STIHL 180 подача масла на цепь

Stihl MS-180 подача масла

Полусинтетическое масло марки STIHL

Очень часто владельцы таких бензопил, задаются вопросом, какое масло можно использовать для пилы. На ее работу может влиять:

STIHL solved this problem by developing a multi-purpose, semi-synthetic oil. It is suitable for all fast-acting chainsaws. Chains can be lubricated with this oil under all conditions. The machine works without defects.

STIHL semi-synthetic oil for chains is manufactured from special high-grade materials and is free from a variety of toxic substances that can cause cancer. The oil is fully compliant with the strictest environmental requirements.

Russia’s climate is pretty harsh. There are areas in our country where the frost often tops out at.20°С. The new STIHL chain saw chain oil has been specially developed for use in cold conditions. It exhibits excellent fluidity in such a cold climate.

Special additives in the oil prevent greasing of cutting equipment, which also prolongs the life of other lubricated parts. A chain saw with this oil is easy to start, even after long periods of storage.

The use of this chain lubricant reduces wear on the saw chain. Thanks to the oil’s high temperature endurance, the cutting attachment is ideally protected. This oil is not afraid of peak temperature loads. Almost never appears smoky.

Sure, who owns chain saws knows how important is not a bad and high-quality oil. And, everyone dreams, no need to say that in fact, that is the typical “lifeblood” of the device to produce a real and effective work. Today, there are an unlimited number of oils and, as the proverb says, the choice is great.

But, often, not every owner of electric equipment of this kind knows what oil is necessary to take for their own steel friend, so that the work of the chain saw was not only easy, and productive. So here are some tips for choosing the right STIHL oil. Also, what it is, to assist the chainsaw in its specific activity, and not to harm it. What will be needed, let’s proceed.

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Removing the starter

Next, the upper cover is removed and unscrew the 4 screws that secure the starter, and then you need to remove the oil tank and fuel tank cover. The starter is removed easily enough, and the fuss should not appear.

After removing the starter, the opened internal cavity of the chainsaw should be cleaned, i.e. к. there is usually a lot of compressed small sawdust on the housing under the starter.

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Next, the upper cover is removed and the 4 screws are loosened fixing the starter, and then you need to remove the oil tank and fuel tank. The starter can be removed quite easily and there should be no problems.

There is a saying that our customer does not last forever. The chain saw starter cord is broken. It’s a long way to the repair shop, and you don’t have the money to fix it. What to do? Quick and easy to do it yourself.

You need to change the chain sprocket on your chainsaw? Watch and learn how to do it on chain saws Husqvarna / Husqvarna models 142, 365; STIHL / STIHL MS 361 and Chinese GooD LuCK.

If the chain on the gasoline chain saw is loose, what to do?? How to return chain saw to working condition? Virtually a few minutes and you can do it without help by watching the video.

How to Adjust the Chain Oil Regulator on a Chainsaw

One of the important chainsaw systems, without which operation is impossible, is the chain saw’s forced lubrication system. It’s no secret that during the saw’s operation the chain rubs against the guide bar, which heats the guide bar and causes its premature wear. In order to reduce friction, the chain must be constantly lubricated.

stihl, масло

Sprocket lubricant

On the end of the chain saw bar is the sprocket that makes the chain turn. You also have to grease it regularly. For this purpose, dense materials are used. STIHL multi-purpose grease can be used. Domestic lithol-based grease is also good. There is a hole on the bar for greasing the chain sprocket. Pump grease into it with a grease gun or syringe.

Note that frequent use of the bar nose, such as grooving, puts more stress on the sprocket and needs to be lubricated more often.

Why isn’t the chain chain lubricated??

If you don’t get oil in your chainsaw chain while working, you need to find the cause of the problem. In fact, there are many reasons for the myth process. You should disassemble the chainsaw and find the main problem. The probable causes of this process will be described below.

You will like several reasons for the lack of oil supply to the chain while the chain saw is in operation To identify them, you need to disassemble the chain saw.

Oil supply for STIHL 180 chain saw

How to repair STIHL chain saws yourself: tips STIHL chain saws can be repaired by the user because of their rugged design. Proven in the construction segment, the tool has a power output of 1400 watts, the engine capacity of 31 cubic meters. see.

