STIHL MS 660 fake how to tell the difference

STIHL MS 660 how to tell a fake chain saw

In connection with the beginning of the season of construction and logging in the CIS, from China came a huge mass of chainsaws of dubious quality, or rather total crap. One such example was bought by the author of this article.

It would be OK, a cheap, working gasoline saw is better than no saw at all, but these gasoline saws are counterfeited as well-known brands and sold at very inflated prices. The situation is very similar to the one that arose with the Chinese iPhones. But even buying this “thing” for a low price, the good from it will not be much.

Papa reviews an MS660 Clone

STIHL MS 660 is a victim of counterfeit products from China, very reliable and well built saw, losing its reputation because of scammers who offer fakes on a massive scale.

Is it Worth it to Buy a Fake?

To buy a Chinese fake is possible only in cases when a chainsaw is needed for several days or when a consumer is sure to draw a “lucky ticket” and his purchase, assembled of unknown how and unknown what, will serve him without a problem for many years. In all other cases, such a purchase will cause a constant headache due to constant adjustments, regular malfunctions, unexpected breakdowns and too short a service life.

STIHL brand chain saw of Chinese construction will suit those consumers who buy this tool for home use. Genuine German STIHL chainsaws are the choice of professionals in the forestry and wood construction industries.

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Technical specifications

Manufacturer STIHL
Model MS 660
Brand Country Germany
Country of Origin Germany
Class of saw Professional
Power, l.с. /kW 7,1/5,22
Engine capacity, 91,6
Saw headset
Tire length, cm/inch 50/20
Chain pitch, inch 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1,6
Number of links, pcs 72
Overall performance
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,83
Oil tank capacity, l 0,36
Warranty, months 12
Weight, kg 7,3
Price, Check price

Purpose and specifications

The STIHL MC 660. the chainsaw for professionals. Its price immediately lets you know that it is designed for those who make money with it, because.к. it is obscenely high in comparison with home-use chain saws. But don’t think that the STIHL 660 isn’t worth the price tag that salespeople ask for. Buyers pay for quality, high power, long service life, reliability and quiet operation.

stihl, fake, tell

Today, the STIHL 660 is no longer in production, t.к. It has been replaced by the more modern STIHL 661, but you can still buy it from your local dealer.

This chainsaw has a specific purpose, i.e.к. its power allows to cut big trees, work on mobile sawmills like “Logosol” or “Murka.

Below is a video about using the 660 Stihl in a mobile sawmill.

the saw has a power of 7.1 liters.с., weighs more than seven kilograms. Because of its great weight and power, this model is not suitable for delimbing or construction work, it is needed for felling and crosscutting.

As standard, the chainsaw is delivered without a saw headset, which means that the buyer can choose the necessary bar length and chain design.

The Chinese version

The Chinese STIHL 660 is very different from the original in specifications and appearance.

An experienced sawmaker can tell at a glance that it’s a fake. For those who are not versed in gasoline tools, we recommend immediately paying attention to such details as:

  • The starter housing, it is clearly different from the original;
  • Oil and fuel tank caps, in the original saw they are made under the combination screwdriver, which should come with the saw. On the Chinese version, the covers are convex and unsightly;
  • The air filter cover with the screw located on top instead of at the back of the original STIHL 660;
  • Original STIHL chainsaws always come with their original instruction manual.
  • The colors of the fakes, even if they mimic the genuine STIHL 660, are not as shiny and beautiful.
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Genuine STIHL chainsaws always come with a serial number. It is located on the body, just under the silencer. The number is also engraved on a small sticker which also appears in the warranty card.

On closer inspection you can see that the Chinese version has a smaller volume and therefore less power, and the parts are made poorly and poorly fitted.

It could, in fact, be sold under any brand name. In order for the Chinese saw to turn from Stihl to Husqvarna, careless manufacturers just change the sticker on the starter, and the color of the chainsaw may remain the same.

stihl, fake, tell

Do not confuse a Chinese counterfeit with a chainsaw made with German technology in China. Read more about the latter in this article.

Now you know how to spot a counterfeit, let’s see what you do if you buy one.

Technical features

The STIHL Professional MC 660 is well equipped for tough day-to-day work in the forest industry. The saw features:

    HD2 filter. for maximum filtration and longer periods between cleanings;

STIHL has other professional-level chainsaws, such as these include: MS 270, MS 360, MS 661, MS 880.

Fake Weaknesses

If you use it a lot, the Chinese STIHL will start to fall apart over time. To get the longest possible life out of these machines, you need to know which parts are the first to fail and have them replaced on time. For example, these are:

  • clutch mechanism;
  • Air filter housing (can be made of plastic or aluminum alloy);
  • drive sprocket;
  • the starter return spring.
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It’s a good idea to change the tire on a Chinese chain saw as soon as you buy it. к. The clutch is made of poor-quality metal and breaks down almost as soon as you start.

The main disadvantages of the Chinese chainsaw

Unfortunately, the low price plays its part and the chain saw may last several months or fail completely within a few days. It all depends on the decency and hands of Chinese counterfeiters. But we have highlighted the main disadvantages of the Chinese STIHL 660 chainsaw:

  • weak unreliable clutch mechanism;
  • poor-quality return spring on the starter;
  • Cheap air filter housing, made of cheap plastic; very bad tire, recommended to change immediately after purchase.

Technical features of the STIHL 660

The professional STIHL ms 660 is well-equipped to make everyday work in tough forestry conditions easier. The saw has the following installed:

    HD2 filter. for maximum filtration and longer time between cleanings;

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