Setting up the Bosch therm 2000 gas boiler

Advantages and disadvantages

Bosch gas appliances have the following advantages:

  • long service life. the devices of this manufacturer work smoothly for many years;
  • excellent simplified functionality, which pleases consumers;
  • a huge range of models. among the range you can find both simple and advanced models; a considerable number of variants and subspecies of Bosch devices allows you to choose the most suitable model for home use, installation in the office or indoor installation in production;
  • Excellent security system, in addition, competent control of the removal of combustion products;
  • temperature control, as well as the auto-system operation of the entire device.

Bosch units have disadvantages such as:

How to set the gas boiler Bosch

Europe’s largest manufacturer of high-tech equipment Bosch supplies to our market, including gas heaters. Let’s consider the features of these water heaters, and the main issues of choosing the appropriate gas water heater.

Conventional design of the Bosch gas boiler

Flow-through gas water heater consists of a burner and a heat exchanger installed in the combustion chamber. This basic unit is completed by safety sensors:. combustion. gas temperature. water temperature,

whose task is to shut off the heater when it exceeds the set limits, so as not to burn, or shut off the gas supply when the combustion ceases.

There is also an electronic control unit, the ignition system (can be of different types), connections All fits compactly into an elegant housing, which is hung on the wall.

Models with an open and closed combustion chamber

  • With an open combustion chamber, working on a high chimney with natural draught;
  • or with a closed chamber, working under forced draught with a fan, equipped with an air intake through a caoxial chimney.

They can only be installed in a room that has a normal air intake and a proper chimney. Т.е. Not everywhere, in most apartments, you simply can not put them, because it is not allowed to release smoke into the exhaust ventilation.

The latter, independent of air supply and the presence of a special chimney, can be installed almost everywhere by the gas project.

But in the range of firms, according to demand, only one or two models with closed chamber, more expensive. The rest. with an atmospheric burner for homes under the chimney. Not an exception and Bosch, presenting now one turbine gas boiler with the marking. WT 13AM1E.

Different ignition system

One of the difficult issues of creating a household gas equipment, is how to ignite the flame. Bosch has presented all kinds of ignitions in its models, because there is still no consensus on the best one.

  • Pilot burner in the unit performs the softest, silent start-up, but who would like the constant flow of gas.
  • Piezo ignition can be from the mains, batteries or water turbine, but when you start it pops. Hard start with a delay (gas quality) some people think. now how it will burst.

For example, a model of gas water heater, budget and very popular Bosch W 10 KB, equipped with a battery ignition, it is often called by consumers the best. no dependence on electricity or water pressure. But a powerful and sophisticated water heater Bosch WRD 15-2 G is started by a hydraulic turbine.

The main issue of the choice. the performance of the Bosch gas water heater

The most important issue when choosing a gas water heater. its performance. Bosch for domestic use offers capacities of 10. 18 liters per minute at capacities from 17 to 28 kW, respectively.

Performance is indicated in the labeling of the models as a number, for example, today’s range of water heaters Bosch. WR 10, WR 13, WR 15, with the addition of these basic codes of different letters, indicating additional functions.

For example, in the photo Bosch WR 10-2P. a popular inexpensive model.

When selecting Bosch units, the following criteria should be taken into account

  • Capacity 10 l/min. the speaker is designed for one tap of hot water, whether it’s a shower or a sink, but together they can not work any more
  • 13 l / min. enough hot water for two taps running in parallel at a nominal water pressure of 1. 3 atm.
  • To fill comfortably a bathtub, or a large tub, or to give water to 3 parallel taps, you need to choose units with a declared capacity of 15. 18 l / min and a power of over 25 kW.

Pressure stability and performance of the gas water heater

The work of absolutely any gas water heaters may seem poor because of the fact that the water temperature at the outlet changes rapidly. But this is a peculiarity of any flowers, working in the heat exchanger-cock system, where there is a pulsation of initial pressure.

Partially correct the situation by introducing a pressure-reducer in the scheme of the stabilizer, as well as after it. a hydroaccumulator with a pre-pumping atm less than 0.2 bar than the nominal pressure in the system.

The second technical method, aimed at maintaining a stable outlet temperature at varying pressures is the modulating burner, t.е. burner with variable output, adjusted to the amount of water flowing through, so that only the set water temperature is produced, e.g. 40 degrees.

