STIHL fs 38 fuel filter change

Fs 38 lawnmower Change fuel filter

The STIHL FS38 is a lightweight mower and a good addition to a strong mower for designing inaccessible areas, along paths, under trees and bushes. With STIHL portable mowers it is possible to mow soft undergrowth on lawns and clearings and keep the little area tidy.

  • Model. FS 38 Autocut.
  • Weight. 4,1 kg (without cutting equipment).
  • Length of brushcutter. 147 cm (without cutting equipment).
  • Engine type. two-stroke.
  • Cylinder capacity. 27,3.5 cube. see.
  • Power. 0,9 l.с.
  • Fuel type. petrol.
  • Gasoline consumption. 0.32l/h.
  • Fuel tank capacity. 0,33 l.
  • Handle. radial handle.
  • Mowing cross-section. 380 mm.
  • Maximal rpm of the working head. 9500 rpm.
  • Anti-vibration system. installed.
  • Easy start system. installed.
  • Cutting tools. AutoCut C 5-2 cutting head (included).

STIHL FS38 is the lightest mobile version of the 0.9 l lawnmower.с., it is designed for residential use.

  • Thanks to the modern electric ignition system, reliable starting and trouble-free operation of the engine is ensured.
  • With the aid of a fuel pump the operator can add fuel to the carburettor when needed.
  • Better maneuverability with the D-handle, which makes the STIHL brushcutter easy to control when working in difficult terrain.
  • Our customer stays control levers are placed on a special functional handle (R), which ensures safe and reliable operation of the gasoline trimmer.
  • The AutoCut C5-2 mowing headset has a cutting width of 380 mm.
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap lets you easily grip the STIHL brushcutter on your shoulder and make sure you have good control.
  • Low weight (4.1 kg).), compact size and rational basic equipment. these features make the STIHL 38 a joy to use.

Lawn trimmer fuel filter replacement

Every STIHL lawn trimmer is designed for the job at the right engine power. Factory has no obligation to carry out any retrofitting or improvements to the grass mower without the help of others. So, while to take a STIHL mower, you need to correctly determine the future front of work.

It is not at all reasonable to get a powerful grass trimmer for repetitive mowing in the clearing, lightweight petrol or electronic models are enough for this purpose.

  • Follow the work/rest schedule with intervals of 20 minutes.
  • Use only high-quality gasoline and not less than Ai-92.
  • Use original STIHL engine oil (50:1) for the fuel consistency.
  • In the run-in period of the engine up to 2-3 full refuellings of the fuel tank not to allow operation at critical load.
  • When you preserve the grass mower for the winter or expecting a break in operation, to avoid damage to the engine it is necessary to drain the gasoline from the tank.
  • To ensure smooth operation, systematically check the condition of the fuel filter. clean it or replace it with a new one.
  • To prevent severe malfunctions, avoid clogging of the air filter.
  • Observe the safety precautions for your STIHL brushcutter.

Using the instruction manual precisely and in accordance with its recommendations is the key to long-lasting, trouble-free use of your STIHL brushcutter.

The STIHL FS38 lawnmower is ideally suited for mechanized grass mowing in confined spaces. Clean, tidy cutting, portability, light weight and great performance are the great advantages over hand-held mowers.

How to fill the mowing head on the STIHL FS 38 brushcutter

One of the faults owners often report is that the STIHL on-the-go mower just shuts down after starting. In this case you need to check the fuel line for blockages. Another reason is that the carburettor is not properly adjusted. easy to fix with the advice on servicing.

A recognized brand name guarantees the reliability of certified products, as confirmed by the owners of the machines.

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Service and repair of STIHL FS38 brushcutter

STIHL FS38 lawn mower has a widespread problem

I bought the STIHL FS38 brushcutter for use on about 10 acres of lawn. In 7 years of work, I’ve realized how much easier it is to service the site with this equipment. The engine is economical enough, it lacks power for clearing bushes. Comfortable shoulder handle, comfortable to operate.

