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Top best screwdriver sets for home from Aliexpress

A selection of the best screwdriver sets for precision and power work that are suitable as a home tool. There will be several types of tools in the article, including those for precision work (4mm microbeads), as well as popular electric screwdrivers. Offline in stores for a simple and high quality sets break a decent price. Therefore, uniquely take in Chinese stores (Aliexpress and others), according to reviews. I made a selection of the best reliable sets, with a good price.

At the moment, promo codes are available for 5 discount on a purchase of 50 and more on all items Aliexpress. It is possible to draw on the basket (multimeter or a pair of multimeters, plus dobivka):

AliSluhi AliMagicfive AliGasanov Aliniknayse ALIBOYAROVA AliPlushevaya

New for 2019. JIMI screwdriver set in a case.

Excellent screwdriver set with bits and heads. All high quality, S2 and CrV steel materials. 8 handle and extension handle combinations. All bits and keys are stored in a quality plastic pouch, plus a mesh bag for the pouch. 8 steel bits 9 heads. There is a short ratchet in the kit.

There’s a coupon for bungood: `BG2Screw` (paid shipping 450.3), reduces cost by up to 25.80. On Ali analogues not found.

▫ Pliers with integrated torsion spring ▫ Pliers with blades for three types of wire ▫ 70 mm two-toothed wood saw ▫ Strop-cutter combined with Phillips screwdriver ▫ Bottle opener, Bottle opener combined with flathead screwdriver ▫ Sharp 80 mm blade ▫ Canned can opener with blade for stripping wires from braids ▫ Cutters with 40 mm blades ▫ Glass breaker

Two of the best options set screwdrivers from Aliexpress. Positioned as Xiaomi-Wiha. Bits supplied in S2 steel. Handy tool for the toughest jobs and for household use.

Gift set in wooden magnet case. A great gift for a passionate person. Set contains 24 bits of S2 steel and a high-quality aluminum screwdriver.

These are some of the best microbit sets on Aliexpress. Distinctive characteristic: thick, ribbed bit holder made of aluminum alloy. Has a swivel stop and telescopic extension. All kits come in a carrying case. Very handy for repairing small appliances, for precision work, for repairing smartphones and laptops.

A penny set from a decent company. ratchet for 1/4 bits”. The bits included in the delivery can be exchanged, but the ratchet is very handy.

Probably the most popular set for precision work. Supplied in an aluminium magnetic case. Slim holder and S2 steel bits included. There’s a BGWIHA2 coupon for bungoood.

Large and interesting double screwdriver set: two aluminum bit holders (screwdrivers, under 1/4 size” HEX and 4mm Microbit) and two sets of bits respectively. S2 steel bits. High quality set, bits in a case.

Handy set with stand. Kit includes screwdrivers for power work, precision work, screwdrivers, extensions, bits. One of the best sets on Aliexpress.

Extremely convenient to buy the bits in the set one by one (or in lots with different sizes). At Ali’s, you can find extended bits of different lengths (50. steel case (150mm), recommend the size of your choice (TORX/HEX/PZ/PH). Pay attention to steel type (S2/CrV). Another lot of extended bits and another. Microbit lots are available separately.

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Suitable for use as an everyday/work tool.

Cordless screwdrivers

In order to minimize mechanically repetitive stresses in large assembly or disassembly jobs, cordless screwdrivers are the most efficient and convenient. Factors to consider when choosing are battery economy, tightness of fit and torque ratings.

Hammer ACD3 cordless screwdriver.6LE

With its compact size and relatively low weight of 0.3 kg, the tool has a relatively high torque of 2.8 Nm, which enables you to drive long screws in very hard materials. The LED spotlight, reverse, and ability to quickly change tips make this cordless screwdriver one of the most popular screwdrivers for home and professional use. Swivel handle coated elastomeric material is very comfortable in the hand and allows you to work even in hard to reach places. Nickel-cadmium battery with a fairly high capacity makes the screwdriver fully autonomous. Replaceable bits that are included in the kit are coated with rust-preventive grease, and are characterized by increased wear resistance.

How to unscrew a stuck fastener

If the screwdriver did not help, use these methods of unscrewing the fasteners:

  • Heat the screw with a blowtorch. It is good if you have an industrial hair dryer on hand. A blowtorch or a gas burner will also work. When the product is properly heated, try to unscrew it. On forums you can meet the advice of folk craftsmen to experiment with a sharp difference in temperature. Indeed, in certain cases, the result is expected. But sometimes a screw can turn sideways and you have to literally break it out.
  • Around the head of the bolt, around the circumference construct a homemade bead of wax or plasticine. Put a piece of zinc in the resulting bowl, pour in sulfuric acid. In the galvanic component the acid will destroy the rust from the obsolete bolt. In addition, the surface of the zinc will regenerate iron. Don’t worry. the acid will not corrode the nut and bolt. Wait only a day and you can safely remove the fastener.

The Best Dielectric Screwdrivers

  • Screwdrivers in set: 4 x.
  • Type: dielectric (for work with voltages up to 1000V)
  • Type: standard (fixed)
  • Handle type: two-component
  • Handle: plastic, rubber

The screwdriver is flat and cracked, the metal is not uniform with impurities porous, sigma would be better, at least a solid handle and easy to hold in your hand. I have 3 different models I do not recommend those.Screwdriver FORCE as well as these screwdrivers are small and fragile by the looks and are still alive.

