STIHL MS 180 doesn’t start – plugs are flooded

How to find and repair damaged crankshaft bearings

STIHL MS 180 chain saw may not start if the crankshaft bearings are defective. If they are present, there is play in the crankshaft, which can be detected by wiggling the flywheel from side to side. There are magnets on this bearing. If the flywheel is in motion, it is in contact with the ignition module contacts. That’s what causes the lack of spark.

You can only replace the bearings yourself if you have experience. If they are not, please contact your STIHL servicing dealer.

STIHL 180 chain saw 180 chain saw crankshaft bearing

Rings, pistons and piston groups for chainsaws: faults and repairs

Failure caused by wear of the entire cylinder group or its individual components leads to reduced pressure in the cylinder. As a result, the engine stops working at full power and eventually will stop even starting. General wear and tear or the appearance of individual mechanical defects, such as scratches on the cylinder or piston, the piston ring of the chainsaw. all this indicates the need for timely repair. It is necessary to pick up new rings, pistons and cylinders for a chainsaw and replace them.

Before you buy a new part, you need to make sure that the problems are caused by malfunctions. Make it a little difficult, since there is no convenient access to the piston group. Nevertheless, it is possible to try and remove the muffler and look at the surface of the piston assembly through the window that is formed. Severe scratches can be seen even with this limited view. Another option is to use a compressometer and measure the pressure in the engine. Readings should be at least 0.8-0.9 MPa, otherwise it indicates a loss of engine power. Most often the loss of power is caused by wear of the piston ring. The fact that over time, chainsaw rings are covered with carbon deposits and no longer fit tightly to the piston.

If you decide on a complete replacement of the chainsaw’s piston group or just about every part, it’s up to you. Much depends on how worn the components are, as well as your desire to spend your time and money.

STIHL 180 Leaks Spark Plug Cause

To record

I had the same problem, a brand-new saw after the 2nd refueling did not start, what did not find tips, unscrew the plug, check the piston, but do not do it if you feel that certainly compression, starter cord is pulled with effort. And what remains for our client to do was simple to outrageous, filled the plug and inexperience. Drain all the gasoline from the barrel. Unscrew the spark plug, check the spark, then you need to drain the gasoline residue from the cylinder, for this purpose turn the cylinder down gently pulling the starter rope drain surplus approximately 10 times. Then I put the saw in the same position for 5 min to let it air out and dry. We fill up the tank with petrol and oil in the marked proportions. I put the lever in a cool start position by pulling twice, the third jerk, it started from the third jerk. And was about to take to the service. Same mistake, the saw is new, it would not start on the 2nd refueling. Checked, carburetor overflow, spark plug in gasoline, after drying spark appeared. After purging the cylinder, as described in the manuscript, tried to start. In the position of the damper “cold start” one burst, I put the damper in the starting position. does not start. Unscrewed the spark plug. again in gasoline. I blew the starter a hundred times, but the problem is the same. And here comes your website, read the advice Oleg (regarding blowing starter in the upside down position of the saw) tried, from the cylinder and carburetor poured 10 grams of gasoline. Then I attached spark plug to lug and put choke on start position, blew some more. I assembled it, primed it, it started. So, thanks to Oleg for his good advice!

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Why does the spark plug in the chain saw?

A short video guide on how to change the diaphragms in a chainsaw carburetor.

Oleg, thank you very much our customer is excellent simply! In short my chainsaw is 6 years old and I use it 10 times a year. Sometimes it starts badly and at a certain point, everything I took your advice. The problem is ventured, sorry for the cost of the newest candle and the air. filter, but I think in the future may need. Thanks additionally. Honored readers. always start simplemost of the time it’s the small stuff that’s the problem. Good luck to all in the repair!

Thanks to Oleg for the good advice. Such advice should be written in the manual. The new saw didn’t start on the 3rd time, there is a spark, but the spark plug gets stuck. Did to our client remains because Oleg wrote, it started with the first jerk.