Check the ignition system

The first thing to do when a chainsaw breaks down. Is to check the spark plug by disconnecting the wire and carefully twisting it with a special wrench.

Parts of chain saw ignition system: 1. Flywheel and magnets, 2. Ignition module, 3. spark plug, 4. high voltage wire

Turn the spark plug to check its condition.

  • Dry. Most likely the fuel mixture is not getting into the cylinder. It’s not about the ignition system, that’s why you screw the spark plug back in.
  • Very splattered fuel. The cause of the excessive fuel mixture is either a misfiring or improper carburetor adjustment. The spark plug was thoroughly wiped, the fuel supply was off, and the starter was on. To remove excess fuel and vent the combustion chamber. The spark plug is then reinserted and the engine restarts.
  • It was covered with black soot. This could indicate the use of bad oil, an improperly adjusted carburetor, or an improperly calculated gasoline to oil ratio. The spark plug should be washed, cleaned of carbon deposits with a sharp object (awl or needle), wiped with skin electrodes and replaced.

Checking the spark plug, pay attention to the gap between the electrodes: 0.5 to 0.65 mm is considered normal. Damaged or worn gaskets must be replaced.

Large amount of black soot on the spark plug indicates engine trouble

You should also check for spark to be sure. To do this, place the ignition cable on the spark plug, connect the nut and the spark plug cylinder to the pliers, start the starter and watch for a spark. If there is none, the spark plug should be replaced. If the new spark plug also does not produce a spark, the problem is the high voltage wire or lack of connection to the spark plug.

Testimonial: STIHL FS 38 gasoline trimmer. 9 year recall recall replacing the flexible shaft.

I’ve already written about one helper to fight the grass on the property. Lawn mower gasoline Elitech K4000B. I’ve had a great deal of experience with lawn trimmers, but I bought my first one long before it even showed up.

This is the youngest and lightest model in the STIHL brushcutter family. Has a bendy boom. Comes with a trimmer head and a head with plastic blades. The knives themselves were two sets of three. As time has passed, the knives have not survived, and as practice has shown. they are useless. Basic tool kit. Trimmer head and plastic cord (fishing line).

The manual specifies a cord diameter of 2 mm, but again from experience with the cord diameter of 2.4 mm is better. It works just as well in the drum, but it lasts longer and mows better.

The engine is two-stroke of course. Powered by 92 gasoline mixed with oil in the standard Stiele proportion of 1:50. No claims to the engine so far, even the spark plug is still “native”. It’s true that lately, after starting, it takes a “kick start” to develop the working speed.

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This baby is working hard at our place. Mows not only young grass, but also waist-length grass. And even above. Takes part in harvesting green manure (oats, etc.).

At the end of last season I noticed some vibration and noise around the boom. So in August this year, the noise came out. burst the flexible drive shaft.

The procedure for replacing the flexible shaft is simple enough and is presented in the attached video.

To remove the shaft itself and the plastic guide, which also came into disrepair, you need to remove the protective cover and the bearing unit. Then according to this photo. Loosen 1-4 and remove screw that fixes the rod.

After taking out the old rail install the new one.

Reassemble everything in the reverse order, remembering to lubricate the flexible shaft and the bearing itself.

After replacement, as you would expect, the vibration and noise disappeared. The grass trimmer is practically like new.

In the photo you can see the blue sealant on the gas tank. punched myself. The leak was fixed with car sealant and it’s been operating normally for three years.

Store the unit in a cold garage. Of course it doesn’t get “service”. Nevertheless it is already in its ninth season.

Purchased from an authorized dealer, made in China.

When working, you should not forget about PPE. Without safety glasses, gloves and sturdy work boots/boots it is better not to take it in your hands.

Reviews on STIHL FS 38

Disadvantages: The original line breaks quite often. But you can buy a more robust one. Weak protection for the mower.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: In 6 years of ownership everything is fine. I bought a fishing line once (more durable). Makes a good job, very economical, lightweight and robust machine. And I don’t recommend to mow without safety glasses, the grass flies very much in all directions. Otherwise as easy as an AK-47.

