consequences (the worst being piston seizure).One more caution, NEVER fill up saw with pure gasoline, it can cause jamming of piston.

A special topic is the use of special engine oil to lubricate the chain. Contrary to most opinions, it is not the same as for the engine. The manufacturer recommends SAE 10W-30 oil for year-round use or for more advanced users SAE 30-40 in summer and SAE 20 in winter.

Let’s look at how to start the chain saw. Despite the fact that all of us are great connoisseurs, the manual begin to read only when something is broken.To avoid this, remember:1. Fill your chainsaw’s gas tank with fuel mixture and the oil reservoir with chain oil. Pay attention to the tightness of the plugs.2. Turn the switch on the left side up.3. Pull out the choke located on the right side and leave it in the extended position.4. We set the saw horizontally on a flat surface so that nothing touches the bar, fix the rear handle of the saw with the right foot and the front handle with the left hand.5. With the right hand take the starter grip (starter rope) and with a sharp movement of the hand (without idling) pull the rope. Pull the starter until the engine starts and immediately stops (usually three to five times).6. After that we set the choke knob and start the engine.

After starting, it is necessary to make sure that the chain is well lubricated. To do this, you need to bring the tip of the saw to a surface and hold the gas pedal to see if microscopic droplets fly on the surface.

In principle, having already had experience with chainsaws, with the nuances of this model figured out fairly quickly and easily. The plates are informative and assembly is easy. Did not change the factory settings. I note a fairly large weight, which in assembled condition is 6.3 kg. The body and the handles are generally shockproof, but the lack of a compensating spring on the handle is a little frustrating, because all the vibrations will go directly to the hands. Another disadvantage I can point out the sufficient noise, so take care of the headphones, to a set of safety glasses and gloves.But once again I will say:. “A gift horse is not a horse to look in the mouth!”So I’m quite satisfied. I have already cut down an old apple tree with it, the device works without flaws.

Compared with my previous saw Partner 352 Chrome, it still loses, but a solid four to put, and look at the price at which it is sold and the availability of spare parts, so even a five. Recommend to owners of private houses and summer cottages will unconditionally. For those who are professionally felling wood, I would recommend another model, but they know it without me (smiley face).

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Good luck buying the right chainsaw!

Sell chain saws for kids A small chainsaw will completely fill your child’s leisure time, and you will quietly take care of business.


Range of chainsaws depends on how long you can use it and how long you will run it continuously.

  • Amateur. Powerful 1.7 to 2 liters.с. Engine life. 200-400 hours. Used for cottage work. Suitable for pruning branches, cutting firewood, etc.д.
  • Farmer (semi-professional). 2.2 to 3.4 liters capacity.с. Use over 600-800 hours. Not built for day-to-day work, but tougher than amateur chainsaws. Suitable for private households. Suitable for cutting firewood, pruning branches, etc.д.
  • Professional. Most powerful (over 3.4 liters).с.) chain saws. Uses more than 2500 motor-hours. Able to work 8-10 hours a day. Used for day-to-day work in logging or construction.
  • One-handed. Lightweight and compact saws. Power not more than 1.4 liters.с. Used for working at heights, trimming small knots, as well as shaped and artistic sawing.

How to use a small saw

Working with a chainsaw on your own is risky. If you are going to do sawing with it for the first time, we suggest you study the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Use protective clothing made of appropriate materials. You do not need to wear overalls at work, but rather long-sleeved shirts to prevent injury from flying chips that may accidentally bounce off. Eyes should be protected with goggles.
  • Clean the work area. Remove all objects that can be an obstacle and cause an accident.
  • Check the chain, it must be perfectly sharp, pay attention to tensioning, it must not come loose and jump out accidentally.
  • Check that the engine has gasoline and the battery is charged. It would not be helpful if work stopped at the beginning because of an empty tank.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable posture, otherwise you might get hurt. With experience comes the understanding of how to eliminate risks when maneuvering, avoiding accidents.
  • Perform proper maintenance at the end of the job: cleaning, sharpening the tines.

If you treat your equipment with care, it will pay you back in productivity for years to come.

In both domestic and professional tools, users value good performance, fuel efficiency as well as ergonomics of use. And although the motor life of older models will always be higher than that of the entry-level range, the working conditions level out this difference, leaving the quality and reliability in the dry residue.

The following criteria must be taken into account when evaluating models:

  • Reliability: engine life, failure rate, and proper functioning of important clutch, sprocket, and chain lubrication systems
  • Ease of use: grip, weighting, vibration reducing mechanisms and devices
  • Serviceability: maintainability, availability on the market of original or interchangeable parts.

the question of price is quite specific: on the one hand it is possible the situation when an inexpensive product shows excellent performance on these points. On the other hand, we should not wait for miracles: the development and implementation of advanced technologies, the use of advanced materials give excellent results. And this, in turn, affects the final cost of the product. A good saw can’t cost cheap sounds like a slogan of cunning marketers, but here it is not only a trick, but also a severe regularity of production and commodity-money relations of the modern world.

However, this does not mean that there are no good examples among inexpensive tools. Choosing the best from the worst is even more difficult, and that is what hundreds of users of gasoline-powered units face.

Advantages and disadvantages of chainsaws Khoper

The main advantages of power units include:

  • their reliability and durability provided that they are used properly and that they are serviced in a timely manner;
  • no problems with access to service centers, if you can not make repairs yourself (or need to buy original spare parts, consumables recommended by the manufacturer);
  • Quality materials of which the tool is made and quality assembly;
  • lightweight air filter system;
  • easy maintenance;
  • the presence of a fuel pump, due to which it is easy to start the device even when using it in harsh conditions;
  • the system of economical consumption of fuel mixture (protection against overspending);
  • environmentally friendly tool (there is a system to reduce the selection of harmful substances in the atmosphere);
  • good technical characteristics and design features, due to which these power units are not inferior even to the saws made by well-known foreign companies (popular German and Swedish ones).

Nuances that it is advisable to consider when buying Hopper chainsaws:

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