single axle tractor Salyut oil in the engine what

As a rule, the manufacturer’s manual for motor vehicles specifies the brand and amount of machine oil to be used. If there are no such recommendations, the tool is selected according to the following characteristics:

The SAE parameter indicates the viscosity grade of the substance and consists of an alphanumeric abbreviation, where the letter W indicates the ability to use at low temperatures. The number before the dash indicates the viscosity at negative thermometer values, and the number after the dash at positive. These values describe how easily the fluid will be pumped through the system and how quickly it will reach the surfaces of rubbing parts without allowing them to dry friction.

The API parameter divides the lubricant into C and S categories according to its performance. Category C refers to products intended for four-stroke diesel engines with air cooling, while Category S refers to gasoline engines. Therefore, when choosing a fluid, you should necessarily pay attention to this marking, because it has a different composition for diesel and carburetor engines.

ACEA grades an oil based on HT (High Temperature Viscosity)/HS (Shear Rate), which shows how energy efficient a lubricant is. The higher the value, the better it protects engine components from wear. Filling high mPas is recommended for tractors, mini tractors, as well as heavy duty Neva motor blocks designed for heavy loads.

Following are the types of machine oil, which according to their characteristics are optimal for cultivator or power tiller. Of course, you can use them if there are no special recommendations from the manufacturer of the equipment, and in accordance with the markings S and C. So, these are oils:

  • 5w30, 5w40 all-season which may be used in motor vehicles at ambient temperature not below.25 o C;
  • 10w30, 10w40 with anticorrosive properties;
  • 15w40, 20w40 intended for filling in the engine at a temperature of 45o C and above;
  • 0w30, 0w40 created for winter application;
  • MIL-L oils are designed for military machines and may be used on motor-driven tractors with diesel engines (with the code number 2104) and carburettor engines (with the code number 46152).

Double-labelled (SG/CD, SF/CC) grease can be used with every type of engine: it is universal and equally suited to diesel engines and petrol engines (e.g. Texas rotary cultivator). Among the variety of lubricant products, the most popular is the product, produced under the brands Mobil, Castrol, ZIC, Shell Helix. To improve its action and quality, it is added with Oil Additiv, BIZOL, Cera Tec and other additives. It can be used at ambient temperatures of.25 O C to 25 O C.

How to check the oil level in your Moto-Block? Checking the oil in the engine of a power tiller.

The oil level on any power tiller is checked by unscrewing the oil filler plug. The oil trail should be between the maximum and minimum marks on the dipstick. If there are no marks on the dipstick, it should be moistened to about the middle.

In the absence of the dipstick itself, after unscrewing the plug, the oil should be visible on the thread of the filler neck, in which, respectively, the plug itself is screwed in, that is, the oil should almost, a little more and poured out.

Single axle tractor Salyut. an overview of features

The Salyut power tillers are manufactured at the Moscow Machine Building Production Enterprise, which develops military-industrial machinery and is popular not only at home, but also far abroad. The sad news is that since 2014 the production of this equipment was transferred from Russia to China.

The developers did not engage in prototyping, and created their own concept of power tillers, which have a number of distinctive features. The main difference is that the center of gravity of the Salyut is low enough, and the engine is moved forward. This makes it possible to operate this machine with minimal effort.

Cheap Tractor Restoration Part 1 oil Leak repair front axle ISEKI tu1500

Separately, it is worth mentioning engines: all models are equipped with four-stroke gasoline internal combustion engines from Russian, Japanese, American and Chinese producers.

single axle tractor Salyut- oil to the engine, gearbox

Proper maintenance and operation of your Salyut power tiller helps to prolong its service life and improve its performance. Gearbox and engine of the walking tractor. One of the most important elements of the construction. What oil to fill in the gearbox and engine in the motoblock, as well as the frequency of its replacement, the volume of. These are the data that every owner of such equipment needs to know.

The most correct recommendations will be those offered by manufacturers of motor equipment. Let’s turn to the owner’s manuals for power tillers Salyut-5 and Salyut.100.

Official site of Salyut single axle tractor manufacturer.