ATuMan RS1 24 in 1

Next, a set from ATuMan (included in Xiaomi Youpin) with an interesting T-shaped screwdriver. Screwdriver module and ratchet. Set in a plastic case with 24 bits. The bits (1/4”) are marked by type with colored inserts. Bit retention is magnetic.

Thanks to its modular construction, you can put together the right tool for the job in just a few seconds.

Case size 160 x 92.5 x 36 mm, weighs 400 grams.

Bit hardness 60 HRC, material. tool steel alloyed with molybdenum.

In this lot you can choose between two models of ATuMan RS1 and RS2 (with screwdriver and heads).

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These screwdrivers are designed to detect the presence of electricity in the wiring and contacts. Special nozzles on the end of the rod are capable of removing and tightening small screws that are under voltage. This tool is characterized by its light weight and small dimensions. When buying a screwdriver you need to pay attention to the quality of the insulation and the length of the rod.

One of the best indicator screwdrivers with a unique design and small dimensions. This tool does not take up much space and fits easily into a because of its pen-like appearance. The manufacturer has installed a special clip that fastens the inventory on the

Screwdriver has removable bit head and comfortable handle, surface is covered with dielectric layer.

  • Low ;
  • The design has a cone-shaped shape, so the tool can easily penetrate into narrow areas;
  • In the middle of the rod there is a stop that fixes the fingers;
  • The presence of a wide LED indicator;
  • The light weight of the product is 40 grams;
  • Bright backlighting;
  • Black insulation that contrasts nicely with the LED.
  • Support for voltage detection of 125-250 V;
  • Triggers the device by holding a finger on the contact block near the LED.

The distinguishing feature of this indicator screwdriver is considered to be the support of a wide voltage detection range. Capable of detecting 100-500V and excellent for working with three-phase and single-phase circuits. The tool has a small weight, fits easily in a. has a metal clip and is made of chrome-plated steel. This screwdriver is popular because its

  • The weight of the product is 30 grams;
  • Supports high voltage up to 500 V;
  • Low ;
  • A metal clip is installed;
  • The location of the contact plate is at the rear;
  • The rod is made of chrome-plated steel;
  • The screwdriver is completely covered with an insulating layer.
  • Too long 230 mm, which makes it inconvenient to transport;
  • The presence of occasional glare in the transparent housing;
  • Weak glow of the diode.

This tool is widely used for electrical locksmith work that involves identifying neutral and phase wires in the conductor area. The working handle has a durable yellow plastic coating, which is firmly held in the hand and meets all electrical safety parameters. The material for the rod is high quality tool steel, which can withstand heavy loads and mechanical deformation. Screwdriver work surface is encircled by a slotted tip. On the top of the tool is a LED indicator, which is very sensitive to the detection of voltage between 100-250 V. Screwdriver advantage is that the tip has a magnetized structure. This makes it easy to use for minor assembly work.

  • The light weight of the tool is 120 grams;
  • Rugged and wear-resistant rod;
  • Magnetized surface of the tip;
  • Relatively low ;
  • Perfect price-performance ratio;
  • Sturdy handle coating.

One of the best indicator screwdrivers is the WERA WE 006110, which has been successfully certified according to IEC 60900. This means that the tool can endure voltage differences more than ten times normal. The screwdriver is sturdy, reliable and ensures the safety of the craftsman during electrical installation work. During the manufacturing process the tip of the tool has been laser treated several times, increasing the hardness of the material. These tips usually cannot slip out of their grooves. The handle is made of several components, the vast majority of which is high-strength plastic. The remainder of the coating contains a soft surface that promotes increased contact between the tool and the hand.

  • Comfortable and soft handle of the tool;
  • High level of hardness of the tip;
  • Ability to withstand voltage fluctuations;
  • Small size and light weight of the product. 150 grams;
  • Sturdy and wear-resistant core.
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Main application of this type of tool is assembling and disassembling of small assemblies and details. In general, screwdrivers of this type are characterized by small size, high strength of the bits, a large number of bits and expensive. When selecting screwdrivers for precision jobs, look first and foremost at the quality of the tip.

This screwdriver is distinguished by a huge set of bits, consisting of 24 pieces. This set is perfect for precision work in any environment, whether you’re a beginner or a professional. All the screwdriver components are precision-engineered, the bits fit into the slot without backlash. The tool with all its accessories is nicely arranged in an ergonomically designed case that is made of anodized aluminum, and the upper layer is covered with an anti-corrosion layer. As for the tool itself, it is made according to European standards and has convenient edges, which promotes comfortable holding in hands. Lightness and ease of operation is provided by a long, sturdy rod of the inventory. The back side of the screwdriver is equipped with a cap that contains the screwdriver bits. It is capable of being easily unscrewed with a finger. All bits are magnetized and firmly fixed in the grooves.

  • High quality tools;
  • A huge set of attachments;
  • Convenient and ergonomic tool case;
  • High-strength rod;
  • Ease of use;
  • Presence of compartment for nozzles.

This rating would be incomplete without mentioning the companies that produce the most reliable tools of this type. Introducing the best screwdriver companies and equipment.


Birthplace of matrix brand was Germany, but now the production of tools of this brand is located in China. In the Russian market the products of this company appeared in 2001. Screwdrivers of this brand are recommended for home use, because they do not live long for professional work.


This American company was founded in 1843. No wonder that STANLEY screwdriver set is quite often seen by professionals and amateurs.


Quite a new trademark, which has already earned the trust of customers through high-tech manufacturing in Germany and Taiwan and the active use of innovative technologies in the development of new models of hand tools, both at home and for professional tasks.

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