STIHL 55 no longer picks up engine power. The time of continuous operation of the lawnmower is specified in the instruction manual of the grass trimmer. On average we mow for 15-20 minutes, then turn off the trimmer and let it cool down for 3-5 minutes. Weather conditions also affect the duration of continuous operation. The STIHL Lawn Trimmer overheats quickly in hot weather and when mowing high grass or weeds.

Reasons for power loss in brushcutter. the lawnmower does not operate at full power

Anyone who owns a dacha or a plot of land is well aware of the problems of dealing with excess vegetation. Now the grass trimmer has come to the rescue, which has successfully replaced the usual scythe in this field. This unit is very convenient in operation, but it, like any mechanism, tends to fail due to hard working conditions or incorrect operation. Situations when the grass trimmer does not pick up speed are quite common. To understand this problem, it is necessary to understand some aspects related to the functioning of the device.

All grass trimmers are classified by power supply: gasoline or electricity (from a network or battery). It should be noted that gasoline mowers are superior to their electric and battery-powered counterparts in many respects. Despite the fact that they all perform similar functions, the difference in performance, maneuverability and efficiency is very noticeable. However, the general principle of operation of all types of manual mowers is almost the same. the devices are equipped with engines (two- or four-stroke ICE or electric motors), which drive the cutting unit (a spool with a fishing line or a metal disc). All elements are mounted on a straight or curved boom, including the handle to control the trimmer, where the main buttons are located.

Since the problem of weak rpm is more typical for gasoline versions of trimmers, more attention will be paid to them. Thus, the lawnmower is very comfortable in operation and unpretentious in maintenance. In this case, most of its faults are caused by the ignorance of the user of the elementary things that are written in the manual. Therefore, before you start operating the unit, you must carefully study the manufacturer’s manual. In particular, to start the engine, it is necessary to do the following consecutive actions:

  • Turn on the ignition button;
  • Press the silicon button a few times to pump the gasoline;
  • close the air damper;
  • set the throttle lever in the position for high revolutions;
  • first make a slight jerk with the starter grip to feel the engine resistance, then yank sharply.

If the lawn mower started, but stalled, you need to put the air damper in the middle position and try again. When the engine starts, you need to turn off the gas and open the air damper, as the grass trimmer operates only on the suction.

Important! The grass trimmer’s operating mode depends on various environmental influences. In hot weather the machine needs more time to cool down. The engine also overheats too much when working in dense or high vegetation. Take a five minute break every 15 to 20 minutes.

The lawn trimmer stops stopping when the throttle is depressed.

Why the grass trimmer stops when you accelerate?

You see, there are many circumstances in which a grass trimmer can stall when the throttle is depressed. Here is why It’s important to check the condition of your mower and have all systems checked in time.

During construction work, there are situations where sheet metal must be cut. To cope with this problem will help such a successful tool, such as lever scissors, designed for curly and straight cutting. Their properties are described in this article.

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Usually use an ordinary garden tractor for pruning grass. But if you need to cut the young growth of shrubs or trees or very tough grass, you can not do without a disc trimmer for grass. Read about trimmer disks in the article.

Many novice seamstresses pay a lot of attention to the choice of sewing machine, thread and fabric, and with all this one hundred percent forget about scissors. But high quality trimmers. Among the main tools of the tailor. Our article will tell you more about them.

Cosmetic procedures at home, skin rejuvenation, getting rid of cellulite, all this becomes possible thanks to the natural karavaniya, which practically grow on the branches. What are the advantages of luffy jaws, the subtleties of their use and nurturing in the article.

Thank you for the competent review, all very clear and accessible !! I also took myself a gasoline cutter Tatra Garden BCU-50, I have already passed the whole section twice, I am very pleased with the choice! I advise for everyone! I would like to recommend to all others to take such tools with a warranty from the cabinet. Because it saved 200-300 hryvnia.

Husqvarna 240 chain saw stalls

What causes a chainsaw to start and shut down??

The introduction of a chainsaw simplifies the hard work. But every now and then the chainsaw starts and stops, the reason could be anything. What to do? You need to choose: take it to a specialist workshop or try to repair by your own efforts. We will try to help the reader to understand the causes of failure, methods of troubleshooting and give tips on operating chainsaws. In turn, it is useful for the owner to get acquainted with the factory annotation on the operation and design features of their own chainsaw. This information will help him well use and masterfully perform tool repair.