Advantages: To understand. What is this thing, you need to buy it and use it. A good thing. Very light in handling and weight. It is handy. Makes for hard-to-reach places. I mean, on the outstretched hands, the grass sweeps at once and even thick. The main thing is to respect the proportions of fuel and oil. My wife takes it and easily mows without any trouble. So STIHL is a good trimmer for the grass. Try it for yourself.

Disadvantages: No complaints so far. The belt is not included, so it is not really needed. If someone needs it, you can buy it separately I think it is not expensive.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: In a word this is the thing I personally liked. I have a feeling. I get the impression that everyone is writing about the same model, but about different ones. I guess fs 38 are a little different from each other. Consult and read the specs before buying. I have a 2,4 mm fishing line and extra plastic extensions.

Advantages: light weight, works 6 years without a belt.

Disadvantages: I think there is no disadvantage in this trimmer for grass

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I use STIHL oil, it’s best to use original STIHL oil and follow the instruction.Never get into adjusting the carburetor, if you boom-boom-it should be done by a specialist.The grass trimmer is a beast!

Advantages: Quality, service centers in almost every village, engine life and mn. Dr.

Disadvantages: Price. The belt is not enough, but it does not cost that much. The noise (as a drawback of all gasoline trimmers).

Commentary: Been using it for 7-8 years. My wife does most of the mowing, she can handle the weight. Mows great, already milled two bobbins, the third is on the way. Twice stupidly broke the shaft tapper (reeled in a lot of grass, but instead of clearing, my wife pressed on the gas). Powers up the mower until it overheats, that’s when the grasshopper doesn’t shut down when the button is turned off. I had problems with starting in the beginning. wife poured a plug, I had to teach unscrew the plug and bleed the cylinder (by the way, with a chain saw she has the same problem, and I start with a few jerks). Conclusion. The gasoline engine is not for every woman. The shroud broke once. put the green one from Viking. It was cheaper, but it fits as native. Now the button to turn it off is broken. The quality, the service centers are almost in every village, the engine life, the power cord does not work at all, maybe the wire fell off from the vibration, has not disassembled yet. Overall happy with the purchase. tough stuff.

Advantages: Lightweight, user-friendly, reliable and inexpensive, very good head.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Seventh season of grass trimmer in operation, used mercilessly, I mow grass from lawn to a meter and a half, I bought a head with knives together with the mower, to be honest I did not really like it, the fishing line is still better, of maintenance. change the fuel filter once a season, clean the air, lubricate the tip, I changed two heads. This summer, the trimmer broke down, I thought, my timeless shtilek is dead, I looked, I lost spark, after testing the chain I realized that the battery had burned down, and it cost me 900, so the grass trimmer is ready again for the season.

Advantages: light, cheap, simple and reliable as a Kalashnikov. It is convenient to mow on a cross-country terrain and in places that are hard to reach with other chain saws.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: The ones who have lost power after a long time of using it. my article: After 3 years of very intensive use, the bearing broke, which is pressed into the rod and is replaced with it, the price of the rod 2500, I bought a rod from VIKING, it cost 1200, sawed off with a hacksaw 30 mm and fit as native, still works.

Advantages: lightweight, not expensive, compact for carrying in the trunk.

Disadvantages: overheated tail bearing.I like it, it’s better light without the belt than heavy with the belt.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I like it, better light weight without the belt than heavy with the belt.

Advantages: lightweight. Lucky head design. does not wind the grass; vibrates very moderately (in comparison with Partner Colibri II, after which the hands “came to their senses” not less than an hour). The exhaust is surprisingly (except for in the wind) always stays somewhere out of reach of my nose

Disadvantages: A lot of noise. I have to wear noise-canceling headphones, I don’t feel comfortable without them.