Owner’s Manual for single axle tractor Salyut. 100 download

Gear oil for Salyut

Oil to be poured into a gearbox of a Salyut-5, 100 TM-5-18 (TAD-17I)
Amount of oil to fill in a gearbox of a crawler tractor, l 1,1
Oil change intervals First time every 25 hours, then every 100 hours,

Fill your tractor’s gearbox with oil through the gearbox oil filler opening. 1,1 l of oil TM-5-18 (TAD-17I) must be filled into the gearbox, check the level with a dipstick.

To prevent leakage of oil from the gearbox, engine crankcase and fuel from the engine fuel tank, the single axle tractor must be placed on the vehicle in normal operating position during transport.

NOTE! Check the oil level in the engine before every operation, as it is stated in the “Engine Manual”. To reduce the risk of engine starting, pay special attention to the safety precautions outlined in the “Engine Owner’s Manual”. Do not work with a closed or half-open choke when working on your power tool.

Maintenance performed after the first 25 hours of operation:

Work performed after every 100 hours of operation:

Checking and refilling the oil in the gearbox of a Salyut power tiller

WARNING! Change and measure the oil level in the planter gearbox only when the engine is stopped!

Fill oil into the gearbox of your power tiller through the oil filler hole in the gearbox. Check the oil level in the motoblock gearbox as follows:

0.85 L (180 mm from the edge of the oil fill hole), and the upper risk

1.1 L (125 mm from the edge of the oil filling hole);

Oil to the engine of scooter Salut

The most popular choices of Salyut with Chinese engine Lifan 168F-2B, rated at 6.5 liters.с.

Engines of other well-known world brands are also used:

Japanese Robin Subaru EX. 6 L.с.

American Briggs Stratton Vanguard 6.5 series PRO. 6.5 hp.с.

Chinese Hwasdan H170F. 7 L.с.

Engine oil for power tillers Salyut, recommended by manufacturers.

Engine brand of your power tiller Recommended engine oil by the manufacturer
summer winter performance class
Robin Subaru SAE 10W-30. in moderate climates SAE 5W-30. in cold regions Automotive engine oil; grade SE or higher (SG,SH or SJ recommended)
Honda SAE 10W-30 oil is recommended for all temperatures. If you wish to use seasonal oil, select oil with appropriate viscosity grade based on average temperatures in your area SG, SF.
Lifan SAE-30 SAE-10W-30. multigrade
Briggs Stratton Briggs Stratton recommends using synthetic oil when operating in temperatures below 0°C. If you do not have synthetic oil, you can use non-synthetic Briggs Stratton 10W-30 part number 998208 Note: Synthetic oil that meets the ILSAC GF-2, API certification mark and the API service symbol with “SJ/CF ENERGY CONSERVING” or higher can be used at all temperatures. Change synthetic oil according to regular schedule.Air cooled engines heat up faster than car engines.Use of non-synthetic thickened oil (5W-30, 10W-30, etc.).д.) at temperatures above 4°C will result in high oil consumption. In case of such oil use check oil level more often. SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher
DM-1-01 (JSC Kaluga Engine) M63/12G1 or M53/10G1 GOST 10541-78, oil that meets the requirements of API: SF; SG; SH and SAE: 10W30; 15W30
DM-1K Instruction of PJSC “Krasny Octyabr” M10G, M12G TU 38.10148-85 M63/12G1 or M53/10G1 GOST 10541-78,
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Lubricant change intervals for your Salut power tiller engine (extracts from instructions)

Briggs Stratton First 5 hours- Change oil.Every 8 hours or daily- Check oil level.Every 50 hours or every season- Change oil.
Honda (Honda) Lifan (Lifan) Checking the oil level. each time after that. Change oil. the first month or after 20 hours of operation, thereafter. every 6 months or after 100 operating hours
Robin Subaru Checking the engine oil level and adding engine oil. every time the engine is used (topping up oil to the maximum mark). Engine oil change: First change after 20 hours of operation; thereafter. every 100 hours

information on the oil to fill your power tiller and tractor engine is available on the appropriate page.

Reduction of friction between moving parts

Since ball and roller bearings, chains, etc. are under load.д. acts at one point or across the surface, the greater force is exerted at that point. The oil increases the force-application surface and spreads the force over this area, so that it is not concentrated at one point.

Oil cools the rubbing surfaces by dissipating the heat generated on them.

Oil film coats metal surfaces, preventing them from contacting with air oxygen.

Piston rings seal the piston gap for better utilization of the high combustion pressure. The oil helps to seal it better.

