Replacement of the fuel pump on the centaur motoblock

From time to time a single-axle tractor needs adjustment of the ignition system. Failure to adjust it in time will lead to accelerated wear of other, no less important mechanisms of the agricultural machine. In order to be able to independently adjust the ignition system on a diesel motoblock and its gasoline counterpart, it is necessary to study the schemes of construction of this node.

A properly adjusted ignition system of a motor-block is able to create a spark in the right place and at the right time. In this case, the magneto cover is responsible for the distribution of the generated spark, and for the interruption of the spark. its lower part. In order for the ignition system to work exactly as it does, it must be adjusted.

The installation of the ignition is performed in the following order:

  • First, it is necessary to check the operation of the flywheel available in the engine until the contacts located inside the magneto are opened;
  • After that it is necessary to measure the distance between the “anvil” and the “hammer” built into the ignition system;
  • It will then be necessary to turn the flywheel until the piston is compressed;
  • Once the flywheel has reached its highest point, it must be turned again. This will result in a one-time knock being heard, indicating that the overrunning clutch present in the construction has been triggered;
  • After this, it will be necessary to turn the flywheel counterclockwise so that the second mark on it coincided with the mark located on the housing;
  • The next step is to adjust the distance between the contact of the shearbolt and the adjacent cam. The minimum for the proper operation of the ignition system will be the gap between the parts of 0.25 mm, and the maximum. 0.35 mm;
  • At the end will remain to fix the built-in cam with a special screw, which is located on top. How to properly adjust the ignition system on the power tiller will tell you about the video.

Completed adjustment of the ignition will accelerate the start of the motorcycle block engine and make it smoother, which will slow the wear of the piston group and other important elements of the motor of the agricultural machine.

Replacement of the fuel valve on the Neva-MB2 power tiller

One day, while starting the Neva-MB2 power tiller, the fuel tap broke off. Since it was necessary to plow the garden urgently, we found a replacement from an old motorcycle and quickly changed everything. After the end of seasonal work, we decided to put a new part and talk about it in detail on the pages of the site Build with your own hands.

It is very difficult to buy a fuel tap to repair the Neva-MB2 motoblock. We, for example, toured several specialized stores, but could not find it. Well, there are experts who suggested that for this technique is suitable part from a motorcycle Izh-Jupiter, only it needs a little modernization.

Preparing the power tiller for start

Problems with starting the engine can arise not only with a second-hand motobloc and cultivator, but also with a new, just bought in the store. That’s why before starting a single axle tractor for the first time, be it Kaskad, Neva, Mole, Zubr, Kentavr, Hopper, Tarpan, Oka, Salyut it is necessary to read its user manual, then carefully examine all connections and, of course, check the oil level in ICE.

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To study the manual, compiled by the manufacturer, it is necessary to find out what working cycle of the engine: four-stroke (like Forte, Centaur, Lifan, Zubr) or two-stroke. It is important to know, because for models with a two-stroke motor (like the Mole cultivator) you need a special combustible mixture, consisting in a certain proportion of gasoline and oil. The misfueling will make the car startle, and also the spark plugs and fuel line may be damaged, what may lead to the gasoline pump failure. and this is a direct way to an expensive repair in the service station. It is possible to determine whether the fuel is suitable for motor vehicles by the smoke. If the quality of the gasoline is bad, it will have a white color, as is the case when the machine is heavily inclined. If you fill up with bad gasoline, change it in order to prevent breakdowns.

The fuel quality is also important for a diesel engine. If it has a summer diesel in the engine, it won’t start in winter or will start but then choke in a short time if it has summer fuel in the engine, because at low temperatures it becomes thick and clogs the fuel line. In such cases, there is an increased risk of breakdowns. In cold weather, choose the proper fuel.

The machine has to be started in the correct sequence. in both winter and summer. For example, to start the Mole motocultivator, the following procedure is carried out:

  • Open the petrol valve;
  • Put the choke lever in the position “Choke” (Start);
  • Turn off the ignition and crank the engine several times with the manual starter;
  • restart the engine and move the lever to the “Run” position.
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It is not uncommon to have a situation where the power unit starts easily, but stops after a few seconds. In that case you need to check the clarity of the sump and maybe the reason is that the valve is clogged. then clean it with gasoline.

