Plowing with an Ural Patriot power tiller with an adapter

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New and used copies of the Ural Patriot are massively distributed in the domestic market. Average for basic configuration. The maximum equipped version will cost about 33 thousand. You can find a single-axle tractor with mounted equipment and in good condition on the secondary market. Such variant will cost up to 20-25 thousand.

Among the most striking analogues motoblock Patriot Ural can be selected Sich MB-8, Ugra NMB-1H1 Kaluga, as well as Celina MB-801 and DAEWOO Dat M 80110.

Operation manual

After buying a Patriot Ural power tiller, it remains to operate it correctly to extend its service life.

The manufacturer recommends observing the following recommendations:

  • Visually inspect the unit for malfunctions before each use, including checking that the threaded connections are secure;
  • remove particles of soil or snow after work to prevent rusting;
  • Evaluate the quality of the threads and structure of the power tiller after purchase, including whether all elements are present;
  • assess the level of lubricating oil in the engine and gearbox;
  • Do not leave the unit unattended during operation;
  • refuel the unit in an open room and strictly when cooled;
  • if fuel is spilled, roll the unit at least three meters to the side before turning it on;
  • Do not use in greenhouses, greenhouses and other enclosed spaces;
  • use selected oil from proven manufacturers: fuel M-10B2 or M-10G2 in summer period, M-8G2 in winter period.

In addition, it is recommended to observe safety measures when using equipment, in particular to wear special headphones and a protective mask. Even in the heat it is impossible to use a single axle tractor without shoes.

Safety is guaranteed if the slope on the site is 11 degrees or higher.

On the power tillers market one can find a lot of goods from various producers. Often consumers trust European or American brands, but the Chinese bypass the side. But today it is a huge mistake to consider Chinese goods of low quality. The company’s facilities may just be in this country.

Patriot power tillers are made in the USA. The history of this brand. a truly amazing way of one small company’s growth into a leader in the production of various equipment. power tillers, pumps, cultivators, various gardening tools, equipment for construction and repair, and more.

Вспашка земли мотоблоком PATRIOT Урал. Огород в деревне.

The beginning of the brand “Patriot” can be considered 1973. At this time one unremarkable situation happened. the future founder of the company Andy Johnson was laid off at work. And from that moment he began to think about starting his own business.

In Russia Patriot products appeared only in 1999. At that time there were only two models of chainsaws on the market. But over time, the range began to expand, not only in this country, but also in many others. As the reviews of owners, power tillers “Patriot” is one of the best in the ratio of price to quality.

In addition, the sale you will always find a huge number of attachments, greatly expanding the capabilities of technology. The manufacturer has taken care of repairability of machines, providing consumers with the ability to purchase any spare parts.

All power tillers “Patriot” have these advantages:

  • knotty mechanisms are very rugged and reliable. The entire design ensures the longevity of the device, as well as being resistant to all kinds of stresses;
  • all machines have several forward and reverse speeds. It makes the machine more comfortable to drive and turns more easily without any extra effort;
  • Handles provide a strong grip for operator. Also, they are fully adjustable. You’ll be able to customize them for comfort while you’re working;
  • With the help of the attachment you can not only perform standard ground work, but also sweep your plot near the house, mow the lawn, water the plants, remove snow, and much more;
  • engine has a separate lubrication system for high torque;
  • The fenders and headlights are removable, so the work, especially when using a trailer, is more reliable and comfortable.
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General Information

Patriot “Victory” is a great combination of compact size and good power, as well as performance. It should be noted that this single-axle tractor is really affordable, which is especially important in recent times. Secondly, Patriot equipment has long established itself as a very reliable and durable. Pobeda is also not an exception. So, this model is practically an optimal combination of price and quality.

The model’s standard working width is 100 cm. However, the power reserve allows you to increase it by installing additional cutters. Cultivation depth. 30 cm. Thanks to various attachments, this model has a wide range of functions. Use of plough, pick-up head or spudger possible. Due to the three-strand pulley can be installed on a single-axle tractor and active attachments, such as a mower or snowplow. Small dimensions and weight. only 78 kg, which facilitates transportation and operation of the walking tractor. are also worth mentioning.

Patriot Ural video

The Patriot Ural single-axle tractor is a rugged and versatile machine that is widely used for tillage. Thanks to the reinforced frame unloading and loading of this model is made extremely easy.

The Patriot Ural is made according to the classic scheme. The special equipment consists of 4 main elements: frame, engine (transverse position), PTO gearbox and gearbox. In addition to the drive wheels, additional support equipment can be installed on the single-axle tractor.

