Replacing the STIHL 180 oil hose

STIHL chain saw chain oil leak

Why is there no oil in the chain of a chainsaw??

If you can’t get any oil while you’re working

If you have a problem with the chain saw chain, you need to find the cause of the problem. In fact, the reasons affecting the myth process, you will like a lot. You need to disassemble the chainsaw and find the main problem. Probable prerequisites of this process will be described below.

There are several reasons for the lack of oil in the chain while the chain saw is running, and you need to disassemble the chain saw to find them.

Probable causes of fuel failure

There are only 2 things that can cause a lack of oil in the chain. These include:

The main reason. air intake. It can happen due to the depressurization of the oil hose during the operation of the chainsaw. If this is the case remove the hose from the hole. Do this at the point where it is connected to the crankcase. Then the hose is sealed and put back in its normal position. If this does not help, it is likely that the elasticity has been lost. For the chainsaw’s next use, it is wise to change the hose.

The 2nd reason is the breakdown of the oil pump actuator. In common parlance, this part is called the worm. When the motor fails, oil stops flowing to the chain. The oil pump actuator is a round plastic ring with grooves in it. Continuous use of the chainsaw will wear out the internal components, and the iron hook inside the motor will bind. After this failure, oil stops flowing to the chain.

Pump and system malfunctions

As you know, nothing in this world is permanent, and over time, everything needs to be repaired. The STIHL oil system in the mc 180 is no exception, and has its own specific faults. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Signs of a faulty lubrication system, are as follows:

All these signs, directly or indirectly, indicate problems in the chainsaw chain lubrication system.

The first thing to do after you suspect the chain lubrication oil is not coming is to check the oil flow. There are two ways to do this. The first one is described in details in the instruction manual of the tool and consists in starting up the chainsaw, turning the gas up to the maximum and pointing it towards some obstacle.

If the lubrication system is good, oil will run off the bar tip and a strip of oil droplets will show up on the surface where the bar is pointing. If there are any irregularities in the system, the surface will remain clean.

The second way, is to remove the bar from the chainsaw and run it. When you increase the engine speed, at the place where the shank bar is installed, oil will flow from the oil channel, if this does not happen, you need to look for the cause of the malfunction.


To diagnose the problem first check the STIHL 180 oil receiver (filter). As a rule, if the filter is very dirty, the oil supply may stop.

To save money, a clogged filter, you may try to clean it by giving it a good wash in gasoline.

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Next, remove the sprocket drum, and check the condition of the drive pinion. The threads on it should be well pronounced, not nicked and have no other defects, also with the gear removed, it is necessary to check the wire lever. It should tightly crimp the pinion and not rotate, otherwise, the pinion stands in place and does not transmit the force to the pump, and as a result, the oil supply is stopped.

Modern chain saws have a reliable chain lubrication system, which should not be used if it fails to operate properly to avoid further damage. If you have problems with the lubrication system, it is best to call your servicing dealer or an experienced STIHL repair mechanic to solve them.

If the chain saw chain is emptying during operation, first look for the source of the fault. In fact, there are many factors that can affect this process. You should disassemble the chainsaw and find the main problem. Possible reasons for this process will be described below.

STIHL Chainsaw MS180/170. 017/018 Oil Line Replacement

Several factors can be to blame for a chain failing to feed oil when the chain saw is running, but to find out why, you will need to take the chainsaw apart.

How to Install an Oil Pump on a STIHL-Chainsaw

The STIHL chain saw MS 180 has a mechanical oil pump for the chain lubrication system. The STIHL 180 oil pump is made out of 100 percent iron and is distinguished by its practicality and ruggedness. Let’s take a closer look at how the STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw’s oil supply system is set up.

Design of the lubrication pump and how it works

The oil pump drive consists of 2 parts, it is a plastic gear with a worm gearing and a wire lever that transmits power from the sprocket-barrel to the worm gear.

One of the main defects of oil saw’s accounting system is defective thread on plastic pinion of oil drive, so at any opportunity, it is necessary to keep under control its wear and thread quality.

The lever is aggressively mounted on the pinion, and they are supplied as one piece. The tip of the wire arm has a corresponding bend for good grip on the drive sprocket. There is a special slot on the drum for installing the actuator.

The 180 is made from 100% metal and is of solid construction and can not be dismantled. The pump housing has an opening for oil and groove-channel through which the oil from the oil wire goes specifically to the pump. Mechanism is set into the body of the STIHL 180 chain saw.

At the moment of engine revolutions growth, the drum. the sprocket begins to twist the worm gear pinion for wire lever, and it subsequently forces the oil pump plunger to twirl, under the influence of which the oil begins to pump through the oil channels to the guide bar of chain saw.

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In the works of accounting system, takes a specific role and the oil pipe chainsaw, at the base of which there is an oil receiver. The oil receiver is also a filter. On the 2nd side of the oil hose, there’s a rubber extension that fits the hose into the STIHL 180 chain saw just behind the oil pump.

The faults of the pump and the complex of accounting programs in general

As we know, there is nothing endless in this matter of the world and over time our client is left having to fix. The STIHL mc 180 oil system is no exception, and has its own special faults. Let’s consider them in detail.

