Screwdriver with bits for precision work

How to choose a screwdriver

Choosing the best screwdriver from among a variety of tools is difficult. On the right choice will depend on its durability, reliability, basic capabilities, convenience in the process of work. There are several basic criteria you should pay special attention to.

Pen tip

The performance of any screwdriver depends on the tip. There are different kinds of working parts for this tool.

  • PH. cross-head. Designed for most screws, bolts, screws. Due to the large number of points of contact, it is easier to unscrew the fasteners, and safer to screw them in.
  • SL. flat. A basic type of screwdriver that appeared first. Originally used for twisting, screwing in various fasteners. Today, many people use them as a chisel, a tool for prying things loose.
  • HEX. hexagonal. Tip has 6 faces, which greatly increases the screwing and unscrewing torque. However, these screwdrivers can only be used with specialized fasteners.
  • PZ. cross-head. Its main difference from the classic Phillips screwdriver is that the tip has four small cross-shaped indentations, which are needed to increase the screwing force.

The least popular tip type is TORX. There are other types of screwdriver tips, but they are highly specialized.


Depending on the shape, the core of this tool can be hexagonal, round or square. The optimum hardness is up to 52 HRC. Choose length depending on where you want to work with the screwdriver.


The handles of the tool also vary in shape.

screwdriver, bits, precision, work
  • Classical. mostly round. The larger the diameter, the more force is needed to turn the screwdriver. The choice should be based on personal comfort in grip.
  • T-handle. this handle increases torque significantly.
  • L-shaped. this screwdriver can be used for working at a certain angle.

Screwdrivers with position change mechanism are distinguished as a separate group.

Additional functions

Separate attention while choosing a hand tool should be paid to its additional functions. This could be a ratchet mechanism (reverse), telescopic tip, percussion base of the handle, dielectric winding with LED, flexible shaft, tool kit in the handle.

Screwdriver and bit set with 60 bits for precision work

Good afternoon dear readers. Today a little bit about the screwdriver with bit set for small jobs. Such sets are quite popular among online shopaholics and their reviews are published regularly. This set is notable for its low price and really hardened bits. on that below. Let’s start with the box: On the other side of the sticker with the composition of the kit: No mention of a brand, but the set looks like Laoa or Jakemy, I do not remember exactly. On the side there is a catch: When you open the box the bits are stacked at an angle: But once you press the “OPEN” button, the bits will almost rise to a right angle. Set contents: Set weight: The main item is an aluminum screwdriver: length 15 cm. Quality workmanship. Like this in your hand: three rubber rings for extra grip.

  • torx 2-20
  • hex 0.7. 6
  • flat screwdriver 1,5-4
  • cross 1-3,5
  • triangle 2 and 3
  • Three-armed star (often in BP) 0.6 to 2.5
  • and also exotic U 2.6-3 and S0-S2 squares.

How did I get along without such a set? To be exact, I had a set with a couple of dozen bits for 300, but I twisted all the bits on it when disassembling the knives. Had a kit for radio-controlled models, but there is a limited number of tools.

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Such set is good for working with small devices like clock: The same set is good for dismantling power supplies and blades (there are usually tricky screws).

Testing the real hardness of the bits: Bulk hardened 58 on a pair of sample bits. This is a good result. The bits have brown coating, I peeled it off with the sharpener: The alloy check is not clear: But I think it is a common carbon steel, something like Steel 45 (the instrument does not show the carbon). Although the claimed S2 is also typical carbon steel.

What can I say in the end, I kept this set for small jobs and ordered another one for my money as a gift to a friend repairman. Good quality for modest money.

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To work with different types of fasteners, you definitely can’t do without a screwdriver. a hand-held locksmith tool. With this simple tool, you can easily and quickly fix a part, unscrew any screw, and even check for electricity using a tester screwdriver. If you want to be ready for any job, it is best to buy all screwdrivers that can be used for repairs in the house. In the catalog of the company “Order” presents popular varieties of this tool at the best price. If necessary, you can buy a universal screwdriver set that has all slot standards. Choose the product you are interested in and buy it in our online store.

