STIHL ms 250 how to spot a fake

STIHL Ms 250 How to Tell a Fake

For the reason of the beginning of the season of construction and logging in the CIS, from China came a lot of chainsaws incomprehensible properties, more precisely a complete shit. One such example got the creator of this article.

Our client would be fine, an affordable, working chainsaw is better than its absence, alas these chainsaws counterfeit known brands and sell at very inflated prices. The situation is very similar to the one that appeared with Chinese iPhones. But if you buy this thing at a low price, the use of it will not be much.

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The STIHL MS 660 is a victim of counterfeiting from China, a very reliable and well built saw, and is losing its reputation because of crooks massively offering fakes.

For you of course sell a copy of STIHL chainsaw MS 660 at shopping malls, cottages and yards of your family. The price starts at 100 and, depending on your bargaining skills, can go as low as 50.

Scammers usually use the same story:

  • Chainsaws gave out wages at the construction site, otherwise known as the factory.
  • Bought a stolen batch for next to nothing.
  • Was already bought, but friends as it is also called mother-in-law gave 5 more pieces.
  • Need to drink or urgently need funds.
  • Saw a lot of counterfeit chainsaws in the service station.

If you only need a chain saw for a few days and are not going to cut wood on an industrial scale, a counterfeit STIHL MS 660 chain saw is a good choice. You’re going to need it. Chinese fake though and horrible quality than the original, but fully capable of sawing wood, since ancient times, people were managed with more poor tools. It is not sorry to drop, throw, catch nails, etc., in the tank there is an option to pour anything, only to burn, and after her breakdown, throw this chainsaw in the attic, and zapamytate her as a bad dream.

How to spot a fake STIHL saw

When demonstrating product performance, you think the saw isn’t bad. This illusion due to the fact that the dealers pour unstained gasoline in the tank. STIHL under-performance reduces the service life of the under-utilized machine by up to 50%. If you bought the trick and got it, then use the saw as of course, for the purpose of fuel that the salesman poured.

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foolish waste of money than buying a fake, you will like it if you take it to be repaired.

The reason for the constant failures is the very low quality of the steel. Cylinder bubbles come as a function from the factory, there is no point in enumerating the other sorenesses, especially if they are a component of 100% of the total product. At movie theater level, what awaits you is a piston change, which is very expensive, and will only prolong the agony of this travesty of a saw that has gone bad in the factory.

Remember an additional important thing! These fakes are occasionally sold under unknown Russian brands, also at inflated prices.

The reddish value of this chainsaw, less than 50.

STIHL MS 660 how to tell a fake chainsaw from the original (real chainsaw on a snow white background)

Operating and Service Instructions


  • After assembly the tool requires running-in before starting regular work, running-in takes about 5-7 hours, during this time the intensity of chainsaw operation should be average;
  • After the running-in period, you can switch to normal chain saw mode, avoiding overheating of the engine and the bar;
  • It is recommended to use the saw only in protective equipment;
  • Never throw the machine when it is in operation.


  • complex repairs or the elimination of serious malfunctions, while the chainsaw is under warranty, must be performed by a service center;
  • disassembly of the saw is prohibited while the warranty is valid;
  • self adjustment of the carburetor is carried out after the end of the warranty, in the previous period. by the service specialists;
  • Please read the Service Manual before using the machine for a detailed description of how to set up the machine;
  • regularly performed. inspection for integrity, cleaning the air filter from sawdust, lubrication of the tire and chain, once a month control the condition of the spark plugs, the ignition system, and prepare a fresh fuel mixture, once a year the carburetor is adjusted.

How to determine the country of manufacture of your STIHL machine

Information must be verifiable, otherwise it may be questioned and deleted. You can edit this article to include links to authoritative sources. This date was set on August 6, 2014

(proper spelling: STIHL) is a German family-owned company with operations in over 160 countries. Headquartered in Weiblingen, Germany. STIHL develops, produces and sells motorized tools for forestry, agriculture and construction. This also includes VIKING-branded garden maintenance equipment (lawn mowers, cultivators, aerators, garden shredders, etc.). The STIHL brand also produces high-pressure washers.

STIHL was founded in 1926 and has been the world’s top-selling chain saw brand since 1971. In the 2015 reporting year, turnover was 3.245 billion euros, 90.1% of which was exports[1]. Profit size is not announced.

Every year STIHL organizes its own STIHL Timbersports Championship in different countries to cover a wide range of forestry-related disciplines.