Almost all models of Bosch gas water heaters are equipped with a modulating burner. Only, perhaps, the cheapest and low-power may be with manual power setting. you should pay attention to this when choosing equipment.

At what water pressure gas heaters Bosch work

The Bosch water heaters under consideration are capable of operating at a minimum water pressure of 0.1 atm. Maximum. withstanding pressure. up to 13 atm. Nominal working pressure. 1.0. 3.0 atm.

setting, bosch, therm, 2000, boiler

If the pressure is higher than the nominal, it is necessary to install a hydro reducer, otherwise the column will not have time to heat water.

Choose the European level of quality gas water heater Bosch is not so difficult It remains only necessary to stock up on the project and approvals Self-installation of such equipment is not allowed.

Mom had a gas water heater installed a week ago but she does not use it. She does not know how to turn on, and the instruction is somewhere put and can not find. In the evening I will go to her, so help is needed, advise how to turn on the gas boiler Bosch WR 10 2P?

The manual for the boiler Bosch WR 10 2P states that the first start should be made by those who installed the boiler, but if you decide to do it yourself, then follow this order:

  • Release the button on the power regulator and, moving the slider to the left or right, set the desired power.
  • Adjust the water supply with the appropriate regulator.

When you first approach this column, it is not really clear how to start it, but then these actions to automatism pass. So, remember the sequence of operations:

  • The regulator is in the “off” position on the far left, you must move it to the right.
  • When the regulator reaches the “Piezo ignition” position, the spark symbol on the housing and the vertical pushbuttons will be aligned.
  • Now it is possible to press the button, but you have to do it this way, press it with your fingers inside and immediately press the piezo switch, you will hear clicks, it is the piezo element will work.
  • Look at the flame, it should be a small candle glow, this is the ignition flame, you have to keep it for about 10 seconds. In this time interval the flame sometimes goes out, so you must keep an eye on it, and if it goes out, then repeat the action. The flame goes out due to air accumulation in the gas pipe, so do not be alarmed, it (air) just needs to be removed from there.
  • If the flame does not go out, then set the power to the desired one, to do this move the lever to the right, respectively the gas supply increases.
  • Now the flame will burn constantly with the value that is set, but if you turn on the tap with hot water, the heater automatically begins to heat water.
  • It is turned off simply, you must move the slider to the left as far as possible, thus the gas supply is cut off and the flame goes out.

Thanks to a wide range of functions and high quality, the Bosch gas boiler is very popular all over the world. With the help of this unit you can create an autonomous hot water supply in an apartment, a private cottage or a holiday home. The market presents a large abundance of models of this brand, among which an ordinary buyer can get confused and buy a gas water heater Bosch, unsuitable for certain conditions. To avoid such a situation, you should study in detail the principle of operation of water heaters, characteristics and varieties.

Features of the setting of different models of water heaters

On sale there are gas heaters with different characteristics and features.

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Some models are equipped with a “winter-summer” mode In winter, the temperature regulator is set to the maximum position. In summer, the incoming water is warmer, so the knob is shifted to minimum.

Automatic water heaters are equipped with a self-diagnostic system. If there is not enough pressure or there is a malfunction, the operation of the device is blocked.Please note! If you were not able to adjust the optimal mode yourself, call a specialist service center.

Setting the water heater Neva

The control panel of the domestic gas water heater Neva is very simple. The right handle serves to set the water flow, and the left handle. for gas. You can adjust the water temperature using both knobs.

If the left knob is set to “maximum flow”, the device will consume a lot of gas and the water will become hot. The right handle works the same way. if you set it to maximum, the water flow will increase, but it will not have time to heat up much.

Adjust both knobs according to need. Adjust the pressure with the right handle and the temperature with the left handle.Notice! The Neva water heater has a feature: if you set the water supply to maximum, and gas to minimum and vice versa, the device will shut off. To restart it is required to close the hot water tap and then open it again. Gas water heater Neva is quite common and is considered optimal in terms of price and quality.

Proper adjustment of any water heater will not only significantly save money, but also allow you to use it with comfort. The water heater will last for many years and will not shut down at the most inopportune moment.

Signs of a clogged gas water heater

The need for cleaning a Bosch flow-through gas water heater is determined by a decrease in the performance of the device.