Buying screwdrivers for repairs

No small repairs can be done without a manual screwdriver. They are used in households, construction, industrial assembly, maintenance of machinery and cars. The profile of use can be very different, so before you buy a screwdriver for repair, it is important to understand their basic features. It is:

screwdriver, bits, precision, work
  • Screwdriver types. This tool has the classic, unchanging layout. a given length rod with a slotted base, held in place by a solid handle. The simplest type is the flat screwdriver, which has a variety of slot widths and thicknesses. If you are involved in furniture assembly or similar repair work, you need to buy a Phillips head screwdriver. This is the most popular format, made in two slotted standards. PH or PZ.
  • Tool Purpose. The screwdriver has a wide range of functions. In addition to standard turning operations, they can be used to perform other functions. There are two basic groups: impact screwdrivers and reversible screwdrivers, used in complicated repairs. even a corroded screw can be unscrewed with an impact model. Reverse screwdrivers allow you to work with one hand, which is especially advantageous when there is limited space.

If you want to buy durable, durable screwdrivers for repairs, when choosing, pay attention to the type of material. Quality products are made of chrome vanadium steel. For your convenience, some models may have a metal core with a magnetic slot for even more convenience when tightening the screw joint.

Choose the best! Screwdrivers are delivered all over Russia!


You can find more than 140 different varieties of screwdrivers in the catalog of OBI hypermarket. Items are sold by the piece and in sets at ranging from 60 to 1700 per item.

Tips for choice

When buying a hand-held tool from this category, consider the following features:

  • • Material of the working part and the grip.
  • • Type of pin and diameter of pin.
  • • The presence of a magnetized area at the tip.
  • • Comfort and type of handle.
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Tool handles are made of plastic and additionally covered with a thin rubberized layer. This holds firmly in the palm of the hand and does not slip in the wet hand. Cylindrical and T-shaped models are distinguished by shape. The second type is convenient for screwing out old, rusty screws.

Screwdriver Bit Set Review // Royace Magnetic Bit Holder 119-in-1 Kit

Screwdriver point (tip) can be either cross-headed or flat. There are also products with complex head shapes (hexagonal, star type) and interchangeable bits. Reversible ratchet mechanism allows tightening (unscrewing) a screw without tearing off the tip from the slot. Tools with magnetized bit attract steel wire, allow you to pull them out of deep holes.

Order in OBI store the goods for building and repair with guarantees and home delivery.

Payment and shipping options

  • Buy goods online with delivery
  • • You can pay for your order by cash or bank transfer.
  • • You agree the date and time of delivery with operator on the phone when confirming the order.
  • • Free service conditions depend on the city, amount and weight of the product.
  • • Unloading, pickup and transfer are additional services and can be charged separately, please contact the store operator.

Detailed information about intervals and zones by cities, terms of unloading and lifting of the order are on the page of the service, where you can calculate the cost of your delivery in advance, specifying the postal address and parameters for unloading.

  • Order and pick up at your convenience
  • • When filling out the order form, specify a convenient date and time to visit the hypermarket.
  • • You can pay for your purchase in cash or by bank transfer at the cash desk.

The online catalog also includes: • indicator screwdrivers that guarantee the safety of electrical installation work, the indicator is triggered in the presence of mains voltage 100-500 V; • tools with flexible nozzles to perform operations in hard-to-reach places; • impact models, indispensable for removing corroded screws or screws; • screwdriver sets that include a wide range of tools (you can buy them in a case for convenient transportation); • Set tools with a wide choice of shapes and sizes of interchangeable bits.

You can get acquainted with the full assortment of hand tools in OBI hypermarkets and in our online store. Each product in the catalog has a detailed description (manufacturing material, size, price), so you can easily select the appropriate options for your tasks.

To buy screwdriver sets, you just need to order on our website. If you indicate the need for delivery when ordering, the courier will deliver on the next day at a time convenient for you. For those who prefer to shop by pickup, in a few hours the tools will be waiting at the cash register of the nearest OBI store, Tula, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Volgograd, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Surgut, Ryazan or Bryansk.

