Patriot pt 555 review. Operating and repair manual

– 4. MrAli M.

Pros: Value for money.
Cons: Quality materials.
Review: Good completeness. Powerful enough. Backpack clasp broke the second time I unzipped it. Grass trimmer mows well, but is a bit heavy, noisy and. Expectedly, voracious. The line for the trimmer breaks quickly and runs out, tried several kinds of line. However, worth its money. We have grass trimmers Hunsquarna, MTD, Shtill, DAEWOO, etc. I have no regrets about the purchase, I recommend it, but taking into account the understanding of the shortcomings to avoid disappointment.

– 4. Eugene Y.

Pros: power even if it cuts small trees, mows anything and everything with no mercy.
Cons: Quality of bicycle handle and motor quality
Review: 4 years experience. Site. 14 acres. Mowing 3-4 times a season About noise and discomfort of operation is individual BUT. 1. The bicycle handle is made of aluminum and it wears quickly around the handle bar and it starts to rotate and you can no longer adjust it. 2. and most importantly. After 3 years of operation has ceased to start at idle rpm immediately begins with the maximum rpm and only a quick shake helps to move to idle. I had my bike in a shop and they said it was a disease of the patriots (may be someone knows how to deal with this) 3. On the handlebars start/stop shifting stopped working not dropped, did not break, did not touch anything and stopped working by itself, period Thank you!

– 4. MrAli MrAli

Pros: Value for money.
Cons: The quality of materials.
Review: Good package. Powerful enough. The knapsack clasp broke on the second unzipping. the grass trimmer mows well, but is heavy, a little noisy and. Expectedly, voracious. the line for the trimmer breaks down and runs out quickly, I tried several kinds of lines. Worth the money. I have grass trimmers Hunsquarna, MTD, Shtill, DAEWOO, etc. I don’t regret the purchase, I recommend it, but taking into account the understanding of disadvantages in order to avoid disappointment. P.S. In the new season, the trimmer head malfunctioned, no longer automatically delivers line to the trimmer when it hits the ground.

– 3. Kovalev V.

Pros: Power, reliable starting.
Cons: 1. When working with a line under the button that automatically extends the ends of the line. grass and dirt particles always get clogged. After an hour or an hour and a half of work, it is impossible to lengthen the line for the trimmer. I have to disassemble the unit and clean it. How long will it last. 2. The knot of attaching handles to the boom does not allow them to be finally fixed, no matter how tighten. They turn after touching the ground (to lengthen the fishing line). 3. Unsuccessful “harness”. Ended up taking one from an old Husqvarna.
Review: The model assumes the basic work of blades and disk, of course, on a flat area without stones (and they are, as an element of design). It’s too early to judge about the reliability.

– 4. Andrew Z.

Pros: Power, build quality. No complaints.
Cons: Shank harness leaves a lot to be desired.
Review: Not a bad machine overall. Power is enough to any grass, took an additional bobbin Husqvarna t-35. I don’t recommend using the discs when running the grass trimmer. They say after purchasing it, it is necessary to pull everything. I did not notice any problems, checked and lubed. have questions about mixing the mix. No one and nothing can explain, the opinions in the service centers are absolutely different. According to the book 1:32, gasoline 92 (95 is not worth it). I use oil STIHL (I always buy it from the dealer), mix it according to the manufacturer’s standard Patriot, no smoke. Some say it should be 1:32, other service denies it, they say it will get a lot of fouling, others suggest 1:40, others suggest 1:50 as it says on the oil. I have enough technique, first time there was a problem out of nothing. It has always been 1:50 I’ll try it ) The installed candle worked once, it’s better to buy a good one at once. About the grass trimmer itself. Worked the first time 12 acres on a fishing line for sure. Seems a little heavy, but I think the problem is in the belts and adjustments. I compared it to rt555, i like xt better in quality and convenience. While trimmer for grass justifies the hopes for my money)))) Flight normal))) Maybe someone will prompt on the real proportions of oil / gasoline for the model, I do not want to bury. I use STIHL.synthetics. Good luck Gardeners))

