STIHL mc 180 starts and stops

Putting fuel on the chain saw

If the STIHL 180 doesn’t start, or has an electric spark, the first thing to do is to check the fuel level in the tank. Sure, the problem is ridiculous, but common enough. Next, we check if the fuel is getting into the carburetor; to do this, we can disconnect the gasoline hose from the carburetor and pump the gasoline. After several manipulations gasoline should flow out of the hose, but not in large quantities, but in small jerks. If the gasoline doesn’t work or works poorly, the problem may be A clogged fuel supply line;

Connect the fuel filter directly.

As much as this may sound, it may even cause the fuel tank to be too full. The fuel hose can get caught in the oil tank. If the pressure is too high, the fuel hose can get caught in the oil tank or does not create the vacuum required. Always check the quality of the fuel you are using; never leave the chain saw with gasoline for more than 2 weeks for proper performance. Prolonged storage of fuel in the tank promotes the formation of resins and the process of polymerization of components.

The chainsaw starts and stops. Why?

There are a few simple rules for the operation and maintenance of a chainsaw, compliance with which will maximize its service life. Cooking the right fuel mixture, regular cleaning of the filters and periodic replacement of parts will save you from having to repair your tool for a long time. If you can not avoid the failure, you can solve the problem on your own. Works on any brand of chainsaw, from the more sophisticated Husqvarna and STIHL models to the simplest Makita and Patriot.

A chainsaw stops immediately

What to do if your chainsaw stops shortly after you start it? The first thing to do is to check that there is fuel in the tank. If it’s not at a sufficient level, you need to mix the fuel exactly according to the ratio of petrol to oil prescribed in the instruction manual. Gasoline should have the highest possible octane number, and the necessary oil grade, as a rule, is specified in the technical certificate of the chainsaw.

Then check the spark plug, as well as the contact of its tip with the high-voltage wire. The gap between them should not be more than 0.5 mm. if necessary the spark plug is cleaned from deposits and dried. It is a good idea to change the spark plug once in a while to a completely new one. The causes of the tool stalls on the gas, lie in the fuel filter or carburetor jets. Cleaning the gas filter will not take much time or effort, but it is better to leave the disassembly and cleaning of the carburetor to the professionals at the service center.

A chainsaw stops when idling

It is common to see a chainsaw stalling at idle speed. First of all, you need to check the muffler, and if it is dirty, clean it from the exhaust tar deposits. Also on the carburetors of some models, etc. there are bolts labeled H and L. rough and fine tuning, respectively. If you adjust the L bolt during work in such a way that the engine rpm increases (it is enough to turn the bolt by half a turn), this problem can be solved. Adjusting the carburetor requires an electronic tachometer and is quite a laborious process. That is why in such cases it is better to turn to professionals.

Chainsaw stalls on load

If the chainsaw stops on load, the cause may be the fuel system or a dirty air filter. Changing the fuel in the proper gasoline/oil ratio or cleaning the air filter are universal solutions to such problems. Wrong mixture of low-quality gasoline and, for example, machine oil is the main reason for chainsaw malfunctioning, including when it gets hot and stops.

Chainsaw stops when tilting

if your chainsaw is horizontal the fuel pipe is on the bottom of the tank but if the tool is tilted the pipe is above the fuel mixture, t.е. in the air space. This is what causes a chainsaw to shut down on its side.

Chainsaw shuts off at high engine speed

If it happens that the machine stalls at high engine speeds, three things must be checked: the air filter, the fuel pump and the gasoline filter. The air filter should be cleaned and may even be washed under water and dried. Then disconnect fuel hose from carburetor and see, if fuel flows out of it or not. If it flows in a full stream, the gasoline filter can be not checked. If it is the other way around, the problem is found. The breather plug can be cleaned with a regular needle, and the filter can be carefully disconnected from the intake hose, cleaned or replaced with a new one. The gasoline pump is checked for wear: if the fuel is not leaking through it, then there is nothing wrong with it. If the problem with your tool stalling at full throttle is due to some damage to the pump, simply replace the part with a new one.

