STIHL ms 180 chain won’t turn

STIHL ms 180 chain does not turn

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There’s nothing to jam. The tire is just a bunch of sprockets that the chain runs to.

On my Stihl, it moves freely when scrolling by hand, it doesn’t jam.

Try to figure out where it’s jammed, which roller. Put a little oil in it. If it’s not too much of a jam, then whatever. The power of the saw is enough.

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There is nothing to jam. The tire is just a bunch of sprockets that the chain runs to.

On my Stihl, it moves freely when I crank it by hand, it doesn’t jam.

Try to determine where it’s sticking, which roller. Put a drop of oil in there. If the jam is not too bad, so what the hell. The power of the saw is enough.

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You just post back when you find the cause, what was it.

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STIHL MS170 MS180 Chainsaw Chain Adjuster MOD Upgrade!

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[quote=vladlen andreef,Mar 25 2020, 11:46]Greetings respected community. Please advise on this issue: Purchased a new chainsaw, Hoper type lopper one-armed. Didn’t start it, just checked 2 new circuits when installing on the bus, for cranking by hand. Both are running fine at first then about 5cm of jamming, like the chain tension is stronger and then normal again. Master and idler sprocket spinning fine. It is not clear what is the reason? Will it affect the performance of the saw or will it work out? But the difference in the tension of the chain of course strains. Thanks for the answers and help in advance. [/quote

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How to repair your chain saw

When the causes of failure are diagnosed, the instruction manual is studied, you can begin to repair the chainsaw yourself. This will require disassembly of the chainsaw, remove the damaged element or repair it, if there are ways to fix it without replacing. When buying parts for the tool, pay attention to the characteristics, dimensions and other parameters that must match for reliable operation of the device.

How to Disassemble

To disassemble it is worth familiarizing yourself with the main parts and groups of the unit, including:

Depending on the manufacturer, the schematics may differ. Some install the motor vertically, others. horizontally. The most complicated device in professional tools. To repair it you will need original spare parts, which are quite expensive.

Before carrying out the disassembly, take care to have all the tools and spare parts.

For example, to dismantle the chainsaw engine you will need special pullers, wrenches. Making them with your own hands requires a lot of time. The problem is that information on repair in full for foreign units is difficult to find. It would be nice if I could find a diagram of the disassembly. Sequence of action:

  • Dismantling the saw headset. Drain fuel and oil from the tanks, remove dirt from hard-to-reach areas of the product.
  • Disassembly of the chainsaw requires special care when working with the carburetor. Many small parts are carefully removed and stacked on a white sheet of paper. The components are washed and reassembled in the reverse order.
  • Disassembling piston group. Remove the threaded fasteners and turn the saw sideways.
  • Starting device. Worn parts must be replaced. One brand-name guide bar has reached the end of its service life after 3 saw chains.

The engine shuts down

The engine has started, but at idle or under load the chainsaw stalls. In this case, in most cases, you should perform the same actions as described above.

How to adjust the chainsaw, it depends on when exactly begins the problem:

Shooting into the carburetor:

  • Very late ignition, the fuel-air mixture does not have time to burn through the cylinder, so the sound comes out, similar to a small explosion.
  • Depleted fuel-air mixture. In the mix does not come enough gasoline requires adjustment of gasoline saws, more precisely the nozzles, to increase the fuel supply. Why chainsaw gasses itself for the same reason.

Operating principle

Before identifying faults and repairing a STIHL 180 chain saw, it is important to understand how it operates and what components it is made of. The chainsaw is necessarily composed of its main element. the two-stroke engine. It is responsible for the reliability and performance of the device. the engine is involved in starting the chain drive and keeping it running due to the centrifugal clutch. In addition to the electric motor, the chainsaw includes:

  • starter motor;
  • The flywheel, also known as the cooling unit;
  • ignition unit
  • The clutch and brake mechanism;
  • STIHL expander carburetor;
  • air filter;
  • fuel and oil tank;
  • muffler
  • anti-vibration system.

Fuel from the tank enters the carburetor where it is mixed with air from the cleaning unit. The air-fuel mixture flows from the carburetor to the engine. The saw’s carburetor has a single build screw that controls the idle speed operation. All settings in the unit are factory-set to provide the optimum fuel-air mixture.

The mixture is ignited in the engine cylinder and the starter motor is used to start the engine. The piston moves the shaft in the crank mechanism. There is a sprocket on the shaft, on which the chain links are put.