Many thanks to Oleg. I was about to take the saw to service, but following Oleg’s advice, the answer was easy.

I took Oleg’s advice, immediately started without effort. Everything is very simple but very effective. Thank you very much Oleg!

READ STIHL chainsaw stalls on throttle

Oleg, thank you very much. Did to our client remains as you recommended in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and my MS-180started with the first jerk.

I have read a lot of information and looked through the web, read what Oleg wrote, decided to try, did our customer remains in the same sequence and oh my God! My old saw came to life (5 years old) STIHL

180, although I have not pin my hopes to be honest, that I only did not for these 4 days, wanted to give already in the repair, I thought died my “old girl, but no will serve more, it turns out so very simple, thanks Oleg great.

Why won’t the STIHL 180 chain saw start when hot? s

STIHL-180 chain saw does not start? Background and solution!

Today the manufacturer STIHL leading position among other companies that produce equipment designed for agricultural and construction. The products of this manufacturer are known not only for its high level of quality but also for its good price policy and the power of its models. It is one of the most recognized global companies.

How to fix a flooded STIHL Chainsaw Engine

Probably pretty hard to meet anyone who would not have had a chain saw brand. But the fact that out of 10 likely six people definitely have them. Why the chain saw won’t start if it won’t start. Reasons Why Won’t You Start? And that’s not unreasonable, because STIHL chain saws are a power to match the elegance of design. But unfortunately, even such giants of technics break down from time to time and require some kind of repair. We are now going to focus on one of the brands, namely the STIHL 180 chainsaw. Chainsaw badly starts in the cold violation of the sequence of actions when starting in the cold. Read about the STIHL ms 660 chainsaw here. Let’s get on with it.

serious causes of malfunction

If after a thorough inspection of the basic assemblies of the grass trimmer the cause of the malfunction of the device has not been found, then you need to carefully inspect the engine and carburetor. In this case, there are three key problems that occur most frequently at once:

  • Natural wear of the mounted carburettor gasket. The only logical way out of this situation is to replace the defective part.
  • Debris and carbon deposits in nozzles or passages. For cleaning, you can use only factory flushes or a regular stream of compressed air from a compressor. It is forbidden to use wire and sewing needles, because one wrong move can seriously damage the passage section.
  • Loss of the former tightness. For a thorough check of this indicator it is necessary to use a classic household tonometer, previously installing a suitable manometer. It is necessary to monitor the indicators: if any fluctuations have not been fixed, then everything is fine, but when the pressure gradually drops, then some part in the carburetor has failed.
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If the carburetor used is correct, then the gasoline grass trimmer does not start because the piston group has failed. If during the inspection it was found characteristic chips, distortions or scratches, then the part is to be replaced. Specialists recommend replacing the piston rings. If there is a small backlash when rocking the mounted connecting rod, then the rings should be replaced, but this procedure is best left to professionals.

What to do if the chainsaw has a primed plug

If you suspect the spark plug has been primed, it should be inspected. Unscrew it with a spark plug wrench and examine it closely. If the spark plug is wet and still has a spark, then it is sure to be primed.

Many experienced owners are able to determine with a high degree of probability the current condition of the spark plug by its color. This procedure should be repeated at regular intervals.

  • A light brown fouling is exactly what all owners want to see. Then the chain saw’s functionality is still intact.
  • Black carbon deposits indicate an unbalanced mixture, i.e. a lack of oxygen in the fuel chamber. If the situation is not corrected, it is likely that the chainsaw will overfill the spark plug again.
  • If you see corrosion on the fork or too much spacing between the electrodes, it is probably a lean fuel mixture.