Repair and service of garden equipment.

Specialized service center “Agrotehservice. warranty and post-warranty service of world manufacturers machinery! Warning! Tips for Users!

Why does the chainsaw quit on a full throttle?

You may often hear the question why a chain saw cuts out when not in motion. There may be several reasons. First, you need to take into account exactly how the saw stalled. Suppose, the tool was working fine and suddenly, for no apparent reason suddenly stopped and the starter does not turn. in such a situation you can be 100% sure that the chainsaw has jammed, and it is necessary to start its overhaul.

The second situation is when the STIHL 180 chain saw was working normally, then gradually within a short time lost power and stalled, with overheating of the cylinder. Check the filter on the carburetor and the fuel supply hose if the fuel system is leaking. The mixture was thinning and overheating occurred as a result. You can solve the problem by changing the nozzle.


Every tool is capable of breaking and the STIHL MS 180 chain saw is no exception. Now let’s try to figure out such issues as: why does the chainsaw stalls when the rpm increases, as well as at idle at full throttle. Consider options for diagnosing and remedying defects associated with such behavior STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw.

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Why chain saw cuts out when throttle?

Let’s say your chain saw is running fine when idling, but stops when you hit the gas briskly. What do you like the cause? It is immediately obvious that it was not the ignition (no spark). к. If the ignition was faulty and there was no spark, the machine would not start. Means the fuel system remains.

Бензопила Stihl MS 180 глохнет при нажатии на газ

To determine why the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw stops working on the gas, it is absolutely necessary to perform a full diagnosis. We advise to read about STIHL 180 chain saw faults and their elimination.

Checking the filter

First thing to check is the fuel filter.

Sometimes, clogged with mud, the filter is unable to pass through itself a sufficient amount of fuel mixture. Consequently a shortage of fuel appears in the system which causes the STIHL STIHL chain saw to shut down when the throttle is actuated. Also, when the fuel filter is clogged, you may notice a noticeable drop in power at high RPM, but it is a minor pollution.

Air filter

On the pages of the Internet, it is easy to find information that the chain saw STIHL

180 may stall because of a badly soiled air filter. I’d like to refute this misinformation and tell you that the STIHL MC 180 carburettor is fitted with an air compensator which is designed to bypass the dirty air intake filter and allows the air to be drawn in for normal use. The power with a clogged air filter will drop slightly, but it certainly will not throttle. Another reason for the loss of power is piston wear and tear. in this case you should repair the STIHL MS 180 chain saw piston.

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One of the circumstances that cause the chainsaw does not develop speed when you press the gas, and on the contrary, cut off, it is a failure of the carburetor. A STIHL 180 was working fine and then was put away for a long time without using it. After it started, and at idle it works fine, but when you press the gas may stall. Why does it choke?? A stuck carburetor valve or nozzle is the cause. It’s not 100% certain, but the possibility is very high. Read our article on carburetor construction and repair for the STIHL 180.

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To be able to check the nozzle, remove and disassemble the carburetor. To remove, you need to unscrew the two nuts fixing the air filter and carburetor, then remove the air filter and the engine control lever, disconnecting at the same time the control rod of the air damper from the carburetor. Next, you need a little pull the carburetor itself, and disconnect the fuel supply hose.

It is necessary to carefully remove the fuel hose, and in advance prepare a plug here, t. к. It should be able to use the fuel filter.

having removed a carburetor it is necessary to blow and clean from dirt, only after that to untwist the carburetor of course.

Unscrew the cover of the carburetor main chamber, it is the one in which you want the top compensator is installed. Further, when using an 8 mm bolt and with a length of two or more than 50 mm. Knock out the valve.

STIHL 180. The classic of the genre. No RPM

This is one of the problems why the saw stalls

When pressing the gasoline repair chainsaw.

The valve should be knocked out by setting the carburetor on a wooden base, it will protect the carburetor from damaging the housing.

