Self-made ignition for power tillers. Peculiarities of ignition adjustment on Cascade and Lifan power tillers

Construction of an ignition system on a power tiller

The ignition coil makes it possible to convert a low-voltage electrical impulse from the current source into a high-voltage impulse, without which no spark can be produced. It can have from 1 to 3 lobes in the electrical breakdown gate. Depending on the specifications of the power plant, the breakdown gap may be between 0.4 and 1.1 mm. To ensure sure ignition, the electrical impulse voltage should be at least 10 kV. Here it is necessary to remember about a possible voltage drop in conductors and therefore the coil has to produce a pulse of 12-20 kV.

These voltages can be very dangerous to humans, and are especially of concern to those who suffer from various heart defects. When checking the defective coil, you must exercise the utmost caution, because even standard rubber gloves can not guarantee complete safety. The principle of operation of this element resembles an autotransformer. To create the primary winding, a copper wire coated with insulating varnish is used. Most often, the number of turns is 100-200. The secondary winding has a thinner conductor, but has 2000-3000 turns.

During the operation of the power plant, the cam mechanism located in the tumbler rotates. The main task of this element is to open the contacts. When a short circuit occurs, a high current flows through the primary winding. This causes induction in the secondary winding, and the high-voltage pulse is transmitted to the spark plug gap.

Such an ignition circuit has been used in cars for a long time. Its main disadvantage can be considered burning of the contacts because of the large current flowing through them. Often the owners of vehicles supplemented the factory circuit with a simple electronic amplifier.

Today, the situation has changed and manufacturers are actively using more reliable devices instead of breakers, such as a Hall sensor. If the user needs to know how to check the ignition coil of a chainsaw with a multimeter, this procedure is carried out similarly to that for testing car candles.

How to set and adjust it?

If your single-axle tractor doesn’t start well, requires a long pull on the starter cord, or the motor responds with a delay, most often you just need to set the ignition correctly. The procedure is described in the manual of the machine. But what to do if you don’t have it handy, and you can’t remember where you put that helpful pamphlet?

Fixing the ignition on a power tiller is often just a matter of adjusting the gap between the flywheel and the ignition module.

Close the spark plug with an angle piece, press its housing to the cylinder head by turning this element of the ignition system in the opposite direction from the hole in the end of the cylinder. Turn the crankshaft. You can do this by pulling the starter cord. As a result, a bluish spark should fly between the electrodes. If you don’t wait for a spark, check the size of the gap between the starter and the flywheel magneto. This value should be 0.1. 0.15 mm. If the gap does not match the set value, it must be adjusted.

You can try doing the ignition setup by ear, especially if you have it pretty thin. This method is also called non-contact. To do this, start the engine, slightly loosen the distributor. Slowly twist the breaker to both sides. At maximum power and rpm, fix the design that determines the moment of spark formation, take heed. You should hear a clicking sound when you turn the breaker. After that screw in the distributor mount.

You can use the stroboscope to adjust the ignition.

Warm up the motor, connect the stroboscope to the power circuit of the motorblade. Place the sound sensor on the high voltage wire from one of the engine cylinders. Dismantle the vacuum tube and plug it off. The direction of the light emitted by the strobe light should be towards the pulley. Start the engine at idle, turn the tumbler. Ensure that the direction of the pulley mark aligns with the mark on the cover of the unit, secure the. Tighten the chopper nut.

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Troubleshooting and prevention

To avoid malfunctions in the ignition system, try to follow some simple guidelines:

  • Do not operate your power tiller if the weather outside is bad. rain, damp, frost, or sudden changes in humidity and temperature are expected;
  • If you can smell unpleasant burning plastic, do not operate the machine;
  • Protect important parts of the machine from water ingress;
  • Replace the spark plugs about every 90 days; if you use the unit extensively, this period can and should be shortened;
  • the oil used for the engine must be of high quality and the right brand for the model, otherwise the spark plug will be constantly filled with fuel;
  • Regularly inspect the ignition system and gears to prevent the machine from being used with broken cables or other malfunctions;
  • When the motor heats up, try to reduce the load on the device, this way you will protect the mechanism from accelerated wear and tear;
  • When you do not use your single axle tractor in the winter, put it in a dry and fairly warm place under lock to prevent the unit from overcooling.

