STIHL ms 461 how to tell a fake one

STIHL ms 461. How to tell a fake!

Be careful! You have to pay a lot more for an apparently successful purchase, because fake STIHL chain saws not only cost less, but also have a shorter service life, higher productivity and, above all, lower safety. In this article we will try to tell you how not to become a victim of fraud.

A lot of products of dubious quality have appeared in Ukraine lately, either bearing a resemblance to STIHL products or impudently bearing the name of the world-famous company in their name. Counterfeit of this quality is source of serious danger. Below we will try to tell you how not to become a victim of counterfeit products.


It is difficult to distinguish the packaging, because the level of printing is high. Counterfeit saws are packed in exact copies of the original boxes. You can tell the difference by the sticker. If you have several saws in front of you, compare these plates and the numbers on them. At the very least they should be different. Each number is unique.

Note the unique serial number on the box. All saws are made in factories in China.

Made by STIHL in China. no indication of counterfeiting. The saws are made in factories in China, under the direction and supervision of the Germans.

One visual difference between a counterfeit and an original STIHL saw is that the counterfeit does not have a distinctive white stripe around the logo and along the entire length of the box.

How to distinguish the original chainsaw from the fake: a guide from the expert

|10.04.2019 |EXPERT ADVICE Husqvarna, a global manufacturer of garden, park and forest equipment, is concerned about the safety and performance of chainsaw users and provides practical advice to help protect tool owners from purchasing low-quality products. Husqvarna professional equipment division head Alexander Goncharov tells how to determine the originality of chainsaws.

The company’s expert analyzed the features of an original chainsaw using the example of Husqvarna 365 model, popular among professionals, which is designed for intensive use even in the toughest conditions. Regardless of chainsaw’s field of application, its owner is required to understand the specifics of the device, skills of safe work with it, and, most importantly, the utmost care in choosing equipment.

These instructions help the user to avoid the risk of buying a low-quality product and thus provide a reliable Husqvarna tool that allows you to demonstrate its high performance.

Genuine Husqvarna chainsaws have several distinctive markings:

EAC Single Customs Union Mark of Conformity

The EAC mark, which is affixed by the factory, is mandatory on the product, on the packaging and on the title page of the instruction manual. Such circulation sign evidences that the products marked with it have passed all assessment procedures of confirmation established by the technical regulations of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, and meets the requirements of all technical regulations of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union applying to the given product.

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Logo and corporate identity elements

The entire chainsaw construction. crankcase, covers, handles. should be a rich orange color with elements of a matte dark gray. Some professional models of Husqvarna chain saws may have a clutch cover in an “unpainted metal” color. The large Husqvarna logo in one of the Husqvarna colors, gray or blue, should be clearly visible on the tire.

Black components and parts indicate a counterfeit. Also pay attention to the bar: it must not have any anti-vibration elements.

On any removable part, such as the Husqvarna 365 quick-release air filter cover, the cylinder cap, the starter cover, the air filter, you can find it:

Original Husqvarna 365 model has a metal plaque on two rivets on the sump. It contains information about the serial number, the manufacturer (Husqvarna AB), the product number “PNC”, the model name, the year of manufacture and the product grouping. The information on the nameplate must match the information on the box.

Each Husqvarna model imported into Russia is assigned an “EANCODE”, a 13-digit bar code located on the carton.

PNC” product number is placed on the chainsaw metal plate and on the packaging. This number is specific to the specifications and features of the models imported into the country. The product number always has nine digits, the first seven of which must match on the metal name tag and the packaging.

For example, the order in which the information is written on the Husqvarna 365 chainsaw nameplate is as follows:

The first line is the model name: Husqvarna 365;

The second line is the unique serial number of this model, consisting of 11 digits;

third line. “PNC” product number: 965 90 21. 01 (9 digits);

fourth line. manufacturer and country name, for example: Husqvarna AB, SWEDEN

To have full confidence in the authenticity of purchased products and accessories Husqvarna recommends buying only from authorized dealers. For even better performance and uninterrupted power tool operation use original lubricants and accessories and have the tool serviced regularly by an Authorized Service Center.

Importantly, since 1 January 2021. Husqvarna has extended its chainsaw warranty to 2 years, giving users added confidence in the tool’s reliability

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|01.06.2021 Useful article, too bad there’s one about Husqvarna and no one about other saws

|01.06.2021 Igor, we are preparing an article about another brand

|03.06.2021 The first sign is the color of chainsaw parts, it says black, but you should also look at the shade of orange parts should not differ from each other in color

|03.06.2021 Michael, thank you for your comment

|11.07.2021 You should buy your chainsaw from a proven and reliable seller, then check the Husqvarna website for the chain saw itself and the warranty card numbers.