If the nozzle is removed, it can be blown out with a compressor. The valve should let the air flow only in one direction, if of course freely blow the valve in both states, it means it is defective and you need to change it with a new one. To assemble the chainsaw when the valve is repaired, you need to observe the reverse sequence of disassembly.

To see graphically how the repair of the carburetor, or more precisely how to correctly knock the valve from the injector carburetor body can be watched video.

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The next common reason why the saw can stall at higher revs, air suction in the carburetor. To check it you only have a special tool, but it is worth seeing that if preventive work with the carburetor has not been carried out for a long time, then of course install a new set of gaskets in the carburetor. Sometimes this helps solve the problem with its depressurization.

STIHL 180 stops on full throttle.

Disassembling the carburetor to replace the gaskets, it is necessary to look closely at his needle valve, to press on the rocker and control its lifting. If, in particular if the STIHL chain saw has been sitting for a long period with fuel in the carburetor, the needle may burn to the carburetor housing does not do its job. Simply put, the needle valve will not leak the fuel mixture. Under these circumstances, the saw will not work.

Why does it idle?

The 1st and the most frequent reason of this malfunction, is the wrong adjustment of the carburetor. Readjust the idle speed can be carried out without assistance from others, for this purpose, you need to have a screwdriver STIHL, which comes with the unit. The regulating hole is on the right side of the STIHL 180 on the handle and is marked with “-” and “-“.

does not hold rpm and stops at idle, there is a 90% actually no doubt that it has a violation of the fuel pump, usually an air leak in the crankcase through the pallet gasket, or much more often, through the crankshaft seals. Air intake reduces or completely blocks the flow of fuel through appropriate channels to the STIHL 180 STIHL fuel pump. The STIHL 180 chain saw does not get enough fuel and stops at idle speed.

To make a diagnosis, you can use a special device called a vacuum gauge.

The second method to test the performance of seals, is to pour gasoline in the crankcase and look for them, if the seals will skip gasoline, so they provide the usual pressure in the crankcase, which will make the work at idle is not feasible. At high rpm with leaking oil seals the bearings of the crankshaft can seize.

  • Take off the top cover.
  • Remove the air cleaner and carburetor.
  • The chainsaw handle is coming off.
  • Unscrew and remove the starter motor.
  • On the reverse side of the starter we remove the side cover and the chain sprocket.
  • In the spark plug hole set the piston stopper or in the cylinder is stuffed with a string from an old starter with a knot in it.
  • Unscrew the flywheel and clutch, then remove the parts. It’s good to know that the chain saw’s clutch has a left-hand thread and unscrews clockwise.
  • Removing the oil pump gear.

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After taking the STIHL MS 180 chain saw apart we remove the oil seals and fill the crankcase with gasoline to make sure it is leaking. Fill the crankcase, you can through the fuel window in the cylinder for this purpose, the piston should be raised very high. If you find leaks, you need to change the defective seals, or to re-seal the sump. The STIHL 180 can be assembled in reverse order of method.

Why does it stop when you’re not moving?

Often we hear the question of why the chainsaw stops at full throttle. There are a few circumstances you’ll like. First of all, it is important to know how to adjust the throttle. Your power tool was running fine but all of a sudden it suddenly stopped with no starter motor kicking in. In these circumstances is the option to be 100% sure that the chainsaw jammed and need to proceed to its serious repair.

2-nd situation is when the chain saw STIHL 180 worked fine, then evenly for a piece of time lost power and stalled, in this case, there is overheating of the cylinder. Under such circumstances, most likely the cause of air leaking under the rubber nozzle that connects the carburetor to the cylinder or break it. The mixture becomes depleted, and as a result overheating occurred. You can remove the cause of the problem by changing the nozzle.

If your STIHL STIHL chain saw MS 180 stops idling, fails to pick up power when accelerated or stops on a full throttle, check the fuel system and inspect the crankcase for leaks. You can do it without helping others, of course, but need to have certain capabilities. If you know little or nothing about two-stroke saws, it is best to consult a professional, t. к. This technique is capricious enough and any errors are costly.