Internal Combustion Engine Characteristics of Chainsaws

The main chain saw malfunctions are related to motor failures. Russian and foreign manufacturers use single-cylinder two-stroke internal combustion engines as a chain drive. The internal combustion engine is ordinary in design. The ignition is ordinary, without complicated electronics. Chainsaw engines can operate reliably in all kinds of weather conditions. Fuel for the carburetor motor fuel is obtained by mixing gasoline AI-92 and special oil. Since there is no oil pump, the piston and cylinder are lubricated by a consistency of gasoline and oil. The saw engine develops power from 2 to 5 kW, and the crankshaft speed reaches up to 14000 rpm. At such high RPM and load, the oil requirements are special. Use the oil specified in the annotation. When oil is replaced with ordinary motor oil the tool life is sharply reduced. Remember that filling the tank with gasoline without adding oil is strictly prohibited.

Tools and materials

The design of the mechanical components of chainsaws is characterized by good reliability and maintainability. Virtually all components and parts are freely accessible. In the presence of the necessary equipment, they are simply removed for repair or replacement. To conduct disassembly and check the life-support systems of the chainsaw motor, you should stock up on the following tools and materials

  • set of locksmith’s tools;
  • socket wrench spark plug;
  • tester;
  • pressure gauge to measure compression;
  • feeler gauges to measure clearances;
  • needle;
  • sandpaper;
  • fuel mixture (petrol oil)
  • rags.

Classification of engine faults

Before starting the chainsaw it is necessary to check the condition of the saw, fill the fuel and oil tanks. After checking, start the machine. If any irregularities or fails to start, the saw engine needs to be inspected carefully. As a result of external inspection check completeness and integrity of all units, the absence of mechanical damage, gasoline and oil leakage. We will point out the main malfunctions associated with poor engine performance:

  • Engine won’t start.
  • Starts, but soon the chain saw stops.
  • Starts unsteadily.
  • Stalls on load.
  • Loses power.

Husqvarna.Failure to start, stalls.Interesting case

.Does not work well, stops working.An interesting case.

The chainsaw stalls on the throttle. CARBULATOR CONTROL.Chainsaw stalls when pressing on gas

In the video we will consider quite frequent chain saw malfunction

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And 100% carburetor tuning method. How to do it.

Engine troubleshooting is conducted along the following main lines:

The chainsaw mechanisms need regular care, preventive maintenance and repairs.

Knowing how a two-stroke gasoline engine works will help the operator determine the cause of failure on his own and quickly restore the chainsaw’s operation.

Troubleshooting on your own

If you can’t start the engine, take the following steps in sequence:

Air filter and spark plug location.

stihl, engine, power, time, operation, lawnmower
  • Check for gasoline in the tank.
  • Change the fuel if it has been stored for more than a month.
  • Check the fuel filter. Disconnect the hose from the carburettor and watch the trickle. If gasoline is flowing freely, the fuel filter is not clogged. If it is not flowing properly, clean the hole in the tank lid or the filter.
  • Clean the air filter. The air filter can be removed for a test run.
  • Inspect and clean the muffler for carbon buildup.
  • Check the starter device for proper operation. If necessary, make repairs to the starter (replace the pulley, spring or cable).
  • Disassemble and clean the clogged carburetor.
  • Use a tester to test the high-voltage wire for a breakage.
  • Measure the gap between the flywheel magnets and the ignition module (should be 0.2 mm).
  • Unscrew the plug and inspect it. Measure the gap between the electrodes with a feeler gauge (normally 0.5-0.6 mm). By the appearance of electrodes determine the nature of the fault. If the spark plug is dry, there is no mixture. The working part flooded with petrol indicates a low-quality adjustment of the carburetor or absence of spark. To check for spark, connect the high-voltage plug to the spark plug, place the skirt on the cylinder radiator and pull the starter cord. If there is no discharge between the electrodes, replace the spark plug. Carbon deposits on the electrodes indicate poor quality of the fuel mixture. the central and side electrodes should be cleaned with emery paper.
  • No compression. The reason. failure of the piston group. Measure compression. First unscrew the spark plug. Then put a pressure gauge in the cylinder bore and use the starter cord to move the piston. The condition of the cylinder and piston group is judged by the pressure in the cylinder. It should be at least 8 atm. Low readings are caused by wear of the cylinder, piston, piston rings.

