Planer Interskol p 110 01 blades replacement

What is an electric planer

In the manufacture of wooden products can not do without planing and precise processing of lumber. Using an electric planer in carpentry allows you to eliminate defects in the surface of wood, making it smooth and even. In this case, the process of fine finishing of boards is not difficult at all and takes little time, which makes it possible to perform work in a short time without much effort.

To understand how to use an electric planer (for example, Diold or Bosch PHO 1500), you should familiarize yourself with its structure and operating principle. The tool is compact in size, easy to operate. The design includes:

  • body with handle;
  • skis (or supporting front and rear plates);
  • planing knives;
  • reducing mechanism;
  • electric motor;
  • waste collection device with a spigot;
  • planing depth control mechanism with a switch;
  • power lever;
  • blocking button;
  • Power supply. electrical cable, battery.

According to the scope of electric tools are conditionally subdivided into household and professional. The latter usually have more power, can be used by specialists for specific complex tasks in the processing of lumber in production. The first are lighter and cheaper, but not as powerful.

Work such planers due to the electric motor built into the body, which greatly facilitates the process of finishing boards. Thanks to the presence of the spigot, shavings and dust fall directly into the bag for collecting waste, leaving a clean surface. Power tools like the Bosch GHO 26-82 D electric planer are powered by an electric cord with a plug, or by a battery.

Review: Manual Electric Planer Interskol P-110/1100M. “dumb hands

I purchased an Interskol P-110/1100M electric hand planer in 2017, and after three years of using it, I want to share my opinion of this model.

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The planer is sold in a beautiful box with the technical information about the model.

The set includes instruction manual in Russian, warranty card and “Interskol” booklet

The instruction manual is made in the best traditions of the USSR. With explanatory pictures, tables and a detailed description of the tool, as well as its preparation for work.

Interskol advertising booklet directly indicates that it is a Russian manufacturer of tools and power equipment.

The fact that “Interskol” is a Russian brand was also told to me by the sales assistant.

Meanwhile, on the instrument itself I found a small inscription, treacherously hidden in the corner: “Made in China. The question is why it should be hidden?

I have an impression that Interskol is hiding tool production in China.A trifle, but as they say the residue remained.

The planer is made of quality plastic, with rubber inserts on the handle.Lock-on button.

Cord length 2 meters, plug under the Russian standard.

The main technical characteristics of the model:.power 1100 W.-Cutter rotation speed at idle 16000 rpm planing width of 110 mm.-weight 4.5 kg.

Weight in fact turned out to be more on 238 grams.

-adapter for vacuum cleaner connection-change knives-change knives setting pattern-blade straightener-change belt

There is also a device for stationary installation:

Электрический рубанок Интерскол Р-110-01

When the planer is running, the planing depth is set by turning the front control knob:

Turning it clockwise increases the depth and turning it counterclockwise reduces it.One turn of the knob equals 1.5 mm. planing depth.

the turning knob is set to “zero” before the ploughing depth is set.This will keep the front and the rear platform on the same level.

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In this photo the regulator is turned on maximum.The clearance between the front and rear platforms is 7 mm.

Roughing is carried out with deep planing and a moderate feed rate of the planer, which is determined experimentally.

Finishing is done at shallow planing depths and slow feed speeds.

The planer can be turned into a mini planer with a stationary attachment:

This fixture is attached to the workbench with bolts or self-tapping screws, and a guide ruler is attached to the planer.

The red safety guard automatically covers the rotating knives during operation.There is a special lock for the on/off button to operate upside down.

The biggest problem with this planer is that “out of the box” the front and back platforms are not aligned.This can easily be checked with a tool ruler.

If you start work without fixing this problem, believe me, there can be no quality woodworking!

First unscrew the six bolts and remove the rear platform.Then follows a long and tedious shamanism with different washers, nuts, tin cups and foil.

They should be placed in various combinations under the bolts, each time screwing back the platform and checking the result with a tool ruler.

The final result should be the full alignment of the rear platform relative to the front in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The whole procedure took me about two hours and a lot of nerve cells!

After that you need to check the alignment of the blades in relation to the aligned platform.How to do this is described in detail in the instruction manual.

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Another problem with this planer is that the blade clamping plate is attached with 4 screws that require a custom head of 9mm to loosen.

The manufacturer should equip their models with such a head, or at least warn them about it!

planer, interskol, blades

In any case do not try to unscrew them with any wrench!The bolts are overtightened, and their heads are small and it’s very likely you’ll just damage them.

So I have a double impression of this planer.On the one hand it serves its purpose very well.

The right planing depth and feed rate provide excellent quality woodworking. You can work for a long time, the engine does not overheat.

On the other hand the planer doesn’t do it “out of the box” and to get it to work well you need to spend a lot of time and nerves!

CJSC “Interskol” for some reason decided that all Russian men are handy and clever, sleep and see that would bring something to mind with a file and some mother!

Meanwhile, I paid for this builder not a small amount of money 5500.I put “three” and will not recommend for purchase!

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