  • The water heater simply will not start;
  • it turns on, but does not work long and turns off on its own, and there is no lack of water and gas;
  • the heater heats properly, but the water heats noticeably worse than before; at the output of the heater it is weaker than at the input of the heat exchanger
  • frequent actuation of the overheat sensor, although the water heater operates at an average load.

Ignitor nozzle clogging. It is impossible or complicated to ignite the heater, if the igniter plug is clogged, and therefore the device ignites the fuel with a delay. with a characteristic pop. A sign of a clogged ignitor is a weak yellow wick flame, although it should be blue.

Soot in the chimney. If the burner lights up, but extinguishes almost immediately after ignition. the flue duct of the water heater is dirty. The chimney’s permeability is significantly reduced due to soot and smoke deposits accumulated over the years of using the heater. However, the chimney of boilers in apartments is more often polluted by flying debris.

Low air flow. For a natural draught, even in a small gas water heater requires air supply. And modern homes are equipped with airtight window and interior door units.

Ventilation valves built into window frames, wall inlets, and ventilation grills in interior doors can solve the problem of insufficient draft.

Scale build up in the heat exchanger. Insufficient heating of the water in the gas-flowing heater causes the reduced cross-section of the heat exchanger tube caused by a layer of scale. And the more scale builds up, the lower the water pressure after heating up in the heater against the normal pressure at the inlet to the heater.

Fouling of the heat exchanger with soot. The greatest amount of soot accumulates in the central part of the finned heat exchanger, transferring heat to flowing water and contributing to overheating the sides of the heat exchanger unit.

Uneven heating of the heat exchanger causes rapid activation of the overheat sensor. Most often soot contamination of the fins develops in conjunction with a clogged chimney.

Prophylaxis of malfunctions of the gas water heater

In addition to troubleshooting, you need to know how to properly disassemble the gas water heater. These skills are necessary to carry out maintenance with your own hands. For which you need to know not only the components, but also the sequence of actions when disassembling the heater.

Carrying out periodic preventive maintenance throughout the operating life of the gas water heater will contribute to the correct operation.

Annual cleaning is recommended in the technical documentation by the manufacturer. After all, it is the lack of cleaning during prolonged use that can lead to all of the above-mentioned problems.

Water-heating equipment, produced under the brand name Bossh, is a stable leader in the domestic market of gas water heaters. To choose the optimal performance and functionality of the model, you should pay attention to the most basic characteristics of the equipment, represented by the power, the diameter of the chimney system, the type features of the chamber and the way of ignition.

Therm 2000 O series

Parameters and characteristics Therm 2000 O Series Performance
Model range
Efficiency (l/min) 10.0
Gas flow (m³/h) 2.1
Water System Pressure (bar) From 0.15
Heat exchanger Copper
Functionality Flame control and overheating prevention sensor
Average ) 8 100-8 400

Therm 4000 O (new)

Parameters and characteristics Performance for series Therm 4000 O (new)
Models range WR10-2P, S5799 and WR13-2P S5799
Flow rate (lpm) 10.0-13.0
Gas flow rate (m³/h) 2.1 и 2.8
Water system pressure (bar) 12.0
Heat exchanger Copper
Functionality Reverse draught sensor, mounting in case of ventilation and smoke exhaust failure
Medium ) 10 100-11 400

Therm 4000 S series

Parameters and characteristics Therm 4000 S Series
Models WTD 12 AM E23, WTD 15 AM E23, and WTD 18 AM E23
Flow rate (lpm) 12.0-18.0
Gas flow rate (m³/h) 2.1
Water pressure (bar) 12.0
Heat exchanger Copper
Functionality Installation without chimney is possible
Medium ) 24 100-27 400

Therm 4000 O series with automatic and piezo ignition

Parameters and characteristics Ratings for the Therm 4000 O series
Models range WR/WRD 10/13/15 with marking 2B (automatic ignition) with marking P (piezo ignition)
Capacity (lpm) 10.0, 13.0 и 15.0
Gas flow (m³/hour) 2.1 и 3.2
Water supply pressure (bar) 12.0
Heat exchanger Copper
Functionality Two types of ignition, limitation of temperature mode of hot water at the outlet; Presence of LCD display and ignition from hydro-generator
Medium ) 20 100-27 400

Therm 6000 S series

Parameters and characteristics Performance of the Therm 6000 S series
Model range WTD 24 AME
Mixture output (lpm) 24.0
Gas consumption (m³/hour) 5.0
Water pressure (bar) 12.0
Heat exchanger Copper
Functionality Modular burner, several protection levels, automatic electric ignition
Medium ) 69 100-70 400

