single axle tractor okka or neva what is better

Distinctive features

Motoblocs of the manufacturers under consideration differ primarily by design features. Most Neva power tillers are equipped with belt drive, which is somewhat inferior to gear-type counterparts in terms of reliability and performance. Popular motorized units manufactured by Ugra use gear motor.

The Neva models have a relatively small plowing depth, up to 20 cm. The Ugra machines have a depth of up to 32 cm, which extends the possibilities of use. However, the Neva units have a sufficiently large width of coverage. up to 170 cm. In Ugra units, this parameter is much lower. about 90 cm.

Technology of both brands can operate with almost any kind of attachments. But, in this regard, the Ugra machines have more opportunities, thanks to being equipped with two BOM. This allows the use of more implements for tillage at the same time. Almost all the Neva models have only one BOM.

Обзор и отзыв о мотоблоках Ока и Нева после 5 лет эксплуатации.

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Neva motoblocs are considered more versatile machines. For example, MB-23 model can be used even for milling hard soil, including virgin land. A wide range of spare parts is available, which excludes repair problems.

Какой мотоблок лучше? 8 или 9? Which walk-behind tractor is better? 8 or 9?

The machines made by Ugra are lightweight, maneuverable and economical. Allow you to adjust the steering column, which increases the ease of use. functionality thanks to the two BOM’s.

The device.

Single axle tractor is an internal combustion engine that is attached to the frame. The engine can be either gasoline or diesel. The engine shaft rotates the power take-off shaft through the transmission.

How to determine which power tillers are the best and most reliable??

Gasoline engines

Now most of them have a four-stroke engine. It’s much more powerful than a two-stroke. Power is an important characteristic of a power tiller, because it influences the output and the extent to which a single axle tractor can cope.

  • If you only have 6 to 10 acres of land, you are better off with a single-axle tractor with 6 hp.с.
  • If the plot is large, take a tractor with a capacity of 8-9 liters.с. Choose your engine with care so you have a bit of extra power left over. That way you get a longer life.

Diesel engines

Also powerful, but economical enough. If we talk about what motoblocs are the best and most reliable for large amounts of work, the diesel engines are ideal for this.

Let’s see how to calculate the power of the engine for a particular width of cultivation. Requires 1 liter power to cut 20 cm.с. Appropriately for 80 cm at least 4 l.с. And add to this a reserve of about 1 l.с. almost all modern manufacturers produce balanced models.


The service life and reliability of your power tiller depends on the type of clutch and gearbox. Let’s consider the main types of transmission:

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The belt drive. the gear reducer

Advantages in ease of use and maintenance, as well as low consumables costs. If the belt breaks or slips, other parts remain undamaged. Such gearbox is reliable and durable. The Neva gardeners’ blocks have this type of transmission.

Belt transmission. chain reducer

low price gearbox is inferior in terms of durability to gearbox. A frequent phenomenon. chain breakage. This gearbox is suitable for owners of small plots. Such simple and affordable motor blocks have the following manufacturers: Oka, Patriot, Maksut, etc.

Disc Gear. Gearbox

This is the most expensive of all possible variants, but it serves for a long time and is very reliable. If a single-axle tractor is planned for really heavy loads, it is worth buying it. It has the higher torque plus no chance of belt buckling.

This machine has an auxiliary PTO, which means you can also use attachments.


I use it to make a single-axle tractor easier to maneuver. You can thus block the wheel or change the speed at which it rotates. This makes it easy to turn the machine. It is used on such power tillers as Oka, Neva, Ugra and others.

The number of speeds and the quality of gearbox are important indicators when choosing a power tiller. On average, you should have at least one forward and one backward speed.

single, axle, tractor, okka

What single axle tractor is better to buy in 2021: top 10 models

With the help of a power tiller you can significantly speed up and facilitate many time-consuming works on the homestead and farm plot. There are many attachments for this mobile mechanism, including brushes, rotary mowers, snowplows. That’s why the possibilities of a power tiller are wide: from land cultivation to territory cleaning and cargo transportation.

Manufacturers offer a huge number of models, it is sometimes extremely difficult to choose a decent unit among them. We offer an overview of the best power tillers, which users have described as reliable, high quality and durable.

Which single-axle tractor is better: okka or neva, the most reliable, for processing land plots, reviews, diesel, gasoline. Special Machinery Info

With the arrival of spring, agricultural work begins, as well as work on dacha plots. A serious help in this is provided by power tillers for the garden and vegetable garden. They can be used to plant, harvest and plow in an order of magnitude faster.

Manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of equipment, which is versatile. This article will help you understand which power tillers are the best and most reliable. If you have chosen a cultivator, read the article: What cultivator to choose for country houses? Let us help you choose

What gasoline to use

In order for a purchased gasoline power tiller to serve for a long time, its operation should begin with the study of the manual and the correct run-in. Violation of the rules of operation of motorcycles can provoke a number of serious problems and even take out the main mechanism. the engine.

