Red Makita what’s the difference. What are the white Makita tools?

What the symbols on the Makita battery charger mean?

Red and green light is on all the time. the battery is dead. charging. Battery is more than 80% charged. Lights up green. The battery is fully charged. Red and green flashing. the battery is low. Lights up yellow. the battery is conditioned.

So what’s the difference between the Makita bl1830 and the bl1830b??

Makita BL1830 18V Li-ion battery pack 3.0 Ah. MAK-BL1830B. Li-ion BL1830B has no memory effect and is much lighter than other chemistries. 22-minute recharging in the DC18RC charger, and battery capacity indicator LEDs that show how much power you have left, at the touch of a button.

With that in mind, what does the Makita LXT mean?? Makita. Technology. LXT. Xtreme lithium-ion technology. LXT.

What are the signs that you’re looking at a fake

People who have worked with original Makita power tools before will have no problem spotting a fake. Except that ordinary users can easily run into a low-quality product, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Price. Genuine Makita products can’t be cheap. If the price of the product is not decently low, it means that they offer a fake.
  • Manufacturer and marking. The company has plants in different countries. China, Japan, Romania, UK. Also in the U.S. and Brazil, but we do not have products from these countries. Regardless of the country of manufacture, the quality of the tool is beyond doubt, it’s very high. We always pay attention to the serial number. It must be different from similar models.
  • Build quality. No defects or other flaws on the body. Quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing process, so there should be no unpleasant odors.
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Makita counterfeit or original

Many people have probably seen two similar products in one store, which have the same packaging and all external visible signs.

But the price of these products is sharply different. That there is one branded product and one such counterfeit product. Except that the company complies with our customer remains the quality standards of the product, and the fake company tries to focus only on external signs of the product, so that it was very similar to the original, then judge for yourself about the quality of these products.Of the fakes made under the Makita brand, I would like to mention some names, these products are Makita

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The main difference between a fake and the original is not a secret cost. The price of counterfeit Makita products is lower than the original, and the customer is sure to “fall for the line” at first, no teeth, why pay more than that if there is no difference? But as annoying as it may sound, this is not the case. Poor-quality product, bought by you at the lowest cost, very soon you will disappoint, and the equipment will rapidly fail, during which you will have to buy new products, and in the end you will pay more easily than if you had originally purchased a unique product from the manufacturer. So, think for yourself, it is worth saving in quality.

Also, some counterfeit Makita products have incorrectly affixed special labels. The customer may not at first notice the correct marking, but a Makita 5704R

(circular saw), the markings are glued upside down and the Makita logo on the handle of some tools is missing altogether. See what remains for our customer to do elements when choosing Makita products.

To avoid encountering counterfeit Makita-branded products, we advise you to obtain your Makita products from specialty stores that issue a service warranty and have the proper certification documents for the products they manufacture, and to obtain additional service from many specialty stores. In addition Makita tries to keep the of such products affordable so you benefit both in price and in value.

Also, counterfeiters probably cheat on the price of the product, claiming that when you order the delivery will be free. But that’s not it at all. Ordering Makita products with delivery, you really do not pay for shipping, but the cost is already made up of the price of the tool itself plus the cost of delivery, so there is no artificial price markup just there.Also, counterfeit Makita equipment appeared in the Russian markets, which is not even in the range of manufactured products, do not fall for such products.

We now have information on 3 fake Makita products. Makita 5704R

, Makita HR 2450 and Makita 9069. These models of tools in the fake version are made pretty well, so the average amateur does not recognize the replacement. Please know some distinguishing features that will help you easily differentiate the counterfeit from the original. Source

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What is the difference between domestic and professional tools?

Household tools are not designed for periodic, short-term use Professional tools are designed for continuous and continuous work, for heavy and prolonged use. Construction teams can use a drill, an impactor or an electric screwdriver for 8-10 hours in a row every day.

Makita also was no exception and prepared its customers a tool in red (Makita Maktec) for home work and blue for long and hard work. But there are companies that only produce professional tools, such as DeWALT.

What’s a red Makita?

The MT (red) Makita MT range includes 22 types of tools that have been designed, developed and manufactured in the Japanese brand’s production facilities. The new lineup is an opportunity to get quality products at a bargain price for home use and hobby purposes.

the tool is designed for continuous professional use, i.e. where a household tool has a sleeve or plain bearing, a professional tool has a ball or roller bearing and is also sealed.

How to choose a professional power tool?

First, a professional tool, whether it is a drill or an electric screwdriver, a saw or a planer, is designed for continuous professional use, i.e.е. several hours daily, with occasional brief interruptions (mainly to rest the worker, not the tool).

An amateur power tool works for no more than 2 hours a day or twenty hours a month in the “twenty minutes of work. as much rest” mode.

Consequently, the first difference of professional power tools is high reliability and durability, which are achieved by better design and quality materials. Where an ordinary tool has a sleeve or plain bearing, a professional tool has a ball or roller bearing and a sealed bearing.

Professional tools use higher-quality and often reinforced plastics for their housings. For metal parts, alloyed, heat-treated steels are used. Household power tools generally use standard constructional parts without additional machining.

power tool/ circuitry

The lubrication system is also very different. a closed bearing can run for years without maintenance, another leaks due to overheating during intensive work and the tool fails in a matter of weeks if you don’t give it a rest every 15 minutes.

For reliability and thus a long service life, the professional tool is equipped with a “Soft-Start” mode to reduce the inrush current when switching on. Equipped with an automatic switch-off of brushes at their extreme wear, as well as an automatic switch-off in case of overheating.

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Has a release clutch in case of jamming of the tool (drill or saw blade). Professional tools have better dust protection, especially for the most vulnerable parts, motor windings and bearings.

Second, a professional tool designed for long, continuous operation has better ergonomics. comfortable body shape, non-slip handles, shock absorbers.

Thirdly, professional tools are better suited for low temperatures. Mains cable usually has a rubber outer sheath, in contrast to the household chlorvinyl.

Fourth, for “professionals” produced a wide range of nozzles, accessories, usually developed by the same company and designed specifically for specific models. Example. Hilti, Bosch, DeWALT tools and accessories.

HILTI professional tools

DeWALT professional tool

Makita professional tools

Makita made in Japan?

Today the Makita brand has several factories around the world and only a small portion of the range is manufactured in Japan. China, Romania are the more common choices. But there are also models that are made in the USA and Great Britain! Look closely at the nameplate on the tool. It should say “Makita Corporation Anjo Aichi Japan”. which tells us that this tool is from the Japanese Makita brand. But no more than that. According to the requirements of Russian legislation, the product and/or its packaging has to be marked (in Russian!) country of manufacture. So a normal nameplate looks like this:

Pay attention, the above-stated requirements of the law appeared not so long ago, and if you have an old tool, the inscription “made in China” in Russian can not be. But for a newly purchased tool, this point is mandatory.

Do I need an impact driver?

Makita leads the industry with 70 18V tools, and more category-leading innovations are on the way. La Mirada, Calif. Makita has the world’s largest 18V lithium-ion cordless cordless tool composition over 70 tools powered by a single 18V LXT battery that reaches a full charge in just 30 minutes.

Answer: when you use softer wood, you need the lighter touch and finesse of a traditional cordless drill/driver. For harder wood, concrete, masonry and especially long fasteners handled in heavy materials, you may want an impact driver.

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