To start the engine with a diesel engine (such as Zubr, Kaskad, Centaur, Neva) will be a bit more difficult than with the Mole. Start the diesel engine with “deflating” the fuel line, i.e. with clearing it of air accumulation. To do this:

  • Open fuel cock;
  • Turn off fuel outlets until fuel appears;
  • Tighten the connections and blow out the nozzles.

If after the actions performed the engine does not function properly, and the equipment smokes a lot of white smoke. the reason is the old grease and it should be completely replaced. Does not start the diesel and because of the insufficient amount of oil, so do not forget to control this parameter.

Start your power tiller after the winter or a long idle time also has its own nuances. To get the machine in working order the following steps are taken:

Well, of course, before you start your power tool, whether it is Kentavr, Cascade, Neva, Patriot or Zubr, check all the connections, including transmission nodes, clutch, starting mechanisms, and if necessary carry out their adjustment.

Run-in of individual models

Let’s look at this process on some brands of power tillers.

Oka with Lifan engine

Such a model should be run-in for 30 hours. During this time all elements are lapped in light operating conditions and defects are detected. The new unit with Lifan engine during the tests should work at minimum loads.

When testing the motoblock for functional operations, the following requirements are met:

  • The ground is worked to a depth of 10 cm in one pass in one direction;
  • The choke must be open to 2/3 of its full stroke;
  • on clay soil, the single axle tractor under load should not work more than 2 hours.

In addition, before each start of the engine it is required to check the oil level. in case of shortages top up to the level above the minimum mark on the dipstick.

Neva with Subaru engine

This model, as well as MB-2 models with other engines, is run-in for 20 hours. This time is quite enough for the parts to rub down to a perfect working condition, as well as to reveal their defects. Do not overload the machine with heavy loads during this period.

When running-in, observe the following:

  • Cultivate the soil with a full set of cutters in several approaches at a depth of up to 10 cm at a single pass;
  • Load the single axle tractor with max. 200 kg;
  • Before starting the engine, check the oil level and if it is not enough, refill the oil above the minimum mark on the dipstick;
  • Fill your machine with the correct type and quality of fuel.

You should also check the tension of the drive belt at regular intervals. Do not forget the unhitching element on the left side of the machine’s chassis.


The machine of this brand should be run in accordance with strict rules. Carrying them out extends the service life of your power tiller as a whole.

Running-in of the new air-cooled Centaur is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • The engine is loaded step by step: it must operate at one-third of its technical capabilities during the first three hours.
  • After the first three hours of the running-in period drain the oil from the engine together with the transmission fluid from the transmission nodes.
  • During the next four hours, the engine should be loaded to two-thirds of its technical capabilities.

During operation watch the permissible loads. Servicing and routine maintenance are performed regularly in the allotted time periods by the manufacturer.


Running-in of the Salyut-100 single-axle tractor at medium speed. First stubble cultivation with 4 milling machines. They are gradually lowered with every pass. Cultivate with a coulter.

After every 30 minutes of work take a break of 10 minutes. After the first 4 hours of work, change the oil in the motor. Change oil in the gearbox after the single axle tractor has been run in.

25 hours of break-in time is sufficient for this model. Do not operate the machine at full load during this period. Do not overload the tractor with loads during the test.

Strictly adhere to these rules during the running-in period:

  • when testing the functional modes, it is necessary to cultivate the area in 2-3 passes, deepening milling machines no more than 10 cm in one pass;
  • The throttle valve is opened to ¾ of its full stroke;
  • idle motor operation must not exceed 10 minutes;
  • Check and top up engine oil level.

During further operation, reliability in the work of the listed models of power tillers is ensured by systematic maintenance and routine repair work. This mandatorily includes changing the oil and transmission fluid.

