P 08361 Makita Gear Lubricant

Makita Gear Grease 30 grams P-08361

Antalex. offers the opportunity to buy 30 grams of Makita gear lubricant P-08361 in bulk, retail at the lowest prices. The grease is well suited for lubricating the gears of tools which are used under heavy vibration or shock loading conditions, e.g. on torches or demolition hammers. Important properties of this grease are its corrosion-preventive and preservative ability. Also grease is water repellent. This keeps your tool in good condition for a long time.

Makita company was founded in 1915 on the basis of a small Makita workshop of Masaburo Makita in the Japanese city of Nagoya. In its first phase, the company was engaged in the repair and sale of electric motors and transformers. The Makita range currently includes more than 1,000 different tools and consumables for working with wood, metal and concrete. Tool manufacturing plants located in Japan, China and Europe. Japan is considered to be the manufacturer of Makita power tools, as the company was founded in the city of Nagoya. Makita is the clear market leader in power tools with an impeccable reputation.

Antalex LLC. Authorized dealer of the Japanese manufacturer Makita, certified 9-11. We sell p roducts of Makita across Krasnodar territory and Rostov region since 2002, we accept orders through the Internet store all over Russia with delivery within 2 5 days by transport companies SDEK, Delovye.

In the store Antalex you can buy a wide range of electric and hand tools:

Cordless and cordless drills and screwdrivers are used for drilling and installing screws.

Cordless and cordless wrenches accelerate installation of bolts and nuts.

Makita gasoline generators are used as the main or auxiliary source of electricity at construction sites, residential and industrial premises.

Metal, wood, plastic and soft concrete core drills, diamond core drills, angle drills, impact drills, mixer drills are used for drilling.

Peoratorov firm Makita with chucks SDS and SDS MAX are used for breaking and drilling of natural and artificial stone.

Смазка для болгарок, пеораторов и редукторов бензокос

Electric demolition hammers are designed for destroying hard concrete and natural stone.

Angle grinders (angle grinder, angle grinder) help cut and process workpieces made of stone, metal and plastic.

Polishing and sanding machines (vibratory sanding, belt, straight, brush, eccentric) are used for pre-treatment and finishing of metal and wood workpieces.

We sell several types of saws: circular saws (immersion saws), band saws, saber saws, crosscut saws, chain saws.

Gearbox lubrication BRUSH CUTTER / how much? how often? how to lubricate?

Jigsaws are indispensable tools for making figured pieces of thin lumber.

Electric slicers speed up woodworking.

Machines for wood processing Razmus and for sawing wood.

Small construction equipment speeds up and increases the quality of construction work: petrol cutters (joint cutters).

Gardening equipment makes it easy to take care of the earth, grass, bushes and trees on the garden plot: chain saws, blowers, brush cutters, lawn mowers, trimmers for grass.

Pumps and motor pumps pump clean and contaminated water from wells, wells and results.

Measuring equipment helps to measure the performance of work performed and the characteristics of the material: construction levels, laser range finders.

Makita hand tools make work easier for plumbers, carpenters and installers: wrenches, tool kits.

Consumables: bits for screwdrivers; cutting and grinding discs for angle grinders; drills for metal, wood and concrete products; drills and saws for poehorators; brush cutters; diamond blades for stone; saw blades for wood; core bits; lines and blades for grass trimmers; spark plugs for petrol engines.

Makita manufactures professional and household tools. Advantage of using the tools of this brand is a large number of service centers located in most Russian cities. Makita 1-year warranty on all tools. Popular thanks to manufacturing techniques that extend tool life and make the tools safe and user-friendly.

The Super-Joint-System (SJS) soft-action mechanism ensures smooth rotation of parts in power tools, reducing the load on the motor and gearbox, used on bolsters and polishing and sanding machines.

XPT technology protects internal components from water and dust and is used in cordless and cordless drills and electric screwdrivers.

MAKCTAR is a forward-looking and convenient battery charging system with digital communication between the battery and the Makita battery charger. Extends battery life and reduces charging time.

LXT lithium-ion battery technology, improves power-to-weight ratio of the lithium-ion battery pack.

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AVT anti-vibration mechanism. Based on construction technology used in earthquake-prone areas. Pelletizers and demolition hammers have a dynamic counterweight that moves in the opposite direction to the tool, thus reducing the vibration that occurs.

DXT precision and accurate sawing mechanism on mitre saws. Precise cutting is achieved by double sliding mechanism with six linear ball bearings, efficient and accurate tilt cutting clamp and other mechanisms. Used in mitre saws.

BL electric motors from Makita without brushes no need to change brushes and monitor their condition; no loss of power; longer battery life; longer battery life.

