The Aveo air conditioner compressor clutch does not engage


The compressor is mounted on the engine block and is driven by a V-belt. The compressor circulates the refrigerant in the system. The compressor shaft is mounted in an aluminum casing front cover on bearings and sealed on the drive sheave side with an oil seal.

Schematic diagram of the movement of refrigerant in an air conditioning system.

A pulley of compressor drive is established on double-row ball bearing and constantly rotates while the engine is running. Torque is transmitted from pulley to compressor shaft through the idler pulley.

If the system is normal, when you switch on air conditioner you hear a click. it is clutch pressure plate under the action of electromagnet comes in contact with drive pulley and compressor rotor starts to rotate.

aveo, conditioner, compressor, clutch

But during exploitation of the conditioner, the following malfunctions of the compressor can occur.

If when the conditioner is switched off the clutch during rotation makes the extraneous sounds, heats or there is a smell of burning then probably the bearing begins to ruin. In this case it is necessary to replace bearing. In some severe cases, it may be necessary to replace the complete compressor muff or its component parts.

If you do not hear a click after turning on the air conditioner, the following problems are possible:

  • The refrigerant has leaked and the control system is blocking the start of the compressor;
  • the pressure sensor in the system is out of order;
  • Faults in the electrical circuits of the control system;
  • The coil winding of the clutch electromagnet has burned out;
  • for some reason (high temperature of engine coolant, high engine speed) the engine control unit has blocked switching on of the compressor.

If the clutch rotates easily and freely, but at switching on of the conditioner other noises are distinctly heard or even the engine stops, then, most likely, the compressor is jammed. The internal pump part of the compressor can not be repaired. In this case, the compressor must be replaced.

And the last, most unpleasant variant. A “click” is heard, the clutch rotates the compressor shaft easily, but the cooling of the air in the passenger compartment does not occur. In this case, the compressor runs idle, pumping nothing. Only an experienced specialist with special control and diagnostic equipment can determine this malfunction.

precisely define a malfunction reason it is possible after full diagnostics in the specialized automobile conditioner repair service center.

Signs of air conditioner compressor muffs failure

Car mechanics like to cite to their clients a well-known saying of people of a profession absolutely far from the sphere of car repair. Namely doctors: “Prophylaxis of disease will save from necessity of its treatment”. It means one thing. it is better to pay attention on “symptoms”, which can be noticed only by a motorist himself.

The following signs tell us that the air conditioner compressor clutch needs to be replaced:

Unpleasant noise. a knock or squeal (in the vast majority of cases the noise indicates the wear of the bearing) can be heard near the compressor.

These are only external signs. But there can be many more reasons. For example, relay of switching has gone out, coil or wires are damaged etc.д. A more thorough diagnosis of the air conditioner compressor clutch will be necessary to determine the failure.

The air conditioner is not working: how to avoid a global warming in your car

Well-functioning conditioner in a new car still requires inspection in each 2-3 years. This requirement is explained by the fact that even perfectly sealed system inevitably looses up to 15 % of circulating freon annually. A car which has reached the age of 6 years already needs an annual inspection of its climatic system, because while exploitation the gaskets in joints become worn out, and fine cracks appear in trunk tubes. Besides, the specialists recommend as a prophylaxis:

  • Install an additional grid on the bumper to protect the radiator of the air conditioner from debris and small stones. It is especially important for cars with big-mesh radiator grills.
  • It is necessary to switch on a conditioner regularly even if a car stands idle for a long time, and even in winter period. 10-minute operation of the device a couple of times a month will help to avoid drying out of main elements.
  • It is necessary to switch off the climatic device shortly before the termination of a trip with a working heater which allows warm air to dry air ducts, without a chance for reproduction of germs in them.

Air conditioner structure

The air conditioner has the main nodes for the circulation of refrigerant and air:

The Aveo needle valve can be replaced by a diaphragm with pressure and temperature switches which regulate.

The air conditioner of Chevrolet Aveo has a number of additional components, which ensure its stable and continuous operation.

  • Blower for forced air intake from the passenger compartment and directing it into the heat exchanger.
  • Fan returns cooled air to the passenger compartment by creating an active flow.
  • Receiver dehumidifier removes moisture from the refrigerant and is installed behind the condenser. May have an indicator or window to determine the replacement time.
  • Pressure sensor regulates the operation of the compressor and the pressure in the air conditioning system.
  • Thermostat is installed on the fan and regulates its work.

