Oleo-Mac sparta 44 carburetor adjustment

Oleo-Mac chain saw carburetor. adjustment, repair

When you buy a chainsaw, the carburetor has factory options and is adjusted for rational modes of operation. But in the process of use, the engine (ICE), fuel pump, carburetor, as a result of which you need to perform their repair, maintenance and options. With all this, the role of the carburetor. Limitation of low and highest revolutions of the internal combustion engine.

The main aspects that allow you to find the need to adjust the carburetor:

  • The engine does NOT start, stalls, and does not respond to the gas pedal;
  • Lack of idle stroke;
  • Excessive fuel consumption, GIS does not develop power;
  • Wear of the piston group, soot on the spark plugs, black exhaust gases, incomplete combustion of gasoline.

Failure of carburetor options following:

  • Screws that regulate low and high motor speeds don’t lock due to big vibrations or mechanical effects;
  • If the piston system is worn out;
  • Clogged air or fuel filter, nozzles, fuel line, intake valve failure.

Malfunctions and troubleshooting

Common defects can be:

  • Clogging of filters or nozzles, can be repaired by cleaning;
  • Damage of the diaphragm (playing the role of a pump), can be repaired;
  • Wreckage of the gaskets, replacement with new ones is necessary after disassembly of the carburettor body parts;
  • Jamming valve (needle, which closes the fuel supply to the carburetor), requires evaluation of its condition to determine the ability of its future operation or replacement;
  • The contact between the choke lever and the gas pedal is disturbed, and repair or replace the part.

Often some of these failures occur after the chainsaw has been idle for a long time. To get it up and running again I have to do a complete component service and pre-startup.

Getting ready to work

When buying a chainsaw, carry out a thorough visual inspection of the product, paying particular attention to the warranty card.


Your Oleo-Mac 937 chainsaw is a technically demanding machine. Before you start, read the manual and become familiar with the mechanics of your chain saw. Most service calls are routinely caused by improper use.

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After reading the manual, you can begin mounting the saw headset:

  • Unscrew the two mounting nuts and remove the sprocket cover;
  • Slide the bar shank onto the stud bolts;
  • Slide the chain onto the drive sprocket, then insert it into the guide grooves of the bar;
  • Install the protective cover and tighten the attachment nuts without tightening them as far as they will go;
  • Adjust the tension of the chain, so that the links do not sag, but the chain freely rotated on the bar;
  • Tighten the lug nuts as far as they will go;
  • Fill your chainsaw with fuel and add oil to the automatic lubrication system;
  • Start the engine and get to work.


The Oleo-Mac 937 chain saw does not need a running-in period, but the initial period should not cut thick logs or overheat the engine.

Have your chainsaw repaired, carburetor adjustments and other settings performed by a service center.

Lubricants and fuel

The fuel mixture for the two-stroke engine is made from motor oil and gasoline AI-92, 95 in a 1/50 ratio. The manufacturer recommends using Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T oil.

To lubricate the chain we use special adhesive oils with additives, which ensure good lubrication of the saw unit at all temperatures. Oleo-Mac Polar Lube is the chain oil of choice for your chain saw.

Carburetor Adjustments

A carburetor adjustment may be needed when the operator has noticed difficulties with idling.

To adjust the carburetor in your chainsaw you need to

oleo-mac, sparta, carburetor, adjustment
  • Start the saw and turn the high and low adjustment screw all the way. Turn it back a turn and a half.
  • Warm up the saw for 5-10 minutes. Set the idle stroke with the screw.
  • If properly adjusted, the chain will not travel on the bar when idling.

Description of the process

If the carburetor of a chainsaw is not adjusted and it is impossible to start the chainsaw, then the adjustment begins with setting the screws (L) and (H) in the position of standard adjustment. This is 1/5 of a turn of the screws until it is completely screwed in. After that it is necessary to start the engine, let it work a little and warm up. The next stage is to adjust low revolution mode. Optimal engine performance at low revs can be achieved by adjusting the high revolutions screw (L) and idle (T). To do this, first turn the screw (L) until maximum engine RPM is reached, then release it by 1/4, and use the screw (T) to set the idle speed.

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After adjusting the throttle and the maximum rpm the engine speed is adjusted. To do this slowly turn the screw (H) and use the electronic tachometer to check the revolutions.

It is not allowed to exceed the maximum engine speed stated by the manufacturer.

An important step is to check the saw in all modes of operation after its adjustment, for this you need to let the chainsaw cool down, and then start according to the algorithm for starting a cold tool. If the machine starts up correctly and runs smoothly at idle you should check how it cuts. If this test shows any defects in the chainsaw’s power, the adjustment of the propeller (H) needs to be repeated by unscrewing it and checking for traction.

oleo-mac, sparta, carburetor, adjustment

Adjusting the carburetor of the Oleo-Mac 941 chainsaw

Quality, comfortable and durable tools of the brand Oleo-Mac have gained world fame since the 1970s. Domestic chainsaw Oleo-Mac 941C-16 combines the affordable price of the budget instrument with the parameters, typical for professional models. In the design of this tool incorporated the basics of classical layout and new know-how of modern technology.

The saw can be used with equal success:

  • For fuel wood harvesting;
  • Garden and ornamental tree care;
  • construction of log cabins;
  • making of decorative landscaping elements.

The main advantages of Oleo-Mac chainsaw carburetors:

  • Great resource;
  • small dimensions;
  • Three screws for fine-tuning (a feature of all modern chain saws with a membrane carburetor)
  • Small dimensions and low weight of the construction, in comparison with counterparts;
  • Affordable price of parts, carburetor assembly;
  • Unpretentious about gasoline quality.

Как почистить и отрегулировать карбюратор на бензокосе “Oleo Mac Sparta 44″.

There are also a number of shortcomings to be noted:

  • It can be difficult to find a repair kit on sale, in small towns;
  • Difficulties with options, high demands on the skills of adjusters;
  • The need for repetitive adjustments for long-term use.
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Oleo-Mac 947 chainsaw. model features

Advantages of this semi-professional portable saw. Low vibration, low center of mass and superior performance in all weather conditions.

The piston on the gasoline engine of this model is made of forged steel and equipped with 2 rings to increase the durability of the element.

This semi-professional Oleo-Mac model saw consists of a forged chain mounted on an iron guide rail. The headset is automatically lubricated and controlled by an adjustable oil pump.

Signature file features include:

  • The motor has a factory output of 3.1L. From.;
  • Fuel tank / oil tank capacity. 500/270 ml
  • Recommended tire length for outboard. 45 cm;
  • Weight. 5.6 kg.

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Internal components of the Oleo-Mac are shockproof and can withstand high temperatures, vibration and low heights.

Grass trimmer Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. model description

This domestic Sparta lawnmower stands out for its high speed and excellent mowing quality, as well as its ergonomics and modest fuel consumption. The Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium features lower vibration levels than its market counterparts, achieved by mounting additional bearings and an articulated motor-drive-shaft connection.

The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 lawnmower has an improved clutch and a manual pump for fuel pre-pumping. This has made it possible to significantly reduce the stress on the motor parts when starting up the grass trimmer in cold and very hot conditions.

The main features of the model include:

  • built-in motor power. 1 l. с.;
  • The capacity of the standard fuel tank is 750 ml;
  • maximum permissible grip when mowing with a fishing line. 40 cm
  • The grip when cutting with a knife is 25 cm;
  • operating weight. 6,3 kg.

lawn mower Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 is mainly used for regular maintenance of a small garden. It successfully mows dense young growth, clears shrubs, and also cuts young shoots of wild trees, the stem thickness of which does not exceed 2 cm.

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