STIHL 180 piston assembly. Why the STIHL chain saw does not start after replacing the piston

Service for STIHL chain saw MS 180

Repair of any machine should begin with preparatory work and the STIHL 180 is no exception. Before we start with the STIHL 180, we have to take the side cover, the chain and the bar off the STIHL chain saw. Then, using a compressor and a brush, you need to clean the chainsaw of dirt, sawdust, oil streaks and other.

When cleaning the saw, special attention should be paid to the place where the chain saw’s drive sprocket is located, t. к. This is the dirty part.

Where there is a lot of oil, you can flush it out with clean gasoline.

We have examined the causes and faults of the STIHL ms 180 chain saw which require the replacement of the cylinder head. But usually the prerequisites may overlap in every particular case, and a complete approach to the problem is needed for a proper repair. Putting the newest reciprocating saw on the saw doesn’t always mean the problem is solved. It is imperative to eliminate the causes of faults and the tool will serve for a long time without troubles and the need for repair.

The STIHL ms 100 eighty chain saw main malfunctions are related to the piston group. Here’s a look at the underlying causes of the piston. Let’s give a characterization piston

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One of the not uncommon breakdowns of the saw also opens the circuit in the working chain. But this does not apply to problems that appear in the operation of the motor system. Changing piston rings, please tell me how to change the piston rings. Usually the repair of a broken chain is reduced to replacing it with the most.

Finding the fault that led to the failure of the chainsaw is done in the following order. First check the level of gasoline in the tank. If all is well with the level, you should move on to a review of the starter. Description of common defects on the STIHL 100 eighty chainsaw and air filter. If the trigger does not indicate any signs of failure, it is necessary to direct attention to the spark plug.

If, after a thorough inspection and check the correct gap will be found that the spark plug is quite serviceable, then the carburetor can cause problems that force the repair of chain saw. STIHL 10080 chainsaws need a complete replacement. Piston rings and. A very popular STIHL chainsaw is the replacement of the old and the piston rings. This often happens because this device is often clogged.

But if the old candle is replaced with the latest, carburetor is 100% cleared, and still does not start the chainsaw, or, having earned, rapidly seizes, it may be blamed faulty cylinder and piston group (CPG). To perfectly check the whole group, you have to spend a little time, in fact a hundred percent disassemble the intended system. Here the technical condition of the cylinder, piston and piston rings is checked.

And now we will look at each malfunction in a little more detail.

STIHL 180 chain saw piston group description

On the STIHL 180 chain saw the piston group has a diameter of 38 mm. The dimensions of the chain saw’s cylinder block are determined by the diameter of the piston, the cylinder is slightly larger. The MS 180 comes standard with a piston pin, two piston rings and two wear bands.

The internal surface of the cylinder should be perfectly smooth and glossy, which is an important criterion when buying a spare cylinder for a STIHL ms chain saw. If there is damage inside the cylinder you do not need to install it.

The special feature of the STIHL MS 180 is that it has two compression rings, while almost all of its major competitors have only one. As the manufacturer assures, installing a pair of rings, allows you to better stabilize the piston in operation, increase its cooling and improve compression in the engine, due to which starting improves.

Assembling the STIHL 180 chain saw

Reassembling the STIHL ms 180 is quite easy, the main thing is to stick to the following algorithm:

  • Install the piston on the connecting rod, the arrow on the piston must face the direction of the chain saw STIHL 180, and on the left hand side of the piston located crankshaft, which is designed to install the flywheel;
  • Carefully insert the piston back into the cylinder, the place for mounting the coil should be on the side where the flywheel is mounted on the crankshaft;
  • Install the bearings, oil seals, retaining ring on the shaft and lower the entire assembly into the seat in the cylinder;
  • Next, degrease the place of installation of the crankcase and the crankcase itself, then lubricate the sealant and install it in place, tighten the four screws fastening;

To reassemble the STIHL 180 after you have assembled the engine, follow the reverse sequence of disassembly

It’s important to treat the process carefully and don’t forget to install the pull rods on the carburetor, and connect the ignition wire

Below you can watch the disassembly of the STIHL 180 on the video, it is made for inexperienced users, it shows the entire process in detail.