Soot and deposits accumulate in the oil and are carried away by it, which prevents persistent deposits on engine parts.

Oil in the hydraulic torque clutch acts as a medium for smooth and even power transmission. On the contrary, the oil in the shock absorbers serves to absorb the energy of impact.

Salyut single axle tractor.

Gentlemen! I just happened to buy a Salyut tractor with a jackknifed engine. I have an engine from an old SunGarden T390 cultivator, rated at 6 or 7 hp. Question: Is it possible to implement another engine in the Salyut? I got my single axle tractor with a mower, broom and snow blower, so I’m anxious to get it going.I’ll keep going.

Replacing the pulley I was worried about went without the slightest effort and problems, everything was in place!My old engine had been in the attic for years. Also with gasoline in it. I changed the gasoline, flushed the carburetor, but I still can’t get it to work. With a quick start it seizes and stalls. The problem was a valve that controlled the float and a valve that was stuck. I had to take everything apart and flush it again. Didn’t have time to reassemble it yet Maybe I’ll continue it today.I’ll update this post as I go along.

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The cutters in the first picture are not installed correctly.

I’ll let you know what it’s like. Repair process is going on. Got the engine running and serviced it completely. I’m gonna rebuild the gearbox next.

I need to rebuild my gearbox too. Let me know what it’s like? The axle glands are leaking.

Haven’t gotten around to it yet. Type in YouTube: repair the gearbox of a Salyut5 power tiller. It’s all described in detail.

You may it has different engines. I have a Lifan 6.5 л.с. Has been running for over 10 years. It’s a great single axle tractor, just a little light I’m dreaming about MTZ.

You can, but look, the first came with a reducer to change the direction of rotation, and the traction boost, they are with one belt.

It’s got a Honda engine on it. Can’t say which one, haven’t looked at it yet. I brought it on Friday, unloaded it and haven’t gone near it yet. Tomorrow I’ll walk around and take pictures and add to it.

Well if you do not f@!#% OM 220, so you take one off and put the other on Angles and washers to help you, I put a Lifan f190 on it.

You can install any engine, it’s just not always feasible. If you need to work with the attachment, the more cubic capacity of the motor, the better (this applies to any work equipment) power is not always an indicator.

Salute will go to my father only with the cutters. I will try to attach it to my mb1.

I regularly changed the motors on my power tillers.At first I installed a 4hp Italian motor from Tecums instead of the native and nondurable 2-horsepower engine on my mole cultivator. с.Then finally the Brigs and Stratton 5.5 horsepower engine was bought and installed.And the question of a power tiller was closed.

At first I had a Tecum’s engine with 4 horsepower, and then I put a Taiwanese-made Honda engine with a capacity of 5.5 horsepower.Honda engine has worked without problems from 2003 to 2016, although it and tortured the cultivation, and then plowing, and transportation of wood weighing up to 600 pounds!Then they just changed the oil seals and piston rings and the cylinder and piston were worn out!

A 12-horsepower diesel engine was recently installed on a LANDER single-axle tractor.And the interesting thing is that if before the spring. summer. fall season I had gone on three. four canisters of gasoline AI. 92, when working with a gasoline motor capacity of 6.5 horsepower, but now I left only. only twenty liters of diesel.I recommend economical diesel engines!The economy of fuel is available)))

Hinged equipment for Salyut-100 power tiller

For “Salyut-100” power tillers, our company produces the whole list of attached and trailed equipment. But thanks to its versatility, this machine can use any other manufacturer’s equipment with equal success.

For ease of consideration, let’s divide the equipment into groups, according to the type of attachment:

  • Cutters are used for cultivation of the soil.
  • Metal wheels with grousers are used when working with a plough. There are three diameters of wheels for plowing, it allows working in different periods of vegetation.
  • Weight extenders are used to increase the weight of a power tiller when it is needed.
  • Pneumatic wheels can be used practically with any equipment.
  • Harrow, plow. used for loosening and plowing the soil.
  • Disc and wing share tillers are used for tilling row crops.
  • Fan spudder
  • Single-row hinged potato planter. serves to mechanize the process of planting potatoes.
  • Adapters and transport carts. transporting loads weighing up to 350 kg. Adapters are used in conjunction with plow, dipter, rake.

single, axle, tractor, salyut

On gearbox axle and on coupling bracket.

