Reverse air hammer for removing injectors. Manufactured by

Diesel nozzle remover for the air hammer

Allows for effective transmission of shock and vibration to any 5/8 inch threaded adapter from a pneumatic chisel.

258-6092 Purpose : For removing jammed components such as diesel injectors, small diameter pins and bearings.

Applications 258-6092 : Passenger cars, trucks, generators, etc.д.

Accessories 258-6092: Reverse hammer (nozzles and pneumatic chisel (pneumatic hammer) available separately).

Features 258-6092: Made of steel.

Pneumatic backhammer

We hope that you have learned a lot of useful things and with the help of step-by-step instructions you will be able to make a reverse hammer yourself.


Despite the fact that the design of the reverse hammer is quite simple, over time, even it has had several modifications. One or the other variant is used in different cases. it all depends on the skill, as well as the type of deformation. But in general the design is always the same, so is the principle of operation. The differences lie only in the method of attaching such a tool to the body.

  • This is a metal bar, with a hook at one end and a load and a stop at the other end;
  • A hook is hooked to the washer, and the washer is welded to the place of deformation by welding;
  • Subject to the application of shock forces on the load, the deformation is pulled to the right moment.

But the second version (also quite simple) will be somewhat different from the first one. At the end instead of the hook is a simple thread. To level the surface with such a device, a hole is made in the center of the deformation, into which the end with a thread is inserted, and on the back side of it a nut and a washer are attached.

The vacuum hammer is the most complicated version of its design. It is attached to the surface of the deformed area by means of thin air. The suction cup begins to work both by conventional method and with the help of a compressor.

Thanks to the vacuum device you can fix minor damage to the body and preserve the intact paintwork.

Tool types

There are several types of such equipment, differing in the way of attachment to metal objects. These include:

  • Mechanical with auxiliary bits. A set of various adapters and washers is used. Tips are bolted to the surface and alignment hooks are attached.
  • Pneumatic with vacuum suction cups. Eliminate the need to drill holes. In this case, there is practically no damage to the paintwork.
  • Working in tandem with a spotter. This reverse hammer scheme is rarely used because of the laboriousness of the work. Requires the use of a unit for resistance welding. The assembly area must be previously cleaned of varnish and paint.
  • With adhesive nozzles. Special rubber suction pads are fixed with a powerful cyanoacrylate based compound.
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Pneumatic reverse hammer with vacuum suction cups

The choice of the type of unit is based on the specific circumstances and the exact purpose of the work.

Fixing the injectors of diesels: Repair declassified. Auto

The high cost of new components of the power system of diesels in Ukraine can nullify all the benefits of passenger cars with this type of engine. But injectors in most cases can be repaired.

High cost of new components of the diesel fuel supply system in Ukraine can nullify all the advantages of passenger cars with this type of engines. But injectors in most cases can be repaired.

Usually, manufacturers of automobile diesel engines recommend changing injectors after every 100-150 thousand. km of run. But it is not always at this “age” that this component of the power supply system is unsuitable for further operation. Very often the injector is able to work for 30-50 thousand kilometers more than the period measured by the manufacturer.

But in this case, no one can vouch for the quality of the fuel atomization. That is why, some time later, a traffic inspector becomes a “diagnostician”, who imposes a fine for excessive smokiness of exhaust. For some car owners, the visits to service station become the “last bell” before inevitable repair.

“A watering can is a watering can,” say motorists in such cases, referring to the nozzle uncontrollably pouring fuel into the cylinder.

Accessible to all

Wear and clogging, corrosion caused by unseparated water and high sulfur content in fuel can cause malfunctions of injectors.

Until recently, some reputable manufacturers of fuel equipment (for example, Bosch) kept the subject of repair of injectors closed. Instead, all over the world there was a collection of worn out injectors, which were reconditioned in industrial conditions.

Their quality was high, but they were much more expensive than existing kits. although not original, they were almost as good.

Since motorists still preferred to repair using these kits, Bosch eventually “declassified” all the data on repair of injectors and spare parts for them and set up a corresponding brand service.


To check the state of the injection devices and determine the cause of malfunction helps diagnostic equipment available to diesel professionals. Before starting the test, the injector must be cleaned (preferably in an ultrasonic bath) and checked for mechanical damage. For example, the edges of the atomizer orifice should be sharp.