Dismantling and reassembling the STIHL 180 chain saw, if you have some experience, is quite simple, the main thing before the work to clean the saw well and do not rush. In order that small parts do not get lost, it is necessary to use containers, in which, in the process, it is worth laying out the parts.

The main types and diagnosis of faults and tools for their elimination

Before disassembling the faulty mechanism, you must prepare the necessary tools. As the chainsaw. It is a fairly simple device technically, this list is not much and includes:

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In order to perform a real quality restoration of the STIHL chain saw with your own hands, you must accurately determine the causes of the failure. Since this chainsaw refers to mechanisms powered by an internal combustion engine, the main faults associated with this unit are.

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The most common operations on STIHL chain saws are the following malfunctions:

  • Lack of engine starting;
  • The combustion engine does not run properly immediately after starting. It switches off by itself after a short period of operation;
  • Running engine does not reach full power;
  • Oil leakage.

STIHL chain saw carburetor design

It should be noted that the presence of traces of a certain characteristic in the place of sparks very nicely speaks about the sources of the “disease” of the entire starting system. Such source, namely, can be the carburetor. So, the complete absence of any signs of fuel on the candle (its complete dryness) most likely indicates that the fuel did not pass into the combustion chamber through the complete clogging of the carburetor.

If the gasoline is stuck on the chainsaw’s spark plug and the cutter itself is working fine, it means there is an excess of air-fuel mixture. The cause of this condition seems to be a malfunction in the carburetor settings, clogging of its injectors, as well as improper starting the mechanism. If a characteristic carbon deposit is found on the spark plug, it is fairly certain that the carburetor is not functioning properly or that low-quality gasoline is being used.

In view of all the above signs displayed on the spark plug, it is necessary to remove the carburetor and check its technical condition. STIHL chainsaw one hundred and eighty clogged air filter repair. Breath check and cleaning. Chainsaw

STIHL ms 180-16. Replacing the STIHL chainsaw inspection one hundred and eighty Piston rings by size. If a blockage is found, the carburetor should be thoroughly cleaned, then the unit should be adjusted according to the technological requirements and replace the gasoline used in the tank. Always remember that the carburetor. It’s a fairly complex assembly, consisting of many small components, parts and channels. That is why its repair has to be carried out with the utmost care.

In addition to rebuilding the carburetor, it is necessary to check the performance of the spark plug itself on the stand and, if necessary, set the correct gap in it. If you don’t like the spark plug and its performance, we recommend that you replace it with a new one.

Complete STIHL 180 chain saw assembly

The STIHL MS 180 is reliable and undemanding, but needs to be repaired just as much as any machine. Next, let’s take a look at how the STIHL MS 180 chain saw disassembly, which requires a complete motor repair.

First step

Repairing any machine has to start with a preliminary step, and the STIHL 180 is no exception. The STIHL 180 chain saw requires removing the side cover, the chain and the guide bar before it can be disassembled. Next, using a compressor and a brush, you need to clean the chain saw from dirt, sawdust, oil and other spills.

When cleaning your chain saw you need to pay extra attention to the place where the chain saw‘s drive sprocket is located. к. that’s the dirtiest part.

In places of huge accumulation of oil, it is possible to wash with unstained gasoline.

Removing the handle

Disassembly of the STIHL 180, begins with the removal of the handle, which is attached to the body of the chain saw with 3 rubber buffers. To remove it, you need to remove the plastic plugs from the inside cavity of the shock absorbers, then using a strong screwdriver, first squeeze the upper shock absorber, then the one closest to the rear handle.

At the back of the handle is installed throttle trigger, which through a wire rod is connected to the carburetor, if you set a goal to disconnect the rod from the throttle trigger, you must unscrew two screws and disassemble the handle.

