Segmental mower to the tiller with their own hands

Cutting hay: rakes, balers, mowers for power tillers

This is a device created for mounting on mini-tractors and motor blocks, which got its name due to the cutting elements. they are presented in the form of large and sharp triangles. This mower can be used for mowing hard and soft grass and stubble. It copes with mowing both on level ground and on difficult field terrain. The cutting elements cut evenly through vegetation, even in heavily overgrown areas.

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Sectional mower on the drawing

Segmental haymakers for power tillers have a relatively uncomplicated design. That means they don’t break as often and don’t require any special knowledge from the operator. This segment mower consists of a frame and cutting elements mounted between two bars. The blades move with the drive and cut the vegetation like a pair of scissors. One mowing segment with cutting tines moves constantly (to the left and right), the second one remains at a standstill.

Due to the streamlined device, the cut stalks are evenly distributed on both sides of the power unit. The segmented structure is mounted on the wheels. It attaches to MTZ mini-tractor or power tiller at the front. There are sleds along the edges to adjust the cutting height. This mower is not suitable for big fields, but it can be used to tidy up a countryside or to make hay in a private yard.

Segment mower with power tiller

The difference between the segment mower and the rotary mower is in its working body, t.е. fingers. Thanks to its design, it is suitable for work in areas with difficult terrain. the deviation of the cutting part with respect to the tiller can reach 20%. With such a mower you can mow grass with a thickness of stems up to 2-3 cm.

How to Attach a Tiller to a Riding Mower

User feedback

The feedback about the rotary mower for the motor-block shows that all the efforts to develop this mower were not in vain. It mows well and handles most types of grass. Of course, small bushes can not overcome. The main thing is that the blades must be well sharpened.

If we talk about devices with two rotors, which is described in this article, the users are quite satisfied. But if you design a mower with only one rotor, you get too narrow a swath.

As for mowing the lawn, there are, of course, disadvantages. The cutting height cannot be adjusted as on lawnmowers. And the grass is scattered over the plot rather than collected in a bag. But these points are not always important.

The grass cuttings are collected in a swath. Not quite “beautiful”, really. But after all, if we are talking about lawn grass, it still needs to be collected. And that’s better than doing it all over the place. And if you are talking about grass for hay, the swath should be thrown around. Otherwise, the grass will not dry out. So it turns out that this characteristic is not very important either. Most likely, it will depend on the specific tasks that are achieved through the use of the mower. So we can say with confidence that the made with their own hands rotary mower to the tiller is a good alternative to the factory device. If it is made correctly and reliably, it will perform its functions perfectly as well.

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Applications of the rotary mower

The mechanically armed farmer works faster and more productively and is able to carry out the entire range of farming activities in time, whether it’s mowing perennial grass for livestock or harvesting wheat. With their faithful steel helpers, you don’t have to worry about disrupting fodder production or harvesting spring crops before the rainy season arrives. Rotary mowers are excellent for:

With this agrotechnical device, the following important factors help to achieve

  • Getting an economical solution to the task at hand with the highest possible productivity;
  • A wear-resistant machine that is lightweight, easy to operate and maneuver;
  • Achieving a high level of quality of mowed hay and grass, which in the process of operation of the mechanism does not receive damage to the root system.

Description and working principle of the rotary mower for the tiller.

On this page you will find reviews of the VIKING cultivator and how it works.

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How to make a mower for a power tiller with your own hands?

It often happens that for whatever reason the manufacturer does not have a special mower on sale, specifically for this model, or that it is not satisfied with its characteristics. In this case, it is not difficult to work on a homemade version. Full production on the basis of his farm will be demonstrated on the example of a segmented variation.

Among the spare parts, you must first take a rectangular tube 5×1,5 with a length of 120 cm. An ordinary piece of an old grass scythe will also do. On the tube, drill about 12 holes per centimeter at equal distances, as the drawings show.

Prepare a frame of welded angles and pipes, you can cover the frame with plywood and attach wheels to it. The belt is made of a rubber ring. It is convenient to fasten it with dural plates. Also clamps are welded on the frame to install the cutting strip. For the latter, a strip with metal blades is attached to the pipe with holes, prepared beforehand, with M8 bolts.


Note that different types of designs are known, and their list is not limited to the three listed. However, rotary and segment mowers, as well as the “cart” type are not only the most popular, but also easily assembled at home. Each type of design has its own characteristics and its own advantages and disadvantages, essential in some working conditions and insignificant in others.


