STIHL oil – how to tell the difference between original and fake

Is it worth it to buy a fake

Maybe the only thing sillier than buying a fake STIHL chainsaw is taking it to a repair shop. And such a day will surely come: scoring in the cylinder, coming as a compulsory option, constantly dropping power, the chain not subject to adjustment.

Is it worth buying a knockoff that has no parts? Is it worth it to buy a fake, getting it is not sure if it will start this time or not? Is it worth it to buy a fake, so you can go and buy yourself a new chain saw very soon??

Of course, every rule has exceptions. Small, but still, there is a chance that it is not clear where and by whom the saw is made will last a long time.

How to distinguish an original STIHL 180 from a Chinese fake, tell us in the following https://xnjtbhmmsif7ap1c.xnp1ai/news/kak-otlichit-original-tekhniki-shtil-ot-poddelki/ https://ingener-pto.Copyright © 2019/12/12/kak-otlichit-pilu-shtil-original-ot-poddelki/

How to distinguish genuine STIHL chainsaws from fakes

Only original tools made in compliance with production quality and safety standards are capable:

  • perform its functions effectively;
  • Demonstrate the manufacturer’s claimed technical capabilities;
  • provide safety during operation.

Often non-original saws have poor performance, break down quickly, do not cope with the work tasks, and some counterfeit and even dangerous to health and life.

stihl, tell, difference, original

Buying equipment from representatives of the manufacturer is a guarantee of quality, safety and corresponding quality price. STIHL Approved Dealers carry a special STIHL certificate and provide a warranty certificate with the product.

Besides the certificate and warranty card, there are several factors that help to distinguish genuine equipment from counterfeit products.

stihl, tell, difference, original


STIHL takes great care over its products, which are thoroughly tested.

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The following external signs may indicate adulteration:

  • No company logo or part number stamped on the muffler.
  • No part numbers on the parts.
  • Uneven, dull paint finish.
  • Unclear, fuzzy markings.
  • No logo on fuel filler cap and screws.
  • No engraving on the cutting chain links.
  • Defects and irregularities on the surface of plastic parts.
  • Poor quality stickers that easily erase or peel off.
  • No sticker on the box with serial number, barcode, country of manufacture.
  • Incorrect spelling of the company name. STIHL.


If after inspecting the product there are still doubts about its originality, then you should inspect the components. Often counterfeiters go to great lengths to get a fake as similar as possible, but they overlook such features as:

  • The length of the tire. the “left” models have a tire that is usually longer than the original.
  • Original instruction. if the STIHL saw is not in the box, it is most likely not a real STIHL saw.
  • The presence of a hole on the bar for greasing the sprocket also indicates the imitation of the original product.
  • Absence of company logo on protective covers and additional packaging.
  • The plastic canisters and spanner set in the box are further proof that the machine is a fake, because the original STIHL saw is only equipped with a screwdriver and combination wrench.

Identification number

Every tool has a unique serial number that indicates the country of manufacture, lot number/item number and additional information. The first digit identifies the manufacturer. For example: 1 for Germany, 2 for the USA, 3 for Brazil, 8-9 for China.

The identification number of the original product is duplicated in three places:

Genuine machines have a unique serial number. If the numbers on the box and the case do not match or are missing altogether, it is a counterfeit product.

stihl, tell, difference, original

How to tell a fake STIHL 180 from the original

Chainsaw MS-180 today is a favorite model not only among consumers but also counterfeiters who have learned to reproduce the external similarity of the device. However, the technical capability and safety of counterfeit models of the 180 saw remain highly questionable.

How you can tell the difference between a genuine STIHL product and a fake:

  • Length of the original MS-180 tool bar is 30-35cm. Fake tires are significantly longer (40-45 cm) than the factory-made products.
  • On the body of a fake model may be visible minor defects in the form of rough edges, uneven seams.
  • The air filter must have a product code and company logo.
  • On a fake tire marking is blurred, while the original has a clear laser marking.
  • Counterfeit rivets are painted in tire color.
  • Original MS-180 has no holes in the bar for greasing the chain sprocket.
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Оригинальная шина Stihl и подделка как отличить(Original Stihl guide bar and fake)

STIHL MS-660: How to spot a fake

STIHL MS-660 is a machine for professional use. Rain and snow protection, carburetor heater for winter conditions. Its price is more expensive, but its technical characteristics differ significantly from gasoline-driven tools for household purposes. This model is capable of working in the most extreme conditions, coping with the most difficult tasks.

How to spot a fake STIHL 660 and how not to pay too much money for a product with questionable specifications? Answer: pay attention to the details:

  • The dimensions of the fake MS-660 are less than those of the legitimate product.
  • A quality product always has a serial number that coincides with the information on the Warranty Booklet.
  • The color of the power tool body does not match the genuine STIHL model.
  • Counterfeit products have convex and low-quality oil and fuel tank covers.
  • Genuine STIHL 362 saw has the air cleaner cover screw on the back.
  • A combination screwdriver comes with the real product, counterfeit versions have sets of keys and screwdrivers.
  • A brand name product always has a detailed instruction manual.

STIHL 362 how to tell a fake from a fake

The MS-362 saw is an all-purpose tool that can be used for both professional and domestic purposes. The unit is known for its economy, reliability, ergonomics.

How to distinguish STIHL-362 chain saw from a fake:

  • Serial number must be the same on the box, housing and muffler.
  • The hole for the drive sprocket on the bar indicates counterfeiting. the original chainsaws do not have it.
  • A spark plug bearing the STIHL logo is also an indication that it is a counterfeit. the company does not produce spark plugs.
  • The air filters are often made of counterfeit quality plastic.
  • Uneven parts, defects in the edges and seams of the body, poor quality assembly. all these are features that are not inherent in the products of a well-known manufacturer.
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Positive reviews

These reviews on this model are mostly focused on its ergonomics and its cutting performance. Compactness, maneuverability and overall ease of use. the main advantages that the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw has. Reviews, by the way, recommend newcomers to learn more about the anti-vibration system, quick tensioning mechanisms and other proprietary additions. That’s where users get the best results from their work. Despite its small size, the chain saw shows decent performance. Perhaps this opinion is due to the sophisticated construction of the chain block, which allows to tackle any kind of tree with ease.

STIHL chain oil: The difference between genuine and imitation

JASO FB grease corresponds perfectly to the minimum conditions that allow its application on the territory of Japan. JASO FD is essentially a top-class oil with the very latest approvals.

STIHL HP Super 2-stroke motor oil

This high-quality grease has a greenish tint and is a JASO FD grease, but its lubricating power is superior to that of the STIHL HP. This one also has different additives in its composition and leaves much less dross on the pistons and near the muffler. In terms of its environmental friendliness, the oil series is again higher than the simple HP

But it is still important to remember that the cost of this product will be much higher

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