STIHL fs 38 How to remove the spool

How to Change the Coil on a STIHL Grass Trimmer

The grass trimmer, be it gasoline or electric, is the only correct solution for mowing grass in inaccessible places, with which a wheel mower can not cope. As a cutting tool in trimmers, iron knives are used, or a special line, which is tucked into the grass trimmer reel. Unfortunately trimmer heads unfortunately deteriorate over time during use. Some faults can be solved at home, but some require a complete change of mowing head.

Mowing heads for trimmers can be of different designs. both conventional and complex. The illustration below shows the Husqvarna brushcutter (Husqvarna) fully assembled automatic trimmer head.

This type of head is included in the majority of gasoline mowers and trimmers, such as STIHL (STIHL), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Favorit), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. The design of the mowing head is fairly common. It includes the following parts:

  • The base of the mowing head;
  • button for automatic cord feed;
  • Bobbin (spool), where the line is threaded;
  • spring;
  • eyelets. through them the line comes out;
  • trimmer head cover;
  • line (cord).

There are also more conventional trimmer heads, shown in the following photo.

These extensions do not allow the line length to be changed automatically (by pressing a button). If the cord breaks, you have to stop the mower and change it manually.

Stihl FS 38 trimmer line how to re spool.

Users of electric trimmers and lawnmowers often face a problem with automatic mowing head. Coil malfunctions can be as follows:

STIHL brushcutters, wire threading in the AutoCut 25 2 mowing head

If the line does not extend with a light knock on the grass trimmer spool button on the ground, the following are the reasons for this.

Option 1. a jamming issue has occurred, t.е. Cord caught between coils. This problem usually occurs if the user has wound the line unevenly, crosswise, or with insufficient tension on the reel. in the latter case, when the mowing head rotates at high revolutions, the cord begins to tighten under the centrifugal force, and as a result you have the inter-twist line. To solve the problem will have to dismantle the spool on the trimmer and rewind the cord correctly, in other words, even turns with a good tension.

Variant 3.2. very short line protrudes from the head. The fishing line may not come out when it hits the ground, if its ends sticking out of the head are not long enough (not long enough). Then the centrifugal force is not sufficient to stretch the line. Because it is required to suspend the unit (turn off the engine otherwise unplug the trimmer elektrichesky for grass) and pull the line manually, having previously pressed the button.

Option 3. the line is soldered inside the mowing head. This causes the spool to stop spinning when the button is pressed. This is mainly due to: poor quality filament, overheating during extended use, line striking hard objects.

  • In the beginning you will like the cords of other manufacturers are made of low quality and fusible materials that do not withstand mechanical and thermal stresses. A fishing line should therefore be given preference over a solid object such as a boulder, fence, dry branch, and so on “proprietary” lines.
  • If you still got the fishing line unknown properties, and it often solders in his time of work, you can follow the example of some users who, after filling the cord in the coil grease or silicone grease (from a spray can) or mineral oil. This procedure is much less likely to solder to each other turns of line.
  • A line can also melt if it hits a hard object while mowing (a rock, a fence, a dry branch, etc.).д.). the line is then slightly stretched and drawn back into the head at high speed. The wire becomes warm and the fibers stick together as a result of the friction. The only thing one does to fix this malfunction is to open the grass trimmer reel and rewind the line.
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STIHL fs 38 trimmer bearing replacement

There are situations when the user of grass trimmer notices a very sharp flow of line. And he has never once hit the button on the ground to lengthen the line. the fact that the line is spontaneously lengthened by cutting it against a special blade on the mowing head’s cover is caused by the absence of a spring in the mowing head. It is not uncommon that first-time users of mowers, trying to load the line into the reel, forget to install the clamping spring in the head, or lose it completely when opening the cover, and soon, do not even suspect about its existence.

Also the line can be lengthened without using the button, if the spring is loose. If check of the spring has confirmed this fact, you should put some washers under it to strengthen its clamping characteristics.