Design features of the Patriot Ural model:

  • special reinforced frame. It can be used as a handle to move the unit, and again serves as a protection for the motor in case of overturning. There is a hole on the main frame for mounting “the linkage” with a drive pulley. This element bends over the surface of the equipment, protecting it from scratches and damage;
  • an additional frame that sets it apart from its counterparts. It covers the motor from above. Technically this accessory looks straightforward, but it fulfills a very important function. Power tillers are quite heavy machines. It takes a lot of force to move them, especially if they have to be pulled sideways. The Ural Patriot can be lifted by the frame and moved in the desired direction. Again containers and boxes can be put on the frame. In addition, the element provides additional protection for the engine in case of collisions and shocks. The additional frame is attached to the control handle and to the main frame;
  • Gearbox with 4 forward and 2 reverse gears. The single-axle tractor has a collapsible chain reducer (2 speeds forward, 1 speed reverse). Increased number of gears is achieved by shifting the belt to the freewheels. The owner of the machine can only use 3 gears at a time. The clutch type is belt driven. The gearbox itself is enclosed in a cast-iron housing that enables it to handle heavy loads. It prevents oil leaks and guarantees a long service life. Output shaft has a hexagonal shape;
  • Handle for shifting gears is on the operator’s side. It is used to select the right gear.
  • removable fenders and mudguards. The elements serve to trap clods of earth;
  • a powerful headlamp that allows you to work in the dark;
  • Pneumatic wheels for excellent all-terrain mobility. Wheel size is quite large, because of this facilitates overcoming bumps, hills and other obstacles;

The Patriot Ural is equipped with a separate lubrication system that eliminates the need to mix fuel and oil and increases the unit’s torque. Again, the model has a wide fuel tank neck for easy fuel filling, and rubber pads on the handles for greater operator comfort.

The delivery set for the power tiller includes tillers, S-shaped coulter with a bracket, pneumatic wheels and discs that provide plant protection.

A wide line of attachments is provided for the Patriot Ural power tiller:

  • Multifunctional Patriot PM-03 power tiller;
  • Patriot PM-05 plowing and riding module;
  • Patriot OK2 700 two-row oscillator.500.13;
  • Patriot multi-purpose hitch;
  • Patriot OCD 700 disc coulter.625.17;
  • Patriot PL 255 plow.567.316.6 with coupler;
  • Patriot potato tiller without coupler;
  • Patriot UMB S24 wheel axle extension.370;
  • Patriot OS 100 snowplow;
  • Patriot S-24 tines.

The power of the power tiller is quite enough to work with any attachment or trailed equipment. Accessories are again front-mounted (a third spur on the traction sheave is used for driving).


Patriot Ural will last much longer with proper maintenance. It must be done regularly and qualitatively. Again, before the first start-up, it is necessary to carry out a running-in of the power tiller. This process is obligatory and prolongs the service life of the equipment. The first running-in procedure consists of several steps:

  • Filling the tank (choose a quality fuel for the first start);
  • Checking the oil level. It is recommended to do it not only before running-in, but also before starting any work with the power tiller;
  • first start. the special equipment should work for a while at medium speed, after which you should try all the available gears, alternating them;
  • Checking the box for functions: mowing grass, working the ground, transporting loads. Here it is important not to exceed the loading limits specified in the manual. The duration of this step is usually 8-9 hours;
  • oil change.
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In comparison with Russian models, special equipment Patriot has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the main advantages should be allocated:

  • a powerful motor with its own lubrication system for high torque with comparatively little bulk. Again, there is no need to add oil to the fuel. The engine itself has a long service life;
  • most Patriot models have 2 forward and 2 reverse speeds. However, given the presence of reverse and the possibility of a full turnover of the steering column in the power tiller actually have 4 working speed;
  • Large-scale use of lightweight alloys makes the Patriot both lightweight and powerful. Due to this improved maneuverability and easier management;
  • Adjustable track allows you to configure a single-axle tractor for a particular type of site and variety of culture;
  • removable fenders and a headlight make it more comfortable and safer to work with the power tiller (especially when transporting loads).

The only thing in which Patriot power tillers are inferior to domestic models is cost. It is the high price tag that determines a relatively small demand for this equipment (Russian buyers traditionally choose cheap devices). Not everyone likes the small wheels of the Patriot family, which are not equipped with cleats.

Owners reviews

The owners agree in their reviews that all models of the Patriot brand are distinguished by quality and reliability in operation. The advantage is the low fuel consumption, and the disadvantage is the high cost of consumables.

I bought a single axle tractor “Pobeda” 2 years ago and I don’t regret it yet. Was supposed to use only milling machines for cultivation, but later added other attachments. I’d like to note the increased efficiency in work and significant time savings. Planting and harvesting potatoes, watering the garden, and seeding and mowing is much easier. The quality of the power tiller was a pleasant surprise, because for the entire time the engine ran smoothly and started immediately, and the gears were engaged clearly. No stalling during work, which is a joy, too.