Besides, some models of automobiles, adapted for climate of northern regions, have air conditioner with a heating element, which is switched on during the cold season and works instead of cooling system. The air from a salon goes through a heat exchanger, is heated and goes to the salon. The simultaneous activation of both modes is excluded.

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How to fill up the air conditioner in the car with your own hands

If there is a lack of coolant in the system, the ECU will not start the compressor definitely. You have to go only to a good service station, that makes diagnostics and filling up systems of conditioner. I have only one answer to the question how to charge air conditioner in a car with your hands. no way.

You will not do it properly by yourself. do not deal with such nonsense, which is full on the Internet, everyone is carrying these sprays of R134a and show where they must poke it to fill up the conditioner. With such tips you either do not do anything good, or arrange a compressor liquid hammer. Because there are two methods of filling the air conditioner with liquid phase and gaseous phase. If the cylinder is held with the atomizer up, it is filled with the gaseous phase, and if the cylinder is turned upside down, it is filled with the liquid phase.

So, the gaseous phase can be pumped both in a high pressure line and in a low pressure line, but it is better in a low pressure line with the working compressor. And the liquid phase only into the high pressure line. Do not indiscriminately repeat everything that advisers advise on the Internet and on YouTube in particular. Especially, if you have no idea how an air conditioner works. Liquids are not compressed, only gases are compressed. In fact, our compressor does it and compresses the gas. If you pump fluid in front of it, it will most likely go to the land of stupidly destroyed mechanisms.

You must also understand that it is not the pressure of refrigerant in the system that is important, but its weight. That’s why the plates under the hood show the amount of refrigerant and oil in grams, not in Pascals, Bars or Parrots

If you don’t understand what it says, I will translate. 640 grams (/-20 g) of R134a refrigerant and 220 milliliters of synthetic PAG oil are necessary for left-hand drive vehicles. The system is filled according to the scales and not according to the manometer!

And even this is not all. In order to properly charge the conditioner it is necessary to do the following steps:

  • Pump everything out of the system and preferably know the mass of what is pumped out to have an idea of the state of the system
  • evacuate the system with a vacuum pump to remove air and moisture from the system, which is very destructive for the oil and the system as a whole
  • Fill up a strict amount of oil and refrigerant

Can you do it all with a can from the store?

If the question how to fill up a conditioner in your car with your own hands bothers you, then you have two ways. The first to buy an automatic installation we have now it costs from 70 thousand.UAH.

To buy a set for manual refueling now costs about 14 ths.UAH., including the refrigerant bottle.

It is also necessary to understand that all this exclusively will be useful only for charging of the air conditioner, and not for repair of the failed parts and units. About this further.

The conditioner Chevrolet Cruze doesn’t work: how to repair it

Nowadays one of the most popular cars on the roads is a Chevrolet Cruze. This car is sufficiently loved by Russian motorists because of its reliability, low maintenance costs, as well as fascinating appearance, which often attracts the eyes of others.

One cannot say that the car has a high price, but it bribes with presence of comfort, which is similar to a business- class car. However there are no eternal models among any technique, and very often one or another detail of a vehicle comes in disrepair. In this case we will consider a breakage of air conditioner and possibility of its repair.

Repair of compressor

Quite often the reason of air conditioner malfunction is the compressor. This important part performs injection of warm or cold air into the salon of a car. However, it is not always possible to visit a service center due to lack of money or breakdown of the mechanism at a distance from the nearest car repair shop. In this case you should try to struggle with the problem by yourself.

Attention ! If the air conditioner of Chevrolet Cruze doesn’t work, the most usual problem is a sticking of flap in one position.

It is also possible that traction is gone or electric drive is out of order. These are the most usual problems, and sometimes it happens because of what the conditioner of Chevrolet Cruze does not turn on, but also a breakage or malfunction of fan itself.

To check it, you should turn on the heating at maximum rpm, if warm air is coming in, the cause is most likely in the damper. If there is no airflow even at maximal rotations you can be sure that the compressor of the air conditioner of Chevrolet Cruze is faulty or there are problems with electrics.

In this case, you will not be able to solve this problem by yourself, so you will have to resort to the specialists at the nearest car service center.

An air conditioner and its principle of work

The principle of operation of the air conditioner on this vehicle does not differ from the devices that are installed on other cars. In this case, a special compressor and liquid filling of the air conditioner are used to suck cold air into the salon. If you don’t have it, this mechanism of your car will not work properly and will only deliver hot air into the interior of the vehicle.

Filling up the air conditioner of Chevrolet Cruze can be done both independently and in specialized centers.