– 1. Ivan Shtyrliaev

Cons: Didn’t like the brand support. They have a special offer and it is available through a bot in whatsapp. Who does not want to take a check from yandex market. I tried to contact technical support. I got the impression that not the most intelligent people work there. I tried to explain in vain that I can not register. Eventually they asked for my phone number. email. And then they would say “We can not find the member with such email in the list of registered”. I tried again to explain to them that this is the essence of the problem. That I could not register. But it went around and around a few times. Also tried to call the hotline. In the end, after a long ringing tone. it would go to voicemail. I left a message about my problem. Also dictated phone number for feedback. They won’t call me back. I think if there is a problem with my products. Support will behave the same as this time. That’s why I don’t recommend this brand.

Review of the grass trimmer PT 3555ES

Patriot gasoline grass trimmer

If you have already decided on the manufacturer and decided that it will be. then before making a purchase, it is necessary to consider several models of gasoline trimmers from this supplier. Among others, it should be noted PT 3555ES, the cost of which is 5690

This equipment is a tool that can be used for decorative mowing. The device works due to the fuel engine. The manufacturer has taken care of easy starting, providing the device primer. Described gasoline trimmer for grass “Patriot” can cut the grass at any height. The design is equipped with a cutting knife, which easily fights ragweed and broomstalk thickets.

– 4. Kosmachev Nikolay

Pros: Powerful, strong, richly equipped. Mowing speed increases at the expense of a long boom.
Cons: Heavy, need for fine tuning, what would not tire. Quality of the unloading belt for three, no remarks on the wheels and spool.
Review: For large areas, high grass, weeds, bushes. Worth the money.

– 4. data is hidden

Pros: Kit. Not bad power.
Cons: Less than a year after purchase stopped starting (carburetor was changed under warranty).
Review: Took it to the store for warranty 10.06 (in the store specialist who took the braid, cracked the neck through which passes the starter cord). After some time (end of June. beginning of July) were invited to take the braid from the repair, on examining it (the braid), saw that the splintered part has not been replaced, to take away “was afraid to”, Two months after handing in for repair 10.06 about the fate of the tool, the store employees did not make me happy at all (“never heard a peep”). In early August, I decided to inquire and found that it was in the store with a broken neck. Received a lot of promises to eliminate the defect and inform me about the end of the work. And, you may not believe it, but again silence. Picked it up the other day, but I don’t know if it’s working or not. When asked if the store will be any “plus”. offered a dirty mug. Own service in our city (Cherepovets) the store does not have, hence the appropriate consequences.
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– 2. data hidden

Cons: The machine is fast and loose on the second day, the carburetor filter cover fell off, the choke lever broke, everything is very fragile and unreliable. The service center specified in the passport does not work with the patriot (do not deliver parts) itself to find parts is not possible, they do not exist. Full. disappointment.
Review: no service.

– 4. Arkady

Pros: Good equipment, power,
Cons: Sketchy assembly instructions, flimsy plastic, blunt three-blade blade
Review: grass trimmer is not difficult to assemble. The manual is a bit confusing, I don’t know what to do with it” Ploborota “, worked fine with lines and other attachments. It uses 5 liters of gasoline on 6 acres. good quality shaft. plastic reel is more or less normal. As I read in various Комментарии и мнения владельцев, needs tightening of all screws! The weight and vibration are no problem. The only thing that was upsetting was the fact that the buckle on the shoulder strap broke.(but it’s not critical, though it’s a shame. 3 blade knife not sharpened. The shoulder strap itself is comfortable. In general, the machine is satisfied, requires some fine-tuning, but for the price of a complete set and a beast of power.

– 4. Vlad C.

Pros: Really powerful stuff,
Cons: good points so far
Testimonial: As a layman with my first grass trimmer in my adult life, I was guided exclusively by the reviews on I.marketplace, other plus-minus commenters have objectively described this product and it really is all. 1. The set is rich. 2. Reel gave up after 2 hours of use. 3. Assembly. According to the manual, very simple.(be sure to run it in idle). 4. backpack strap. excellent solution. 5. I will complete the review, after more time of use.