Signs of malfunction of the lubrication accounting program complex, the following:

  • The chain saw chain is completely dry and not even shiny;
  • Oil does not flow out of the oil tank;
  • The chain is rapidly being stretched here on a daily basis;
  • The bar is moving sideways while sawing;
  • The bar is getting hot and in the chainwheel area, the paint is melting.
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If you have any reason to suspect suspect suspect under any circumstances that your power tool has become defective, call your STIHL servicing dealer

The first thing to do when you suspect the chain lubrication oil is not coming in is to check the oil supply. There are two ways to do this. The first carefully described in the annotation to the tool and is that you need to start the chain saw, very add gas and point in the direction of any obstacle.


How to change the oil pump on a STIHL chain saw without help

180-170, the video is very detailed because it is faster.

STIHL MS180 Chain Feed Oil Pump & Feeder Replacement

If the lubrication system is working properly, oil will run off the tip of the tire and a streak of oil droplets will appear on the surface where the tire is oriented. If there are irregularities in the system in spite of this, the surface remains untainted.

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The 2nd method, is to take the guide bar off the chainsaw and run it. When you increase the number of revolutions of the motor, in the place of installation of the shank of the bar, oil will flow from the oil channel, if this does not happen, you need to find the cause of the fault.


A diagnosis should begin with a visual inspection of the STIHL 180 oil receiver (filter). Usually if the filter is very dirty, the oil supply can be cut off.

In order to save money, a clogged filter, of course, try to clean it by washing it well in gasoline.

Next, you need to remove the sprocket drum, and check the condition of the drive pinion. The threads may be straight and free of burrs and other imperfections and if the gearwheel is removed, the wire lever should be checked. It should fit tightly around the pinion and not even rotate, otherwise, the pinion stands in place and does not transmit any force to the pump, which will cause the oil flow to stop.

If what remains to do our customer listed above methods of troubleshooting did not work, you need to use the last measures, t. е. Remove the pump.

How to remove the pump

The oil pump is installed on the right side of the bottom of the housing in the same place where the oil pipe from the gasoline tank connects to it. To remove the pump, you must first loosen the saw from the handle, for this purpose, unscrew the back handle of the unit and disconnect the throttle control rod. Next, you must pull the plugs handle shock absorbers and using a strong slotted screwdriver, squeeze them out of their own seats on the handle.

If the handle is removed, the chainsaw body

turn it upside down. The hose from the oil tank to the pump is immediately visible. Pull it out of its seat.

Remove the pump itself using an M5 threaded screw and a wide washer. The screw length can be approximately 45-50mm. A washer is put on the screw and it is screwed into the pump (pump is threaded on the inside). Next, during the screw is screwed in, stop the washer, forced the oil pump up thread. This is how you remove the pump from its original seating. Before starting the work, here’s how to disassemble the STIHL 180.

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For better understanding of the process of removing the pump see the video below. In the video, the SC master carefully points out how to remove the oil pump

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with a chainsaw, in addition outlines the main faults of the complex accounting software feed.

The STIHL 180 oil pump is a very high-quality and reliable part, so it should only be changed when the other elements of the package have already been tested by our customer.

When the pump is removed, it must be cleaned and blown out. Usually the most common cause of damage to the oil pump is blockage. After removing it, the pump is installed to the area.

Pump change is required only when it is not possible to remove the blockage.

The cause of oil leaks on the bottom of the chainsaw

180, there is a corresponding fault, which is insufficient sealing of the place where the oil hose is installed in the chainsaw body and leakage occurs here. To fix it, remove the STIHL MS 180 saw handle, disconnect the hose, wash and degrease the hose sump and shank, then apply sealant and put the hose back in. This simple operation will firmly remove the fault and the oil will stop leaking.

The STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw oil pump is a robust and undemanding part, which is more often than not the cause of a missing chain lubrication. To remove and change the pump

, Only necessary in the last resort when you can be sure that the cause is 100% here. You can do it yourself, t. к. This operation is quite common.

STIHL semi-synthetic oil

Very often the owners of these chainsaws wonder what oil can be used for the saw. Its performance can be affected:

STIHL has developed a multi-purpose, semi-synthetic oil to address this problem. Suitable for all fast-rotating chain saws. Under all conditions such oil can lubricate chains. The machine is designed to work reliably.

Since, STIHL semi-synthetic is designed for chains, it is made from special high quality materials, does not have in its composition various toxic substances that can cause cancer. The oil meets the most stringent environmental requirements.

The Russian climate is quite harsh. There are areas in our country where the frost often overcomes the.20°С. The new STIHL chain oil has been specially developed for use in cold conditions. It has excellent fluidity in this kind of frost.

Special additives in the oil prevent the cutting assembly from getting greasy, they extend the life of other lubricated parts. Saw with this oil is easy to start, even after long periods of storage.

The use of such chain lubricant reduces chain wear. Thanks to the high temperature endurance of the oil, the cutting attachment is ideally protected. The oil is not subjected to extreme temperatures. Almost never smokiness.

Sure, who owns chain saws knows how important is not a bad and high quality oil. And, everyone dreams, needless to say, that it is the typical lifeblood of this device to produce a real and effective work. Today there is an unlimited number of oils and, as the proverb says, the choice is great.

But, often, not every owner of electrical equipment of this kind knows what oil is necessary to take for your own steel friend, that the work of the chain saw was not only easy, but also productive. Therefore, the following questions concerning the right choice of manufacturer STIHL. Also, what is it to assist the chainsaw in its specific time of operation, rather than harming. What we will need, let’s get started.

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