Series Therm 8000 S

Parameters and characteristics Data for Therm 8000 S series
Model range WTD 27 AME
Performance (lpm) 27.0
Gas flow rate (m³/hour) 0.63-5.12
Water system pressure (bar) 12.0
Heat exchanger Copper
Functionality Gas regulating valve, water temperature sensor
Medium ) 74 100-77 400

The main advantage of the brand is considered a trouble-free operation for many years and intuitive control system. Among other things, the Bosch equipment is able to function even in conditions of low water pressure, is notable for its compact size, attractive stylish design, ergonomic design and economic efficiency in operation.

Table: Comparison of models depending on the main technical characteristics and design features

Series Model Features
Therm 2000 O W 10 KB Automatic ignition with battery power
Therm 4000 O WR 10-2P S5799 / WR 13-2P S5799 Piezo ignition and return draft sensor
Therm 4000 O WR 10-2 P / WR 13-2 P / WR 15-2 P Piezo ignition
Therm 4000 O WR 10-2B / WR 13-2B / WR 15-2B Automatic ignition with battery power
Therm 6000 O WRD 10-2 G / WRD 13-2 G / WRD 15-2 G Automatic ignition Nydrorwer
Therm 4000 S WTD 12 AM E23 S5706 / WTD 15 AM E23 S5706 / WTD 18 AM E23 S5706 Closed combustion chamber
Therm 6000 S WTD24 AME Increased capacity and high DHW output
Therm 8000 S WTD27 AME Increased capacity and very high DHW output

Overview of the Bosch Therm 2000 O (W 10 KB)

Dear friends, I would like to present you my review of the Bosch gas water heater. It seems to me that such devices are not bought just because I wanted to upgrade, they are bought when the old one is completely broken. So it happened in my case: One evening of the old column (made by Ladogas) began to make strange noise, and it began to shut off after some time of work. A detailed inspection issued a verdict: burned through the radiator and the flame burst into a place where it should not be, hence the noise and triggering the temperature sensor (turning off the unit). Then there was a lot of thinking about what is better to buy: a new radiator or a new column. Scale tipped in favor of the new speaker due to the unsatisfactory state of the other components of the old column and a small price difference between a radiator and a new speaker (radiator 4000r)., Column with bonuses 6500r.). Choosing a new device was based on the reviews of the owners, but I have to tell you the truth, I have not yet encountered such opposite reviews for any type of household appliances. Almost all more or less popular models have a bunch of positive and simultaneously negative reviews. Here I think it all depends on many factors, including proper installation and water quality. So the choice fell on the unit from the famous company Bosch, model W10 KB.

The gas water heater is shipped in a cardboard packing box. The box is “stitched” with large staples and you can see that it has not been opened. There are two side openings for carrying, it does not weigh much and I carried it to the car without any problems. Inside the box the speaker is protected by foam on the bottom and top, on one of which is the installation kit. It includes an operating and installation manual, installation kit, hot water fitting, gasket and two handles for the regulators. Below is a picture of the packing box and delivery kit:

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The speaker itself looks quite usual and standard for this kind of climate equipment. It has a white metal housing with a Bosch nameplate, an inspection window and two control knobs. Below are pictures of the appearance of this device:

The photo of the speaker from below, on the left you can see the switch of the speaker:

Mounting. If you have any doubts about your abilities to install this appliance, it is better to ask a qualified specialist. Improper connection promises very unpleasant consequences. Well, respectively, before installing you must first remove the old speaker, which was done, I note that when unscrewing the flexible hoses, try to mark them, so that then properly connect and do not forget to turn off before dismantling the supply of cold water and city gas. Next you need to hang the new speaker on the wall, to do this you will need to make two holes in the wall and use the installation kit from the kit. Hanging the unit is very easy on the two hooks. In order to hang it and make the connection you need to remove the white front panel, which fastens with two self-tapping screws at the bottom left and right. The next step is the process of connecting flexible hoses. Here I will say that for a long time I could not figure out how to connect the hot water, t.к. On the pipe from which it comes out there is no thread. The manual doesn’t say a word about it. As a result I understood that it is necessary to put a gasket from the kit on a connector and with effort to insert it into the pipe, and to fix it all with a special locking ring from the kit. Also, I advise you first screw the connector to the hose, and then insert it into the pipe, as.к. It is not convenient to screw it on the already inserted connector. After that you need to connect the chimney, here I used a flexible 3-meter chimney with an inner diameter of 115mm. I attached it to the metal tightening clamps. Well, that’s it, and almost forgot, still need two D-size batteries, because.к. they are not included. Do not be stingy, buy more expensive. After that, open the water and gas taps, open the faucet and “hot water started.