Proven screwdrivers and bit sets for precision jobs from Aliexpress

Today’s post is devoted to tested tool kits for precision work. These are screwdrivers with bits you can use to quickly disassemble e.g. a laptop without damaging its fixtures. In this post we will include only sets with bits checked with a hardness tester. No more Chinese “plasticine!

The factory hardness tester will not lie. Bit hardness in HRC will be indicated. And where I measured (on an X-ray fluorescence and spark analyzer), I will also point out the chemical composition of the bit steel.

Let’s take a look at the proven options for precision work kits on the AliExpress site from sellers with a large number of orders.

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Xiaomi Mijia Wiha 24 in 1

The set opens with Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 set in stylish metal case. It is shown in the title photo of the topic. Looks great, would make a good gift for a home handyman.

Aluminum case with a retractable mechanism measuring 167x67x17 mm. Set of 24 screwdriver bits in a case weighs 253 grams.

Measured bit hardness 58 HRC. Material of the bits: tool high carbon steel with protective coating. Screwdriver in a coated aluminum screwdriver set.

This lot has a choice of: Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 set only, magnetic mat set, electric screwdriver bit set, electric screwdriver bit set magnetic mat.


The set is also from Xiaomi’s “ecosystem”. I use such set, it is always at hand on my desk.

There are two all-metal screwdrivers and 40 bits in the set in a plastic case. Bits 4 mm for precision work and 6.35 mm for power screwdriver (there are 16 of them.).

Screwdriver dimensions: power screwdriver 182 mm long, 27 mm handle, for precision work. 122 mm, 10 mm in diameter. Bit holders are magnetic, bits fit neatly and without backlash.

Bit hardness 60 HRC. Material is also checked. we have high carbon tool steel.


Quality made set JIMI JM-GNT30 30 in 1 (also “under the wing” Xiaomi). Includes screwdriver, stainless steel tweezers and 28 extra long bits.

Bit socket 4 mm hexagon. Bit length 45 mm. Typical kit for disassembly of small electronics, complete set of small torx, 5 kinds of Phillips PH, hexagonal and triangle for rare screws, e.g. in extensions.

Bits hardness 62 HRC (surface hardened by HFI), material is carbon tool steel, like Russian 40Kh.

Soft-touch plastic case, two halves held together by magnets.

there is also a more compact set (15,5×3,5×3,5 cm) JIMI GNT-18, the bits are of the same type and quality, but they are smaller. Screwdriver and tweezers are the same.

ATuMan RS1 24 in 1

Next, a set from ATuMan (included in Xiaomi Youpin) with an interesting T-shaped screwdriver. Screwdriver modular and with ratchet. Set in a plastic case, also includes 24 bits. Bits (1/4”) are color-coded according to type. The bit retention is magnetic.

Modular design allows you to assemble the right tool for the job in just a few seconds.

Case dimensions 160 x 92.5 x 36 mm, weight 400 grams.

Bit hardness 60 HRC, tool steel alloyed with molybdenum.

In this lot you can choose between two models of ATuMan RS1 and RS2 (with screwdriver and sockets).

DIYWORK 60 in 1

Rounding out the selection is a budget option from DIYWORK: a screwdriver and a set of 60 bits for precision work. I also have one of these, it has a great selection of bits, some of them rare, and at a very low price.

Complete bits (48 pcs.) fits 4 mm in 28 mm length, among them there are exotic U 2.6-3 and S0-S2 squares. The set also includes sockets (8 pcs.), a flexible extension and a 6.35 mm adapter.

Case size: 205x100x25 mm. Set weight 335 g.

Checking the real hardness of the bits showed 58 HRC (hardened). Material: normal carbon steel, something like domestic Steel 45, with a protective coating.

I hope that the selection of screwdrivers for precision work was useful and you will choose a variant to your taste and budget.

Enjoy the shopping! Do not forget to use coupons and discounts site AliExpress.

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