STIHL 170 or 180 which is better

Differences from the 180 MS

Even the tires they come with are the same length. Although 40 cm for the older model comes in the basic set, and the younger model is considered the maximum allowable size. However, the motor, even for all its reliability, is obviously weak for a tire over 35 cm. You should pay attention not to the groove width of the 170 chain is thinner, 1.1 mm, and the 180 chain 1.3.

The MS 180 has a more powerful engine. 0,3 л. с. Not a big difference, but it does affect the cutting speed. As a result we have the same model as well-known to amateurs and professionals, but weaker by almost all parameters and thus almost the same weight.

It seems that the laws of modern market trade can’t help here: the more models the company sells, the more profit it makes. In addition, the manufacturers of branded expensive products have completely different methods than the factories of cheap products. If in the Chinese chain saws we often see a rich complete set of two chains, a tank for mixing fuel and sometimes an additional ratchet starter, the well-known models are characterized by very simple design and a very poor set of accessories. Let’s rejoice that at least they still supply a branded chain.

In addition, STIHL (and Husqvarna) always insist that the high power for household saws is completely unnecessary and even an overhead feature. Purely European approach. We have an idea like this: I’ll buy a big one, but what if I need it someday? In the frugal and expedient Europe they think more about the expensiveness of consumables and how to minimize fuel and oil voracity. And the lightweight STIHL 170 takes a lot less effort.

So the big advantage of a seemingly weak saw is that it is more economical. There is no sense to use it for felling, and the manufacturer says it very clearly.

STIHL MS 170 reviews

Here is a real customer review of the STIHL MS 170 chainsaw taken from a major online store.

After we had finished the building site, we had a lot of wood left over. Oh, and we asked our neighbors-builders, they cut down two large birches on their property for firewood. They were in the way. That’s when we decided to buy the saw. I like the STIHL 170 right off the bat. Comfortable and easy. I considered cheaper options, for five or six thousand, but they did not suit me very well. It wouldn’t start, or the oil would leak, or whatever. Decided to pay more, but to buy a quality tool, so as not to chase then between the cottage and the service center.

The advantages of buying it are obvious, the oil consumption is not great, but it consumes a decent amount of gasoline. But t. к. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought a chainsaw, so I can’t say exactly how much it costs.

I was told a little late that there are saws with an easy start, so I would have bought it. It would have made the chainsaw even easier to use. The neighbor’s birch saw sawed with great difficulty, but they were really thick, and I had to saw from four sides. In general, my opinion of the saw is positive, but a little bit expensive.

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Technologies used

When creating the saw, several technologies were used that make it more comfortable to use and increase the service life:

  • Compensator valve. In the engine carburetor has a special valve, which allows the engine to operate steadily, even if the air valve is very dirty.
  • Anti-vibration system. Less vibration at the operator’s hands is transmitted by the design with special rubber mounts in places.
  • One lever. The tool is operated with just one lever. It has ignition switch, cold start and hot start functions. This makes it very easy to operate.

STIHL 170 ms comes standard with

The STIHL 170 ms chain saw comes complete with these components:

  • bar, sprocket, chain;
  • The working part to which the bar is connected when assembled;
  • Key, used for assembly;
  • Instructions (manual) for the tool;
  • 12-month warranty.

Assembly of the STIHL 170 Ls chainsaw: USA.

Manufactured in: Germany or USA.

Manufactures: Romania, China, Poland.

STIHL MS 170 reviews

In this article, I want to look at the real testimonial from a customer of the STIHL chain saw MS 170, taken from a large online store.

After we ran out of construction, there was a lot of wood left over. I even asked my neighbor, a builder, to cut down two huge birches for firewood on their land. They were in the way. So we decided to buy a chainsaw. STIHL 170, I liked it right away. Convenient and light. I considered a cheaper variant, for five or six thousand, but I was not really satisfied with it. It wouldn’t start, it was leaking oil, so it was all wrong. Decided to pay more, but to buy a quality tool, so as not to race between the dacha and the service center later.

stihl, which, better

The advantages of buying the obvious, the consumption of oil is not great, and gasoline is consumed decently. But t. к. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought a chain saw, so I can’t really say exactly how much it costs.

I was told a little late that there are saws with an easy start, so I would have bought it. It would have made the chainsaw even easier to use. Sawed neighbor’s birches with great difficulty, but they were really thick, and I had to saw from four sides. All in all, my opinion of the saw is positive, but it is a little bit too expensive.

Using a STIHL 170 ms chain saw

Top tips for servicing your STIHL chain saw and how to operate it correctly:

  • Always be safety conscious when operating a chain saw. use a respirator to protect your respiratory system and a face shield to protect your eyes from chips, wear thick gloves to reduce the effects of vibration, and hold the saw firmly with both hands;
  • Maintenance should be performed according to the schedule recommended in the manual or once a month, retighten the chain as necessary, clean/replace the filters;
  • A quality cut is best if the chain and guide bar are kept lubricated;
  • Do not change the angle of the guide bar to the surface of the log or plank to be sawed, hold the tool so that the saw blade plunges into it from top to bottom or is strictly parallel to the edge.
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Real from the online store site

Let’s look at some real reviews from STIHL ms 180 and ms 170 chain saw owners. Let’s start with the MS 180:

I’ve been using the chainsaw for a few years now, and it’s only been acting up a couple of times, and that’s it. I solved the problem by cleaning the air filter and the spark plug. I work on construction sites and do some sawing of old junk at home. Boards, poles it saws flawlessly. Compared to an electric saw, the STIHL 180 is noticeably more powerful, especially for circular saws. Taking into account that you can saw with an electric saw not more than one minute, the STIHL is beyond compare.