Comment: Mower power is low and it affects its capabilities: if young raspberries (up to 1 meter) and high nettles (over 1 meter) can hardly manage it with lines, but in front of burdock of 1 meter height it will hopelessly pass out. Possibilities are wider with knives, but you should not overestimate your strength anyway. blockages of the head in this case will be frequent. On the other hand, it is really light. I like the design of the mowing head, the grass does not get wrapped around it at all, and nettles, though sometimes it wants to, but it does not form tight wraps (as a rule, the stems can be removed by pressing the ends with the foot). Holds low RPM well, does not stall even when head is blocked. I have a feeling, that the construction is intended for people up to 170 cm in height, I am 177 cm short of the trimmer’s length for the grass, and I can not find a completely comfortable position by moving the handle. But it fits into the car across (Logan) without any problems. Note that young and thin grass mows much better at low speeds.

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Advantages: sturdy, maintainable, low price (dealers sell it for 5,500 this season), easy to operate, light weight, nice design.

Disadvantages: Expensive spare parts, low lifespan (no extra power consumption).к. Disadvantages: Expensive spare parts, low lifespan (the fs 38 is designed for LOW MOUNTING AREAS)

Note: I gave this mower to my mom for her birthday)))) I repair STIHL machines myself from an authorized dealer. I think that for such a ridiculous price, it is the best product for a small area. They’re talking about a problem with carburetors. Did you know you can’t store fuel in plastic containers?? The plastic bottle made of food polyethylene dissolves the gasoline and carries it to the carburetor, covering it with a thin film of plastic from the inside and the dissolved plastic does not sift out the fuel filter. Corollary. Carbon can be thrown away, it can’t be helped. Of course it is easier to buy a new braid for 5500 than change the carbon for 2500. I got the spark plug this year, and it was your fault, or the dealer’s, for not giving me the information. Here are some of them:. Do not store fuel in plastic containers. Metal is better, but preferably glass or special plastic canisters with the certificates of conformity. Every STIHL dealer has them. Change fuel filter every season, regardless if it’s dirty or not. You can’t wash it in water. Also change it once a season. You can and should do it yourself, no one will deprive you of the warranty for this! Use real, trusted fuel. Not uncle Vanya’s hooch. AIR 92 ONLY Don’t run the engine. This is not a car. Everything fits properly. Т.е. Dilute your gasoline only in the proportions recommended by the maker. No more, no less! Proportion for new and b.у. Techniques are the same. Girls often forget to dilute the gasoline.) Men use only genuine STIHL oil less often. For this grass trimmer, semisynthetic oil is preferred (such a green oil). It leaves almost no carbon residue on the parts and burns out more completely in the cylinderChange the spark plug once a season.Always work at full throttle. It cools engine better this way. Have fun mowing))))

Advantages: easy, handy, good startup

Disadvantages: No big ones, not counting the little things

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I have been using this trimmer for over 7 years, this year I bought my second one. I mow every week during the season. 4 hundred. Service head wear out at least once a year. in 1.5 seasons. Changed for 7 years: 1 time (I do not know how it is called) the part on which the head is put, 1 time changed the flexible shaft and 1 time the plug. Cleaned the muffler once, it was clogged with soot and the weed trimmer didn’t develop the full power (the consequence of not working at full throttle). This year, just in season the ignition coil died (approx. 1,100-1,300rub.). Bought the same new trimmer for the grass and left the old one for parts

Advantages: simple and reliable

Comment: 1) mowed once every two or three weeks (the grass did not have time to grow) for about 9 acres from June to September the year is not something 06 or 07. at the end of the season of ’11 the bolster where the line and the flexible shaft comes off because I took the cover off and didn’t tighten the screw that holds the inner parts tight enough.or rather I tightened it up periodically two times per season.I bought the trimmer in 2010, I mowed a three or four hectare garden twice or three times over the summer.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: We bought the grass trimmer in 2010, mowed a 3- to 4-city area three or four acres of land during the summer. In 2011, the carburetor was replaced (and repaired 2 MONTHS, gave 3000 for it. ) got it out of repair in August and mowed once after that. Now we got it out of the garage. it doesn’t work again! The service said I needed to change the carburetor again, for this. again 3500! And we always bought gas at the gas station, but the oil was always there for us. Together with the mower (STIHL original). We bought it for 6000, and paid 6500 for the repair! And it was worth it?