When the handle remains on one shock absorber, you need to unscrew the body of the chainsaw from the inside of the handle and breaking to the side, remove the body from the last rubber.

Removing the Starter

Next, remove the upper cover housing and unscrew the 4 screws holding the starter, then you need to remove the oil tank and fuel tank cover. The starter can be removed quite easily and there should be no problems.

After removing the starter, the exposed interior of the chainsaw needs to be cleaned, t. к. there is usually a lot of compacted small sawdust on the housing under the starter.

Removing the flywheel

The STIHL 180 chain saw flywheel is screwed in with great force, and to remove it you will need a head with an iron screwdriver. The nut that holds the flywheel is unscrewed with a 13 head.

To block the crankshaft from turning, you must unscrew the spark plug and install a piston stopper through the spark plug hole, if it does not exist, use an old starter cord, with knots tied to it and immersed in the cylinder through the spark plug hole.

Strictly prohibited to detain the flywheel from rotation by installing between the ribs and the body of the power screwdriver and other tools, with this method of locking from the rotation, the flywheel blades can not withstand the load and break.

SHTIL MS 180: Assembly

And the STIHL MS180 chain saw parts overview.

Disassembling a STIHL 180 chain saw. Part 1

Here’s how to change the piston assembly on your STIHL chain saw

If the piston in the cylinder is blocked, of course unscrew the flywheel nut. The thread in the nut is straight, so turn it to the left side. loosened the nut, you will not remove it to the end, rather unscrew until its top edge flattens with the tip of the shaft, after that the soft metal hammer installed on the nut and make a sharp blow on it. That way, the handwheel pops off the shaft and can be easily removed without any additional tools.

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Disassembling the clutch and the oil pump

Before starting to disassemble the clutch you would first have to remove the chainring. For this purpose neatly take out the lock washer from the groove on the shaft and remove the sprocket and needle bearing.

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Unscrewing and removing the clutch, you must immediately remove the deflector plate and the oil pump drive, it’s easy to do, t. к. they are without any fastener and are put on the shaft.

Carburetor, muffler and ignition coil

To remove the carburetor, you need a head for 8 and an extension cord, which allows you to comfortably unscrew the nuts fixing the carburetor and air filter. While dismantling the carburetor, you must disconnect the ignition wire and the traction of the air damper from the lever controlling the engine and remove the lever, only after that remove the air filter and carburetor.

Muffler STIHL 180 is attached two nuts, unscrewing that need to pull it toward you personally, it is simply removed.

the coil is fastened on two screws, to remove it simply unscrew them.

Removing and disassembling the motor

There are four screws holding the engine in place on the bottom of the STIHL 180. To remove the screws you need to unscrew them, then gently pull the engine from the landing and the rubber nozzle carburetor.

To disassemble the engine unscrew the 4 screws of the crankcase, and it is removed, then there is an option to pull the crankshaft complete with oil seals, bearings and piston rings.

Removing the bearings and oil seals usually does not require additional tools, if the bearings were pressed on the shaft with force, then to remove the special puller is useful.

To remove the piston from the connecting rod, will need to remove the retaining ring from the housing, with a thin screwdriver, then from the opposite side piston pin is pressed out, after that the piston is removed to the side.

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Assembling a STIHL 180 chain saw

Assemble the STIHL ms 180 saw backwards, quite easy, the main thing is to stick to the following method:

  • Install the piston on the connecting rod, the arrow on the piston should look along the way gasoline STIHL 180, and on the left hand side of the piston to place the crankshaft, which is designed to install the flywheel;
  • Carefully stick the piston back into the cylinder, the place for the coil mount should be made on the side where the flywheel is mounted on the crankshaft;
  • Install the bearings, oil seals, retaining ring on the shaft and lower the complete assembly into the cylinder;
  • Next, degrease the place of installation of the crankcase and the crankcase itself, then lubricate the sealant and installing in the area to screw the four screws fastening;
stihl, piston, assembly, chain

STIHL repair ms 180 with his own hands replacing the piston

info: STIHL mc 180 with your own hands replacing the piston by a real craftsman for

STIHL repair of STIHL chain saw 180: malfunctions and troubleshooting

The STIHL MS 180 chain saw is one of the most reliable models in its class. But technology is technology, and from time to time there are malfunctions that may require repair STIHL ms 180.

