STIHL chainsaws. What to do if flies a candle on the chainsaw of Stihl 180?

The device of the chainsaw

In addition to the listed nodes on the chainsaws, there is a system of cleaning the air supplied to the carburetor, a tire with a saw chain, a starter, a circuit tension mechanism, ignition, a silencer, etc.

The chainsaw engine has maximum speed about 13500 rpm. This imposes strict requirements for the oil added to the fuel mixture.

Clutch clutch

At low speeds, elements with friction pads (1), which have a degree of freedom in the radial direction, are attracted to the center of the shaft with springs (2) and do not transmit rotation to the drum (3) connected to the sprocket of the driving chain. Когда обороты двигателя бензопилы достигают значений, при которых центробежная сила превышает усилие пружин, фрикционные сегменты прижимаются к внутренней поверхности барабана и начинают его вращать. As a result, the leading star begins to rotate, setting in motion the saw chain.

As you can see in the photo, the asterisk is behind the clutch.

Other chainsaws, an asterisk can be on the outside of the clutch.

The main advantage of couplings of this type is that when jaming the circuit, the clutch of the chainsaw slopes, not the muffle of the engine and without causing breakdown of the mechanisms that transmit movement from the engine to the chain.

Ignition system

The electronic ignition of the chainsaw includes a flywheel (1) with magnets, the ignition module (2) with an electronic circuit, a candle (3) and high voltage wire (4). A rotating flywheel with magnets induces in the module E.D.with., convertible using an electronic circuit into electrical signals supplied to the candle. As a result, a spark is slipping between the contacts of the latter, which ignites the airfront mixture.


Below is a diagram of another carburetor of a chainsaw.

Carburetors have a throttle, which allows you to impoverish or enrich the mixture depending on the working conditions. For thin tuning, there are several screws with which low and high engine speeds are adjusted, as well as idle. Air filter is installed on top of the carburetor, cleansing the air entering it.

Fuel system

So that as the fuel mixture is spent, the fuel tank is filled with air and negative pressure was not created in it, which would not allow fuel to flow from it into the carburetor, and at the same time, so that fuel does not flow out of the opening opening, in the lid covering the lumpy hole, made breather. And by the way, if the saapun clogs with dirt, then the chainsaw will staller.

From the tank, the fuel sways through the hose freely dangling in the tank. Thanks to this, regardless of the position of the chainsaw, the hose is always immersed in the fuel. The fuel filter is attached to the inlet end of the hose. The fuel pumps the pump inside the carburetor.

stihl, chainsaws, candle, chainsaw

To facilitate the launch, part of the chainsaws are equipped with a manual pumping pump. a primer. When starting a chainsaw with a primer, the carburetor is filled with fuel in advance (excess fuel flows back into the tank). Thanks to this, the engine starts faster, The stage of filling the carburetor with fuel has already been passed, which is made by a carburetor pump without a primer due to the starter.

stihl, chainsaws, candle, chainsaw

Air purification system

Preliminary filters can have a different design and consist of several elements, in particular, of the mesh (2) and snowy (1) filter (see. photo below).

The latter prevents snow in the air treatment system and is used only in winter, at a plus temperature it is removed.

Как правильно заводить Штиль 180 видео, How to start Calm 180 video

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In some models of chainsaws at the preliminary cleaning stage, air purification is used using centrifugal forces. The air flow is twisted by the impeller of the flywheel, as a result of which the impurities are discarded away from the suction pipe going to the thin cleaning filter.

Folding filters are made of diffusion foam, nylon mesh and other materials.

When working as a chainsaw, air in the area of ​​its action is very contaminated sawdust and wood dust. Excessive filter pollution reduces the volume of air entering the carburetor, which leads to the enrichment of the mixture and drop in the power of the chainsaw. Therefore, regular cleaning of the filter is needed. It should be carried out not only when disassembling the chainsaw is carried out with the aim of repairing it, but much more often, after all long and dirty work. Cleaning is carried out by a method depending on the type of filter material. most often purging and flushing.

The starter mechanism consists of a drum (1) with a cable (2) and a pen (3), and from the frame (4) with a return spring. With a sharp stretching of the handle up, the drum template enters into a hook with the teeth available on the engine shaft, and crankshaft crankshaft. When the handle is released, the return spring returns it to its original position.