I have been operating the Ural for 3 years now. The advantage of the model is a powerful motor and the availability of reverse, thanks to which you can maneuver with sufficient ease. I would like the model to be equipped with an electric starter, but it starts well with a manual starter as well. Gasoline consumption is an average of 2l/h, which is considered economical. No major failures, was only changing the oil and tightening the mounting.

The brand lineup includes multifunctional, practical, durable and easy-to-maintain equipment. Popularity is due to its low price. Consider the features of the three best models of the Ural series, their advantages and disadvantages according to consumers.

PATRIOT Ural with Extreme wheels (440 10 7581)

Multifunctional single-axle tractor equipped with a 7.8 horsepower gasoline engine. Model

Equipped with large pneumatic wheels and cutters.

Speeds are shifted through a gearbox on the crank.

Four forward and two reverse speeds.

Three-way pulley makes it possible to attach a mower, snow blower, trailer and other equipment.

Reinforced frame prevents damage to the air cleaner, gas tank and muffler when storing and operating the machine.

  • attractive appearance;
  • quick start;
  • rugged chassis;
  • sturdy frame;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • ergonomic handle.

PATRIOT Ural (440 10 8000)

The single-axle tractor with single-cylinder, four-stroke gasoline engine provides 7.8 horsepower, and is built to last.

All speeds are controlled with a simple twist of a crank handle.

Three-strand pulley allows you to connect a mower, cart, plow, snowplow and other attachments.

The model is equipped with a cast-iron one-piece gearbox, which eliminates the risk of oil leaks due to the wear resistance of the bearing seats.

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This greatly extends the service life of the power tiller.

  • Working width. 90 cm;
  • cutter diameter. 320 mm;
  • engine power. 7.80 л.с.;
  • engine displacement. 220 cc. cm;
  • tank capacity. 3.6 л;
  • weight. 84 kg.
  • optimal size;
  • high power;
  • universal coupling;
  • rugged case;
  • cast iron gearbox;
  • easy starting.

PATRIOT Ural (440 10 7580)

single axle tractor with 7,8 hp gasoline engine provides high quality and quick cultivation, seed sowing, cultivation, fertilization and root crop collection.

Four forward and two reverse speeds with convenient gearshift on gearbox.

The model is equipped with a pulley, due to what it is possible to complete it with additional equipment (snowplow, harrow, plough, cart, etc.д.).

Reinforced frame protects gas tank, muffler and other components from breakage.

Thanks to the cast-iron, cast in one piece gearbox, there are no oil leaks, and it allows to prolong the life span of the machine.

  • high power;
  • quick start;
  • comfortable coupling with the plow;;
  • safe frame
  • cast iron editor;
  • adequate cost.

Testimonial: single axle tractor gasoline Patriot Ural. It does not care about the mud and puddles, as a small but powerful tractor!

At our cottage is quite a large garden of 36 acres, handle by hand such a huge field is very difficult, so it was decided to buy a single-axle tractor.

plowing, ural, patriot, power

When my husband and I arrived at the largest store that sells these products, my eyes were immediately hooked on the single axle tractor gasoline PATRIOT Ural, compared to other power tillers, he looked just chic, the other power tillers paled at his background.

powerful 7.8 liters. с. With huge powerful wheels, I love everything powerful (yes, what can I say, I’m just a fan of power, strength and power, all flimsy just not my thing)

And of course the color is marvelous, by the way my favorite color is orange (I even have an orange kitchen and not just the kitchen, I have quite a few things in my favorite color)

So I fell in love with it, and when the consultant who came up and confirmed my opinion with very positive arguments to the address of this remarkable motor block, then of course, other motor blocks have simply not been considered, it was decided to buy it. Which I am still very happy about. I watch my husband plowing with this tractor and just my heart rejoices, goes wild with delight (more would be such a great combination. favorite man plus a stunning single-axle tractor)

My husband also really likes the single-axle tractor, the only drawback he considers the slow speed, I would like it to be faster. Because we still have not only a large garden, but also a lot of garden, which have to do a lot of care, pruning and of course cut branches, limbs have to be removed in large quantities, and the trash is located about three miles from us, and even on the way steep hill eight meters high, and my husband sometimes have ten times to go here and there, so he probably resents calling in a joke single-axle tractor turtle.

The power is on quickly, the tractor starts up in no time.

It also has a very good cross-country ability, even in mud and puddles it does not care as a small tractor (so that even though the woods for mushrooms, though on the lake fishing)

a single axle tractor is heavy enough, it weighs a lot so power, strength for garden and vegetable garden is more than enough.

A lot of additional attachments.

It is easy to store, because it does not take up much space in the barn.

In general, my husband and I are very pleased that we bought this one-axle tractor.

There are a lot of hedgehogs on our plot, if yours is also, then be vigilant, be careful, always check whether there is a hedgehog there before, for example, mowing the grass. We almost accidentally did not hurt, as it turned out, the hedgehog, which as it turned out later was a whole bunch of small hedgehogs. So now we are very carefully monitored.

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