How to check the fuel pump

The pump housing has a diaphragm that keeps the fuel flowing to the carburetor and engine when the engine is running. If the STIHL MS 180 chain saw will not start, the carburettor membrane may be ruptured. You can check if it is still intact by removing the pump cover. If the inspection finds faults in the cylinder, the diaphragm must be replaced.

Repairing a STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw

Specifications of STIHL MS-260 chain saw

What to do if the radiator is leaking

Sthil MS180 carburetor (STIHL 180). No, I haven’t.

STIHL chain saws in the STIHL MC 180 series are now and in the last few years have been fitted with a Chinese-made carburetor with only one adjustment screw. These diaphragm type carburetors are almost impossible to disassemble because it’s all sealed and primed. So to speak: adjustment is not, have not heard. In this case, it is easier to buy a carburetor chain saw STIHL 180. You can buy STIHL carburetors both original (also made in China, but in a factory owned by STIHL) and by third-party manufacturers (also Chinese).

Despite being made in China the original STIHL 180 carburetors are very reliable and rarely fail the original is 2500, so it is almost 4 times the price.

You can buy repair kits for chainsaws made 5 or more years.

How to adjust the carburetor chain saw STIHL 180?

stihl, starts, stops

Only the idle speed adjustment is available to us. Why do I have to do this and how do I know when to set the idle speed on the STIHL ms 180?? It is necessary if the chain does not stop when idling, which can lead to injuries, unstable operation of the saw in general.

STIHL MS 180 chain saw malfunctions

Question: My STIHL ms 180 c chain saw stopped idling and stalled while running. Hard to start, but stalls again at idle.

After that, does not want to start. The next day after unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, I took off and washed the air filter. Didn’t help, had to remove the spark plug. It was dry, but there were many attempts to start it.

Cleaned the breather plug (it was not blocked). I changed the fuel filter (although the old one was not visually dirty). Cleaned the carburetor and put in a new spark plug just in case. The chain saw won’t start! Unscrewed the spark plug again. dry. What to do?

Answer: Remove the muffler. Look at the piston, if there are longitudinal stripes on it you need to replace it.

Question: What is the difference between the drive sprocket and the chain sprocket on the STIHL 180 chain saw??

Answer: There is no difference between “drive sprocket” and “chainwheel”, they are different names for the same part.

Question: I bought a STIHL Ls 180 chain saw. I like it very much, but I want to ask you if my saw can cut thick wood?

Answer: The MS 180 is the standard bar length. 35 cm, can cut a log. 70 cm in diameter, if logs of this diameter prevail, you need a chainsaw with more power.

Of course the MS 180 copes with its task, slowly and surely cuts big diameter logs, but you have to remember that giving heavy loads to a machine not built for it, you (at best) reduce the life of the chainsaw, i.e. bring its overhaul closer.

Question: Can I use a 45 cm guide bar on my STIHL 180 chain saw??

Бензопила глохнет при нажатии на газ.Stihl MS180, MS170. Stalls when you press the gas. Штиль 180.

Answer: The MS 180 has a maximum bar length of 40 cm.

Question: Where is the STIHL Ls 180 chain saw breather valve??

Answer: The breather valve is on the “top” of the gas tank and oil tank, you can’t see it visually, t.к. It is all covered by the starter housing.

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Question: The gas button on my MS 180 is stuck in the horizontal position. What to do?

Check with your dealer for lever mechanisms and trigger pulls to see if the chain saw has a defective trigger when you turn it.

Question: Why is the cylinder getting hot and why does the STIHL 180 chain saw stop??

Answer: The problem is in the ignition module, maybe no compression.

Q: I use a STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw with a standard bar, and I heard recently that I am getting a Carving bar installed on this model. According to the catalog you can put a 30cm tire of this type, is it possible to put a 25cm tire or is it not possible on this model?

Answer: The Carving has a very small tip radius. It’s better to use a chain with a 1/4. This is where the problems start. Chains like this are very rare in retail, and you’ll need a 1/4″ chain sprocket for the 180.