Management of the simplest. The water heater turns on automatically when you open the faucet of hot water, the sufficient pressure head of the column in 0.15 bar. To adjust the heating is the left regulator, it increases the temperature of hot water, the same right is needed to adjust the “economy”. Below is a photo of the control panel of the gas water heater:

The column has two built-in “protections”. This is a temperature sensor of flue gases, whose task is to work in the absence of traction in the chimney and the water temperature sensor, which in turn will not allow the heater to overheat.

The overall impression of using the unit is positive, although it is noticeable that the device is from a budget niche. Yes, it is made in Europe, in Portugal, but the control unit is Chinese, and the whole structure is flimsy. In general, I consider this gas water heater a good buy and recommend everyone to buy.

Review: Gas water heater Bosch 2000 0 w10 kV 23/31. Gas-flowing water heater. hot water at any time of day

Good afternoon!I already wrote a review rarely, and then there was a long break. And all the fault for our protracted repair and move. But it gave me a lot of reasons to write reviews. I wish I had more time. But anyway, I want to start with the flow-through gas water heater Bosch Therm 2000 0 w10 kV 23/31. Before that the apartment was an old appliance, Lvov, or something like that. I, who have never dealt with such devices, was somehow afraid of constantly striking a match, not putting out the wick and all that. In general, we bought a new automatic Bosch Therm 2000.

The wiring went relatively smoothly, because it was done privately. No problems with the installation, the only thing at this point in time in all the stores around the corrugated tube of the correct diameter, and had to chemically) But did as you need to by the instructions.

The speaker itself is pretty small in size. Although. I’ve seen speakers of unknown brands, and narrower, and thinner. But we opted for a proven name and a more “thick-walled” heat exchanger, for which we paid 4000 more. Namely 9700 Correctly done, I have not decided, but some of the disadvantages of this water heater, I found.

Обзор газовой колонки BOSCH Therm 2000.

First of all, the column-automatic. On the one hand this is great. You don’t have to light it with a match or a button every time to check if the wick is lit or not. It’s enough to open the water, and when the required pressure is reached, the gas will turn on automatically. Everything is fine, but here for some reason it happens with such a bang that sometimes you want to sit down and cover your head with your hands (but that’s us all a little scared here). It’s especially loud if the gas regulator is open halfway or more.

Secondly, the water consumption. To draw a bath is one thing. And with dishwashing, when you do not need a strong head of pressure is a little uncomfortable. I put the gas regulator to minimum, the second knob is set to “more hot, less cold” (the name came up with myself)))). But still, the water pressure to run the speaker turns out to be quite strong and uncomfortable for washing dishes. And then again. it increases the water consumption.

And thirdly, I would say that the speaker is noisy. The more you open the gas, the louder it runs. Whether it’s the open combustion chamber or something else, I don’t know. But when the speaker works, it can be heard in other rooms. Or maybe it’s the gas pressure, I was just thinking that the gas stove is noisy too. It’s a questionable disadvantage.

And what are the pluses?? I don’t know. White, neat, fits into any interior (we now, so to speak, “rough” furniture). (Saving up for a good one.).

As the consultant at the store, the heat exchanger is good in these boilers. it won’t burn out fast. True, I’ve never heard of heat exchangers that burn through someone else’s house.Another plus is that it runs on batteries. The big ones, and the expensive ones. But if there is no electricity, you can still take a bath by candlelight))))). That’s it.

What’s a bad speaker. I won’t say. I have no experience with others. I’ve been using this one for three months. Buy a speaker of another, the same well-known company, in our city now difficult. Or Bosch from Portugal or a nonname from China, even painted with palm trees. Do I recommend this water heater? Rather yes than no. Especially if there is a distrust of unknown names and aversion of strawberry and lime fronts))). Well and if there is an opportunity to pay extra for the name. Because the disadvantages that I listed, over time, not so noticeable. You get used to turning the controls on the panel, turn the TV louder while someone’s bathing. But, for me, somehow it’s more relaxed, somehow. Gas, after all, is not a joke.