Mounted on a bracket or hitch with a PTO:

  • Rotary mower for making hay and shredder for mowing lawns.
  • Utility brush.
  • Snowplow.
  • Potato digger vibrating. removes root crops from the ground by sifting the soil through a vibrating grid.
  • Pump for pumping water.
  • Root chopper.

Honda GC-190 Salut single axle tractor, the second most popular product of the company

The machine is an excellent choice for those who have small household plots and need a multifunctional helper that can withstand considerable loads. The main “highlight” in a power tiller is the Honda GC 190 engine.

The construction of this part consists of light mechanical elements and reflects the latest developments of Japanese experts. As a result, the novelty pleases with low fuel consumption, maximum environmental friendliness, quietness and single-sided cylinder. Technical characteristics of the model:

  • Power. 5,5. 6,0 liters.с.;
  • Capacity of the fuel tank. 1.8 liters;
  • Type of clutch. belt;
  • The volume of the engine. 33cm3;
  • Type of gearbox. pinion;
  • Weight. 75 kg.

The Salyut 5: a series of noteworthy models

The above versions of the devices are distinctive and most popular. Representatives of the Salyut 5 series are somewhat inferior to them in prevalence, but not at all in functionality. Before considering the specifics of each object, we should familiarize ourselves with the general advantages of all representatives of the group.

  • Multifunctionality;
  • Significant cutter width;
  • Compactness and relative lightness;
  • Adjustable steering wheel;
  • Solid rubberized plan wheels;
  • Possibility to control transmission and gearbox by steering wheel;
  • Vibration reduction through handles;
  • The presence of two belts that increase the power of the unit;
  • Equipped with a loose pulley.
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Many years of machine use by satisfied owners is clear proof that the positive qualities are true.

Description and principle of operation

The single-axle tractor “Salut” is a universal device designed for tillage and irrigation, fodder preparation, harvesting, snow removal and transportation of small-sized cargo. The manufacturer produces it in several modifications. Weight of the equipment (depending on model) can be from 72 to 82 kg, volume of fuel tank. 3.6 liters, reaches a top speed of 8.8 km/h. The size of power tillers (length, width and height). 860×530×820 mm and 1350×600×1100 mm. Thanks to this device, it is possible to cultivate areas of land with a width of up to 0.88 m, but the tillage depth is less than 0 m.3 м.

The engine of the “Salut” power tiller works on gasoline, it is single-cylinder and weighs 16.1 kg. Fuel consumption can be from 1.5 to 1.7 l/h. Engine power. 6.5 hp, its working volume. 196 square centimeters. Engine shaft speed. 3600 rpm. Thanks to these features, the machine is characterized by good performance. As for the construction of the device, it consists of:

  • engine;
  • metal frame;
  • clutch drive;
  • steering column;
  • gas tank;
  • pneumatic tire;
  • shaft;
  • pinion gearbox.

The tillage principle is straightforward. Torque is transmitted from the engine to the gearbox by belt transmission. The gearbox sets the speed and direction (backwards or forwards). The gearbox then drives the wheels. The clutch system includes two transfer belts, a return mechanism, a traction control lever, and a tension pulley. A pulley is responsible for drive belts and connection of additional mechanisms.

The power tiller is controlled by a special handle, which has a switch for forward and reverse speeds. The coulter is an important part of a walking tractor, it is mounted on the frame and has functions that “force” the tillers into the ground.

To install towable mechanisms on the block, special attachments are used.

Design and principle of operation

The design of an engine-powered tractor is shown in the schemes.

wheel, 2. handle, 3. engine, 4. fuel tank, 5. cover of V-belt transmission, 6. rack handle, 7. gear shift lever, 8. handlebar post, 9. clamp for fixing the handles of the motoblock, 10. control arms of the power tiller, 11. pin, 12. shackle, 13. coulter bar, 14. bolt m10 with a hole, 15. nut m10, 16. clamp, 17. clamp, 18. coulter holder, 19. axle, 20. clamp (scheme 1).

throttle control lever, 2. fuel tank, 3. fuel cock, 4. gearbox of the power tiller, 5. axle, 6. wheel, 7. clutch control lever, 8. clutch control cable, 9. throttle control cable, 10. shield (scheme 2).