Maybe it makes sense to look for a 3/8 1.1 bar Rollomatic Mini for 30 cm. Reference number 3005 000 3905 if I am not mistaken. She has a little nose with a 7-tooth sprocket. A bit bigger than a Carving, but not as lubricant-intensive.

Question: Where should the arrow on the piston point toward the muffler or vice versa on the STIHL 180 C chain saw??

Answer: The arrow should point toward the muffler (STIHL chainsaws are by definition the same).

Question: Is the clutch thread left or right on my MS 180??

Answer: All STIHL chain saws have a left hand thread on the clutch.

Question: The starter on the STIHL MS 180 chain saw jerks out, what is the reason??

Answer: There could be several reasons. Faulty starter motor (starter spring, etc.).д.), to a defective piston/cylinder group.

Question: Why is the chain sprocket on my STIHL 180 chain saw loose??

Answer: the clutch cup needle bearing is worn, but even on a new saw the chain sprocket has minimal play!

Question: STIHL 180 chainsaw. Second gasoline refill, full tank. Gasoline is leaking from underneath. Why?

Answer: The hose rubber may be sticking out or it may be bleeding out of the fuel tank breather. The first needs to be corrected, the second is acceptable!

Question: STIHL 180 chain saw does not move the chain when I’m operating it with the brake lever in the center position, but only when I pull it toward me. What could be the problem??

Answer: The chain brake on your chain saw has two settings: pulling away from the chain. it is the brake in the working position “on”, the chain does not move; in the extreme position “towards yourself”, move it until it clicks. is the brake in the cocked position, the chain is turning.

stihl, starts, stops

Your brake is most likely on, you have to move it to the extreme “toward you” position.е. Pull the lever until it clicks and if that doesn’t help then the brake is defective and you need to call Customer Services!

Question: How do I adjust the carburettor on my STIHL MC 180 chain saw??

Answer: The STIHL 180 chain saw has dry-running adjustment only because the carburetor is sealed and adjusted in the factory. The idle speed is adjusted so that the chain does not rotate at minimum rpm, or by the tachometer.

Q: Tell me what to do. STIHL 180 chain saw will not start. Spark is there, but it fills the spark plug and does not want to start. Where to start repairing or disassembling?

Answer: You start with removing the muffler and see what the piston looks like.

Question: STIHL MS 180 chain saw will not stop when lever is pulled up, I use the choke shutter, what do I do??

Answer: By moving the lever up you interrupt the contact, in your case the contact is not interrupted, “moved away” (bent) the contact spring, probably breakage of wire contact spring, wear of control shaft (lever that you lift up).

Question: How do I replace the clutch springs on a STIHL 180 chain saw??

Answer: clutch springs can be replaced even without removing the clutch. Only need a small but sturdy hook of sturdy wire and a regular “spark plug” wrench. We remove the cup, put a wrench on the socket hex and unhook the tensioned spring with a hook.

Put a new one in its place immediately. it’s just. Use your fingers to catch one hook of the spring, and with the hook pull the second hook into the hole. It engages and then you squeeze it with a screwdriver to make sure it engages in the throttle properly.

Turn the crankshaft 1/3 turn, put the spanner back on the hexagon socket, hold it in place and change the spring for a new one. Next. Third. Put the cup in place, work. And you can also check the condition of the springs with your fingers.

Stretched spring allows the weights to move on the crosshead and removes itself very easily. When you replace the springs, the clutch should be solid and you can’t pull the weights off with your fingers unless you use a screwdriver.

Question: Is it possible to fit a 1.3 cm 30 cm 30 cm bar on a STIHL MS 180 chain saw with a 1.1 bar slot instead of the standard 30 cm bar?? What is the risk of such a replacement?

Answer: In my opinion, only unnecessary consumption of circuits. The 1.1 has a shorter tooth (and on some models much shorter), less sharpening.