Review: Gas water heater Bosch W 10KB. Ooh, it’s getting warm!

When my beloved mother-in-law gave me and my future husband her apartment, the question of hot water was not only relevant, but it was pretty sharp. Recently my husband’s parents used a cheap gas boiler from a little-known brand (which I do not remember, and it does not matter), which in recent years has been openly “fouled”: I want warm running, I want to heat the water, I want to heat the water. cold shower. Therefore, after our move, it was firmly decided first of all column to replace the. Although I had lived in the countryside, I was used to the comfort of. My parents had a gas boiler that worked properly and without failures, and my father knew how to deal with all its vagaries. So I had no doubts about the fact that hot water should flow from the tap all year round.

For the remainder of the wedding gift money my husband and I went to buy a gas boiler. We have a young family and a rather modest budget, so we decided not to go to specialized stores and went straight to the market. Neither I nor my husband had no idea exactly what to choose and what to look for. I have to say that we were pretty lucky to get with the salesman. an experienced man who, first of all, asked us what area of town we are from. When asked in our eyes, he explained that different areas have different water pressure, and this is one of the main factors in choosing a gas appliance.After learning that we are from Inkerman, he firmly stated that the column, which we immediately noticed, categorically will not work for us because it is designed for low pressure and we should choose from two more suitable: Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB or (I do not remember the brand) units of domestic production. The price difference between them was not much, so we chose Bosch and, getting a little ahead of ourselves, I want to say that we were not mistaken.

In general, I have a deep respect for Bosch appliances. There may be something better, no argument, but at the moment one of my primary goals. to replace all the equipment in the house with appliances of the above brand. So, when we heard from the seller exactly this option, we did not hesitate long and of course loaded the box with our new beautiful girl in the trunk of our car.

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The Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB gas water heater although we bought at the market, but the ritual was fully respected: the warranty card was filled out and the receipt was issued. Later on, when we compared the price of it with the store we concluded that we saved about 2000 roubles. All in all it cost us (2018) the gas boiler in 8990 1000 installation, sevastopolgaz put the seal for free.

I want to say right away that in the technicalities, I do not know, so again, my review will be “girlish”, for which I apologize, but sincere and fair.

COMPLETE except for the factory cardboard packaging and a lot of plastic bags, the very gas-fired power supply unit came with fasteners and, of course, the user manual in two languages (Russian and Ukrainian), to which I will refer many times during this review.

EXTERIOR If your gas water heater will be installed in an open place, then most likely you’ll either have to look for another option or disguise it with some decorative stickers or other things, thanks to the many invented in our time. The Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB is certainly not ugly. I don’t want to say that by no means. but it is plain. rectangular, metal and painted white. Most likely, over time, the case may even turn yellow and have to think about decoration sooner or later.

We didn’t bother with its appearance, because there is a separate cabinet in the kitchen for it. The only thing we have specified. THE DIMENSIONS. It turned out that the Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB is somewhat smaller than the previous device, so it fits into the cabinet even in a free and comfortable position.

In the end the gas water heater, like a natural fit in the place of the previous device, and even new holes in the wall did not have to dig. So there are no complaints about the appearance.

There is a silver inscription on the front of the body, indicating that it belongs to a brand.

It is no secret that it is forbidden to install the gas equipment yourself for safety reasons. If, for example, my parents invited a specialist from the state gas station for the installation of the heating boiler and gas boiler, we had the opportunity to hire a local resident (because it is much faster and cheaper), who has an official permit to this kind of work. In the manual also clarified a thousand times that the installation should only be carried out by a qualified technician.

In general, probably nothing complicated and time this whole process lasted about 15 minutes. The gas boiler hung on brackets has been connected to water and gas, which is prescribed in the instruction manual.

A specialist from the top adjusted the draught, after which the checks began, which also did not last long. By the way, the corrugated hose is not included, so this is worth taking care of in advance.Only some 30-40 minutes and finally in our house there was uninterrupted hot water.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS When removing the front panel on the back of the housing, we found a label with the technical specifications of the device.

It is almost impossible to read anything here, because the information is well hidden by the coil, so I attach the photo of the corresponding page of the instruction manual. Frankly speaking, for me it’s just numbers and nothing more, but for a knowledgeable person this information can be very useful.