– 5. cmpaxov

Pros: Power! Very good equipment package. I have everything: circular saw blade, knife, measuring canister. The backpack strap. Very comfortable if properly adjusted. Anti-vibration system works. Everything is well made and reliable. Large tank of 1.2 liters. The price for this trimmer for the grass is more than adequate.
Cons: Now the other side of the coin. Noise level is 112db, too much for work without headphones. The trimmer head needed cleaning after 3 hours of use. No line for the trimmer. It is better to buy another one from the big brother. The handle is not as convenient as one of the new models like 3355, 3555, 4555, etc. The line could not be fed to my hedge trimmer.д. newer. Heavy.
Review: Taking into account all the pros and cons, I think that the choice of this trimmer for grass is more than good. On 15 acres. Just what the doctor ordered. The grass trimmer is heavy, but not critical. top weighting of the engine and the presence of a satchel belt negate this disadvantage in principle. I didn’t regret getting such a powerful grass trimmer. Doesn’t get bogged down in grass clippings. Goes like a tank. Look, all made decently (except for the coil, the price affects the), let’s see how it will behave in further use. The price of 5 thousand is adequate.

– 5. Vyacheslav Strakhov

Pros: Power! Very good accessories. there is everything: blade, blade, canister. The backpack strap. Very comfortable if properly adjusted. The anti-vibration system works. Made quite well and securely. Large tank of 1.2 liters. Price for this grass trimmer is more than adequate.
Cons: Now the other side of the coin. 112db noise level is a little much to work with without headphones. Trimmer head after 3 hours of work required cleaning. No fishing line for the trimmer. Better to buy another one from a big brother. The bicycle handle is not as convenient as one of the new models, such as: 3355, 3555, 4555, etc.д. newer. Heavy.
Review: Considering all the pros and cons, I find that this is a good choice for grass trimming. On 15 acres. Just what the doctor ordered. the grass trimmer is heavy, but not critical. Top-mounted weighting of the engine and the presence of a satchel belt negate this disadvantage in principle. I did not regret that I took such a powerful trimmer for the grass. It does not get stuck in the cuttings. It’s like a tank. Look, all made decent (except for the coil, affecting the price), let’s see how it behaves in further operation. The price of 5 thousand is quite adequate.

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– 2. hav109a

Pros: Versatility, design, power
Cons: Carburetor. Didn’t start, had to disassemble, flush, purge, adjust. After the second mowing. Spark plug failed, bought a new one. After the third mowing, the piston burned out. Conclusions, my friends. Minus to the manufacturer, now I will think several times before the next purchase.
Review: All in all not bad if not a problem with the carburetor and a burnt piston!

– 2. data hidden

Cons: The carburetor filter cap fell off on the second day and the choke lever broke, everything is very fragile and unreliable. Service center specified in the passport does not work with the patriot (do not deliver parts) itself to find parts is not possible, they do not exist. Full. disappointment.
Review: No service.

– 2. Valery Kondratyev

Pros: Powerful engine
Cons: I have to sweat to start the cold one. First of all, I can’t even start it from the third time. Secondly, the shaft is turned very tight on the compression stroke, and thirdly, I have to stretch out to pull the cord and hold the scythe to keep it from jumping after the cord, and to play with the throttle to catch the optimal mix for launch. It’s very inconvenient that you can’t restart the engine without removing the brushcutter, if you have made a sudden stop during work. I have to unbuckle, bow and pull again, the harness gets in the way. In general. creepy! The original head with a fishing line worked in the mode conceived by the designers (when you press in the middle and pull the line for the trimmer, and it stretches) for a very short time. I have to open the bobbin, take out the bobbin, turn it myself, refill the line for the trimmer. It is torture, to say the least. And you can’t mow with a knife all the time. The knife does not pick up soft grass. He ducks it and doesn’t cut it.
Review: The grasshopper is heavy, so it’s heavy. When I mow straight and level areas, when it’s just hanging from the harness, it’s OK. But if I have to mow trees, bushes or other plants, I have to tear my arms off while waving it on. And the problems described above. I don’t advise! Good word for my Craftsman, which served faithfully for seven years. A pity that we can not buy it now.