If the tool trips right after you start it, there is a problem with a device or part. To find the cause, you have the machine tested by yourself or by a workshop. Sometimes the cause of the mechanism starting poorly is due to improper maintenance of the saw:

  • insufficient gasoline volume
  • poorly prepared fuel mixture;
  • Poor lubrication quality;
  • the muffler is clogged with combustion products;
  • unadjusted carburetor;
  • air filter obstruction;
  • Piston or cylinder failure.

When the throttle is depressed

Sawing machines idle, but the chainsaw stalls when the throttle is depressed, i.e. к. Increases the load. The tool is warmed up before use by running the engine at idle for a minute. If this is neglected, the motor stops after the pedal is depressed. Other reasons could be:

  • clogged or unadjusted fuel mixing assembly;
  • A clogged air filter does not give the necessary air flow when the load is increased;
  • a contaminated petrol filter does not pass the required amount of mixture
  • The cylinder wall and piston are rubbing.

Low octane rating of fuel causes brake, t. к. this circumstance prevents the motor from achieving the required power when the load is increased.

malfunctioning of the fuel system leads to air suction. In this case, the machine stalls at idle speed and won’t hold. Additional blow-by reduces the air impulse to the fuel pump and goes through the sump diaphragm or crankshaft oil seals. Diagnose with a vacuum gauge.

Stopping the engine from running in the cold is due to other reasons:

  • Check that the spark plug passage has an excessive amount of combustible mixture;
  • the clearance between the spark plug lug and the high-voltage cradle is not adjusted;
  • Power supply malfunction.

Check the oil seals by pouring petrol into the crankcase, you can see the leakage visually. So, the engine does not run at idle speed, and at high speed leaky seals will lead to bearing seizure. In the case of leaking elements, they are replaced with new ones and sealed.

At full throttle

Sometimes the engine stalls after normal operation. To determine the cause, pay attention to the surrounding circumstances:

  • Engine stalls in the middle of operation for no apparent reason. The starter is in a stationary position and does not turn. It means that the tool is jammed and requires urgent repair.
  • During normal operation, power is reduced in a short time and the engine stops, the cylinders are overheated. The situation indicates the occurrence of air suction under the rubber spigot between the carburetor cylinder, possibly due to a tear. The air is depleting the fuel, the nozzle must be replaced.

Doesn’t pick up rpm

Many systems are involved in the start-up mechanism, so the loss of rpm STIHL chain saw after idling can be a consequence of various factors. Confident work at idle and motor breaks under load can occur due to the following reasons:

  • engine life is exhausted;
  • Wear, deformation and corrosion of the piston group;
  • ignition coil or spark plug failure;
  • unbalanced carburetor screws.

Stihl ms 170 bogs down, stalls out when starting

If the tool does not develop revolutions, the conduction of the hole in the fuel tank cap is broken. The appearance of the vacuum does not give the right amount of fuel, because the engine does not pick up the desired power. RPMs are reduced with a build-up of carbon monoxide in the muffler, it is difficult to vent the combustion gases.

The tool quickly reaches the maximum rpm and the power does not diminish. This situation is due to the following:

  • the throttle doesn’t work because of a loose spring or traction element;
  • Toggle switch that switches on occasionally fails;
  • No corkscrew on the throttle axle;
  • clogged carburetor;
  • The fuel hose and gasoline filter are not functioning properly.

To find out why the tool does not start, see the annotation itself. However, it is not every time the annotation is there.

Although any model has its own characteristics, but by and large what is left to our client are similar. Therefore, I will tell you the probable causes of failure and likely methods of their elimination for different instruments.

Let’s take a closer look at the problems with the STIHL 180:

  • clogged carburetor or fuel filter. These are the most common problems, and they are not difficult to correct after cleaning. Occasionally the filter has to be changed;
  • Plug replacement;
  • Occasionally cylinder or oil seals need replacing.

STIHL chain saw is pretty tough and strong, so often the breakdown of course remove itself. Almost the same goes for the Partner, Ural, Makita, and Husqvarna models.