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The chainsaw has a single-cylinder engine. A clutch is used as a safety device that enables the electric motor to idle in case of jamming. At the initial revolutions, special pads, located in the radial direction, are pressed by springs to the middle of the shaft, thereby preventing it from rotating. At high speeds, the centrifugal force increases, causing the springs to compress. The pads are pushed off the center of the shaft, the sprocket rotates and the chain starts.

stihl, chain, turn

The electrical circuitry of the device is involved in the ignition system. Due to the use of a flywheel with magnets, an electromotive force (EMF) is generated as it rotates, causing current to be generated in the electronics unit. The unit sends a signal to the spark plug, causing a spark to be produced. This spark ignites the mixture coming from the carburettor. After a successful start-up, the chainsaw cycles through all the working processes.

The chain is made of prongs and connectors. The device is equipped with a brake system to protect the user from backfire. The oil feed is automatic due to the action of the pump.

How to start a STIHL chain saw: Starting procedure and overview

Chainsaws differ slightly from each other in design features, but in most cases the principle of assembly follows two standard patterns. Many devices have information in the manual about the need to activate the emergency brake before starting the start-up procedure. It is necessary to first master the device of the plant and learn the basic ways to fix the breakdowns, then a person will be able to fully operate the device. The article will talk about how to start the chainsaw.

Troubleshooting problems related to the operation of the chain

Always keep the chain lubricated while the chain saw is in operation. After all, this is the part that works in the most difficult conditions. The chain is subjected to constant overheating, dust and abrasive particles are clogged in it. All of this has a negative effect on its operating life. This can be remedied with special lubricant. It is fed to the chain from a reservoir, thus ensuring unobstructed operation.

If there is no lubrication during operation, there is a high risk of overheating. When oil is not flowing, the chain begins to pull. There is still a chance of it jamming or popping out by itself, which can result in serious injury.

Fuel lines can become clogged with small particles and it is a good idea to clean them periodically. It is important to keep an eye on the oil level in the tank. Debris in the channel is a frequent cause of the chain brake not working. This can have a negative effect on the chain saw’s performance.

Continuous cleaning of the channels and general care of the chainsaw will allow the tool to function for a long time.

But what if all the recommendations are followed and oil is still leaking. You need to make sure the chain saw is working correctly. It is very likely that it has not been assembled properly. If the fault has not been detected, it is advisable to take it to a workshop. In some cases you need to replace the pump, but do it if the saw is new. Old tools leak because the tank is worn.

only an expert is able to evaluate the chainsaw’s current condition. In the absence of knowledge or lack of confidence in their own abilities, it is advisable to entrust the repair of the tool to a professional.

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Every chainsaw, regardless of its model, brand, and class has approximately the same structure. It consists of several important components, among which is the lubrication system. Without the latter, the power unit cannot be operated. The risk of heavy wear and tear that is assured in conditions of constant rubbing of the cutting element on the guide bar and unavoidable heat is reduced through the operation of the force feed lubrication system. Lubrication of the chain lubrication system softens friction and reduces the need for the chainsaw operator to have to repair the element or replace it completely.

Tools for repairing and sealing the saw

Fixing a STIHL 180 chain saw requires specialised tools. For example, an air compressor is needed for blowing components and cleaning. When working on the carburetor and crankcase, a vacuum gauge will be needed. And also for repairs you need to have:

  • piston stop;
  • An electronic tachometer;
  • A Torx 27 wrench or other equivalent T-wrench;
  • a puller that is suitable for crankshaft bearings.

One of the STIHL chain saw’s easiest failures is a leak. There are usually problems at the junction of the oil pump and oil tank. Repair begins with disassembly of the saw. If the hose is badly damaged, it must be replaced with a new one. Otherwise, it is enough to carry out the sealing with a special compound.

Before using, degrease the hose with an alcohol-based fluid and clean it of any foreign matter. The condition of the oil filter must be checked. Oil leakage may be due to clogging. As with the hose, the filter can be cleaned or replaced with a new one.

stihl, chain, turn

How to eliminate the possible risks of buying a counterfeit tire?

In the information field there are signs, by which it is not difficult to distinguish the original brand chain saw from the most authentic fake. As for the tires, their advantages and disadvantages are manifested directly in operation.

In domestic market of home appliances about 15% of total sales volume of chainsaw parts are the third-rate counterfeit of unknown origin, which makes at best half of the standard resource.

It is economically unprofitable and unsafe to operate a chainsaw with a counterfeit bar and chain. Significant part of injuries is created by usage of counterfeit tire and chain.

You can buy a quality and durable tire of the required model without considerable risks at a dealer company or representative office of a licensed tire dealer. In the absence of such a possibility should use the services of a reputable, trusted online store.

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Adjustment of a chainsaw, repair of widespread malfunctions with your own hands

Modern chain saws delight us with their reliability, ease of operation and the presence of many special systems of vibration suppression, automatic chain lubrication, easy starting. But even such machinery breaks down over time, especially if it is not serviced in time and properly. We suggest to study characteristic chain saw breakdowns and methods of their elimination with your own hands.

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