– 2. the data is hidden

Pros: Power, a set of cutters, relatively inexpensive price. While the weed trimmer worked, it had time to go over 10 hectares of land twice.
Cons: Not high-quality workmanship, factory defect.
Review: The device broke down on the second day, first lever of the air filter flap fell off, then the filter itself, replacement cost 650 The warranty repair takes 30 days and of course immediately dumped “Incorrect operation”. forced to give up the warranty. Next, the engine started stalling every 10 minutes, then every 5 minutes, and finally stopped starting at all. In spring I’ll take it to service center, hopefully they will fix it. ( Impressions are negative, unfortunately).
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– 2. Dmitry Kireev

Pros: Price, equipment, powerful
Minuses: Service life, gasoline costs too much, problematic line for the trimmer (if you buy it, you’ll understand), strong vibration.
Response: I decided to mow the grass on the property in the morning. Reassembled the braid with no problems. Started after pumping fuel for the first time, but worked for about 5 minutes and stopped holding idle speed. Started after about 15 minutes on full throttle! In 30 minutes, it did not start at all. Tried a couple of carburetor rebuilds and a tune up, but it was all in vain. The next day I tried to take it to a local repair shop and here I was in for a surprise, no one wanted to deal with the company! In the end, I picked up a new carburetor and the grasshopper came to life. But my happiness lasted 4 hours, and then the piston just jammed. The piston ring ruined, probably because of marriage or overheating. It was my first and last purchase of a tool with such a big name! Repair cost 2.5 thousand I had to wait 2 or 3 weeks for the parts. Replaced the cylinder, piston, rings and piston gasket. Now it starts and runs smoothly, has already burned 5 liters of gasoline.

– 1. Artyom E.

Pros: Powerful
Cons: It broke down after a few hours of operation. Poor quality material of the cylinder-piston group. No warranty repair. In the end. wasted money.
Review: I bought it for my summer cottage, to mow 15 acres, infrequently, a couple times a year. How I got it. The Tajiks I know who work there as gardeners told me this wouldn’t work for long. And indeed. Mowed the lot 2 times, last year in the fall and this summer, and on the third time the grass mower broke. Cost almost as much as a new one. On the third time the lawn mower broke down, and on the third time it did not work properly, it was a regular customer service. They say it’s bad gasoline or oil or overheated. I have 2-stroke equipment has been working for years and nothing breaks. Service offered to put in a new cylinder-piston group. Same as before. I did not see the point. throw away the scythe and buy a new one from a different company. Do not be fooled by this scam. The miser pays twice.


In the short time of its existence, Patriot has become a manufacturer of equipment that is currently in high demand. The demand for the brand is based on the use of quality parts, as well as modern innovations and technology. Patriot lawn mower has the following features:

Due to the fact that the grass trimmers of this brand are easy to use, they can be used even by people with no experience. This type of tool can make life easier for dacha owners and gardeners. It can work on the territory from the first spring days until late fall, as well as perform snow removal in winter, using the attachments.

Patriot gasoline grass trimmers are designed for home and professional use. The cheapest versions are usually underpowered and can therefore not do the job. However, it is worth remembering that the purchase of an expensive professional trimmer may not always be appropriate.

When selecting a brushcutter it is worth considering the application of the machine.

Buying a gasoline trimmer for grass, you should take into account such nuances:

  • vegetation on the territory;
  • The size of the area;
  • The topography of the area;
  • The convenience of the brushcutter, the location of the handle on it;
  • Engine type: two-stroke or four-stroke;
  • Type of cutting attachment.

Need for use

To cope with such works will be possible with an ordinary grass trimmer, but nowadays it is quite rare to meet a person who kept the ability to use it. It is even easier to manage with a trimmer, which is a descendant of the above-mentioned tool.

If it is just about a summer cottage, it will be most convenient to purchase a gasoline model, because not always in such criteria is possible to conduct electricity, well, and the long wires will interfere in the work. It remains only to determine which option trimmer for grass to prefer. In this for you will help consumer reviews.