If you find a malfunction in your own chainsaw, look for the cause starting small, evenly checking and eliminating problems. Such problems are easy to remove without the help of others. If the breakdown is severe, and you do not have enough experience, it should be handled by a specialist.

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chainsaw engine shuts down after reaching maximum rpm

The engine stops at high engine speeds because the electronic block does not perform as advertised. Failure is more common with budget Chinese-made chainsaws.

The cause of failure can be:

  • Lack of fuel mixture in the float chamber due to a jammed valve;
  • the fuel filter or the breather plug located in the fuel tank lid is clogged.

The power unit also stops at high rpm because of a dirty air intake filter. The same problems are seen when the chain saw starts up in standard mode and then stops after the warm-up phase.

Advantages of self-repair

Specialists offer several options for finding the cause of poor engine starting or if the power unit stalls during operation. Recommendations are equally valid for chain saws of domestic and professional class.

Owners with experience in operating chainsaw equipment use simple, time-tested intuitive troubleshooting algorithms that allow them to promptly eliminate many failures and breakdowns directly during operation.

Knowledge of design of the tool and interaction of all its components, availability of locksmith and repair skills and operational experience contribute to the success of the work. These same abilities allow owners to use their chainsaw with high efficiency.

Doing it yourself can save a lot of money and shorten downtime.

Why does the chain saw quit when hot?

It is not uncommon to find that the chainsaw starts in the cold, but stops as it heats up. This behavior of the tool can be caused by the following reasons:

  • The carburetor is not properly set. You can identify this problem by the way you start the device when it is cold. If it is made without closing the air damper, and the engine starts without pre-flash, it means that after heating the engine, the fuel floods the spark plug. The solution to this problem is to adjust the carburetor. Details about carburetor adjustment
  • Coil (ignition module) malfunction. Detect this malfunction can be detected by checking the spark first on a cold and then on a hot motor in sequence. If there is no spark on a hot motor, the ignition coil must be replaced.
  • Faulty spark plug. In this situation, as well as in case of ignition module failure, the spark disappears when the engine heats up. The spark plug should be replaced with a new one and if this does not solve the problem, the ignition module and the distance between it and the flywheel should be checked.

Not enough oil in the fuel mixture

First let’s break down the most unpleasant case. Why? Because before you make any manipulations with the filters it is better to make sure that you have the right oil to gasoline ratio.

It is worth noting that if your chain saw has been started many times (e.g. ten times) and keeps on starting and then stops chugging again at higher revs, the fuel probably is all right. Otherwise, it would have simply stopped starting at all.

Still, I recommend immediately dispelling the slightest doubts about fuel quality as soon as your saw has stalled at revs for the first time. Because if the reason is in the fuel, then, as already written above, you can get into expensive repairs. And so, it can still get around. If you have any doubts, it is best to drain the tank of the old fuel and add fresh fuel mixed with oil and gasoline in the right proportions.

You should look in the instruction manual of your band saw for the right spark plug ratio. If you have lost it, look at the ratio on the oil package. It is usually 1:50 or 1:40. If you use non-native oil (for STIHL chain saws, for example, little STIHL is native), I recommend using a ratio of 1:40, even if the oil package says 1:50.

STIHL 180 heats up and shuts down

Chainsaw has long been not a luxury, but a necessary tool for those who have a dacha plot or home ownership. But like any other equipment, this tool tends to fail, despite the uncomplicated device.

The classification of the main faults includes:

  • Complete failure to start the engine
  • the engine starts and Stops
  • Unstable operation of the tool
  • Stops working when under load
  • loss of power.

If the chainsaw won’t start at all, the cause may be as follows:

  • Manufacturer’s fault
  • No fuel
  • Problems with starting the ignition system
  • No spark from the spark plugs
  • A bad fuel mixture
  • Clogged carburetor
  • Problems with the high voltage wire
  • No compression.

Why the chain saw starts and stops, what to do in such a case? It is necessary to consider in detail the reasons for this.

Chainsaw starts and stops: cause, video

The reason that the chainsaw can stall immediately after starting, lies in the malfunction of a certain part of the equipment.