STIHL 180 carburetor overflows. DIY Community Blog STIHL 180 chainsaw. Self-repair

A saw was purchased eight years ago and has been in good working order. And now, once again, got it, chifir-chifir, and she did not start The first thought, to take in the repair, but then I thought, with Uazik cope, and you can try with a saw. Checked the spark, got the spark. I got gasoline, too. Unscrewed the plug, turned out filled with gasoline. Anyway, it turns out it’s the carburetor that’s overflowing. I searched on the net, it turns out the gasket in the crab, hardens, constantly presses on the needle, hence the overflow.In principle, the hardest part was to find parts in town. Bought a set of carburetor gaskets, two studs mounting the muffler, nuts seized, I decided to change at the same time, reinforced the air filter, a new sample and gear stop, plastic teeth on the saw already worn out.Next thing you know, it’s just Remove the air filter, unscrewing the two nuts on 8, they also attract and the carburetor, disconnect the fuel hose, remove the rods from the carburetor and unhook the shift control shaft and remove the carburetor.Take off the lid, look at the gasket, if it is oily, change it and do the reverse.The pins fixing the muffler is even easier, I cut the nuts on an emery and replaced them :)And put a metal stop.STIHL saw started after repairs and has now been tried out.After a year of use, it’s been acting up again, little by little.I should have known better than to skimp and get the original repair kit.

Why does the machine idle?

The first and most frequent cause of this fault is improper adjustment of the carburettor. It is possible to perform idle speed adjustment by yourself, to do it you will need a STIHL adjustment screwdriver, which is included with the machine. The adjustment hole is on the right side of the STIHL 180 on the handle, marked “-” and “-“.

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If the STIHL chain saw does not hold rpm and stops idling you can be almost 90% sure that it has a problem with the fuel pump, usually it is an air leak in the crankcase through the sump gasket, or much more often through the crankshaft oil seals. Air suction reduces or completely stops the pulse that is delivered through special channels to the gasoline pump of the chainsaw. The STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw does not get enough fuel and stops to idle.

To do this, use a special tool called a vacuum gauge.

The second way to test the seals, is to pour gasoline in the crankcase and look at them, if the glands will leak gasoline, they can not provide the normal pressure in the crankcase, which would make idling impossible. And when working at high speeds, with leaky seals, there is a possibility of seizure of the crankshaft bearings.

Here is how to check the STIHL 180’s crankcase and oil seals for leaks:

  • Remove the top cover.
  • Dismantling of the air filter housing and carburetor.
  • To remove the chain saw handle.
  • Unscrew and remove the starter motor.
  • On the side opposite the starter remove the side cover and the drive sprocket.
  • A piston stopper is set into the spark plug hole or a piece of string from an old starter with knots tied on it is stuffed into the cylinder.
  • The flywheel and clutch are unscrewed, and then the parts are removed. It is worth knowing that the chainsaw clutch has a left-hand thread and is unscrewed in a clockwise direction.
  • The oil pump drive pinion is removed.

After taking the STIHL MS 180 apart you will see the oil seals and after that you will need to fill the carburetor with gasoline to make sure it is leaking. Fill the crankcase, you can through the fuel window in the cylinder, to do this, the piston must be raised as much as possible up. If it is found to be leaking it is necessary to replace the defective seals, or re-seal the oil pan. To reassemble the STIHL 180 use the reverse sequence.

Recommendations for troubleshooting

In the first case the problem is solved by serviceability of the air inlet device. It is recommended to blow out the paper filter that has expired its resource by return flow of air, and in the best case to replace it. For information on cleaning other filter types, please refer to the enclosed operating manuals.

  • Adjustment of the carburetor is made on the engine warmed up to operating temperature. The power unit is tuned for optimum performance by turning the quantity and quality of mixture adjustment screws. The success of the work is determined by the knowledge of the fuel supply system design, the interaction of all components.
  • In particular, increased complexity of adjusting carburetors with built-in compensators and other elements of automatic control. Such equipment is adjusted with the help of special equipment, which is installed in the service and repair centers.
stihl, start

If the engine can not be tuned, the cause of excessive fuel in the emulsion may be a leaky valve or the carburetor float hangs.

The final result of the work done:

  • fast revs;
  • stable work in idle mode;
  • recovery of traction parameters;
  • no increased smokiness and detonation noise.

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