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However, it is recommended to entrust this work to specialists, as incorrectly pouring the liquid can have a detrimental effect on the further work of the compressor and lead to a breakdown, which will cost you much more than a usual air conditioner filling at a stationary car-care center. Lack of coolant, as a rule, is the main reason why the air conditioner of Chevrolet Cruze does not work.

No air conditioner switches on

It is not rare that the owners of Chevrolet Cruze car appeal to service centers due to air conditioner malfunction.

If this mechanism doesn’t turn on by pressing the corresponding button, then most likely the matter is in electric system, which failed for some reason.

Because of unstable climate conditions, as well as high humidity in the region of our country, very often electric contacts are subject to oxidation, and as a result the electric current does not reach a certain mechanism.

The same is the case with the operation of the air conditioner. If for some reason the button does not light up after pressing it, then most likely the cause lies in the oxidation of the contacts. But there are also more serious problems. If having looked under a hood, you have not revealed any places of oxidation of contacts, you should immediately visit the nearest auto service center for diagnostics and finding out the reason of air conditioner breakage.

Repair of air conditioner

If for any reason failed radiator air conditioner Chevrolet Cruze, then you are advised to immediately take your car to a car service center, where this part will be repaired, or replace the unit with a new spare part. Due to circumstances, defective parts can slip in at the factory, which are unable to fully serve their service life.

If there is such a problem in a newly purchased car, the official dealer of Chevrolet will undertake the repair, but if the failure occurred for other reasons, and after the car warranty expired, you will have to repair the mechanism for money from your own

Attention ! It is worth mentioning that it is quite difficult to repair the air conditioner of your Chevrolet Cruze by yourself.

The mechanism is quite complex and without proper training you are likely to cause even more damage to the parts. That is why it is worth to carry out repair and maintenance of air conditioner in time, entrusting these moments to experts in qualified centers of automobile service. Also in the case of service of Chevrolet cars, it is better to perform it at the official dealer of this brand on the territory of our state.

Insufficient cooling temperature

Malfunction of the compressor, manifested by insufficient cooling temperature has many causes. When the compressor is running at full speed, the temperature of the air leaving the evaporator should be 6 degrees Celsius.

The first reason is that there is not enough refrigerant in the system.

This can be indicated by low pressure in the high pressure line. It is difficult to define how much of the coolant should be topped up. It is good if there is a sight glass on the receiver. Sometimes it is separately built in a high pressure line. If when the compressor is turned on, very many bubbles can be seen in it. it’s like they’re foaming, there’s not enough refrigerant and you need to refill. It is better to fully evacuate the refrigerant from the system. And refill the air conditioner. Or to charge it in small portions of 100 grams while checking the parameters of the air conditioner.

The next cause of insufficient cooling temperature

is because the condenser radiator is not blowing sufficiently. It is clogged with dust and dirt from outside and therefore there is insufficient cooling of the radiator. The refrigerant is fed to the radiator under high pressure in a gaseous state. There it cools and turns into a liquid state. If there is insufficient cooling, the refrigerant in the form of gas will get into the evaporator and evaporation will not occur as such. and the evaporator radiator cools when it evaporates. If the evaporator honeycomb is clogged outside, the cooled air simply does not enter the cabin. In sufficient quantity. The radiators must be clean and give good air flow.

What is the reason why the clutch of an air conditioner does not turn on??

It is unfortunate cases, when it seems to be warm now and it is hot, but meanwhile the conditioner does not cool. The symptoms of a broken air conditioning system can be observed as follows: you press a button, the rpm rises and the air comes in, however, not cooled.

And the filter is absolutely clean and there is no need to fill it up yet and pressure in the system is quite normal. The reason may be that the clutch of the air conditioner does not work.

In such cases, some experts can suggest topping up the air conditioner, or changing the oil, or something else. Many people puzzle over what to do, what to pay attention to and how to check the clutch or how to change it radically at once.

There can be many reasons why the air conditioner clutch does not engage. Let’s look at some of them.

1) Refrigerant is leaking from system. In this case the overhead sensor will not work and the clutch will not start because the controller just does not supply power to it. If you have been suffering for a long time and trying to start your conditioner with ordinary switching on, you will only imitate the switching on of clutch, but you will not reach desired results. In this case it is necessary to measure pressure in air conditioning system and fill up with refrigerant your unit. Naturally you have to find the leakage point beforehand, without that the rest makes no sense.

2) The solenoid or the solenoid connector is out of order.

3) The unit that controls climate is out of order.