Useful videos

Different brand motor blocks produced by famous brands differ from each other by the design of the built-in ignition system. To know how to properly adjust this important element, we offer a video that contains the correct procedure for adjusting the ignition system on the most common models of power tillers.

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For Neva brand motor blocks:

For agricultural aggregates produced by the brand Ural;

For power tillers of the brand Salyut:

For agricultural aggregates Honda:

For the model range produced by the company Cascade:

For power tillers of MTZ brand:

Troubleshooting with your own hands

The success of independent repair of a power tiller largely depends on how properly you conduct a diagnosis of the unit. The reasons why a single axle tractor does not start can be hidden in the following:

  • Fuel does not flow through the air filter due to clogging;
  • The hole in the fuel tank cap is clogged;
  • Debris has accumulated in the fuel channels;
  • Carburetor failure.

Each of these problems can be quickly and easily solved with your own hands. If that is not the cause of the malfunction and the machine still does not start, then unscrew the spark plug and check for oil spots on it. If you find oil or thicker carbon deposits on the spark plug, clean and dry it. To dry the engine cylinder, pull the starter rope out quickly and several times.

Often the single axle tractor does not start well due to a lack of fuel in the combustion chamber. The spark plug will then be completely dry. If this is the cause of the failure, then the following steps will need to be taken:

  • Completely drain the old fuel;
  • Thoroughly flush the fuel tank;
  • Clean air filter for blockage;
  • Blow out the fuel supply hose with compressed air;
  • Blow out the carburetor jets;
  • Fill the tank with fresh gasoline;
  • Open the fuel tap;
  • Blow out the air pipe inside the fuel tank lid.

Before restarting you need to pump the fuel manually by pressing the fuel pump primer several times. After starting the engine, be sure to give it time to warm up, and then you can start working with the power tiller.

If all the above actions did not help, and the single axle tractor still does not start, then check the inlet and outlet valves. if they do not fit tightly to the seats, then the parts will need to be adjusted by turning the appropriate screws clockwise.

Also in case the single axle tractor does not start, we advise to pay attention to its muffler. after prolonged work there is a build-up of soot on its walls, which must be regularly removed with compressed air.

Getting started

The first step in starting a power tillage machine is to. Those who do otherwise almost inevitably encounter a host of deformities and breakdowns. Also, the unit may work unstable if it is not run in beforehand. And what is worse, the premature failure of the machine is probable. This is a sure road to expensive repair or even replacement of the problematic device.

It is important to understand that the preparation for work. is not less responsible activity, than the operation itself. If an attempt is made to run the single axle tractor with violation of rules, illiterate, it breaks down in almost 100% of cases. Then the necessary repairs turn out to be even more expensive. It is important to note that if the overhaul was performed, overhaul the machine and its engine will have to be repeated. Without it, there’s no way to expect the single-axle tractor to work properly for a long time.

Repair of a power tiller by your own forces

All types of machinery sooner or later need maintenance. It is not only about regular diagnostics and preventive measures, but also about those cases when the service life of one or another component part comes to an end. After all, every engine has a certain service life. If we are talking about the engines of the motor-block, it is about 1500 hours in gasoline engines, and in diesel engines close to 4000 hours. Having worked for a given period of time, the engine component parts begin to fail, and a single-axle tractor begins to need skilled intervention in his device.

It is best when this is done by professional mechanical engineers at the service center. But if you are sure you have enough skill, knowledge of all the nuances of the power tiller and the right tools, you can make a repair at home, too. All you will need to do is to identify the problem in your power tiller and choose the most effective measures to fix it.

Let’s try to classify the most common problems that occur, how to cope with them and extend the work of the power tiller without significant financial costs.

Gasoline engine malfunctions on your power tiller

Any mechanism requires periodic maintenance and timely repair and a single-axle tractor is no exception. It is better to entrust major repairs and replacement of spare parts for your power tiller to professionals who have the necessary equipment and experience to perform the necessary work. But there are also situations in which you yourself can perform maintenance or minor repairs on your power tiller. One can conditionally divide malfunctions of a power tiller into two categories:

According to frequency of occurrence, defects in the engine occur much more often than in the transmission.