First of all, you must know what kind of fuel you should use. For air-cooled four-stroke engines, experts recommend using 92 octane gasoline. They are not designed for work with gasoline AI95 and AI98, because these types of fuel contain additives, destructive to the piston system and engine valves, leading to damage. Secondly, you should only use fresh gasoline that has not exceeded 30 days shelf life.

Вот это да! ТРАКТОРЕНОК за 24.990!!!

Improper operation of a gasoline engine results in reduced power, accelerated wear and tear and destruction. So it is very important to follow the rules of motorcycles, and then it will qualitatively perform its functions and flawlessly serve its owner for many years.

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single axle tractor oka or neva which is better

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Neva is too light for a plow, or you need to put extra loads on it. My neighbor does, but I don’t like this kind of plowing: the regular plow plows shallowly and if it’s remade like a horse plow, it’s hard for the block. For plowing, you need a heavier and more powerful unit, weighing about or more than 200kg, in this case diesel Chinese in the range. I have an Agro, not a bad machine, but I don’t plow with it, I use less power. Although it’s very nice for plowing.

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Salutes are fully made in China now. And I think we can forget about his legendary gearbox. I was told in the shop that if the wheels or cutters bump into a root, they might shear off the teeth and change the gearbox. But the Oka will simply turn the belt t.е. kind of protection. But the belts often fly but it’s a penny thing. You can buy as a reserve.

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For three years I’ve been using the Salut 100, which is assembled in China

Works all year round. cart. I do not plow with a snowplow. I really don’t plow. Not the right area

I made a tipper to it, mostly for gravel and sand. It can carry 800 kg

Keeps it outside all year round. without any shelters. always starts

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We also plant about 8 acres of potatoes, but we plow with a tractor for the money.Buying a power till hangs in the air, not yet decided in the absolute necessity of it.And the dump truck in the picture is great, I could also use one.

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I’ve been plowing with Oka MB 1 (Kaluga engine) for 5 years. The first time was hard. But all comes with experience. I plow on the iron wheels. The wheel that goes along the furrow on the extension. second one without. This is the most normal version, in which the single-axle tractor when plowing goes straight and does not twist arms. A regular plow from a power tiller. I also hang a weight on the front pin weighing about 25kg. The garden of 5 acres. I only plow in the spring and fall.Yes, and the plow hangs off center. and shift to the furrow one hole to the right.

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I use Ugra NMB with a Chinese engine 6.5 l / s. Since 2010, and up and down, a full load, all helps.Salute, Oka, Lander, Ugra, all are lightweight tillage machines for full-value land within 15-20 acres.You can turn around on the spot in cramped conditions.If the land more, it is worth looking at the MTZ, Agros or Chinese counterparts.But there is already a line with the minitractor). Yes, I will also add that the lightweight motor blocks should look with hex shafts, more reliability and the seat of the schlint is not as breaks and does not twist.

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Yesterday in a nearby village I saw a man on a mini-tractor to cultivate the garden. I stopped and asked, it turned out to be a Chinese tractor with the proud name of “Stavropolets. Bought it myself recently, so far says fine, plowing, cultivating. I bought it for 140,000 with a milling machine and a plow.On the internet reviews only sellers, I wonder if this is a normal machine or a so-so machine?

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Agat single axle tractor

The producer of Agat is Russian company GMZ “Agat”, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. The main specialization of the plant since its opening have been units for various models of military aircraft engines.

Agat single-axle tractor

Beginning in 2002, the company expanded its range by getting a request to produce power tillers for “Salyut” brand. Another ten years passed and the plant decided to create its own brand “Agat”, producing a line of power tillers, made with the use of innovative technologies on modern high-precision equipment.

Mounted equipment.

What functions a single-axle tractor can perform depends on the attachment. Let’s break down which power tillers are the best and most reliable:


They always come in a set, since they are the main working tool for loosening and digging up plants.


Needed for mounting attachments. For example, an ogee, a plow, or a frame.


Designed for ridging beds and making furrows. We advise to buy a disc coulter, because it is more efficient.

Can be used to hang several rows of plows or planes and has a distance adjustment feature.


Act as wheels for transportation.


Other types of attachments can also include: snow blower, rotary mower, potato planter and.digger, bucket blade, cleaning brush.

CAIMAN VARIO 60S TWK single axle tractor

This single-axle tractor is equipped with three wheels, which gives it additional stability, and a Japanese high-quality Subaru engine with a service life of more than 2500 hours. It can easily handle virgin soil, thanks to its weight of 70 kg. Such weight does not affect maneuverability of the device.

  • speed. 9 km/h;
  • engine power. 6 horsepower;
  • belt clutch;
  • chain gear;
  • the power take-off system;. the belt clutch.

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