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Negative reviews

Criticism of this model mainly relates to quick component wear and tear and high fuel consumption. Owners complain, for example, that the carburetor lug gets rubbed on the carburetor while in use and that the slide valve in the cylinder head gets out of order in no time. Users have also pointed out the poor service life of the plastic material used in the STIHL MS 180 chain saw. Price of 13-16 thousand. Doesn’t make the unit any prettier either. However, some of the disadvantages are characteristic of other chainsaws in this class. Unfortunately, in this case you have to pay the price for convenience and functionality: the quality of the working parts.

General recommendations

Here are a few general tips on how to distinguish the STIHL Genuine from the Fake.

  • Color. STIHL saws have a distinctive orange color. There is nothing else. Yellow and other labels are a sign of counterfeiting. Remember this. And don’t believe a salesman if he tells you otherwise. There is one shade. Every product is marked in this color;
  • Only certified dealers. STIHL has no problems with its dealer network. Contact there. This is a guarantee against counterfeiting. No spontaneous markets, bazaars, or crossroads;
  • Marking. The company puts the serial number on the body under the muffler. This code is duplicated on the sticker. They put it on the body of the saw and on the packaging;
  • Company logo. It is on every machine. Its absence indicates a counterfeit. Genuine chainsaws are marked with a logo by embossing or quality paint. No stickers. It’s all fake.

You can check the quality and safety of the device before you buy it.

Genuine products are made in good quality, but imitations have different signs. About them we will talk.

Китайская копия STIHL MS 250 Обзор. Китайский STIHL. Цены. Отличия оригинальных пил от подделки.

Negative reviews

Criticism of this model is mainly related to a rapid wear of parts and high fuel consumption. For example, owners point out that the ear of the carburetor during operation is rubbed through, and the cylinder head damper gets out of order in a very short time. Emphasized by users and low working life of the plastic parts, which are abundantly equipped with a chainsaw STIHL MS 180. The price of 13-16 thousand roubles. does not add to the attractiveness of the unit either. However, some of the disadvantages are also typical for other chainsaws of this class. Unfortunately, in this case, you have to pay for the convenience and functionality with the quality of the working elements.

stihl, spot, fake

Differences between the original and the Chinese version

The popular base model became the basis for the production of a substandard analogue. STIHL models in China imitate the design and construction of brand-name products with varying degrees of success, but fall substantially short of their technical and operational capabilities.

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Most of the fakes are presented in the assortment of small trading organizations. to avoid possible risks, it is better to buy the original at certified dealers and sales offices.

The differences of the Chinese counterfeit from the branded tools are noticeable even with a superficial inspection. First of all these are:

  • low quality and rough texture of plastic housing;
  • non-standard logos and stickers;
  • The absence of serial numbers and the engine configuration with simplified non-compensator carburetors;
  • availability of spark plugs with Stihl symbols, which are not manufactured by the company.

A significant part of the repair range on the domestic market is represented by low-quality and nondurable spare parts and consumables of Chinese manufacture. Practice shows that the service life of these products is less than half the life of branded counterparts.

STIHL Ms 250 16 picco 11232000831

The STIHL MS 250 16 Picco is a farmer’s chainsaw for tending gardens, felling young trees, cutting firewood and more.д. Power output 3.1 more litres.с., 40 cm bar. Whether you work on a hobby farm, in a holiday home or in the countryside.

Technical features of the STIHL 660

The professional STIHL ms 660 is well equipped to make everyday work in tough forestry conditions easier. The STIHL 660 features:

  • HD2 filter. for maximum filtration and longer periods between cleanings;
  • decompression valve to relieve engine starting pressure;
  • Heated carburetor, for cold winter operation;
  • additional toothed stop;
  • saw chain brake cover nuts that cannot be lost.

Carburetor adjustment

The power and fuel economy of a power unit depends on a properly tuned fuel system.

  • The adjustment of the carburetor, performed by the factory experts, needs to be corrected only if the octane number of gasoline, transition to the winter or summer modes of operation, significant deviation of the engine from the standard power characteristics are changed.
  • The work is done after cleaning the air cleaner with the engine running. By turning the quantity and quality screws the engine is brought to the mode of quick inrush and stability of idling speed.
  • If adjustment does not yield positive results, the problem can be solved by flushing the carburetor and blowing out the jets, charging the system with fresh quality fuel.

The reason for the decrease in real power and performance may be the wear of the piston group, which manifests itself in the second half of the overhaul life.

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