Equipment of this type is intended primarily for cutting thickets of weeds and thin shrubs. If you have a rotary device, you can effortlessly remove grass from large areas. The second name for this mower is the disc mower, because the construction of the device involves discs with moving blades inside. The number of discs varies depending on the design, but there are usually two or three. Installation of a rotary mower on a single axle tractor usually involves front mounting, but there are varieties of disc devices that are laterally or rear mounted, being semi-trailed or trailed.

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The principle of operation of this equipment involves the transmission of torque from the support wheel to the discs. The discs themselves are mounted on a frame supported by skids. The same skids enable a variable cutting height. Discs are arranged in a row, and the more discs the wider the swath width. These mowers are also used in pastures and large vegetable farms.


The design of the segment mower is extremely simple. It consists of a frame and bars fixed to it (usually two). knives are placed between the skids and make reciprocating motion like scissors. And the work of the segments alternates. while one is in motion, the other is stationary. Mowing is quick and uniform and its special design makes it ideal for difficult terrain.

The frame is mounted on support wheels, so it is possible to mount it on the front or behind the power tiller. As in the rotary type variant, the design includes a skid that allows you to adjust the height of cutting the grass. Due to the peculiarities of the operating principle, devices of this type cope well with weeds with thick stems, successfully mow dry plants and are very effective in the preparation of green forage.

One of the main advantages that users note is affordability, ease of use of devices of this type and quite rare breakdowns. However, there are also disadvantages of segment mowers. They include low productivity, in addition, the equipment of this type is not very suitable for mowing low plants.

Mower wagon

Equipment of this type is usually aggregated with heavy power tillers equipped with water cooling systems. Wagon mowers are designed for large-scale operations. high and thick weeds and bushes are cut in large quantities, large hay production. Sometimes the design is equipped with a rake, which greatly simplifies the collection of mowed grass. As in other types of designs, there are skids for adjusting the height of mowing.

Homemade mower for power tiller. how to make it with your own hands

To facilitate the physical work of a person on the homestead, there are more than a hundred different canopies to the power tiller. But not everyone can afford to buy such equipment, because the cost is not cheap. The article describes homemade mower for motor-block, pros and cons of popular designs.

When assembling such a mower, the most important thing is to get a safe and high-quality model. To make a mower for a motor-block with their own hands, they usually use improvised assemblies from agricultural machinery. After all, the main goal pursued by the creators of homemade mower is to save money and achieve maximum results. Some models, which are invented by ordinary gardeners, often surprise professionals with their thoughtfulness and simplicity of design.

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Photo of a homemade mower

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Segment mower. sequence of steps for making

This type of attachment for the used motoblock is also as simple as possible in self-made.

To assemble the design will be required:

Before making the device, you need to study the detailed diagrams, which should indicate the dimensions of the parts and the place of their installation in the construction.

The further order of assembly is as follows:

  • In each of the used bars you need to drill 12 identical holes. in them should fit bolts M8;
  • Next, it will be necessary to bolt on a guide rail, 89 cm long with knives and tines. All blades should be placed on both sides of the bars;
  • Next, you need to make clamps and skids from the two ends of the bars;
  • At the bottom of the frame a wheel is installed. it can be taken from an old baby baby carriage;
  • After that, the construction is connected to the power take-off shaft of the power tiller.

After assembly, the finished design should be checked, as there are often situations in which a homemade segment mower for a power tiller is skidded to the side. The reason is the incorrectly chosen center of gravity. To solve the problem, you need to shift the center of gravity of the mower to the opposite side, using any improvised weighting agent. The rotary and segment mowers made in this way are suitable for Neva MB-1 and MB-2, MTZ, Zarya, Salut, Oka, Agat, Zubr, Agro, Patriot, Ural, Kentavr and other machines equipped with a PTO.

How to make a segment mower with their own hands

To assemble a segment mower, you will need the following parts:

The variability of the mowers will allow you to create the cheapest and best quality version The tool kit is identical to all those listed for the previous design. To assemble, you need to do the following steps:

  • Drill holes in the bar for M8 bolts;
  • make sure each blade has a segment on the back and a rim for the drive arm;
  • secure the knives to the bar on both sides;
  • fasten the hold-downs and skids to the bar;
  • set the wheel.

The mechanism is driven by a shaft, which causes the blades to rotate and reciprocate, allowing the mechanism to cut through thick weeds with ease.

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