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Rating of eccentric grinders: TOP 10 best models according to reviews of owners

Very often in everyday life people have the need to carry out repair work in the apartment, at the cottage. Many are faced with the need to level something, sand it down, remove the old layer of paint, etc.д. Such processes can be done manually with good old sandpaper, but then a lot of time will be spent.

To optimize such actions, it is worth buying special equipment designed for such purposes, namely, a grinder. The domestic markets are full of all sorts of varieties. They differ in principle of operation (there are band, vibrating, orbital), type of power (mains or battery), power, quality of assembly and parts, and other parameters.

This article will be presented rating eccentric grinders. Recently, it is them that users give preference. They are versatile devices, with which it is easy to process any surface.

Belt grinders

Above we carelessly called the belt sander heavy artillery, in fact, it would be more appropriate to say “tank. The working element of this well-recognized tool. an abrasive belt, glued in the form of an endless ring, which moves on two end rollers and clearly resembles the track of a caterpillar machine. Such units are relatively powerful, they have a relatively simple and reliable design (angle reducer plus V-belt drive), low center of gravity, a solid speed of abrasive material. With a belt sander you can easily remove a layer of material of a few millimeters, make an edge or rounding on the workpiece, remove old paintwork or rust. Wood, metal, polymers, mineral building materials Clean paint off floors. yes, correct planed timber. please, straighten a flawed putty wall. no problem. But it is worth understanding that high performance is not the best friend of quality, there will definitely be scratches and sinks. For finish grinding, it will be necessary to use an orbital or flat sanding machine.

It is no secret that the performance of an electric tool is directly proportional to the power consumption of its motor. the higher it is, the more we can squeeze out of a particular unit. In the case of LSM, the consumer has the ability to choose from models with a motor from 0.5 to 1.2 kW (Skil Masters 7660MA. 1200 watts).

Skil Masters 7660MA

Pay attention that the tool of Chinese brands is often declared with overstated engine power, or, if there really are sounded watts, they are not balanced with the other characteristics of the machine. The record power is praised by the manufacturers who have nothing else to show except big weight and unwieldiness of a “unique” product.

orbital, sander, which, better

The next important characteristic for a belt sander is speed. Obviously, it should also be taken into account to determine the capabilities of the tool. A fast machine will do more, but it’s not possible to squeeze it, if the outstanding speed is not supported by additional power. The proverbial torque is to blame, which says that the more speed the tool has, the less power it has left. A responsible manufacturer carefully balances these characteristics, makes them mutually variable, and sometimes clever electronics are responsible for. Belt speed in these grinders can be in the range of 150-550 meters per minute (Fiolent MSHL1-100. 550 m / min).).

The question may arise as to why we should produce fast, but relatively low-powered LShMs at all? Just a super high performance (fast and strong at the same time) machine is more difficult to handle, it is heavier, larger, more expensive. If pressed too hard, it is easy to spoil the workpiece. With the maneuverable high-speed lightweight, in turn, it is convenient to work on large surfaces in a short time, often “on site”. If you do not know what loads are expected to grinder. choose a slower model, which you can push a little, so it will be more versatile. Even more versatile are LSMs with the ability to preset the speed mode (Sparky MBS 976, DeWALT DW433). Among them there are variants with smooth or step adjustments.

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It’s time to tell about electronic systems that help in the work of belt sander. These machines are not rich in electronic stuffing, compared to other types of electric tools. Everything is usually limited by adjusting the speed of the belt. The switch for this function is in the form of a slide bar or a jog wheel with graduations. There are models with overheating protection (Metabo BAE 75). By some stretch, the starter button can be locked in the engaged position.

Much more interesting is the case with mechanical “gadgets. May be equipped with stand or special clamps, designed for stationary fixation of the tool (very convenient for small details). Grinding frame serves as a kind of limiter, which helps to avoid damage to the workpiece. Parallel or angular stop is useful for obtaining an accurate bevel or level parallel surface. Thin front roller in some LSMs (BlackDecker KA88) has a small diameter, which minimizes the dead zone in inner corners. Automatic belt alignment (cunning barrel-shaped form of one of the rollers) prevents the belt from treacherous slipping at the most inappropriate moment. Additional handle with variable tilt or detachable handle significantly increases the functionality of the machine in “tight” places. sometimes noticeably.