For almost a century the Japanese company Makita has proven itself in the world market. Power tools, generators and garden equipment of this manufacturer are popular among professionals and amateurs, who prefer reliability, high efficiency and maximum comfort in work.

Many people by the habit developed as a result of the flow of Chinese goods of dubious quality in the 90’s of the last century, are still carefully asked by salesmen about the country of manufacture of this or that Makita power tools model, and hearing the word “China”, they go away hoping to find the same thing but with the label “made in” somewhere else. And absolutely for nothing. The fact is that the Makita factories are now scattered around the world in Japan, Germany, Romania, Austria, the UK, America, Brazil and China. And production is distributed in such a way that certain models are produced only at specific plants. So in China today established the production of cordless drills, grinders, angle grinders, other grinders, some models of saber saws, rotary table saws, etc.

For example, it’s useless to look for a Makita HR2450 made in Germany or Great Britain. These tools leaves only conveyors of one of the two Chinese factories, as evidenced by the letters “Y” or “K” at the end of the serial number on the nameplate of the tool (packaging and some components may be from another manufacturer).

The fact that this information is public once again confirms Makita‘s transparent economic policy and responsibility for quality. All new technologies are developed in Japan, the home country of the brand, and then refined in the Okazaki factory before being introduced into production at other factories. including China. under the watchful eye of qualified personnel.

When it comes to quality standards, they are the same for all Makita products regardless of where they are made. All the factories have the certificates confirming the correspondence of the quality management system to the standards ISO 9000:2000 aimed at the satisfaction of the consumers.

Thus, the quality of Chinese Makita, unless it is a cheap fake, is on a par with the Japanese, British or, for example, German. And to exclude fakes, it is enough to use the services of an official Makita dealer. For example, the services of MakitaPro.

Makita Gear Grease 30g P-08361

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Makita 9557HNK angle grinder and all its accessories. Handle, cover plate and assembly wrench. compactly housed in a plastic case. Only 271 mm long and 1 kg weight.6 kg. With this.

If you doubt the effectiveness of a cordless tool, try out the Makita BHR 162 RFE. With its Li-Ion batteries and improved four-pole motor.

The lightweight and compact Makita HK0500 demolition hammer has long been appreciated by professionals and amateurs alike. The ideal tool for lightweight chiseling jobs: removing old tiles, removing layers of plaster, etc.

The Makita HM 1304 B is a full-sized and yet relatively lightweight demolition hammer with the right power for taking down concrete structures and old pavement. Equipped with a rugged dustproof chuck.

The heavy, large Makita HM 1810 demolition hammer has the power to smash concrete and old pavement without excessive effort. Equipped with 2 hexagonal socket head chuck.

The compact and lightweight Makita HR 1830 will please both professionals and hobbyists alike. The more so because the most popular materials for construction of modern buildings are still brick and concrete, which is the most popular type of building material.

If you are looking for an easy and reliable tool for drilling in wood, metal, plastic and concrete of various classes, you should pay attention to the peorator Makita HR 2020. This model is the shout of the new ball peeners.

Constantly improving their products, Japanese engineers not so long ago brought a new model of peorator to the market. The Makita HR 2230, which replaced the HR2020. Staying in the same weight category the tool has become even more reliable.

The new range of torches from the well-known brand name offers even more working comfort and reliability. In particular peorator Makita HR2300, which is the junior representative of this series, at maximum load consumes all the.

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The Makita HR 2432 is the perfect tool for cleaners. If you are tired of swallowing dust while drilling and chiseling, you probably should buy this model, equipped with an independent system of dust extraction. The.

Professionals will certainly appreciate this two-kilogram model with electro-pneumatic impact. True, the Makita HR 2440 is not adapted for chiselling, because it operates in two modes: drilling and boring with a hammer.

Outstanding professional tool from a renowned manufacturer. The Makita HR 2450FT has three operating modes: drilling, drilling with impact and chiselling. Versatility of the model is complemented by reverse, which is a tool for drilling and chiseling.

The Makita HR 2455 is a compact and lightweight professional drill, yet it performs like no other. When buying this tool, you get three tools at once: a drill, an impact drill and a core drill.

Смазка для электроинструмента makita, поправка в описании.

Another change in the Makita rotary tool family took place not so long ago: developers made several improvements to the HR2440 and introduced on the market the new HR 2460 characterized by high wear and tear.

The lightweight Makita HR 2470 offers high performance, functionality and durability that both professionals and hobbyists alike will appreciate. The model is designed for drilling, with.

The Makita HR 2470 FT operates in three modes: drilling, drilling with impact and chiseling. All the features of the HR 2470 are present in this model: improved dust protection for longer tool life; a long service life; a long battery life; and a long service life.

Perhaps never before has a power tool been so comfortable to operate. recently Makita developers have presented to the general public their new brainchild. a peorator Makita HR2475, and the.