Advantages: lightweight, low noise level, easy to operate, price

Weaknesses: Not detected, except for the lack of a belt

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I bought a grass trimmer for my country house. We have different kind of grass: field and lawn. The grass trimmer is very light. Run in the modes according to the seller’s recommendations. Mows even a half-meter of gout, nettles, raspberries just fine. I left the lawn grass, which was already grown in, for a snack. Some people say the grass trimmer doesn’t handle lawn grass very well, it pelts and winds up on the fishing line. The result exceeded all expectations. The STIHL did very well with the lawn! Mows ditches, near the fence and in hard-to-reach places well. During the first day I mowed about 7 acres of grass. A little tired hand at the same time holding the trimmer for the grass and pressing the throttle lever lock and the lever itself. It is necessary to purchase a belt, a hole for the carabiner is provided. trimmer for grass is comfortable to work a man taller than 180 cm, if higher. you need to adjust the position of the handle, removing the plastic handle stop, the warranty will not affect this. The grass trimmer is quiet enough, if you can say that about petrol grass trimmers. When a neighbor mows his grass for two hours, you think your brain is going to burst. And my “buzzing” and sings more affectionately. I was very afraid that it won’t have enough power, I thought that I should buy a more powerful trimmer with a 4-stroke engine instead of a 2-stroke and with a straight boom. The price difference is very substantial. I want to say that if you do not run area, regularly, once every 2 weeks to mow, then the power of this trimmer for grass is enough. Another one of my “fears” of not being able to start a grass trimmer. Starts with the second time, and when the engine is warm. with the first. Happy shopping!

The upsides: mows everything, has a choice of mowing heads for different occasions

Service Kit Installation for STIHL: FS 38, FS 45, FS 55 and KM 55

Disadvantages: No apparent drawbacks, but really mowed grass goes to the mower a lot, for protection I use the “mowing” clothes plastic shield completely covering the face and throat. When I’m tall the grass trimmer might be a bit short, sometimes I catch myself a bit ducking, about the supporting strap. it depends on the strength and stamina of the mower, some may need it

Comment: grass trimmer bought in June 2008, has worked for 4 seasons, there were problems with starting, but by adjusting the carburetor according to the instructions they disappeared, now starts with the first-second pull, gasoline AI-92. I have a big yard and there are different kinds of grass on it, from lawn to Artemisia and nettles with raspberries, so I bought a second reel with plastic blades.ч. I can’t compare with other trimmers, it mows much better: for soft and tender grass I use the standard one with a square or hexagonal cord. I do not experience the lack of power as such, although other trimmers have not mowed, I can not compare. I bought it at the advice of my father, who has the same grass trimmer for a couple of seasons older, by the way, with a normal wide shield that protects from the flying grass.

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Advantages: Price, easy to start, reliable.

Disadvantages: Low power, no belt, bad protection against flying grass.

Comment: I use this mower for the third season, for mowing the area of 8 acres, as the grass grows, about once a month. The ground is not perfect. Holes, bumps, roots of trees, etc.п. The grass is not everywhere lawn accordingly too. I remember being thrilled after my first use.к. before that, used an electric mower. Now I’m thinking very hard about buying a stronger machine, because this one is up to the task, but a bit weak. Line smaller than two, often breaks on tough grass, like chamomile, wormwood, about even small burdock, not talking. Meanwhile, thicker line noticeably smothers and strains the engine, which affects the quality and speed of mowing. It turns out that mows the neighbor with a more powerful trimmer for an hour, I mow two. But I noticed an important design flaw. the cover included in the delivery set protects poorly from the grass, everything that is mowed flies back on my clothes, on more expensive models the cover is wider, that’s why the mower is cleaner. I use it correctly, as the manufacturer recommends, with the right oils and fuel, I clean it regularly, that’s why it runs like clockwork. I recommend it for those who mow soft lawns instead of fighting with thistles of burdock, nettles, chamomile and other thistles on weekends and have a lot of time for this kind of entertainment. html If I would choose a grass trimmer right now, I wouldn’t read my laudatory reviews, but would adequately assess that I wouldn’t have to mow the golf course, I’d smother my greed and buy a 2.5 horsepower mower, with all the necessary attachments in the kit.

