STIHL 180 accelerates at idle speed. STIHL 180 chain saw carburetor repair

STIHL 180 idle speed high

Maximum rpm at idle speed with carburetor screw turned to zero.Change of bearings and seals.

There may be several reasons why the chainsaw will not reset:

  • The throttle plate spring is broken;
  • jamming of the throttle trigger;
  • Throttle linkage is bent;
  • the throttle valve shaft corkscrew is missing, causing the throttle valve to jam.

It is not difficult to solve all these problems, you need to conduct a careful inspection and determine the exact cause, and then change the faulty part. Generally, if the chainsaw picks up speed well, idles and has normal power, then the problem with it not resetting is purely mechanical. And finding and fixing a mechanical problem is a lot easier than determining and stopping air leakage in the chainsaw’s crankcase.


With the adjustments on the STIHL 180 is simple, there is one screw, with which you can slightly adjust the idle speed.

No L and H screws in the carburetor of the 180, as on other chainsaws. This is to prevent inexperienced users from twisting things that should not be twisted and thus causing damage to the chainsaw.

Germans certainly have thought up well, but sometimes, especially after replacement of piston group and installation of non-original, idling stops on a chainsaw. If it were possible to adjust the fuel mixture, this problem would be solved in a couple of seconds, and so we have to climb into the main chamber and adjust the position of the needle valve rocker.

The chainsaw engine shuts down after reaching maximum rpm

The power unit stalls at high revolutions due to noncompliance with the stated requirements of the electronic unit operating characteristics. Failure is more typical for budget Chinese-made chainsaws.

The reason of failure may be:

  • Lack of fuel mixture in the float chamber due to a stuck valve;
  • Fuel filter or breather valve in the fuel tank lid is clogged.

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The power unit also shuts down at high rpm due to a dirty air intake filter. The same signs are typical when a chain saw starts up in standard mode and then shuts down during the warm-up phase.

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Checking and repairing the carburetor

If checking the ignition system, fuel filters, muffler did not give tangible results, the tool still does not want to work properly at minimum rpm, you need to check the carburetor.

Everyone has a defective chain saw and the STIHL MS 180 is no exception. Today we are going to find out why the chain saw stops when revving, idling and at full throttle. Here are some diagnostic and troubleshooting suggestions for this STIHL 180 chain saw.

Throttle flap

Tuning a STIHL Saw Carburetor Tuning a Chainsaw Carburetor. Or how not to pay repairmen! Owning a chainsaw makes life a lot easier even for an amateur, and in some professions this tool is virtually indispensable. However, like any relatively complex device, a chainsaw requires periodic maintenance. The carburetor on a STIHL lawnmower has to be adjusted.

How to adjust the carburetor on a STIHL lawn mower 3 The adjustment of the lawn mower carburetor is done in home conditions lawn mowers, as well as all gasoline tools for the garden, is not difficult in service technique. It is possible and necessary to fix, tune without the help of others. For example, adjusting a lawn mower‘s carburetor in a crude machine is a five-minute affair. The carburetor from the lawnmower is a node in the power system.

How to adjust the carburetor of lawn mower STIHL Fs 3 Lawn mowers, as well as all gasoline garden tools, is not difficult in service technique. Fixing, adjusting without the aid of others can and should. For example, adjustment of the lawnmower carburetor yourself. a matter of 5 minutes. The lawnmower carburetor is a node in the power system. In the personal computer, as well as all carburetors, goes.

Dismantling the carburetor Stihl 180 video

fuel combustion increases the amount of energy created and this has an impact on power and speed. The choke is installed on the shaft passing through the entire carburetor body. At the exit of the shaft from the body, there is a mounting for the throttle cable, next to it is placed a tapered, adjusting screw responsible for adjusting the idle speed. By tightening the screw of course slightly to adjust the position of the shaft and a flap installed it, thus increasing or otherwise reducing the idle stroke, opening or otherwise closing the flap.

Trouble with the carburetor

If you have a STIHL 180 chain saw, you can find and repair the carburettor yourself. If the tool has stopped starting, has stalled and is unable to maintain power, and does not hold idle speed, then the carburetor may be the cause of the failure. In the process of operation, it often becomes clogged with dirt, dust or sawdust. You can solve the problem by cleaning it.

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Malfunctions of the carburetor of the chainsaw “STIHL 180” are solved after preparing some tools, among them:

Using a brush you can clean the dust and dirt. Then remove the carburetor cap and filter. The two nuts of the air filter are unscrewed, which allows removing the air-collector body. Now you can see the carburettor. With the choke down, you need to remove the gas pedal lever.

In order to move the carburetor, you must remove the choke lever and close it. Now you should remove the engine stop wire and pull it towards you. The plastic lever is removed, the wire is fixed to it. The carburetor at this point can be released and removed for cleaning. It is best to use a compressor for this, but if it is not available, flushing can also be done with clean gasoline.

Considering the main faults of the “STIHL 180” chain saw, you should know that you should not forget about the fuel filter. Remove it and blow out the fuel hose. You can now reassemble everything in reverse order. If after reassembling the carburetor, the tool still does not start well, and the muffler produces smoke, then the spring under the needle lever has been lost. Because of its absence, the needle does not lock the fuel supply. The spark plug will be filled with gasoline as a result. To eliminate the problem you will have to look for the spark plug spring and replace it.

When repairing the carburetor, you must remember that it is a complex unit consisting of rings and many parts. This indicates that cleaning and repair must be carried out with great care. If the tool stalls or fails to start, in addition to the carburetor, check the spark plugs. If they are faulty, they are unscrewed and dried.

Excess fuel can be drained through a special hole. STIHL 180 chain saw malfunctions and how to solve them is described in the instruction manual in part. After reading the article, you can understand that the candles should be dried for at least half an hour, after this time the candle can be installed in place, starting the machine.

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Elimination of fuel equipment failures

A simple analysis of failures and malfunctions shows that most of them are caused by unqualified adjustment of the fuel system. On closer examination it turns out that the reasons of a situation when the engine doesn’t start, doesn’t pick up speed and stops are almost the same.

In most cases:

  • air bleed due to loosening of the screw fasteners or destruction of the crankshaft oil seal;
  • contaminated injectors;
  • leaking float valve;
  • Wear of the booster pump seal.

To summarize.

Definitely every thing that we bought has an expiration date, and sooner or later it breaks, and how frustrating it becomes when the degree of its failure is so great that it can not be repaired. But you have to admit that quite often we are simply negligent about the technique (see “How to cut a tree to make it fall in the right direction”). about correct operation and how to cut a tree to make it fall in the right direction ). and when it stops working, then we try to find ways to fix it, while turning to a huge number of services.

But remember, even though machinery breaks down, we can extend its “life”. All that is necessary so it is simply to look after her, do run-in after the replacement parts (as run-in gasoline read here) and keep its parts in order and cleanliness. And then, undoubtedly, it will serve for many years to come. It is also important to use only high quality parts and “additives” (see the brochure “How to keep your hands clean and tidy”). chainsaw attachments). Then your technique will work flawlessly, and you simply will forget what a repair is.

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