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The STIHL MC 660. the chainsaw for professionals. Its low price is an indication that this chainsaw is intended for professional users, i.e. for those who make money with it.к. It is obscenely high compared to home-use chain saws. But don’t think that the STIHL 660 isn’t worth the money that sellers are asking for it. Buyers pay for quality, high power, long service life, reliability and quiet operation.

The STIHL 660 is no longer in production any more, as.к. a newer model. the STIHL 661. has replaced it but you can still buy it from your local dealer.

The purpose of this chainsaw is specific, t.к. Its power allows you to cut big trees, to work on mobile sawmills like “Logosol” or “Murka”.


Here’s a video about using the 660 Stihl in a mobile sawmill.

The saw has a power of 7.1 liters.с., Weighs more than seven kilos. Because of its weight and power, this model is not suitable for delimbing or construction work, but rather for felling and crosscutting.

As standard the chainsaw is supplied without a chain-saw, which means the buyer can choose the necessary bar length and chain design. Before buying, we recommend our STIHL chain saw in the brochure.

How to tell the difference between a genuine STIHL MS 660 and a Chinese chainsaw

Most chain saw enthusiasts have long ago learned to identify quality saws of famous manufacturers by their appearance, but it will also be interesting for them to read this article and learn something new for themselves.

This time we will describe the original STIHL MS 660 in as much detail and as clearly as possible and compare it to the STIHL MS 660 from China.

Technical features

The professional STIHL MS 660 has good equipment that is designed to make everyday work in harsh forestry conditions easier. The saw is equipped with:

    HD2 filter. for maximum filtration and longer intervals between cleanings;

STIHL also has other professional-level chainsaws, such as: MS 270, MS 360, MS 661, MS 880.

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The STIHL MC 660 is equipped with a powerful 2-stroke gasoline engine with a cylinder capacity of 91.6 cm3. The engine has a generous torque capacity, making it suitable for the most demanding tasks in logging and construction. Internal cylinder walls are chrome plated, which extends tool life and prevents rusting.

STIHL chain saws have an easy starter motor for starting the engine. When developing it, the manufacturer used innovative technology, which made it possible to reduce the resistance of the starter mechanism by 35%.

To make starting the engine easier, the chain saw also has a unique ElastoStart decompression valve. It vents a certain portion of the compressed fuel mixture when the engine starts, reducing chain starter wear

The engine is cooled by a proprietary forced-air system. It generates high pressure inside the engine compartment, which results in more efficient cooling of all working parts of the engine.

The tool features a carburetor with an enlarged ignition chamber for engine fueling. In order to make it easier to start the model in cold weather, the manufacturer has provided a pump for manual pumping of fuel. STIHL chain saws also have a carburetor preheater function for winter operation. Air blows warm air into the carburetor to keep it from freezing up. To deactivate the heater function, just press the button on the machine.

The STIHL chain saw is designed to give the operator easy access to all major controls and service points. That makes it easy to service and repair the machine in the field.

The German and Chinese STIHL 660 features a rugged plastic housing. It can withstand falls from heights of up to 2 meters and impacts against hard objects. The housing reliably protects internal parts and mechanisms from damage.

The STIHL 660 saw stands out with its integrated single-lever control. All the necessary buttons and switches are in the back of the handle. That makes them accessible to the right hand fingers. The STIHL chain saw has a left hand that is in the right hand side of the saw at all times.

stihl, tell, fake

The STIHL chain saw consists of a guide bar and a saw chain. The high power of the tool gives the operator the option to use different lengths of guide bars. Side of the chain is equipped with a convenient chain tensioning screw. With its help the owner of the tool can set the tensioning level of the saw chain without the use of improvised tools.

How to tell the difference between a genuine STIHL MS 660 and a Chinese-made chainsaw

This time we will try to describe the original STIHL MS 660 in as much detail and as clearly as possible and compare it with a “STIHL MS 660” from China.

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Description STIHL MS 660 50 cm chainsaw

The MS 660 20 cm chain saw is specially designed for hard work in heavy forests with extreme demands. The tool does a great job felling trees with an average diameter of 60 cm, limbing, logging and crosscutting. High power and performance. Features and benefits of the MS 660 20 50 cm bar:

  • Anti-vibration system
  • Extreme working conditions
  • High power output
  • Decompression valve
  • High-performance
  • ElastoStar
  • Preheated carburetor
  • Ematic chain lubrication system

How to tell the difference between a genuine STIHL MS 660 and a genuine STIHL chainsaw

This time we will try to describe the original STIHL MS 660 in as much detail and clearly as possible and compare it to a “STIHL MS 660” from China.

STIHL chain saw counterfeits

STIHL chain saws are very easy to counterfeit. They have a distinctive color scheme.STIHL chain saws are highly remunerative. They are expensive and reputable among consumers. We present you a fake that has taken a place in the Russian market. fake STIHL MS 660 chainsaw. In this case the standard ChainSaw 5200 chain saw is a good example: take a ChainSaw 5200 and put a suitable label on it.

, Depending on the plausibility of the story and the brazenness of the seller

The original STIHL MS660 chain saw is a heavyweight in every sense of the word. weight more than 7 kilograms. Power over 7 horsepower. Can be used in sawmills, which implies continuous operation for long periods of time. As of February 2011, this saw retails for about 35,000. Fake has the same dimensions, weighs the same, but the supposed power is half as much, and about heavy long work you can not even think.

STIHL official representative made pictures on which you can compare the appearance of a counterfeit with the original. As you can see, the traditional “5200” and self-adhesive papers are used as the basis. And here are illustrations that Motopila editors.Ru collected from ad sites. The standard label. The first line can be anything, and it is it that determines the “model” and price of the chainsaw.

We can say that we are faced with a very high quality fake. The package contains instructions in the traditional STIHL chainsaw style. This is probably a copy of the original manual and not the original for a STIHL chain saw.

It is very unreasonable to attach the real manual to the fake chainsaw, because the saw on the picture does not look like the one they are selling. This set is lower quality, but more honest. A fake STIHL chainsaw is delivered with a fake STIHL instruction manual. It even shows the same saw that the customer receives.

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To be more convincing a piece of paper called a “sales receipt” is attached, which implies that the saw, worth 35 thousand, was purchased in a store for 19 thousand 500.

If you think this salesman bought the saw in the store honestly and is sincerely mistaken about its origin, you are wrong.

Here is the manual, but without the sales slip. The “receipt” covers “MADE IN RUSSIA.”. Do you really think that a person who sells a chainsaw labeled “Made in Germany” and has a manual with the words “Made in Russia” does not know what he is selling??

Bought myself a second one on sale. I got it at work instead of money They gave it to me for my birthday, but I already have. These simple stories are very good for those who want to get a “real STIHL chainsaw” for free.

But let’s be honest, the sellers of this trash, unlike their customers, are not always “dumb assholes thinking only about profit. The author of this photo showed both his creative flair and love for his job.

Adjusting the fake carburetor

Even inexperienced users can adjust the carburetor on a Chinese chain saw. Also, like the original, the fake has three adjusting screws whose designation is completely identical to the original. You need a screwdriver and an electronic tachometer to set it up.

Instructions for use

STIHL 660 chain saw instruction manual is mainly found on German models; forgeries may copy this information and include it in their manual. It was said above that the fake will not stand up to the minimum loads on the sawmill, so use the saw with care and only for domestic purposes. Fill up with good oil in the right proportions, watch for wear and tear in time, and tune the carburetor. It will increase the life time even of an inexpensive Chinese fake.

If you have decided to get a really good STIHL chainsaw for household use, have a look at the STIHL MS 180.

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