Advantages: It has excellent starting power. Powerful enough. Easy. No wires.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I have been using the FS38 brushcutter for 5 years now. Bought to replace the electric mower, which burned out the motor. Never let me down, always starts easily (after pumping up usually the first time). I try to use 92 or 95 gasoline in the STIHL-oil ratio of 1:50. I don’t keep the mixture for more than 1 month. Just right for six acres (I have about 300 square meters (half of the plot) planted with grass). Takes no more than 2 hours to cut. Gets even tall grass. Mowing once every 2 weeks in the summer, less often in the fall. I take it to the city in winter, t.к. Better to protect the rubber parts from the cold.

Advantages: light, powerful, easy turning, maneuverable.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I just bought it today after a long struggle with choice, shopping and digging around on the internet. I immediately tried it out in the country. the impressions are very positive: it starts with a jolt, the noise is moderate, the power increases from filling station to station, it is obvious that it rolls. Grass cuts the grass easily, including weeds and raspberry stems (sorry about the raspberries, I adapted later). The sellers advised to use 2.4 mm fishing line, but it was 2.0 mm. Really cuts better, lasts longer. Only I wound a little less on 1,7 m instead of 2,0 m. And the belt, according to the instructions, can easily be replaced by the belt from a sports bag with a carabiner and a shoulder pad.Can be recommended in general.

Advantages: price-performance ratio. light weight. reliability.

Disadvantages: no belt and blade in the kit. Not very handy head mechanism

The commentary: we use it for three years (season).Pretty trouble-free in terms of units and assemblies. As far as I know my friend has changed the head and the starter with the same grasshopper. Didn’t always start easily. On the whole, it is a very good device for the money.

Advantages: lightweight, easy to control, good speed

Disadvantages: even more accessories are needed

Comment: I just bought it and immediately went to the cottage, mowed two hundred acres, no matter what. The only thing I had to buy was a belt, a blade for hard grass, extra fishing line, oil, a hard hat, because my glasses don’t protect me from flying grass. But it is cool, I like it.

Advantages: high speed, light weight, reliable. Easy to operate even my wife can cope

Drawback: The line is very thin, if you mow weeds it quickly runs out.

Comment: I bought it for the country house. I am very happy with it. I had a Partner machine with horns before. I got the impression that it’s the same in terms of power. But the STIHL is running fast at idle and the engine stops smoothly. What can not be said about the Partner. The last one has a metallic sound when stopping and is very difficult to start.But maybe I just had bad luck with the machine.

Why does the lawnmower cut out after starting??

After starting, the engine may stall if the carburettor is not properly set or has been misadjusted. What are the signs that you can tell that the cause is really there? Very easily, by the vibrations that are clearly felt when the lawn mower is running. You can adjust the fuel supply with your own hands, doing everything that is written in the instruction manual of the tool.

The engine may choke due to a clogged fuel valve. Remove the cause by cleaning it. If the lawnmower starts and then suddenly stops, it means that the fuel supply to the carburetor is obstructed. Loosen the carburetor valves to allow the correct amount of fuel to reach the carburetor.

If there is excessive air suction, the engine may also stall. Turn the engine speed up so that air bubbles can escape more quickly from the fuel system of the machine. Also be sure to check the integrity of the fuel intake hose. If there is any mechanical damage (cracks, punctures, etc.) on the fuel valve, the.п.), replace part.

Many may be put off by the relatively high price of STIHL, but when you think about it you have to ask yourself which is more important. reliability and good results or economy against quality? But if you want to save money, you can buy a lawn mower with your own hands, assembling the device with your own efforts, you will know all the nuances and the construction of the tool.

Of course, you can also buy cheaper Chinese equivalents, but then no one can guarantee the results of the final work and the durability of these models, which can be very short. So it’s better to buy the mower from a reputable company once, which of course is STIHL, and enjoy the stable operation for many years of operation.

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