4) The mechanism of clutch itself can be defective and it will be necessary to disassemble it, disassemble it, maybe to clean it from corrosion and then to lubricate and reassemble it. It is necessary to pay attention that during assembly the oil with which you have just lubricated the clutch mechanism should not get on the surface of air conditioner.

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5) Even a faulty thermostat can be the cause. The temperature of the cooling liquid rises to a certain level. After that the controller will turn on the air conditioner, not having time to fully cool the liquid. There is no way for the controller to understand that this liquid is not completely ready.

Classical modern split-systems or air conditioners consist of two technologically equivalent units. As a rule, it is one outdoor unit, located outside the living room, and the indoor unit, respectively, installed inside.

aveo, conditioner, compressor, clutch

Easy A/C Clutch Coil Test A/C Clutch Not Engaging

The air-conditioning equipment represent the technologies of the future. Climatic systems of this producer were and are on the leading positions thanks to constant improvement.

In summer the air flow from the outer blocks of air conditioners is warm, i.e. it would be quite logical to assume that it is possible to swap the outer and inner blocks and correspondingly in winter.

How to install the air conditioners? It is better to install it yourself or ask for help from specialists.

Air Conditioning System (optional) Chevrolet Aveo

The ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems represent a single functional complex designed to provide the most comfortable microclimate in the vehicle interior regardless of the season, weather conditions, and ambient air temperature. The air conditioning cooling unit reduces the temperature and humidity of the air.

The heating system heater increases the air temperature in all operating modes, depending on the position of the temperature knob. The amount of passenger compartment airflow depends on the mode of the fan.

The switch of air conditioner

The button is used to turn the air conditioner on and off.

Switching on the air conditioning system

Start the engine, use the switch to set the desired fan mode, and press the (A/C) A/C switch. When the passenger sensing system is turned on, the on indicator in the button lights up. The indicator light remains illuminated until the air conditioner is turned off. To turn off the air conditioner, press the same button again. Note that the air conditioner compressor does not work if the fan mode switch is in the “OFF” position. To turn the system off, press the (A/C) button again, and the on indicator light turns off.

To turn the kerb off, press and hold the TCS/StabiliTrak button briefly until the engine starts to vibrate, then release the TCS/StabiliTrak button again. Watch the engine temperature. If coolant temperature exceeds permissible value, switch off air conditioning system.

Air conditioner operation modes

To achieve maximum cooling in hot weather or after parking the car in the sun for a long time, proceed as follows

The TCS and StabiliTrak lithium-ion battery could have a detrimental impact on the vehicle warranty.

Used to warm up the car interior quickly. When the temperature in the passenger compartment is comfortable, immediately activate normal heating mode:

The system warns you to avoid using this mode for a long time, as it makes the air in the passenger compartment humid and stale. Misting of windows is possible. If condensation builds up on the windows, use air recirculation mode.

Normal heating mode

Recommended for use during the low season when there are low ambient temperatures and insufficient sunlight. If the air temperature regulator is turned to an intermediate position, warm, heated air will flow into the driver and front passenger’s footwell area, and the upper area of the cabin. cooler air (or outside temperature air). To set this mode:

The system is designed to use the windshield defroster and demisting prevention system

The windshield can be heated while the air conditioning is on or off. The windshield requires

Tips for Using the Air Conditioner

If the vehicle has been parked in direct sunlight, open the windows and ventilate the interior before turning on the air conditioning.

In order to clear the condensate from the foggy windows in rainy weather, reduce the temperature in the cabin by turning on the air conditioner. This feature is useful during the rainy season when humidity is very high.

When driving in heavy traffic in the city, the effectiveness of the air conditioning system may be reduced by frequent stopping and driving at slow speeds.

If the air conditioner is not used for a long time (month or more), it is necessary to switch it on once a week preventively for some minutes, even in winter. The TCS and StabiliTrak selector lever cannot be moved out of the way-

The engine is on when the steering column is tilted. The headlamp system is equipped with a power-operated steering column that has a properly adjusted steering column mount; check to see if the headlamp is locked in place.

The TCS and StabiliTrak selector lever can only be moved out of the way when the TCS is not in the “ON” position.

Tilt steering column with adjustable angle

Steering column can occupy one of 5 fixed positions.

To adjust:- Move the lever under the steering column toward the dashboard and set the steering column to the desired position;- To secure the column. The seatback lever is locked in position.

The TIRE LEARNING ACTIVE message on the steering wheel becomes louder as soon as the engine is running. The topmost position is used only for comfortable boarding and exiting the vehicle.

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