Design features of household trimmers

All household gasoline grass trimmers work from a two-stroke engine. Such a tool is the best option for dacha. Many users leave reviews on the Internet about the functionality of different home models, which will help decide on the choice.

Let’s understand the features of the design of household trimmers:

  • The power of the engines of household trimmers usually does not exceed 2 liters s. Sometimes there are models with a capacity of up to 3 liters. с. The tool will cope with the area of up to 10 acres.
  • Weight of almost all models does not exceed 5 kg However, you should take into account the volume of the fuel tank, which can be from 0.5 to 1.5 liters. Filled with a full tank of gasoline is an additional weight of the tool.
  • Uninterrupted operation of the domestic grass trimmer is limited to 20-40 minutes At least 15 minutes the engine needs to rest.
  • Limited access to the control system, located on the boom, creates certain inconveniences to management The booms themselves can be flat and curved to work in hard-to-reach places. They are often made folding for easy transportation.
  • Usually the tool is equipped with additional handles of different shapes The cutting element is a line for trimmer or a metal knife.
  • The two-stroke engine runs on prepared fuel Filling is carried out with a mixture of gasoline and motor oil in a ratio of 1:50.

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How to choose

Specifications gasoline grass trimmer PATRIOT PT 555 XT

Overall features




Further information


Complete information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical features and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

AdvantagesPower! It is undoubtedly a complete set: and a line for trimmer 3 mm, and discs for bushes is cool. Option to use trimmer line of diameter 2.4 and 3 mm. 1 liter gas tank. lasts a long time. Shoulder strap significantly reduces the load. fatigue-free mowing possible for a long time, but requires self-adjustment. I work on revolutions slightly above idle, almost never pressed on the full throttle, the power is enough to scatter small stones and dry currant branches with a 3 mm fishing line. Reasonable price for such power.

DisadvantagesThe quality of assembly: Before buying it, I came across only one review on this model, which said that the STIHL 180 begins with removing the handle, which is attached to the body of the chainsaw with three rubber buffers: “Check all the nuts and bolts for tightness” So before starting all the bolts tightened just in case, start up and was surprised by the noise, too loud, but thought that the 3 liters.с. That’s probably how it should be. Then I found an incomprehensible leak, gasoline was just pouring out during operation, it turned out that one of the hoses of the fuel primer was not connected. After the hose was connected, the noise stopped, the leak stopped, and the grass trimmer responded more responsively to the throttle lever. The catches on the control wire flew off in an unknown direction right after the first mowing, and then I found one. It was broken in half. The fuel tank filler is incomplete; you pour petrol on a flat surface and it is impossible to fill the tank completely because it starts to come out of the filler, I have to put it on the side and pour more petrol in the tank. Measuring cup for fuel mixture is unclear where did it come from in the kit t.к. the manual says: gasoline and oil in the ratio of 32:1, and the container has the risks 1:50 and 1:100, in general, a useless thing.

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CommentDuring a long time I chose between the Patriot PT 555 and Patriot PT 555 XT, decided to overpay and no regrets, but the product at 4 because of the aforementioned shortcomings.

Specifications gasoline grass trimmer PATRIOT PT 555

Overall specifications




Additional Info


Full information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical characteristics and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

AdvantagesFine power, blunt blade, mows thick stems and small bushes. There is a centrifugal clutch, so the stones, anthills, etc.п. No problems with the engine, the blade just stops, but the engine does not stall. The price for such a powerful trimmer for the grass. more than nice. Rich equipment (even includes a circular knife and a can for mixing)

Disadvantages 1. Heavy. My back hurts after 3 hours of work 2. Vibration on the shaft, soft gloves needed to work 3. Eats gasoline like crazy, but that’s the downside of great power 4. Uncomfortable belt included. Plastic shoulder pads have sharp edges, when working really scratches the neck (you need to sew cloth covers) 5. Unsure starting in the cold, you have a long scratch with the starter 6. The jar for mixing the engine is proportioned 1:30, but in the manual it is 1:32 for this engine (if I’m not mistaken, in general the proportions do not match)

CommentA powerful, unpretentious grass trimmer for more than reasonable money

Nice power! Very good configuration. has everything: circular saw blade, knife, canister of gauges. The backpack strap. Very comfortable, if properly adjusted. Anti-vibration system works. Everything is made quite well and securely. Big tank of 1.2 liters. The price for this trimmer for grass is more than adequate.