There are also packages of units with a starter (scheme 3). There are several types: spring and electric. Spring starter. easy to install, quickly starts the engine, its spring works on a semi-automatic, it accelerates the motor. Electric starter is powered from the battery, and this is what determines the starter power and durability.

To make it easier to pass turns with a motor-block, manufacturers also install a differential, the principle of its work is that it distributes the power between the wheels of the unit. Since the wheel that is on the outer arc of the turn path travels a longer distance than the wheel on the inner arc, the rotation must be faster. Otherwise it will cause slipping of the machine. The diagram shows the axle with a differential mounted on it (diagram 4).

The principle of operation is to transfer torque from the engine to the chassis. In addition, it is possible to start rotating attachments on the attached landing. Steering is by means of handles on which throttle, clutch and gearshift levers are mounted.

Technical Data

Brand: Salut
Loosening width: Over 60 cm
Loosening depth: Above 20 cm
Engine output: Briggs Stratton
Working volume of cylinder, cm 205
Rated power at operating speed, kW/(rpm): 4,8 / 3600
Fuel tank capacity, l: 3,8
Type of transmission (gearbox): Mechanical (pinion)
Transmission, forward movement (number of speeds): 4
Transmission, reverse (number of speeds): 2
Cultivator Type: Attachments (plow, tip-up, tiller, snow blade, pumping device, etc.).д.)
Number of mills: 6
Cutter diameter, cm: 32
Drive wheels: Check out
Adjustable handle: Check out
Wheel diameter, mm/inch: 400 / 15
Weight, kg: 98
Working width, cm: 30 / 60 / 98
Working depth (max.), cm: 25
Type: Petrol
Warranty: 1 year
Country of manufacture: Russia / PRC

Job features

This technique is suitable for the following works:

  • soil cultivation;
  • plowing the ground;
  • furrow formation;
  • loosening and harrowing;
  • grass mowing;
  • cleaning garden paths;
  • Plowing, planting and harvesting;
  • pumping water;
  • hauling loads;
  • clearing the area of snow.

In order to plow cellular land with this model of power tiller, a few guidelines must be followed:

  • Topsoil crust should be removed at minimum speed. So the sod leaves the seedbed together with the crust.
  • To raise the lumps on the surface it is necessary to shift to the first gear at medium rpm.
  • You need to reverse the direction of the dipstick when working in several passes, or you can use it for more than one pass. Recommended to work on dry land.

Power tillers Salyut. Tips for Selecting, Operating, Repairing and Adjusting

What engine is installed on the model Salut 100 L-6,5 and what its specifications?

The 168F-2 LF Horizontal engine, built in China. Gasoline type, carburetor, 4-stroke, 169cc cylinder volume. see. Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 liters. Engine oil volume 0.6 liter.

My question is, last year I drove the Salut single axle tractor. Now I am getting ready for the season and changing oil in gearbox. Included special dipstick, so it does not fit the entire length, but about 140 mm, the dipstick itself 190 mm, so should be or I do not shove it all the way? Rear gear is engaged.

It fits in there, you just need a little help. Inclined enters. And why do you need this dipstick, if the manual should fill 1.1 liter of TAD 17. That’s how much to fill it up and work your way up. You don’t have leaking oil seals? So the oil will not go anywhere.

What power is declared by the manufacturer of power tillers Salyut 100HS-01 with engine Hwasdan H170F?

Please advise which turning radius has the model 100 BC-6,5?

The turning radius on this machine is 1.5 meters.

What oil do you recommend to put in the gearbox??

Gear oil 80W-90.

I have recently bought a Salyut Agat. According to the figure made a dipstick to check the oil level in the gearbox. I managed to get it all the way down and there was no oil. I poured 0.5 liter of TAD-17, the level was 2 cm below the top mark and about the level of the gearshift lever shaft. There are doubts. It turns out that the bottom gear completely drowns in oil, I think that is not quite right for the work of the gearbox?

To be sure, it would be better to drain all oil (there is a plastic plug at the bottom) and pour 1.1 liter according to the instruction, and then you won’t need a dipstick.

What belt size for the Salyut 100??

Belt marking for your equipment A1120.

What trailer to buy for the Salyut 100 l 6.5?

We can recommend the trailer motor-block PM-04 with 120x115cm body.