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|11.07.2021 Valentin, thank you for your advice, we think it will be useful to all

Professional chainsaw with high performance. High motor power, low weight, compact body and high center of gravity position

For professional use in the toughest conditions. The high engine power and durability make this saw extremely versatile

Powerful model with high handles. Can be used in harsh conditions, e.g. to work in deep snow at ultra-low temperatures up to.40°С


Specifications STIHL 362-ms :

Как отличить подделку STIHL

  • RPM max/min: 2800/10000;
  • bar length: 40 cm or 45 cm;
  • STIHL Rapid Super chain in 3/8 pitch;
  • The chainsaw weighs 5.6 kg;
  • Noise/vibration level: 106 dB/3.5 m/s²;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 600 ml.

STIHL MS 362 C chainsaw

Differences in components

The original kit never includes the canister. If you find a plastic canister, it is a fake.

Chain packaging is similar, the differences are in the markings on the chain itself. The original product has the company logo on it. No chainsaw on the dud.

Original product has the STIHL logo on the protective boot. A fake has no logo and the shape of the protective carrying case is different.

original chain has no holes in the sprocket. High-precision sprocket lubrication holes are a giveaway for a knockoff.

The original STIHL saw only comes with a screwdriver and a spark plug wrench, which also has the company’s engraving on it. The counterfeit saw comes with an expanded tool kit and is placed in a special pouch.


Genuine STIHL Ms. saws are bolted with asterisk screws. 90% of the forgeries are either flat-tipped or Phillips-head screwdrivers.

There is a logo on the tank lid. No logo on counterfeit. Also consider the logo on the screws on the back of the tank.

stihl, tell, fake

On the muffler/tyre side, the original must necessarily have an identification plate with a serial number that matches the number on the box. Counterfeit saw has no or poor quality decal and shows signs that will fade with time.

The muffler housing on the original saw has a product part number engraved on it.

Differences in filter elements. Take the cover off the filter and compare it with the photo: The original STIHL Ms saw is stamped on every part and every part is perfect. Fakes show mold remnants, imperfections in plastic molding, missing part numbers.

In the following video, in addition to the differences of the original saw, the distinctive features of the chain and bar are shown:

Differences in accessories

Original kits never contain canister. If you see a plastic canister, it is a fake.

Chain packaging is similar, the differences are in the markings on the chain. The original product bears the company logo. No spark plug wrench on the counterfeit saw.

The original protective boot also has the STIHL logo. Counterfeit does not have a logo and the shape of the sheath is different.

Original bar has no holes in the sprocket. The fake is identified by obvious holes for sprocket lubrication.

Original STIHL saws, the only tools included are a screwdriver and a spark plug wrench, also engraved by the company. Forger is packed with expanded tool kit and put in a special pouch.

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Function and technical data

STIHL MC 660. a chainsaw for professionals. its price makes it clear right away that it is designed for those who make money with it, t.к. it is obscenely high in comparison with the price of chainsaws for household purposes. But don’t think that the STIHL 660 isn’t worth the price tag sellers ask for. Buyers pay for quality, high power, long service life, reliability and quiet operation.

The STIHL 660 has now been discontinued, t.к. Instead, the more modern STIHL 661 is available, but the chainsaw can still be purchased from an authorized dealer.

This chainsaw has a specific purpose, t.к. Its power allows to cut big trees, work on mobile sawmills like “Logosol” or “Murka.

Below is a video of using the 660th Stihl model in a mobile sawmill.

stihl, tell, fake

The saw has a power of 7,1 liters.с., weighs more than seven kilograms. Because of its weight and power, it is not practical to use this model for limbing or construction work, but rather for felling and bucking.

The chainsaw is delivered as standard without a chain-saw, so the customer can choose the necessary bar length and chain design.

STIHL MS-660: How to tell a fake from the genuine product?

Only authorized dealers have the right to sell official STIHL products throughout the country. This means you cannot buy an original chain saw at illegal markets or from unscrupulous dealers. Authorized dealers have a gray certificate that must be presented to the customer at a moment’s notice.

There is a sticker with the serial number on the tool that is duplicated on the plastic case under the muffler. This index is also printed on the packaging box. All three numbers must match.

There is one large hole in the bar. How to start STIHL, how to start a STIHL chainsaw, how to start a STIHL chainsaw 180 first start video original STIHL ms 180 chainsaw. The knockoffs often have an extra little socket provided, sort of, for lubrication. Chinese knockoff 660 original STIHL ms 660 and compare to 660. chainsaw for. However, this is a deception. the manufacturers of the original modification provided a lubrication unit with a reserve of oil, which is quite enough for the entire period of use.

Also, the standard chain has an S on each link, unlike the fake copies. The original model uses a minimum of stickers (there is one on the handle where the safety rules are spelled out). The basic STIHL logo cannot be glued.

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