BlackDecker KA88

Special attention should be paid to the size of the working plane. sole, respectively the length and width of the belt. Wide soles (100 mm) are typical for powerful professional models, making them more stable and productive. The “hobby” class is usually limited to 75 millimeters. Long and wide sole of expensive Lshm has a complex structure, consisting of a carpet pad and a resilient plate, which allows you to have constant and uniform contact of the sandpaper with the workpiece, such a tool holds flat well. It is necessary to mention “bandsaws” with narrow tooling. these are the so-called “electric saws”, which are not very powerful and versatile, but professionals appreciate them for their unprecedented compactness (for example, Makita 9032 with a tape width of only 9 mm).

Makita 9032

All draw frames have a dust extraction system, but not all are equally effective. Dust is combated either with a vacuum cleaner connected through a spigot, or collecting it in a bag, built-in filter. Of course, a vacuum cleaner is preferable, especially when sanding mineral substrates. In superexpensive models, the impeller, which is responsible for air suction, does not cope with its function, the channels quickly clog, a lot of harmful “flour” is left in the air.

Selection criteria

Popular manufacturers of orbital sanders (eccentric type)

Power consumption is considered one of the main characteristics of the choice, which affects the performance of the process. Also, you must take this into account to avoid overloading the power grid. The tool with more power is chosen mainly for rough work, like grinding concrete and metal. Range varies from 50 to 1200 watts.

It should be understood that the more power a model has, the heavier it will be.

Stroke size of the platform, mm. can vary from 1 to 20 mm. The larger the amplitude, the faster the machining progress.

Disc diameter, mm. can be divided into three types: small 100. 125 mm, medium 150 mm.180, the larger 200 to 230 mm. Each of them is selected depending on the work to be performed. The more is the number in the table, the less is the grit size.

Grinding typeGrit size
Finishing 180. 320
Finishing blades 170. 220
Round finishing 60. 100
Round Roughing 24. 36
Flat 16. 36

The tooling is classified:

  • P40. P120. suitable for rough work, e.g. rough sanding before sanding wood, metal, etc.д
  • P140. P180. removal of small imperfections.
  • P400. P1000. polishes products.
orbital, sander, which, better

Maximum speed of the disc (rpm). this parameter depends on the maximum size of the disc for a particular model, the bigger it is, the lower the number of rpm becomes.

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Adjustable primarily for material and tooling. The finer the grit, the faster the working speed (5,000 to 13,000 rpm).

Additional features
Variable speed control Get the job done efficiently.
Inrush current limiter Gently speeds up the motor, reducing tool wear and makes for safer operation.
RPM stabilization system Stabilizes RPM by gaining and maintaining speed.
Overload protection Disables motor in case of overload or jamming and prevents tool breakage.
Anti-vibration system Acts as dynamic counterweight to reduce vibration.
Rubberized body The grip becomes more comfortable and there is less vibration.
On/Off key lock Prevents the grinder from being accidentally started, also holds ON button during continuous use.
Case Convenient for carrying the tool and storing tools.
Weight The lower weight prevents fatigue in the hand, thus improving performance.

Technical Data

There are several parameters to pay attention to when choosing a tool. It is desirable to know about each in detail.


There is a direct correlation: the more powerful the device, the more productive the work will be, respectively, the less time a person will spend to process a particular surface. If the device will be used for household needs, the power up to 1000 watts is enough.

Turning speed

The tool’s intended use depends on the attachment. For example, if you have to work on hard materials, you have to work at high RPM. And a low RPM can be used for polishing.

Professionals recommend to pay attention to the ability to adjust the rotation of the shaft, in order to adjust the tool to a specific type of work.

Tooling size

The size is directly related to the area of operation. For example, if you have to work in a confined space, you need to look for equipment with a small size of equipment.


The heaviest units are usually the professional ones, because they have a powerful motor. This parameter should be chosen individually, depending on the physical abilities of the user (only this approach will be correct).

Soft start

Modern devices are often equipped with a soft start function. It means that the speed will be adjusted gradually during the start, which is very important if you want to avoid jerking.

Top 5 Best Orbital Sanders 2022

Cord length

In recent years, the manufacturer began to provide consumers with a choice of cable length. This is very convenient if there is no possibility to use a portable unit. just pick up a unit with a long wire.