Owners trimmers, mostly new, get confused, adjoining to panic when it becomes necessary to change the cutting tool or line in the spool. often, when they try to unscrew the mowing head, the users simply wreck it, not realizing that it is unscrewed in the opposite direction. To avoid this, if it will be necessary to change the tool, it is recommended to study in detail the step-by-step annotation below.

stihl, remove, spool
  • While tucking the line in the spool, turn off the engine brushcutter or no power trimmer electric grass to avoid injuries that occur when accidentally start the rotation of the cutting tool.
  • Unscrew the nozzle attached to the gearbox shaft. To do this, the shaft should be secured by aligning the holes on the washer on the axis, and inserting there an iron bar or screwdriver.

Gasoline tool ignition system

  • Take a piece of plywood or other textolite and draw a circle around it with a cross section of about 14cm.
  • Cut out the disk with a jigsaw or metal saw.
  • Drill a hole in the center of the disk that matches the cross section of the gearbox shaft. You should also think ahead of time before installing the disk on the shaft, put a washer on this address.
  • On the sides of the disk you can screw small corners as it is also called to make 1-2 holes on the back sides. They are used for filling in the line.
  • To fix the line, of course, screw a few screws in the plywood.

This home-made mowing head is attached to the shaft with a nut. It is impossible to screw in or unscrew the nut without fixation of the shaft. To change the cord, you must release the self-tapping screws, insert a length of line of the desired length, press it and again.

Also a mowing head for fixing the line on its surface is of course made of iron sheet. How to do this, you can realize from the following video.

Pros and cons of the model:

Naturally, to the list of positive aspects should be attributed verification of the brand itself.

  • The need to constantly check the fuel level;
  • Small motoresource;
  • Low power;
  • Expensive;
  • The equipment is very sparse.

The presence of not particularly disastrous disadvantages of the model does not negatively affect the popularity of the unit, because the perfect technique simply does not exist.

Advantages and disadvantages

The STIHL FS38 is the perfect mower for mechanizing grass mowing in a small area. Clean and neat cutting, mobility, lightness and high performance. huge advantages, in comparison with a manual mower.

One complaint that is often reported is that the STIHL on-the-go mower just shuts down after starting. In this case the fuel pipe should be checked for blockage. Another reason could be improper carburetor adjustment, which can easily be fixed in accordance with the service recommendations.

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The STIHL FS38 mower is priced at about 9000 USD. Of course you can buy cheaper, often endangered versions on the market.

A well-known brand guarantees the reliability of certified products, as noted by the owners of equipment.

STIHL FS 120 lawn mower

The machine can be classified as semi-professional equipment. It is equipped with automatic cutting head, which can automatically regulate the cutting line feed.

It is also possible to install a knife as the cutting element. That makes it ideal for cutting tall grass, weeds and reeds.

The main technical characteristics of this model:

For the grass to be mowed, you can use a fishing line or a knife. The fuel mixture is made of petrol and oil.

Particulars of use

Every STIHL lawnmower is rigorously designed for the intended purpose and engine power. The manufacturer expressly advises against any unauthorized retrofitting or modifications to the grass mower. So before you buy a STIHL lawnmower, it’s important to know what you’re working on.

stihl, remove, spool

It is absolutely impractical to purchase a powerful grass trimmer for occasional mowing on the lawn, lightweight gasoline or electric mower models are enough for this purpose.

When operating the machine it is important to:

  • Working and resting intervals of 20 minutes should be followed.
  • Use only high-quality gasoline that does not exceed Ai-92.
  • Use original STIHL engine oil (50:1) for the fuel mixture.
  • Do not operate the engine at maximum load when it is running-in or before 2 or 3 full fills of fuel.
  • When storing the lawn mower for the winter or an anticipated break in operation, always drain any gasoline residue from the fuel tank to avoid engine damage.
  • Check the condition of the fuel filter regularly. clean it or replace it with a new one.
  • To avoid serious malfunctions, the air filter must not get clogged.
  • Follow the safety precautions for the STIHL lawnmower.

STIHL brushcutters always work properly, as long as the operating instructions are precisely followed.