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Read more about repair units, you will learn by reading the article.

That’s the first question you ask when you have a STIHL 180 chain saw and for some reason it stops working right. The answer is absolutely no. The right way to put it is this: you can, but should you? Naturally it is more expensive to have your chain saw repaired in a service center than to try to fix problems with your own hands, but using the services of professionals, you get guarantees and confidence that your chain saw will be properly tuned and adjusted. The pump only needs to be replaced if the STIHL 180 chain saw. In general, the choice is yours.

Another small aspect concerning the choice to fix without helping others or not, is that for the diagnosis of chain saw and its future disassembly and repair, you need to have some special tools and some knowledge of the design of the saw. In the unlikely event you can not even unscrew and remove the flywheel, without damaging all.

Doing self-repair saw, very often break duralumin fan blades, located on the flywheel. This happens because during disassembly do not use a special crankshaft stopper, and try to fix the method of installation of a screwdriver between the body of the saw and the flywheel blades, which leads to sad consequences. Flywheel nut has a tightening torque, and the blades are brittle and can not withstand this force.

To do a relatively high quality repair on a STIHL mc 180 chainsaw without help from others, you will need to have:

Only with these tools STIHL 180 chain saw repair with their own hands can be done fairly well.

Common problems on STIHL chain saws include:

  • A break in the starter cord;
  • Wear on the drive sprocket;
  • Leaks in the chain oil system;
  • Worn worm gear of oil pump;
  • Air intake through the oil seals in the crankcase;
  • Lack of spark on the spark plug;
  • Lack of fuel supply with defects in the carburetor (we will not dwell on them, because the repair and adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw, the issue is quite broad and will be considered in a separate article);
  • Breakage of the lug of the landing place under the engine control lever.

Now look at the faults in more detail and begin with the repair of the oil pump.

If there is no oil supply for the chain lubrication, you need to diagnose the entire system and to find the reason why the oil is not fed. There can be several main causes:

  • Clogging of the oil filter or oil system;
  • Lack of threads on the worm gear of the oil pump;
  • Clogging or malfunction of the pump;
  • Lack of oil in the oil system (there will be oil leaks on the bottom of the chainsaw).

To check the thread on the worm drive oil pump, you will need to remove the chain saw sprocket and unscrew the clutch. Change oil pressure regulatordisassembly of STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw To do this, the spark plug is unscrewed and the piston lock is refitted, securing the crankshaft of the tool against turning.

Then the cover on the bar side of the STIHL 180 chain saw is removed, and a screwdriver is used to remove the sprocket drive retaining ring and then the sprocket itself.

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Similarly, the STIHL 180 chain saw chainwheel sprocket can be changed as necessary.

Unscrew the clutch with a 19 mm head and a screwdriver. Unscrew the clutch clockwise, i.e. к. left-hand thread. There is a reflective plate behind the clutch, it must also be removed. The next piece is the oil pump worm drive. After examining and finding the absence of plastic thread, you can safely discard the part and install the newest t. к. its restoration is unreal. Reassemble the STIHL 180 chain saw in reverse order.

How to easily and quickly replace the oil seal on the chainsaw and shown tool for it How to easily and quickly replace the

STIHL, shtil, MS180, STIHL, STIHL chainsaw / STIHL 180 chain saw startup video.

If the gear is in the usual state, disassembly of the saw, for this purpose, the corkscrews are removed from the shock absorbers, the rear handle is unscrewed and the throttle control rod is disconnected, after that the handle assembly is removed from the shock absorbers with a strong slotted screwdriver.