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SCANIA R420,2008, HPI FUEL SISTEM(Fuel Pump Replacement), Замена топливного насоса

Characteristic malfunctions of the gasoline engine

Engine does not start

The most common reason that the engine does not start is a low oil level in the crankcase, or a faulty oil level sensor (check and add oil if necessary, disconnect the sensor, try to run without it).

  • No external leaks;
  • presence of fuel in the fuel tank;
  • position of the fuel cock (it must be in the open position);
  • the position of the air damper (it must be closed before starting when the engine is cold, and immediately open after starting);
  • the spark on the spark plug (to do this, unscrew the plug, put it on the surface of the motorblock without removing the cable and without touching it with your hands, start the spark plug.

If there is no spark, replace the spark plug with a known good one. The item Malfunctioning of the ignition system.

If there is a good spark, you should inspect the underside of the spark plug and the electrodes. dry surfaces mean that the problem is in the fuel supply to the cylinder. If after checking the spark plug you find that it is wet, then there is no problem with the fuel supply. The most likely cause of the malfunction is the ignition system malfunctions.

Fuel is not coming through the fuel line to the carburetor. To eliminate the problem of fuel supply it is reasonable to start with checking the fuel supply through the fuel line to the carburetor. If no fuel is coming in. then it is possible or (and):

Eliminate the possible causes of the problem by either cleaning the clogged element or replacing it.

Fuel comes to the carburetor but does not go into the cylinder. If the fuel reaches the carburetor, but does not enter the cylinder. then the problem is in the carburetor. In most cases it is enough to take it off, disassemble and rinse well with pure petrol, blow out all openings with compressed air and put it back. If you have the necessary skills and knowledge for this, you can do it yourself, if not, it is better to turn to experts in repair. If parts of the carburetor are worn or damaged, you can replace the entire carburetor. The store MOTOZAVR offers in assortment qualitative parts of fuel system (carburetor, fuel filter, etc).e) at the best prices.

Faults of the ignition system

there is soot on the spark plug electrodes (in this case you should thoroughly clean the spark plug with sandpaper, then wash it with gasoline and dry it);

The gap between the electrodes does not correspond to the value indicated by the manufacturer in the operating manual of the engine (then you need to adjust the gap, bending the side electrode to obtain the required value of gap);

damage of insulators of spark plugs or high-voltage wiring (it is impossible to repair them, it is necessary to replace the spark plug or wiring);

the “STOP” button was shorted to the common ground (the short circuit must be eliminated);

The ignition coil may be defective (replace the ignition coil).

Leakage (air leakage)

if a single-axle tractor does not start or runs rough after starting, there is a possible air leakage through the carburetor seals, spark plugs, cylinder head as well as connections of carburetor and engine cylinder (crack in the inlet manifold gasket).

If you find leaking connections, check the fastening bolts, tighten the spark plug, and check the integrity of the gaskets;

the choke malfunction affects the starting procedure. Incomplete closure of the carburetor choke makes it difficult or impossible to start the engine (if the choke is jammed, this should also be corrected).

the engine does not start or starts with great difficulty, runs intermittently, does not develop optimal performance (replace the piston group)

If during engine operation there is heavy black smoke from the muffler, and the electrodes of the plugs are covered with soot, or there is too much oil on them, the probable cause is the following:

the carburetor receives too rich (enriched) fuel mixture (adjust the carburetor);

Worn piston ring (replacement of piston rings is a job for specialists);

clogged air filter, if it has an oil bath, it is possible that the oil level in it is higher than normal and the oil is sucked into the cylinder (service or replace the air filter).

If the smoke that comes out of the muffler when the engine is running is light in color, and a white deposit is noticeable on the electrodes of spark plugs, it is a signal that the carburetor is getting a lean fuel mixture (insufficient amount of gasoline in the mixture). Such problems are solved with the help of carburetor adjustment.

Any spare parts necessary for repair of a power tiller, and also free consultation on their selection and installation you can receive in the Internet-shop MOTOZAVR.

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