What kind of mower to use for the model Salyut 100 with a Honda gx 200 engine? Will the rotary mower Zarya for this technique?

Yes, it will fit. Working width 800 mm. Cutting height up to 1000 mm.

Please tell me what are the main characteristics of the Honda GX 200 engine?

Cylinder volume 196 cc. cm. Fuel tank capacity of 3.1 liter. Oil volume 0,6 l.

Tell me, I have a model 5 BC-1 (engine Briggs Stratton), worked fine. Started the engine yesterday and rpm starts fluctuating at idle, but it is alright at high speed. Tell us what is the reason? Cleaned the filter regularly.

I had the same problem with the same engine and fixed it with carburetor cleaner.

How to install on the Moto-Block 100 K-M1 tillers?

Cutters-cultivators are installed on the right and left gearboxes in accordance with the instruction manual, because they have right and left versions.

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What to choose a potato harvester for the model 100 hvs 01?

The following potato diggers are suitable: KKM-1, KKM-3, Poltavchanka.

What wheels should I choose for plowing for the Salyut 5BS power tiller??

Wheels universal KUM C 540 x 90mm for 2-row plowing.

What kind of mounted implements are installed on the trailed bracket through the universal hitch?

You can attach plows, harrow, two-row or disc dipstick to the trailing bracket. Also suitable vegetable plough, one-row hinged potato planter, transport carts, adapters with and without body.

Single axle tractor Salyut (Lifan 100 engine) started working badly. Seems to pick up revs, then shut off and pick up again. Doesn’t stall. But with jerks, high and stable (revs dropped, then picked up again). I put a fine filter myself. Maybe it? Or a candle? Dismantle the carburetor and blow out the jets?

I had about the same thing (BS engine), disassembled blew it out, nothing helped. The engine has been idle for two years and a week ago, without removing the carburetor, I sprayed a cleaner on the running engine into the water intake and into all available carb holes. It took a while but it worked and the engine stopped sneezing and is running again. You could take off the carburetor and clean all the passages and then blow out with a compressor.

I have a single axle tractor Salut, gearbox oil filler cap has a breather plug (hole about a millimeter in the center). So all of a sudden during winter downtime from all of a sudden oil started leaking from there, then the oil was drained and poured a new one polognye 1.1 liter. Oil is also leaking through the breather when idling horizontally. I am assuming that after filling it up there was an overflow. Could you advise how much oil should be in the gearbox for normal operation at the bottom edge of the filler neck (it is located on the side)? And the breather in the fill cap should be open and there should be no diaphragm?

Or you had severe temperature fluctuations in the winter, which caused a lot of condensation, and the oil started to press through the top plug. Or again, overfilling. I would drain everything if I were you. Just left it overnight with the plug unscrewed. And filled it up with fresh oil.

Can you tell me please what technical specifications have the Honda GC-190 engine?

GC-190 Honda (Japan). Gasoline, carburetor, 4-stroke. Cylinder volume 187cc. See. Fuel tank capacity 1.8 l. Oil volume 0.58 liter.

What kind of clutch mechanism is used on Salut 5 X-190 models?

Clutch is mechanical, due to belt tension of the V-belt transmission. Consists of a V-belt, tension pulley with lever, return spring, rod, and control lever located on the steering wheel.

Which clutch is right for your Salut 5BS??

It is recommended to use a universal hitch, which allows you to adjust the attached implements in three planes.

What oil to choose for a Honda GX 200 engine?

What are the track dimensions for a 100L-6,5L powerpack with Lifan 168F-2 engine? What width does it have?

Varying track variable stepper adjustable. Track width 260 mm, with extensions 540 mm.

What steering device does this technique have??

A boom steering device is installed.

Tell me what type of clutch on the Salut 100 HS-01?

The clutch has a V-belt transmission with a tension pulley.

Gearbox is mechanical, pinion type. Gearbox oil volume is 1.1 liters.

What kind of adapter with a handlebar for the Salyut?

Will the front adapter of the brand 01 or 02 Salyut work?

What are the working parameters of the engine of a Salyut 100 BS-6,5?

The engine of these models has the following parameters. Model 130G I/C 6,5 Briggs Stratton (USA), gasoline, carburetor, 4-stroke. Cylinder capacity 208cc. see. Tank capacity of 2.8 liters. Engine oil volume 0.6 l.