Speed regulation

It’s a useful feature because it turns a regular sander into a versatile tool. The operating mode can be selected by adjusting the speed.

Protective features

The more expensive the machine, the more safety features it has. For example, you can choose a device with automatic shutdown in case of overheating. There is also a function that protects the operator from accidental starting.

Rubber pads on the handles

The rubber pads are ideal for working, because their hands can get sweaty for extended periods of use and the machine can become slippery. Rubber pads allow you to avoid this difficulty.

orbital, sander, which, better

Dust bag

This is an optional extra for the machine. There is no dust bag as standard, and therefore it must be purchased separately. However, you need to make sure that such an addition is suitable for a particular type of sander.

The best inexpensive sander “Giraffe” for walls and ceilings

For the budget buyer who does not want to spend a lot of money to buy a grinder, you should consider HYVST A1. Among inexpensive models, this “Giraffe” is the most suitable for small rooms and apartments. This option is suitable for private repairs, but it is not designed for long-term work.

The Orbital Sander Versus The Belt Sander: Sanding Finished Work

For customers with an average budget we recommend the EIBENSTOCKELS 225. It is the perfect helper for sanding on construction sites and is ideal for long assignments. This option is suitable for large volumes, but sometimes you may need to buy more equipment.

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In addition to this, polishing artistic objects for aesthetic purposes was also used. Minerals of different hardness were used for this. sand, pumice, shells. Even plants were used. For example, until recently, villages used horsetail, the stems of which contain silicon, for cleaning and polishing of metal dishes. Then came self-made equipment in the form of grinding machines with a foot or hand drive.

Place : Zubr ZOSHM-450-125, Vihr ESHM-125E, PATRIOT OS 125 because:

Fifth place is shared by all three grinders, t.By and large there is not much difference between them! All are made almost according to the same mold, and have the same problem when working. Buy such grinders is possible, but you need to be clearly aware of a very simple fact: For infrequent work. Not suitable for long-term and high-quality work. Grind will, but work comfortably with these grinders do not work because of excessive vibration at the hands, so the quality of the work performed should not be expected. But the affordability. decisive factor.

If someone else knows the subject better or you have something to add, please comment will be glad to your reviews and tips.

Features and selection criteria eccentric grinders

The eccentric sander is designed in such a way that it simultaneously performs a circular and reciprocating motion.

This eliminates the need for repeated machining in the same place, which eliminates the appearance of scratches on the surface.

When buying an eccentric grinder, you should pay attention to such parameters:

  • Speed of rotation and amplitude of motion.The optimal speed is 2-4 thousand revolutions per minute. The amplitude in this case should be less. This achieves a fine sanding finish. If grinding rough, the device with a speed of about 10 thousand revolutions per minute is suitable.
  • Performance.When choosing this parameter, it is worth considering the area and the selected option. The large working surface and high speeds give greater productivity.
  • The duration of the work cycle.For the long operation of the machine requires the choice of models with parts and materials of high quality.
  • Operating conditions.If the workplace is characterized by excessive dust, high humidity, high fire hazard index, it is better to settle for a model with a higher level of protection.

Please note! The following air grinders are considered universal. They can operate in all conditions.

Bosch GEX 150 Turbo

.The second creation of the Germans from Bosch and the third place in the rating. the sander GEX 150 Turbo. Its main advantage is the power of 600 W, which together with the speed up to 6650 rpm ensures efficient and high quality grinding of various materials. There is a dust bag, to which you can connect a vacuum cleaner and get rid of dust in the course of work. The Bosch GEX 150 Turbo is one of the most powerful and productive grinders. Yes, it is not the lightest, but the weight plays into the hands, so that together with the anti-vibration system the shaking is reduced to zero. Yes, it is not the quietest, but it is ergonomic enough, pleasant to work with, and most importantly. durable.

.Mirka CEROS 650CV. it is an eccentric sander with very modest dimensions, and weighs less than a kilogram. Its power rating of 350 watts and variable speed of up to 10,000 rpm ensure high quality of work. The maximum disc diameter is 150 mm.

Low vibration, low weight and ergonomics allow to operate the model literally with one hand without unnecessary stress. The Mirka CEROS 650CV was awarded second place in the ranking for its optimum combination of power and extreme compactness. If you have to work in a confined space, then this model will be just an indispensable tool.

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