READ What kind of oil is used in a chainsaw oiler?

What to do if the engine stalls after starting?

Diagram of interaction between fuel and air flow in a chainsaw carburetor.

Diagnosing and fixing gasoline engine problems

Before proceeding to repair this or that node (part), it is necessary to determine the nature of the malfunction. Check and correct the compression after starting the engine.


This mechanism is an important component of the gasoline trimmer. In order for the carburetor to work properly, you need to observe several conditions:

  • occasionally disassemble and clean it;
  • adjust the idle speed according to the instructions;
  • Seek the assistance of a master technician for adjustment.

In the case of a breakdown of this unit, its repair can be done by yourself, but only if you have certain knowledge.

One of the causes of poor carburetor operation is a loose cable. To fix the problem, you must first disassemble the entire unit, and then, after thoroughly washing all the parts, lubricate and tighten the cable, but not very much, so as not to strain.

Important! Other malfunctions can also adversely affect the operation of the carburetor: failure of the inlet needle, deformation of the diaphragm, wear of the regulating lever, contamination of the regulating cavity, wear of the sliders.

spark plug

If there are problems with the spark plug, sometimes it is enough to dry or clean it with sandpaper and put it back in place, correctly aligning the gap. it should be 1 mm. If the spark plug is heavily covered with soot, it is better to replace it with a new one. If the grass trimmer works optimally, the spark plugs do not malfunction that often.


The air filter is clogged ─ another reason for unreliable operation of the machine. To check if the air filter is clogged you need to start the mower without the air filter. A dirty filter can be washed in gasoline, dried, or replaced with a new one.

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A clogged fuel filter prevents fuel from flowing into the cylinder and the engine shuts down at full throttle because of a simple lack of gasoline. This element is located inside the tank on the suction hose. To fix the problem, replace the old filter with a new one, or flush thoroughly the one you removed.

Tip! If you try to pull the plug in the tank, the hose along with the filter may fall into the tank. You can get them out with tweezers.


The engine is the most important part of any machine. There are several causes of ICE breakdowns:

  • Wrong proportions of oil and fuel (for two-stroke);
  • Stale fuel mixture;
  • Wear and destruction of the piston ring;
  • scratch marks on the cylinder and piston;
  • operation of the apparatus for wear and tear.

All that often leads to the engine either not starting or stalling.

Important! If all other parts and assemblies of the grass trimmer can be repaired with their own hands, then you need to be extremely careful with the motor. This work is best left to an expert. Piston, packings, cylinder, rings.

Fuel system

The function of the fuel system is of great importance for the trouble-free operation of the gasoline-powered trimmer. Through all its nodes and parts passes gasoline, so they must be regularly cleaned. It is also important to use only high-quality fuel. For the preparation of the combustible mixture into the two-stroke engine, you can not use motor oil, because it has insufficient qualities.

How to change the spark plug correctly?

As you can see, there is nothing super complicated about this procedure.

A new spark plug for the internal combustion engine of a petrol grasshopper is installed to replace an old, defective spark plug

At idle speed

  • Reduced gear rpm when warming up, which is caused by using an inadequate fuel mixture;
  • clogging of the throttle valve;
  • Getting air into the system;
  • insufficient fuel to operate the lawnmower.

If the problem area is the carburetor, then the technique will stop both at “cold” and “hot” start.

You bought yourself a new gasoline trimmer for the grass and with it immediately had difficulties. Very poor starter. If you mow a little and then turn it off, starting it “hot” is even more of a problem than “cold. What to do with it, I do not know how to start it correctly?

The instructions for starting the brushcutter are as follows:

Pump up the fuel with the silicone button (primer), located at the bottom of the carburetor. You need to do as much (or a little more) as written in the manual, usually about 8-10.

Secure throttle lever with the stop button at high rpm.

Pull starter lever 2 or 3 times. The engine should “grab”.

If the engine “seizes” and stalls, turn the choke shutter to 1/2 position and try starting it again. If the engine starts, then you must drop the gas and move the air damper to the “open” position. Start the engine.

When you pump the fuel, you must not be afraid of overdoing it. If this happens, and, as they say, “poured the candle”, then unscrew it, it is enough to move the air damper in the “open” position and, holding full throttle, simultaneously scroll the engine with the starter 2-4 times. After that, you can start the engine and get to work.

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