THE DEFINITION OF THE DEVICE Beneath the thin metal housing of the gas boiler Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB hides its “soul”. The device is simple as hell and is quite usual, in addition, in the manual there is a detailed and understandable diagram.

The heat exchanger is wrapped around the coil and located above the burner.

Ignition is hidden behind a metal mesh that can be unscrewed if necessary. However, it performs a protective function against open flame and again, for safety reasons, it is better not to touch anything on its own.

However, if you really want to, you can see both ignition and burner by removing the housing.

At the bottom left there is a compartment for batteries. Power element. 2 R2O 1.5 V batteries, which are also not included in the set.compartment has a hatch that locks tightly with a latch. over, the batteries themselves are separately fastened inside, which prevents their spontaneous falling out when the hatch is lowered. Next to the compartment there is a switch: again, for safety reasons, you can turn the power off.

On the top of the gas-fired heater is a sticker with a schematic representation of the battery compartment.

In the manual there is no less detailed and clear wiring diagram of all this “mess”.

Finally we got to the main part of my review. It is clear that the device shows itself in operation and, therefore, it is extremely important for future potential buyers. We, frankly speaking, did not look into the manual, because we received detailed instructions from the specialist who installed the device for us. Besides, a Russian person looks in the manual only when something is already broken, and here I can safely say that, despite the last name ending in “-ko”, my husband and I are Russian to the core.

I must say that the instructions in simple language, but set out in detail the most frequent breakdowns and methods of combating them, which I will not share with you, because also any kind of repair should be carried out by a specialist.

We had to look in the instruction after 2 years of trouble-free operation of the gas boiler Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB when the wick suddenly stopped lighting up and the installer was out of town for two weeks. Then we made numerous phone calls to our acquaintances and studied the instructions in detail and found out that all we had to do was change the batteries. Thanks to this, our family had another funny story about “golden hands” of my beloved husband.

In use, the gas boiler Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB is almost primitive. It has only two controls: power and performance. That is, roughly speaking, one controls the gas supply and the other. water. Both are on the outer panel in the form of plastic switches and symbols.

Ease of adjustment for me was also one of the main indicators. It would seem that you can adjust the optimum water temperature once and then never even have to look at the regulators, keeping the cupboard door always closed. However, I do not know how, but our water pressure is inconsistent and can fluctuate during the day, and you can open one time and feel the touch of boiling water on the skin, and the next time you can feel the touch of boiling water on the skin. On the contrary, to be doused with an icy shower. When you remove the panel of the Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB gas-fired heater, you can also see how easy and logical it is to adjust.

Frankly, I personally miss the temperature sensor. You know, such a display that shows the water temperature at the outlet. It may not always be displayed accurately, but it helps to keep track of the temperature. Of course we have got used to and can do without it perfectly well, but still I would like to.

There is also a sticker-reminder in Russian and Ukrainian on the front panel of the Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB gas boiler about some aspects of the gas appliance operation.

At us in Inkerman, not looking even on 5th floor and deficiency of water as a whole across Crimea, a pressure of water is simply mad. We always keep the input semi-open, otherwise pulls down all the valves, and especially often suffers from this tank on the toilet bowl. That’s why we found the Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB gas range heaters to be perfect for us and have been proving it for 2 years. In any case, we always have hot water at the temperature we need.

At the same time, my father’s cousin, who lives in a village near Evpatoria, also decided to install a gas boiler Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB, they say more expensive. means better. And what happened in the end: the pressure there is weak and it is often not enough to ignite the machine, to put it simply. Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB it does not work and quickly the water heater began to fail. As a consequence, his review of the gas boiler Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB sharply negative and when my dad was going to change his still Soviet to a modern one, my husband just shouted: “By no means take the Bosch! They are just lame!”. And, after all, to make sense, himself to blame, did not take into account the geographical features and got a negative impact of the device.

We use with pleasure all day long the gas boiler Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB and I won’t complain on it. I am completely satisfied with the device. Someone will say it is noisy, but I do not see a minus in that. When you’re in the bathroom, you want to hear if the speaker works or not. In this case, it may not be too loud, but you can always hear it through the wall even over the water noise.

My dear friends and guests of this review, if you are considering buying a gas boiler Bosch Therm 2000 0 W 10KB, take your time and think carefully whether it suits you personally or not. All in all, though, I think it’s a great option for not that much money, so I recommend!

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