What oil is recommended for the Salyut 6 single axle tractor?5 л?

What rotary mower will be compatible with the Salyut 100 xvs 100?

Which one should I get for my 5 BS power tiller??

Pay attention to CS: GO-1 and KSM-1 potato planters.

What kind of engine is equipped with a single-axle tractor Salyut-Agat 5??

A gasoline four-stroke motor GX 200 Honda (Japan) is installed.

What size wheels for the model 100 L-6,5?

There are 39-41 cm pneumatic wheels on this machine.

Please advise what characteristics have cutters for power tillers Salyut 100 L-6,5 with the engine Lifan 168F-2?

Diameter of rotary tillers 31 cm. Number of tillers 4 (can be increased up to 6 or decreased down to 2). Number of blades on the cutter. 4. Speed of rotation 20-130 rpm.

What engine is installed on the model 100 HWS-01?

This machine is equipped with a gasoline engine Hwasdan H170F.

Tell me which oil to fill in the engine Lifan 168 capacity of 6.5 liters.с?

Which bogie will fit for Salut 100 (Lifan 6 engine)?5)?

Trailer dolly can be used for brand TP-1500.

This machine has a working width of 90 cm. 6 cutters; 60 cm. 4 cutters; 35 cm. 2 cutters. Plowing depth 25 cm.

What are the dimensions of the singleaxle tractor Salyut 100 R-M1?

Overall dimensions: Length 1510 mm. Width 620 mm. Height 1335 mm.

What kind of equipment can be installed on the gearbox axle of Salut 100 BC-6,5 with Briggs Stratton I/C 6,5 hp engine.с.?

Wheels and tines, share opener, tines, wheels for ditching and weights are installed.

Please tell me the characteristics of the engine Hwasdan H170F?

Made in China. Engine type gasoline, carburetor, 4-stroke. Cylinder capacity 208cc. see. Fuel tank capacity of 3.6 liters. Oil volume 0,6 liters.

Please tell me which running gear system is used on the power tiller Salyut 100 HWS-01?

New Holland T5 engine oil, hub oil and front axle oil change

Travel system single axle, 2×2 wheel arrangement.

I am interested in the characteristics of the engine of a Salyut 100 R-M1 power tiller. What model, manufacturer?

This unit is equipped with a EX 17 Robin SUBARU engine (Japan). Gasoline type, carburetor, 4-stroke. The volume of the cylinder 169 cc. see. Fuel Tank Capacity 3,6L. Oil volume 0,8 l.

What is the power of a Salyut engine with Honda engine?

Please tell me what the speed settings of power tillers Salyut Agat 5 with the engine Honda GX 200 6,5 l.с.?

Forward speed: I. 2.8/6.3; II. 3.5/7.8 km / h (3600 rpm). Forward speed in reverse: 2,0/2,5 km/hour (3600 rpm).

Please tell me how many speeds a 100 L-6,5 Salyut??

Speeds: 4 forward/2 reverse (2/1 in 2 ranges).

What engines can be installed with the power units Salyut 100 R-M1?

There is a gasoline 4-stroke motor 265 Courage SH Kohler (USA) / Lombardini assembly on this unit.

Tell me who is the manufacturer of the 100 KHS-01?

What kind of gearbox is supplied with the Salut 5 X-190 with a Honda GC-190 6.0 liter engine?с?

Gearbox. mechanical, pinion-chained, oil-filled (1.1 liters) in the aluminum housing. Gearbox provides 2 forward and 1 reverse gear. Gears are shifted with the crank on the gearbox.

What to buy an adapter for power tiller Salyut?

The PNO-1 rear adapter is compatible with this model.

When loading the motorblock, tilt it 90 degrees to the left, toward the pulleys for 3-4 seconds. Then it was parked horizontally for 12 hours. After checking the filter and under the filter, all dry, no traces of oil. Carefully, slowly, turned the crankshaft a couple of times by the pulley, then slowly by the rope turned a dozen revolutions with the ignition off and shut off the gasoline, plug is not turned out. Is this enough to be sure the engine is working, or is there something else to do??

2010 Mack CXU612 Single Axle Tractor Truck

If everything is dry under the filter and the crankshaft turns easily, then there is no cause for concern, everything is fine with the engine.

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