The basic test tester is a hand plunger pump with a connection fitting and a pressure gauge that measures injection pressure. Sometimes special oil is used instead of diesel fuel.

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This test bench checks needle mobility in the atomizer. a sharp rattling noise during atomization shows that everything is okay.

It happens, however, that a non-new nozzle does not rattle, but this is not always a sign of its unsuitability.

Then check the shape of the sprayed fuel plume or plumes. At a pressure 20 bar less than the opening pressure of the needle check the capability of the nozzle seals and the nozzle nozzle to remain tight. At the same time on the nozzle no more than one drop of liquid is allowed for 10 seconds, and the drop must not fall.

Using this device determines the opening pressure of the injector. Deviation and dispersion of readings for all injectors of one engine manufacturers stipulate individually.

This parameter is more difficult to check at double-spring injectors, and about one third of diesel engines in Ukraine is equipped with such injectors today.

Before the injection of the main dose of fuel at a pressure of 150. 250 kg/cm2 needle should be raised by 0.03. 0.05 mm, letting the pre-injection fuel (pressure of 110. 170 kg/cm2). “To see” the moment of opening of the second stage can only the most advanced electronic test-benches (they already exist in Ukraine).

It is even more difficult to define the quantity of fuel, supplied into a cylinder from the atomizer of double-spring injectors. For example, the portion of pre-injection is only 1.5 mm3. As far as we know, in Ukraine there are no devices for such measurements.

What to change and what to repair

Often “stuttering” nozzle enough just to clean, and it starts to work properly. Caught with fuel in the nozzle particles often leads to jamming the needle or change the shape of the injected fuel torch.

Good, if the consequences are limited to a decrease in fuel economy and power, which not every driver will notice right away. Motorists-remover knows the cases when the “wrong” jet of fuel from the contaminated injector literally burned through a piston.

Timely detected clogged injectors cleaned in disassembled condition: manually scrapers and brushes or on stand with ultrasound and special fluid.

In most cases, all the problems with the failure of hydromechanical nozzle (the new cost 90. 200 euros) solved by replacing the set. the nozzle with a needle (the price. 35. 50 euros).

In order to finally ascertain that the reason of failures is in the atomizer, the element getting under suspicion is mounted in a special test body.

If the parameters of the torch “limp”. it is the fault of the tested atomizer, otherwise look for other causes of malfunction.

Also subject to wear is the intermediate washer, located between the spring and the atomizer. Circumferential wear and tear on it provokes misalignment and untimely actuation, lifting of needle to an insufficient height. Such a washer can be ordered separately from a catalog (price 6. 12 euros).

reverse, hammer, removing, injectors, manufactured

A big rarity is the breakage of the spring (4. 7 euros), although over time it can lose stiffness and sag. In this case, its force is restored by adding adjustment washers.

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At engines with high mileage are found defects in the nozzle body, caused by corrosion or mechanical wear (complete nozzle without a sprayer costs 55. 73 euros). It may happen that a fitting breaks off due to careless assembly.

Naturally, in such a case, the part or the whole assembly must be replaced.

Problems with complex designs

Additional troubles may be caused by nozzles, equipped with electric needle lift sensors. Such, for example, were installed on Mercedes and VW diesel engines of the previous generations. These injectors cost from 250 to 400 euros apiece, and the repair kit offered for them includes only the mechanical part.

Pneumatic injector remover ODA Service ODA-3203

Pneumatic puller for diesel injectors uses hammer back principle. The injector remover is very handy when working in a limited under-hood space. Suitable for a large number of Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens injectors.

reverse, hammer, removing, injectors, manufactured

Examples of injector connections with nozzle remover:

The device was successfully tested at diesel workshops and has positive feedback from mechanics. Tests have been done on cars like ssang yong, mercedes benz, BMW and many others.

Thanks to the force developed by a blow of a pneumatic hammer, in 90% of cases it is possible to dismantle the strongly hardened, wedged, rusted diesel injectors without removing the cylinder head that in turn saves much time, effort, nerves and money during the repair.

The set of pneumatic puller includes adapters for the main types of nozzles:

Additionally it is possible to buy adapters for the injectors which are not included in the basic delivery set (note, the photos show the adapters without finishing, on sale will be presented adapters after finishing and coloring):

For additional adapters delivery time and prices, please contact the manager by calling the store.

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