Handles need to be removed to gain access to the bottom where the oil pump is mounted.

In the next step, the oil hose coming from the oil tank is removed from its seat on the housing and the line is checked for blockage by blowing air through the oil hose into the oil tank housing. If you find a clog it must be cleaned, if this is not possible the faulty hose must be replaced.

The oil pump is removed from the STIHL 180 chain saw and rinsed in gasoline.

STIHL oil pumps are generally seldom out of order and need to be replaced. Plugged oil is the most common cause of no oil supply so if you wash and check the pump gear for spinning you can be sure to get rid of the oil supply after the STIHL 180 chain saw has been reassembled.

Reassemble the STIHL STIHL 180 in the reverse order after repair. Important point is to seal the oil hose in the place of installation, in the seat on the housing. Crankshaft oil seal replacement, chainsaw repair is a very widespread disease. It is necessary to wash the hose and the hole for its installation with gasoline, then blow out with compressed air until completely dry and coated with oil-resistant sealant and then installed in place.

We have investigated the main causes and malfunctions of STIHL ms 180 chain saws which need to have the cylinder head replaced. But, as a rule, in each individual case the causes may overlap, and a comprehensive approach to solving the problem is necessary for a proper repair. Putting a new piston saw on the saw does not always mean the problem is solved. Be sure to eliminate the causes of the malfunction and the tool will last a long time without problems or the need for repairs.

When to replace the piston

There are many causes, requires replacement of the piston, but it can also be completely controlled by the piston, but they can all be classified as natural and due to improper use. Of course it is wear and tear due to long-term use of the STIHL 180 chain saw.

The CPG should be diagnosed if the STIHL ms one hundred and eighty loses power abruptly or does not start until the tool’s starter motor is tightened. If the starter motor rotates but the saw does not start, there is a spark and the fuel is flowing properly into the cylinder, the engine compression should be measured.

If there is a suspected problem with the processor, it is recommended to contact a service center authorized by the manufacturer, because only there they can accurately diagnose the malfunction without a complete analysis and, if necessary, carry out a quality repair.

9.5. Eleven atm. It is considered normal for a STIHL chain saw to start regularly and produce maximum power, if compression is lower, the chance of piston-cylinder group impact or wear is high. In any case, with reduced compression for further diagnosis it is necessary to completely disassemble the dust.

You can remove the muffler and visually inspect the visible part of the piston to determine if there is a piston knob and piston ring breakage, and the rings can be checked for elasticity by pressing on them with a small screwdriver. There will be little movement on the working rings, a piston ring with a defect or pinched will not go.

STIHL 180 chain saw piston group description. How to replace the piston on a quiet chainsaw 180

If you need to replace the old piston and install a new one, you need to know how to do it correctly and follow a certain algorithm. You also need to have a small slotted screwdriver, a special combination wrench, an electric screwdriver, a hammer, a soft drift, a compressor and a calm piston stopper.

When replacing the piston or piston group, the chainsaw should be as clean as possible from dirt. Further work is done according to the following algorithm:

  • Remove the top cover from the saw and light the spark plug.
  • Remove side cover.
  • Use a powered screwdriver to remove the forks from the chainsaw’s shock absorbers, then disconnect the handle from the body.
  • Next, remove the drive sprocket and starter.
  • Place the piston stop in the spark plug hole and loosen the flywheel nut and clutch.
  • Remove the flywheel, clutch gears and oil pump with clutch.
  • Remove the two screws holding the carburetor and the air filter. Remove the filter, the engine control lever and the quiet carburettor.
  • Remove the ignition coil and muffler.

After completing all these operations, clean the file again of dirt, then turn it over and unscrew the four screws that fasten the engine to the chainsaw body. After unscrewing the screws, the motor is detached from the housing and cleaned again.

With the engine removed, the sump is unscrewed and the sump lifted, then the piston/crankshaft is removed from the engine.

When removing the piston from the cylinder, remember that it is positioned relative to the cylinder.

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