Проблемы бензопилы stihl ms 180

To crank the crankshaft at the speed at which the engine is launched, a certain force is required. It is often failed to start a chainsaw from one jerk, you have to pull several times. To facilitate the launch, various methods are used. the enrichment of the fuel mixture using the carburetor damper, or the pressure reduction in the cylinder using a decompression valve (to facilitate the scrolling of the crankshaft). The valve is made automatically closing with increasing pressure in the cylinder occurring when the mixture is ignited. Sometimes an additional spring is used in the starter mechanism, which, when stretching, the cable is first compressed, and then is sharply unleashed, unwinding the motor.

The main and most complex links of the chain are the cutting links that are divided into right.sided and left.handed. The upper face of the tooth is the widest of all the elements. It provides a wide cut, excluding the stuck of the rest of the links.

The shape of cutting teeth can vary significantly in chains of different manufacturers. Two main forms are distinguished. chipper (a) and cheesel (b). However, there are various intermediate contours of the incisors.

The cutting edges of the tooth. side and upper. are pulled at a certain angle. For longitudinal sawing chains, it is 10 °, for the transverse. 30 °. The longing chains are used quite rarely. If necessary, the longitudinal sawing can also be carried out by the cross.saw chain. Read more about the angles of sharpening chains of chainships in the article Sharpening of the chain of the chainsaire.

The main characteristic of the chain is its step. To set the chain step, the distance between the mid.first and third connecting rivets is measured (see. The drawing is below), and this size is divided in half. The result obtained is the chain step in mm. However, in most cases, the chain step is set in inches. The distance between the middle of the first and third connecting rivets is measured because the distances between the holes of the leading links and the cutting links or connecting links can differ in size. The most common chains with p. 0.325 and 3/8 inches (8.255 and 9.525 mm, respectively). Chains with step 0.325 is used with low-power engines (up to 40-50 cm 3), while powerful chainsaws are usually equipped with chains 0.404 inches (such chains have higher performance). The cut turns out to be cleaner and more neat if you use a chain with a smaller link thickness when sawing and a lesser step.

Features of adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw “Stihl

If the “StiHL” chainsaw is started and stalls, the cause of the malfunction is the incorrect settings of the carburetor, which prevent it from functioning.

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The idle adjustment is as follows:

  • Disconnect the engine of the gas instrument;
  • crank up to the extreme position of the nozzle L, then. h;
  • make a motor;
  • squeeze the gas and adjust the screw N until the speed is set at the maximum mark. for this they use a special device (tachometer), the readings of which are verified with the technical passport for a specific chainsaw model;
  • The jukler La is scrolled for a quarter of turning against the passage at the time the chain is rotated.

Features of the choice of fuel

The peculiarity of a two.stroke carburetor engine is the absence of a lubrication system for moving elements. Its role is played by fuel: a mixture of gasoline and oil. Therefore, when using pure gasoline, chainsaws will fail.

In the operating manuals of STIHL units, it is prescribed to use gasoline with an octane number of at least 90. In Russia, the best solution is the AI-92 brand. Use fuel with large indicators is risky. Often, high.octane gasoline is obtained by adding additives that lead to malfunctions of the saw engine. Also excluded gasoline with a share of ethanol more than 10%.

To obtain a fuel mixture, gasoline is mixed with oil in a ratio of 1 to 50: 1 liter of gasoline 20 ml of oil.


  • To prepare, use a clean container;
  • The finished mixture is spent within a month;
  • Do not expose the finished mixture by the effects of low and high temperatures;
  • prevent direct sunlight during storage in transparent containers;
  • Before refueling, shake the mixture thoroughly.

Stihl chainsaws: refill correctly

The refueling of 2-stroke engines, which are equipped with all the cutting units of Stihl, is a difficult matter. In addition to gasoline, which, according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, should have an octane number not lower than 90, for full operation they need machine oil. Its main function is the lubrication of the rubbing components and the prevention of their premature wear. On the question of which gasoline to fill in the “Stihl” chainsaw is less: any of the fuel options at our gas stations-AI-92 or AI-95 is perfect. It is more difficult with oil. For the operation of the chainsaw, it should:

stihl, chainsaws, candle, chainsaw

According to the official recommendations of the manufacturer, the proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw “STIHL” is 1:50. This means that for each measured part of the oil there should be exactly 50 parts of gasoline. In other words, before diluting gasoline for the stihl chainsaw, 1 ml of oil must be prepared for 1 liter of fuel, 5 l. 1 l of grease.

Oil for a chainsaw

Should meet the following criteria:

  • It is good to dissolve in gasoline, do not include impurities that clog the carburetor system when combustible;
  • to protect the parts and mechanisms of the engine from corrosion and wear, have high covering and lubricating characteristics.