Useful videos

Different brand name power tillers manufactured by well-known brands differ from each other in the design of the built-in ignition system. To know how to properly adjust this important element, we offer a video. which contains the correct procedure for adjusting the ignition system on the most common models of power tillers.

For Neva brand motor blocks:

For agricultural aggregates produced by the brand Ural;

For power tillers of the brand Salyut:

For agricultural aggregates of Honda brand:

For the model range manufactured by Kaskad company:

For power tillers of MTZ brand:

How to check the ignition coil on a power tiller?

Most often, checking this important element of the ignition of a motor-block is carried out with a known working test sample. If in the process of testing it turned out that with the installation of the sample, everything started working as it should, then the regular coil of the motorblock ignition is defective.

However, not everybody has a test model handy. If he doesn’t, then he should try to check the built-in coil by other means. Before this, it is necessary to rule out any breakdowns that may appear in the start button and high-voltage wiring. In addition, the user should carefully study the wiring diagrams. which show the location of the ignition system components.

  • measuring the resistance of the built-in ignition coil. It’s worth noting that this is not always used by farm equipment users. First, the operator must know the exact parameters of the resistance created by the standard coil. Secondly, apart from the inductor coil, the ignition system is also equipped with semiconductor components which are necessary to generate the desired electric pulse. Problems with all these elements can only be detected by heating them up. In order to properly check the ignition coil, you will need to disconnect the cap and the original armature. Knowing the exact resistance parameters of the built-in element, the operator will be able to understand which part of the system is defective;
  • check the spark created with a special device. it should be connected to the place of the electrical circuit break between the high-voltage wires of the original coil and the spark plug;
  • Testing of the coil by means of an integrated spark plug. to do this, unscrew the integrated spark plug and carefully place it with its body on the cylinder. Then it is necessary to pull the starter handle and pay attention to the spark that is formed between the factory contacts of the spark plug. It should be noted that this method of testing the coil is approximate. the spark plug in this case is not under load, so that there is no compression in the ICE cylinder. As a result, the standard flywheel of the motor will rotate faster.

Each of these methods gives approximate information about the state of the ignition coil. It must be remembered that it is possible to find the exact cause of the failure of the part with the use of specialized testers, which are available only in specialized workshops.

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The device of the ignition of the motoblock

The ignition system belongs to the list of the most important nodes of both branded and homemade motoblock. Its main function is to generate a spark, which is necessary for ignition and gradual combustion of fuel in the chrome cylinder of the internal combustion engine.

The simplicity of the factory device of the node allows you to perform your own repair of the motorblock ignition. Which, more often than not, consists in aligning the gap between its elements. However, to do it correctly, you need to study the construction of the assembly.

The ignition device of any farm machine includes a coil, which is initially connected to the electrical supply of the system, as well as a magneto and spark plugs. When starting the power unit of a power tiller, voltage is applied, as a result of which a pronounced spark is formed between the magnetic “shoe” and the standard spark plug. It is necessary for instantaneous ignition of the fuel, which at that moment is in the combustion chamber of the engine. details about the structure of the ignition system of the used power tiller will tell you about the photo.

The electronic ignition system of the motoblock is also often equipped with interrupters, which are triggered automatically when any of the faults of the node. This leads to an emergency shutdown of the electrical power supply in the network.

How to check if the spark plug works?

The gap between the stator and the flywheel’s magnetic shoe plays an important role in the ignition system. It should be no more and no less than 0.1. 0.15 mm. What to do if you need to adjust the gap:

  • Removing the housing from the fan.
  • Loosen the stator bolts.
  • Insert the dipstick plate, set the gap and screw in the bolts.
  • Checking the clearance around the whole circumference of the flywheel.

With these simple instructions you can get your ignition working again and find the cause of the problem with your own hands. If you are confident in your technical knowledge, then do these steps will not be difficult. In order to avoid breakage of the motorblock in the future, you should carry out its regular diagnosis, which will immediately identify all possible problems and cut them off at the first steps.

Guys, name all the reasons why the plugs turn black? It takes about three hours to drive, then the engine starts to stall.I put in all the plugs and they all go black.