Recently found out that the saw can come with two choices of bars, I was told this when I was buying a spare chain and it didn’t fit me. Before this Stihl, I had a few tools I bought from gypsies, for cheap. STIHL type and Husqvarna type. Fakes, barely had a chance to work on the sawing job and gave up their lives. As a result, only wasted money and still had to go and buy a STIHL 180 from an authorized dealer, which I do not regret to this day.

The STIHL is now a little more expensive than I bought it from, but you shouldn’t buy it from “gray market” dealers anyway. I do not gain anything, but I lose money. I am fully satisfied with my tool and recommend it to all my friends, its price and power are perfectly balanced.

Such reviews only one Yandex.There are more than fifty on the Marketplace, but now let’s look at the reviews for the MC 170. There are no more than a dozen of them and their quality leaves much to be desired.

stihl, which, better

It cranks quickly, saws moderately, the oil does not spill when the saw does not work, there is no vibration when sawing for the first time, I figured it out quickly (not a bad manual). The tool is well made.

It gets dirty quickly, retightening the chain very often (probably still not used yet). Really lacks power when working with thick billets.

I use the saw for garden work, for cutting and felling bad trees. I saw them for firewood, I also saw old boards for grilling, I saw small bushes, it is good enough for these needs, but it is not enough for cutting something serious. I’m basically satisfied with the saw, but I wish it had been better. The gasoline consumption seems a bit high, but it may be because of the little power, you have to constantly accelerate, and maybe it’s just a little run-in.

Design features

Affordable price, combination of the classical design with the latest industrial design know-how, high quality of materials and factory assembly contribute to the popularity and stable consumer demand.

Comfort is increased by the effective vibration damping system, the low noise level, the ergonomic housing shape and the smooth movement of the cutting head chain.

Good accessibility to fuel and oil tank nozzles, adjustments and settings, despite tight-fitting internal equipment and consumable containers.

The STIHL 170 saw is characterized by a simple and repairable design that allows owners to service or repair the tool themselves.

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The technical and performance values of the machines correspond to the recommendations of the applicable standards and regulations on all points.

STIHL brand chain saw technology

The history of the STIHL company (STIHL) goes back to 1926 when the production of electric crosscut saws began at the Andreas Stihl machine factory, registered in Germany.

STIHL chainsaws are among the most reliable on the market

The first chainsaw, which weighed more than 46 kg and only produced 6 l. с., was launched in 1929. 90 years have passed since the first chainsaw was founded. So much has changed over time, but one thing hasn’t changed. the high quality of the STIHL chainsaws.

Today’s chainsaws are manufactured using a variety of innovative technologies and unique methods. Here are some of STIHL’s patented technologies that increase tool performance and ensure maximum protection for the operator.

2 MIX technology

2 MIX Technology reduces fuel consumption and minimizes exhaust emissions. 2 MIX Technology is a unique method of blowing clean air into the combustion chamber which ensures that no fuel vapors are released into the atmosphere.


A special device known as a catalyst incinerates the remaining fuel mixture in the exhaust silencer. The catalyst body has double walls because the heating temperature is too high (about 1000 degrees). This protection prevents the tool from heating up during operation and therefore prevents the operator from getting burned.

MS 170, MS180 лучшие малыши компании STIHL

Please note that most of STIHL chain saws do not include an air catalytic converter as standard equipment. Available as an accessory.

Air filter

STIHL has developed innovative air filters that feature high wear and tear. Pre-cleaning is by means of centrifugal force, so there is less strain on the filter fleece.

Uniquely designed air filter can be washed under running water, cleaned with gasoline or air.

Key STIHL chain saw advantages

Intelligent engine

STIHL has developed an intelligent engine system that is unrivalled anywhere else in the world. Control of fuel quality and quantity is electronic, no need for manual adjustment.

Chainsaws with the intelligent engine are characterized by easy starting and a stable crankshaft speed.

Decompression valve

Decompression valve option allows you to turn the starter with less pressure. The decompression valve must be opened before starting the engine. The valve closes automatically after the first burst of fuel mixture, which occurs when the machine is started.

Heated carburetor system

It is a well-known fact that chain saws have problems when the ambient temperature drops to sub-zero temperatures. The carburetor can ice up in sub-zero temperatures. STIHL engineers solved this problem by installing an automatic carburetor heater.

The carburetor heater system consists of a thermostat switch and a heating element. When the outside temperature drops below 10°C the thermostat switches on and energizes the heating element.

Electric handle heating system

Electric heating of the handle makes the tool more comfortable to use. Prevents snow and ice buildup. Chainsaw models with a handle heating system are marked with the letter “W”.

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