  • The most trivial reason why the chainsaw starts and stalls, can be a low fuel level in the tank. This can be confirmed by stopping the work of the tool when tilting, when the remaining fuel accumulates in a certain place of the fuel tank. With low-quality fuel can also be a problem with the work of the chainsaw, in which case you need to replace it completely.
  • A clogged breather valve, which significantly reduces the fuel flow to the engine.
  • Insufficient contact of the wire cap with the spark plug, which leads to severe heating of the spark plug insulator. Deterioration of contact can occur due to mechanical shear or fouling.
  • Spark plug failure.
  • A clogged muffler that impairs exhaust emission, causing the engine to stop. For this reason, the chainsaw can start and stall at idle. Sludge in the muffler can also be caused by poor fuel quality or improper use of the tool.
  • Poor carburetor adjustment.
  • Piston group breakage
  • Problems with fuel filter or pump. In this case, the gasoline may leak through the pump or flow poorly through the fuel filter to the carburetor. The chainsaw always starts and stops when revs are turned up.
  • Dirty air filter. Problems with this piece of equipment lead to the fact that, with increased loads on the engine, it simply can not cope due to clogging and stops. Similar results may also occur at higher rpm.
  • If the chain is stuck because there is no or not enough lubricant, or if the chain brake is malfunctioning.

Why chainsaws don’t start and quit

If the equipment does not start well when cold, the problem may be a lack of compression, t.е. If the rings are worn out from continuous use, they need to be replaced. Sometimes the reason that the engine does not start well when not warmed up is a problem with the muffler, as well as poor contact between the spark plug and the wire.

Also reasons for poor starting can be wear or damage of the gasket, rubber collar in the booster pump of the carburetor, which causes an additional air flow, leading to an increase in the speed of the saw.


The equipment should be operated correctly, with periodic inspection of the constituent parts to prevent breakage. To troubleshoot, all components of the equipment must be checked for function.

If the chain saw starts and stops, you can fix it yourself. If it is a shortage or improperly prepared fuel mixture, you need to fix it. As a preventive measure, always drain off the remaining fuel when the chain saw is not in use.

It is necessary to periodically check the spark plugs. In doing so, you should remove the soot that clogs the gap of the connection, as well as check the tips for fuel. Another cause of trouble with spark plugs may be that they are wet with gasoline. To do this, they should be removed, wiped with a rag and left to dry. Faulty plugs are replaced.

If there is no spark between the spark plug and the high-voltage wire, but they are well connected, the ignition unit should be replaced.

A clogged muffler is a common cause of malfunctions that cause the chainsaw to start and stop immediately. To fix the problem it is necessary to dismantle the muffler, clean it from soot with sandpaper or a special chemical solution. If the chainsaw model is non-disassembled, chemical substances are poured into the system and stay there for several hours, then it is blown out.

The carburetor needs to be adjusted if the chainsaw stalls at idle. Fine-tuning is hard work, so you usually have to call a service center. But, on some models there are elements for its adjustment, it is enough to turn the bolt by half a turn to increase the revolutions of the chainsaw, the problems will be eliminated. If the jets, injectors, channels and filters are clogged, the entire carburetor must be disassembled and cleaned. If the seals, gaskets, collars are worn, you need to replace them, preventing air leakage.

If there is a problem with the fuel or air filter, replace the fuel pump or clean the air filter.

If the breather plug is clogged, you need to clean it with a regular needle.

If the chain saw starts and then stops right away, the chain may not be working properly. To correct the problem check the oil in the chain lubrication reservoir and the oil drain tube for ruptures or blockages.

When inspecting the piston group pay attention to the cylinder, if necessary replace it or the piston. You can bore the cylinder to the size of the new piston. If the piston and cylinder are normal, look for piston ring defects and the need for replacement.

Among other things, you should monitor the service life of the parts listed in the product passport, which include the drive sprocket, tire, chain, part of the anti-vibration system, to replace them in time.

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