Alexei (Chandodeva) the quality of the mixture twist


Sergey (Josceline) They turn black from too much oil in the combustion chamber.

And the oil appears there if the valves are out of adjustment or the guide bushings are worn

Michael (Graden) the candles are not orthodox, and negrobarokoobam))) heh

SERGEI (Kwaku) changed the guides that year, the valves are OK, the spark plugs are black. I put a paper filter, and the carburettors were adjusted (rich mixture) and the fire

Vitaly (Rossie) Adjust the ignition and if the contact gap 0.4

Alexander (Jedd) Most likely it is a rich mixture.

Vyacheslav (Sahba) There are several reasons for the soot on the spark plugs, make a note: Black soot. Overcharged working mixture: First. overflow, adjust the float level, Second. reduce fuel supply bovtikom kollichestvo, Third. increase the supply of air bovtikom quality, Fourth. check sufficient passage of air into the cylinder, including the air filter and its purity, Fifth. the ignition: not always slipping spark and gap electrodes, piercing copolypes or ignition cables. Check your spark plugs for spark plug clearance or cam and bearing play. And more. still tired proejesho buy a book, preferably from the Soviet era, I then studied at the auto mechanic broad profile. But more likely the problem is in the carburetor.

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Musa (Farzan) I have the same thing, for half an hour the spark plug is enough,

Valery (Nadzieja) where is such a bovtik amount

Musa (Farzan) BSZ spark is good, on the right side of the plug is blacker than black, what not do not help.

Musa (Farzan) assembled VAZ 08 mechanical advance

Musa (Farzan) Clutch native, for Ball Ural seems to be doing everything wrong, but k65 carburetors old.and want to go for a drive.

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What is the problem??

The main problem is the lack of spark. Most likely the cause is in the plug. or soot deposits on it, or it is faulty. Unscrew it and carefully inspect the electrodes. If there is fouling from gasoline priming, in addition to cleaning the spark plug you should check the fuel system, there may be leaks. If there is no spark, you need to clean the spark plug of carbon deposits. A good idea is to heat it over a lighted gas burner, scraping off stale fuel residue.

After cleaning the spark plug check that it is in good working order. To do this, put the cap on top of the part and hold it in one hand and bring it close to the engine housing of the motorblock at a distance of about 1 mm. Try to start the engine with your free hand.

ignition, power, tillers, adjustment

If the spark plug is serviceable, a long-awaited spark will form in the lower end of it, which will fly to the body of the engine.

Otherwise check the gap between the electrodes. Try to slip a razor blade in there, and in case the electrodes clamp it tightly, the distance is optimal. If you can feel the free dangling of the blade, it is necessary to correct the position of the electrodes. To do this, lightly tap the screwdriver on the back side of the central element. When the electrodes are in the optimal position, try starting the engine again. If no spark appears, test the magneto to see if it works.

To check the serviceability of the magneto, after testing the spark plug, put the tip on the spark plug with the actuator in good condition. Bring the lower end of the spark plug to the magnet shoe and start twisting the flywheel of the motor. If no spark, there is a problem and part has to be replaced.

ignition, power, tillers, adjustment

There may be other problems with the ignition system:

  • weak or no spark;
  • a bad smell of burned plastic in the part of the mechanism where the ignition coil is located;
  • crackling when you start the engine.

All these troubles require inspection of the coil. The best way out is to completely disassemble it and inspect it.

To do this, remove the upper part of the ignition system cover by unscrewing the fastening bolts. Then disconnect the power wire, pick up the coil element and pull it out. Carefully inspect the appearance of the part. the presence of black spots indicates that the current did not come to the spark plug, but melted the coil winding. Especially relevant to this situation for power tillers with contactless ignition.

The cause of this malfunction. in poor quality contacts on the high voltage cable. The wires need to be stripped or completely replaced. Devices with an electronic ignition system have an automatic fuse that shuts off power in the event of a malfunction. If your car has any other ignition system, you will have to disconnect the cable yourself. If the spark is blowing when you turn it on, check the spark plug tip, it is probably dirty.

To find out how to adjust the ignition on your power tiller, see below.

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