Disadvantages. now the other side of the coin. Noise level is 112db too much for working without headphones. Trimmer head needed cleaning after 3 hours of work. no line feed for trimmer. It would be better to buy another one from the famous brother. The handle is not as convenient as one of the new models, like 3355, 3555, 4555, etc.д. newer. Heavy.

CommentAccounting all pros and cons, I consider the choice of this trimmer for grass more than successful. On 15 acres. A doctor’s prescription. The grass trimmer is heavy, but not too much of a problem. The weighting of the engine and the presence of the satchel belt negate this disadvantage in principle. I did not regret that I took such a powerful trimmer for the grass. It does not bog down in the cuttings. Runs like a tank. Look, all made decent (except for the coil, the price affects), let’s see how to behave in further operation. The price of 5 thousand is quite adequate.

DisadvantagesUncomfortable harness (bought from ECHO) frankly bad head (bought from Husqvarna) to the price of 2000 and all is well

The device is heavy, but not a detachable bar, it is a bit inconvenient to transport, but reliable, I recommend it. I bought this tool from the internet store. It is heavy, but for me it is ok, and it is not detachable, but it is harder to carry, so I advise to use it

The strength, the completeness, the price/quality

DisadvantagesSignificant,as described in other reviews.It is recommended to sharpen the mowing blade.

My CommentsI bought this machine in an online store.As already described with the standard line head there is a vibration, but it is not as bad as it seems.The binding is not very convenient, but it is not a disaster too, to mow the grass once or twice a week it is enough.It came undone when I received it.Quickly assembled it according to the instructions and in 15 minutes already mowed the grass.It comes with everything that the grass trimmer can be assembled without using any other tools (conditionally on the knee).It started quickly and without much fuss.As soon as it breaks, the review will be added.

Advantages1. Features/assembly quality/ (emphasizing the greater reliability and quality of assembly, which is not required within the limits of the garden plot. you get similar main characteristics with less reliability and fast continuous work, but several times cheaper) 6. After the old PT3355 we see many structural improvements. U-shaped handle of two halves, new handy cover, special washer (now the shaft and nut are not sunk into the ground when mowing)

DisadvantagesIt is desirable to tinker with it yourself

CommentAfter personal experience: 1. It is much easier to mow with this “half-bush trimmer” much easier to mow with this model than with the more “amateur” models, the power of the right knife will allow to cut the grass or bushes without experiencing any delay (and “plugs”, as it was with the old shroud from the PT3355) strength is saved, less fatigue for the same area. 2. It is better to use a special knife for hay, it does not grind already cut grass (does not waste your energy and gasoline on unnecessary “mulching”) and it will be easier to clean up the dried out grass later. 3. Subjectively it runs better on AI-95 4. You will not write reviews like: “No split shaft is better than split shaft in all cases (less backlash, stronger, and you can transport it in the trunk and so. Even with split shaft will have to be disassembled for transport) 5. Tighten all bolts before the first mowing and check them more often. 6. The control handle is horribly assembled. There’s scrap all over the place, no grease, the wires and throttle linkage get pinched (making the crank not tight). I advise you to remove burrs and grease everything with silicone grease and give the choke knob a good lubrication. “gas” will become very nice and smooth:) 7. Follow the service instructions in the manual! At least drain the mixture from the reservoir and squeeze it out of the system with the plunger. Then you won’t be writing reviews like: “Does not start well, stalls when idling, does not pick up rpm” and t.п.

Owners reviews

These are the reviews you can find on thematic forums about Patriot garden equipment:

Vladimir: “The quality of the mower Patriot 42LS is not inferior to leading European counterparts. Metal housing prevents failure due to stones or uneven surfaces. The grass height of 40 cm. Mows without a problem. Self-propelled is definitely a plus. You only have to push the machine in the right direction. Pros: Motor power, build quality, price

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