Setting up a headlight on a single axle tractor without a generator

How to put an alternator on a single-axle tractor. self-assembly procedure for beginners

Installing the generator on a single axle tractor with your own hands is a fairly simple procedure, because for installation it is sufficient to install and secure the purchased part in a special niche provided in the design of the unit. The situation with connecting an alternator is much more complicated. At this stage, you should be extremely careful, because the slightest error will lead to a short circuit in the winding of the used generator. To avoid this and other possible malfunctions, the connection diagram of the electric part used should be studied in detail.

The procedure for connecting the purchased generator to the used domestic single axle tractor is as follows:

  • Connect the generator to the power tiller by means of two existing identical wires. There are 4 wires in the construction of the machine itself. Two of the available wires are colored blue. these are the wires that should be connected to the installed generator;
  • After that there will be free wires colored red and black. The second one must be connected to the engine mass of the power tiller;
  • The remaining red wire is responsible for the level of output of the total voltage converted by the unit. it is necessary for an uninterrupted power supply to all the electrical appliances present in the construction of the power tiller without the battery. If a generator is installed on a machine with a pre-installed battery, the converted energy will be fed to the existing electric starter motor and the integrated battery of the power tiller. About the correct connection of the purchased generator on a single axle tractor in more detail will tell the video.

When working, the motor of the motor block forms a torque, which, by means of a belt, is transmitted to the rotor. The generator creates voltage and transmits it to the electrical unit. When the engine is started, the battery capacity of the battery pack in the power train is reduced, so that power is supplied to the electrical devices from the electrical box. This will be repeated until the battery is fully charged. Further electrical energy to the appliances will come from it.

Possible malfunctions and troubleshooting

If you have a good quality alternator, including one made by your own hands, it may have to be repaired from time to time. If you find serious problems it is recommended to apply to specialists, but simple problems can be solved by yourself. Most often observed:

If the product has begun to heat up significantly, the problem is most likely due to a faulty capacitor, which will need to be replaced with an analogue of a larger capacity to restore the operational condition of the device.

Short-circuiting due to moisture is a serious problem that will require a thorough defect examination and replacement of burned out elements after drying. Voltage fluctuations and malfunctions most often require replacement of the brushes, after which the generator begins to function correctly.

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Battery illumination

To make a light on a power tiller without an alternator you can install a 12 V battery. As a power source is taken from a battery of a motorcycle, moped or boat. It is not necessary to abandon the battery for the car. If you put a heavy power source on the motocultivator, you can solve several related problems. to equip the unit with an electric starter and significantly weigh its body. In addition, it will be useful to be able to light the area at night without the engine running. This function may come in handy at a picnic or night fishing.

Installing the headlight on a single axle tractor using a battery is done in this sequence:

  • Arrangement of a frame for the power supply. It is best to use a steel angle for this. Mount the frame directly to the frame of the motocultivator body. Once the battery is lowered into the niche, it is held securely in place with steel straps.
  • Connecting lamp and auxiliary lights. The headlight on a singleaxle tractor should be placed so that it illuminates the widest possible sector without blinding the operator and oncoming vehicles. It is better to choose devices with adjustable angle of light.
  • Laying out the electrical cable in a corrugated cable duct along the unit’s body. Installing and connecting the control devices. Using a tester to check that the electrical system is properly assembled.
  • Connecting the wire to the battery terminals, putting the wire into the mounting box. Connecting the wires to the switch, insulating connections, junctions and stranding.

In order to make the battery’s capacity last for a long time, it is necessary to insert LED lamps into the lights. They consume a small amount of energy, creating bright lighting.

If the battery is not under the standard hood of the power tiller, you must make a separate cover. For this purpose, you may take a piece of solid plastic, shape it as you want and screw it to the homemade uprights on the frame.

The advantages of battery lighting

Battery lighting has a number of advantages. The light from such source is always even, stable. It does not depend on engine revolutions, as in the case of generator lighting. And if LED lights are used in the headlights, one battery charge can be enough for a long time. Another advantage: you will always have light, whether the engine is running or not. But there are also disadvantages. If there is no generator in the scheme, the battery will have to be charged from time to time. And this means that you need to buy a special charger.

From the ignition

In order to connect the lights to your own generator, you will need:

  • soldering iron;
  • screwdrivers of different sizes;
  • power drill;
  • wrenches;
  • wire cutters;
  • electrical cable;
  • headlights along with parking and cornering lights.