The Makita HR2800. professional tool for drilling various materials, including stone and concrete. It operates in two modes. pure drilling and drilling with impact. Setting the modes of operation of the oscillating tool.

The Makita HR 2810 is a professional tool for efficient work with wood, plastic, metal and concrete of various grades. The tool has three modes: drilling, drilling with impact and chiselling.

Extremely powerful yet comfortable to use, this tool handles many tasks with ease. Drill holes in wood and metal, bore holes in concrete, masonry and masonry, hammer holes in masonry, drill holes in wood, masonry and iron.

The Makita HR 3210 FCT is a fully fledged member of the low-vibration line of products from the world-renowned manufacturer. Level of vibration impact on user’s hands while working with this tool.

The Makita HR 4001 C is a professional tool designed for continuous operation in demanding environments and is in demand by builders and electricians. The new model has replaced the Makita.

The Makita HR 4011 C is the ideal tool for professionals. With an SDS-max chuck, this is one of the lightest Japanese-made professional tools. Makita HR 4011 C.

The superior performance of the Makita HR 5001 C is due to its high power and impressive impact force. This model operates in two modes: drilling with impact provides problem-free installation of.

Japanese manufacturers have once again shown that there is no limit to perfection. The Makita HR 5201 C surpasses its predecessor, the HR 5001 C, in drilling efficiency by a wide margin.

The Makita HR 5211 C is a full-fledged demolition hammer of appropriate power, high performance, reliability and durability, also capable of working in the drill-and-punch mode

Makita 30g Gear Lubricant P-08361

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the features, appearance, configuration and place of manufacture without notice to dealer.

In Krasnodar and Krasnodar region delivery is made by our couriers. Payment is made in cash upon receipt of goods or by bank transfer. Delivery to other regions is carried out by transport companies. Shipping company of your choice. The main condition. the presence of the terminal of the transport company in your city. If you have difficulty with the choice of TC, you can always ask for help from our experts, they will be happy to answer all your questions. Details about shipping by transport companies you can read here

Our team strives to provide the most objective information on products and technical specifications, but some product information updates may be delayed. We remind you that the manufacturer has the right to change the product specifications and equipment without notice, so you can contact our consultants to clarify the technical specifications.

Makita Gear Lubricant p-08361

Gearbox Rear Part for Makita 6271D, 6281D 59Kit.

Makita P-08361 Gear Lubricant (30 g)

Rezoil RP-20 Gear Lubricant

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RP-20 Gear/sprocket wheel grease 100 g

Makita P-08361 Gear Lubricant 30 gr

Makita Grease, for drill and chisel shanks, 95 ml (196804-7)

Gear Grease Rezer Rezoil RP-20, 100 g.

Makita 042025-8B Gear Grease 2.5 kg

Makita Gear Oil. Lubricant for gearboxes of MSSHU, el. tool. 0.03kg P-08361

LIQUI MOLY Silicon-Spray Automotive Grease

Plastic, high-temperature grease. VAG G05 213 3A2

Husqvarna Universal Gear Lubricant 5025127-01

Automotive grease VMPAVTO Silicot REZIN

Gear Grease 3ton, 100 g 2703955

Gear Grease, 30gr, Makita, (P-08361)

Grease for gears Rezoil RP-20

Gear Grease, 30 gr for HR2450, HR2470 Makita 195127-0

DDE Multipurpose EP Grease 100ml NLGI 2 241-529

Vag G05 213 3a2 Grease, high-temperature grease. VAG G05 213 3A3

Gear Grease 225 g. for Husqvarna lawnmowers, 5025127-01

Makita Grease for drill shanks 196804-7 (181573-3)

Quicksilver Assembly Grease 0.454L (92-8M0071836, 8M0071836)


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Grease for a gear reducer and a Makita drill P-08361-50

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Many tools responsible for chiseling, drilling, sawing and cutting of building materials need to be lubricated. The reason is simple. Fine dust and particles of various substances get into the gearbox and on the working body of the tool, intensifying the friction between its moving parts. To keep your tool from failing and last for years instead of months, you’ll need regular cleaning and lubrication for your Makita drills, as well as lubricant for the gear parts, which will significantly reduce wear and tear on the parts.

There are several types of technical grease, and as a rule, the grease for a Makita jackhammer differs in its properties from the grease for a drill gear. Often, the role of lubricant is played by liquid technical oil. It is poured into the gearbox housing and evenly dispersed between the parts.

Lubricant for Makita drills can be grease. in this case it is formed from a mixture of technical oils and a specific thickener, has a high penetrating ability and reduces the friction between the parts. Makita grease protects tools from corrosion, repels water and improves mechanical stability of moving elements, and almost no oil separates during use.

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