The manufacturer recommends using the STIHL HP and Stihl HP Super mineral oils, as well as STIHL HP Ultra synthetics.

HP and HP Super provide engine operation at temperatures up to minus 10 º C. After combustion, a minimum of soot is left.

The synthetics of the HP Super Nagar on the parts of the carburetor after combustion almost does not leave. Saves characteristics at temperatures up to minus 25 ºС. High indicators of environmental safety: when it enters the soil, 80% decomposes within 21 days.

Should have good adhesion. clutch with a metal surface. When sawing under the influence of centrifugal force, oil with low adhesive characteristics will quickly leave the details of the chain. Friction will increase, the quality of the cut will fall, the temperature of the tire will increase, and it may become unusable.

For lubrication of chain elements of STIHL saws, Forestplus oil of the same manufacturer is recommended. Its components are selected so as to provide reliable lubrication in any temperature conditions. It is not subject to squandering, that is, precipitation of hardened fractions, over the expiration date. 3 years.

Branded roads of roads. However, their use guarantees a long.term infectious operation of the unit

STIHL carburetor adjustment

STIHL 180 chainsaw carburetor, indiscriminately, can only be adjusted for the number of revolutions at idle. Increase or reduce fuel supply in various modes using special screws cannot. The manufacturer limits access to adjustments and does not set these screws. How to adjust the carburetor to the correct idle speed is described in great detail in the manufacturer’s instructions.

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If certain malfunctions occur, and the presence of experience, you can increase or reduce the fuel supply by increasing the gap when the needle valve is opened.

To increase the feed, the rocker of the needle valve in the distribution chamber must bend up, and to reduce, down. Thereby adjust the needle and, accordingly, valve throughput.


Given the wishes of users, on the basis of the main model, two version advanced in technical terms were developed. The MS 180 C-BE chainsaw is characterized by the presence of a light starting start system of Stihl Ergostart, devices for the operational tension of the chain located in the carburetor of the fuel compensator.

The characteristics of the mixture of engine, vibro.gaming, the operator’s work due to a one.legged control scheme have been increased to a large extent.

stihl, chainsaws, candle, chainsaw

In the design of another version of the StiHL MS 180 Picco, the operational advantages of an automated lubricant system are used. This model is equipped with only 14 inch tires and saw chains with the number of links 50 pcs.

Comparison of a saw with competitors: advantages and disadvantages

The main competitors of Stihl 180 are the saws of the Swedish concern Husqvarna. The quality of Stihl and Husqvarna products is considered the same, but depending on personal preferences, many users tend to praise the model that use.

Based on the design features, one purely technical moment can be distinguished, which slightly exalts the Stihl 180 over competitors. In the Stihl MS 180, two compression rings are installed on the engine piston, this gives:

  • stable arrangement of the piston in the cylinder;
  • increased compression;
  • enhanced cooling (as you know, the rings transmit thermal energy from the piston to the cylinder and, accordingly, the more contact area, the more energy will go to the cylinder and the piston is better to cool).

All these moments make the Stihl 180 chainsaw is a little more reliable than competitors, but this is the personal opinion of the author of the article based on the experience of repairing and operating the chainsaws of Stihl and Husqvarna, and does not cause official nature.

The stihl ms 180 chainsaw is perfect for simple housework and will not deliver problems from the technical side, t. to. It is quite reliable. Thanks to its characteristics, the tool is economical, and the owner, with proper operation, is protected from injuries during operation. STIHL 180th good option, for connoisseurs of German quality.

Features of the chain saw STIL MC 180

The working mechanism of the saw is a chain. The production of a saw chain is based on special technologies:

  • The cutting element is made of high.carbon steel and uses chromium or cutter applied to the winning layer. The more complicated the manufacturing technology, the higher the cost of the chain.
  • The holes in the loop are polished to reduce friction and extend the service life. saw repair Stil MC 180.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев I saw that it was very calm. Some people complain that the power of the tool is insufficient. To do this, choose an assistant. Simple and affordable chainsaw 180 is designed for regular use. There are special products for the cutting and cutting of wood. At home, such a choice is unfounded. This tool is thicker, with a small saw, they have no hands.

You can buy STIHL from official dealers of brands STIHL, the price of a chainsaw STIHL MS 180 varies widely. The cost of the device depends on the country of the manufacturer. German or American goods are more expensive than Chinese for well.known reasons.

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