Breakdowns of STIHL trimmers are very common

According to Servy statistics, the main faults are

when working with STIHL trimmers are:

  • STIHL chain saw does not start, no spark formation. Reasons: spark plug is defective, ignition coil is defective, manual starter is damaged, fuel system is blocked, cylinder and piston assembly is worn;
  • STIHL petrol grass trimmers stop due to: clogged fuel system (no fuel supply), worn piston/cylinder group, regulated carburettor, clogged air filter;
  • STIHL Petrol trimmer cutting head does not rotate, the main reason is worn clutch parts (cams, springs, clutch cup), drive shaft is worn, gearbox is defective.
  • STIHL electric brush trimmers stop working: Switch is defective, power cable is broken, graphite brushes are worn out or the engine is burnt out (either the whole engine or the stator and rotor individually);
  • In electric trimmer STIHL does not rotate the cutting head, the possible causes: wear of the shaft adapter (the sleeve that connects the motor shaft and grass trimmer shaft), out of gearbox, grass trimmer shaft is out of order;
  • STIHL electric grass trimmer sparks, the main cause is either the motor is completely burnt out or the stator or rotor are individually burnt out.

These defects are common in STIHL trimmers (with petrol and electric scythes), some more common than others. And they often occur due to the simplest reasons: improper use (not carried out maintenance), the use of poor gasoline mixture (oil and gasoline) or fluctuations and surges voltage voltage network, many hours of continuous operation trimmer for grass, mowing grass cover is not consistent with the technical capabilities trimmer for grass. However, all faults can be repaired easily and professionally by STIHL service technicians.

You can order spare parts and accessories for your STIHL trimmer from our Service Center. We work on pre-order of spare parts. We always have the most common items in stock! Unique spare parts and accessories we order directly from manufacturers without extra charge, delivery time varies from 5 to 30 working days.

Availability, completeness and cost of necessary parts without problems you can clarify by calling us or leaving a request for parts on the website.

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Problems and solutions. repair with your own hands

But what if you can’t avoid a machine breakage? We won’t look into the causes of this fault, but it wouldn’t be superfluous to look at what you can do to your mower and how you can fix it yourself.

The engine does not start. If you face this problem, first you need to assess the amount of fuel in the tank, maybe the problem is not as such, and you just need to add fuel and continue to work. By the way, it is worth paying special attention to the fuel used, because its quality determines the service life and quality of operation of the lawnmower. Specialists recommend gasoline AI-92 or higher.

Stiga robotic lawnmowers are an innovation in the agricultural industry that has managed to win the hearts of many farmers and gardeners.

The homemade circular sawmill is easy and simple, thanks to the detailed instructions you will find on this site.

Puzzled: “How to choose a professional saw, not having any experience with this tool?”If you have any questions, then visit us at //

Another probable reason of unstable engine operation may be a dirty fuel filter. It should be carefully inspected, cleaned if necessary. If the filter cannot be repaired by yourself, you should replace it with a new one.

Do not forget about the air filter, clogging which can also lead to tool failure. To avoid this, the part is removed and washed in water and detergent, or in petrol if there is no access to a water supply.

STIHL lawnmower

Then the filter must be carefully rinsed out and dried, paying close attention to the structural integrity. Before installing the part in the mower, grease it with a little oil. However, if you do not want to bother with cleaning the machine, then we suggest you familiarize yourself with the mulching mower, because it will not only mow the lawn, but also prepare a further fertilizer.

The spark plug can also affect the performance of the engine. It is necessary to unscrew it and check its condition, if necessary replace it with a new one.

If after all the done manipulations, the engine still does not start, then you can resort to the advice of experienced masters, who used them in practice.

It is necessary to adjust the revolutions with the carburetor screw. Place the mower in such a way that the fuel hits the bottom of the carburettor. To do this, put the tool so that the air filter is on top.

Then you need to take it off and pour some fuel into the carburettor. The engine should start.

You can pull the starter knob, while closing the carburetor air damper. Then open it and pull the starter a couple more times. This is a fairly universal method that has been tested for years.

These tips are not a cure-all, but they are quite effective and helpful.

Mower stops shortly after starting. The main reason for this malfunction is that the carburettor is not adjusted correctly. It is easy to identify the problem: you will feel a strong vibration during mower operation. You can solve the problem yourself by looking in the instruction manual, where the problem and solution methods are described in detail.

Special attention should be paid to the fuel line, it is often the cause of the tool stalling. Check it regularly and clean off any dirt.

Grasshopper Specifications

Various small parts, such as the cable or fuel hose, can affect the stable operation of the tool. So you need to monitor their condition, check for cracks and small punctures.

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