Step-by-step instructions for lighting from the ignition:

headlight, single, axle, tractor
  • You have to find the right headlight. It can be a new model or used from a motorcycle, car, tractor.
  • Buy tumbler switch and all necessary wires.
  • Install headlamp. The most acceptable place on the construction of the power tiller is considered the crossbar of the steering boom. This allows the headlamp to shine into the space where it is needed and minimizes dirt. The optimal height is 100-120 cm above the ground.
  • You need to fix tumbler in accessible place.
  • The wiring depends on the design of the power harvester. If it has a headlamp connection, you must plug in the power supply at this point. If this is not provided, you’d better use a 12 watt oil indicator lamp. Use the casing of the power tool as the ground.
  • This is where you put the cable to the rocker switch and the headlamp. Use a wire clip or, if you don’t have one, duct tape.
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In order to protect all wiring from moisture and dirt, it is recommended that the cable be routed in a corrugated tube. It should be drawn to the steering column, so that there is no sagging.

When operating from your own ignition, it’s important to remember that the lights will dim at low speeds or at idle.

Connecting a headlight to a power tiller alternator

Install the light on a single axle tractor with their own hands is simple enough, if you use the regular power generator of the agricultural machine. Especially for this purpose, many equipment manufacturers produce motor blocks with generators, the power reserve of which is slightly increased specifically for the installation of lighting. Thus, the power of the unit is quite enough to provide uninterrupted power to the lights and the sound signal.

To install the headlights on a single-axle tractor, and connect them to the generator, you need to act in this order:

  • Use a wire to connect the alternator to the power switch, which should be mounted near the handlebar or in another convenient location;
  • Wire the wiring from the switch and connect it to the headlamp, then check the operation of the illuminator;
  • Then disconnect the wires and place them in a tight corrugation that protects the wiring from moisture and mechanical damage.

Lighting for heavy power tillers

As written before, heavy power tillers have no belt transmission. And that means that it will be very problematic to install a generator. How do you make a light on your power tiller without an alternator?? In such cases you use batteries as a power source. The best way is to use motorcycle batteries. With their small dimensions, they take up less space, and it is easier to attach them to the power harvester. On power tillers there is no mount for the batteries. So you have to build one yourself.


The easiest way to make a light for a single axle tractor with your own hands is from a “native” electric generator. If the manufacturer has made this option available, there is a power reserve built in. It will be enough for normal functioning of key power tools on your power tiller and to supply additionally installed electrical equipment (turn signals, headlights, horn).

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The algorithm for connecting the light from the installed electric generator is not difficult:

headlight, single, axle, tractor
  • Connect the power generating unit to the switch on the steering column with a wire;
  • From the switch to divide the system of wires to the electrical equipment (on the motoblock it is a headlight);
  • Wires should be placed in a corrugated tube to protect them from mechanical damage. This way they won’t dangle around and get in the way when working on the unit.

If the generator has a high enough power level, the lights will be good. When the light goes out at low speeds, it is necessary to change the installed electric generator to a device from a tractor or machine.

You can install a generator from a “Zaporozhets”. The device is small, so it is easy to fit in the area between the motor and the gearbox. The installation is simple. Beforehand, the fasteners for fixing the electric generator and its fixation on the frame are made: strong slats made of metal are welded to the frame, then a clamp is attached.

The presented scheme will help to understand the correct attachment of the device to the power tiller.

Electric generator from a car of old or new model is able to provide normal lighting for the power tiller. It is also possible to solve other problems with the connection of various electrical equipment.

The power harvester’s electrical diagram

Before installing lighting on a single-axle tractor, it is worth considering its class. These units of medium and heavy class are equipped with a generator, which serves as source of charge for the battery and power to the headlight. On these variants of the mechanism it is possible to connect several headlights (front and rear for the trailer to the motoblock), as well as turn indicators.

The starting of the power tiller is provoked by the electric starter and the battery installed in a special tray and firmly fixed to the frame of the machine. The battery is powered by the alternator. The power of the generator is enough to engage all the necessary electrical appliances of the machine and connect the headlights on a single-axle tractor. The manufacturers themselves have foreseen the desire of users to figure out how to make a light on a single axle tractor, using generators on permanently rotating magnets with automatic voltage regulator with a power reserve of about 30%. To connect all the electrical power sources to the alternator, it’s worth assembling them into a single circuit with double-insulated wires. The scheme described above is a perfect picture, but sometimes there is something to be finalized or to figure out how to connect the headlight.

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