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The most common faults on a chainsaw

Always follow the instruction manual supplied with your STIHL chain saw 180. You start the starter system after you have ensured that there is oil and gasoline in the machine and that the chain is correctly tensioned.

Working with the tool begins after it has been safely secured in your hands. If you find the tool malfunctioning, you need to determine what is causing the STIHL chainsaw malfunction.

Reasons for malfunctions may include the following:

  • Leakage in the oil system;
  • cracks in the crankcase cord;
  • carburetor malfunctions;
  • air entering the crankcase through the oil seals;
  • worn condition of the worm gear in the oil pump;
  • no spark appears on ignition section;
  • worn drive sprocket;
  • broken integrity of lug under control lever.

For independent repair of a defective STIHL chain saw, the following tools are used, which are in stock for every user.

  • screwdrivers;
  • Allen wrenches and open-end wrenches;
  • hexes;
  • a vacuum gauge used to detect flaws in the oil seals, carburetor, and crankcase;
  • Air compressor used for blowing and cleaning components and assemblies;
  • STIHL Torx 27 t wrench;
  • stopper limiting crankshaft travel;
  • bearing puller.

What to do when you detect malfunctions in different parts of the machine

Unpleasant phenomena such as loss of power, lack of connection, and no-load support are common. The causes of such behavior of the tool are caused by malfunctions of the chainsaw carburetor. This is manifested by contamination with particles of dust and sawdust. No trouble at all fixing it yourself.

Cleaning the carburetor is done using:

The structure of the pump, lubrication system and principle of operation

The oil pump drive consists of two parts, it is a plastic gear with a worm gear and a wire lever that transmits the force from the sprocket drum to the worm gear.

One of the main faults of the saw’s oil system is defective threads on the plastic pinion of the oil drive, so whenever possible, it is necessary to check its wear and thread quality.

The lever is rigidly attached to the gear and they are supplied as one piece. The tip of the wire lever has a distinctive bend that is designed to better grip the drive sprocket drum. There is a special groove on the reel for mounting the actuator.

The STIHL oil pump 180 is completely metal and can not be dismantled. The pump housing has an oil suction port and a channel through which the oil from the oil connection leads directly to the pump. The mechanism is fitted into the STIHL 180 chain saw housing.

When engine speed is increased, the sprocket bar starts to turn the worm gear pinion behind the wire lever, which in turn makes the oil pump plunger turn, and as a result the oil is pumped through oil channels to the chain saw bar.

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The chain saw’s oil pipe, which has an oil receiver at its end, is also directly involved in the system’s operation. The oil receiver is also a filter. On the other side of the oil hose there is a rubber flange that allows the hose to fit right behind the oil pump in the STIHL STIHL-180 chain saw.

STIHL MS 180 chain saw. an indispensable tool for logging and other construction work with wood. This is one of the most recognized garden devices, which is equipped with multifunctional capabilities.

The weight of the tool is about 4 kg. The power is up to 1.5 kW and the guide bar is 35 cm long.

It should be noted that from the semi-professional device for this model of saw, the electronic ignition and quite fast tensioning of the chain are inherited. The STIHL MS 180 also has two tanks for petrol and one for oil.

One of its main features is its reduced vibration.

This result is achieved thanks to 4 shock absorbers. It is no secret that high shock absorption is hazardous to health, and has long been a problem in Europe.

It should be noted that it is not desirable to disassemble this saw without special instruction, in this case it is better to entrust the device to craftsmen.

How to lubricate the chain of a chainsaw?

During the operation of a garden tool, the chainsaw lubrication is distributed not only on the bar, but also on the chain used for sawing. As soon as the oil gets on the guide bar, the saw element used, which originally had holes or small, small, inconspicuous grooves, starts to move. During normal operation of a garden tool, as its motor rpm increases, the lubrication system increases the rate at which the oil flows through the bar.

Some saws come standard with separate adjustment mechanisms whose main purpose is to allow operators to adjust the amount of oil required to lubricate the bar. This saves grease, reduces saw component slippage, and prevents premature wear of the saw’s working parts.

Often, first-time woodcutters don’t know how to lubricate a chainsaw’s needle bearing. Husqvarna and STIHL oils are best suited for this purpose. It is quite easy to apply oil to lubricate this element. You will initially need an ordinary syringe, which will help you quickly pour the product without spilling it or allowing dust to get into it.

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