Oleo-Mac sparta 25 fuel consumption

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 lawn mower. the quality has been unchanged for years

Today we will talk about the universal brushcutter Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 household class, designed for work on the sites of about 15 hundred square meters. This model has been on the Russian market for a very long time. My father-in-law has been using it for ten years and is very satisfied.So I, looking at it, I bought myself a Oleo-Mac Sparta 25, however, the difference. only in the assembly. Today it is produced somewhere in our neighborhood of Tushino, and it used to be a purebred Italian stallion.

The quality is a little bit lame. For example, a lot of people have screws loose in the hole designed to lubricate the gearbox. The Italian owners should think about tightening quality control. But in general, it’s a very good mower. One of the best on the Russian market in the domestic segment. Of course, it’s not cheap, but it’s totally worth its money.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25.

Before you buy Oleo-Mac Sparta 25, you want to read real reviews about it from owners, those people who have already bought and used the product for a while. Read the reviews of real customers about the device, find out all its advantages and disadvantages. If you own an Oleo-Mac Sparta 25, please share your opinion, leave your review. Every comment sent is reviewed and moderated. Specialists answer your questions about the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. Manufacturer: Oleo-Mac.

Pros: Great tool. Highly recommended. Plot area 10 acres and 100 m. The roads to it were overgrown with grass and hogweed for 3 years. I mowed everything in two days, with no stress and for fun. I took the backpack belt with a plastic stop, Husqvarna 4-blade disk for dead grass, dense grass and bushes. Would definitely recommend it. No need for headphones, the engine noise does not bother me

Pros: It’s a good grass mower. Forged shaft inside the tube. Has a brush cutter.

Pros: It’s a great model. In May 2008 bought it for 7800 Р the grass cuts the grass very well. Not much fuel consumption, no carburettor or gearbox problems, easy to start even after winter, personally I like this model

Cons: Power somewhat lacking for minor changes changed the protective plate, throttle cable and pallasmasovaya gear in the starter. Well, and the native coil begins to crumble

Review: The Grasshopper is excellent overall. Maybe I got the right model. Not a big pretension to this model, it is a pity that at the moment it has such a high price and to buy in the future to replace it does not make sense.

Pros: Reliable enough. At the moment, mileage is the fourth season of the site of 15 acres with a mowing every 2-3 weeks. During this time I haven’t serviced and didn’t regret. Power is enough. Even for a 2-meter hogweed with a knife. The gasoline consumption is average, I can not say that little! To thoroughly mow the designated area at a time need 1.5-2 liters of gasoline.

Cons: finicky to the fuel, 95-th gasoline does not like (IMHO). Vibration is present, after 2-3 hours of almost continuous mowing. the vibration in the fingertips is felt for half a day (all connections are tightened). The noise, to me, is very loud and unpleasant. Uncomfortable in front of the neighbors, really loud even on medium gas! Overheated a couple of times in the heat on 95 gasoline and refused to start until it cooled down.

Review: The product is average price and quality is slightly above average. I would buy a cordless one now, but it’s a pickle for gasoline in principle!

Pros: This is my second grass trimmer of this brand. The first one lasted more than ten years. I hope this one will last as long as it does.

Pros: It’s light weight, economical, easy to use.

Cons: I spent two seasons without a nag, the third season there was a metallic clatter in the engine, the speed fluctuates, the adjustment does not give in, half an hour of work and stalls until it cools down.

Review: Lubrication, cleaning, spark plug and filter changes. Everything is strictly according to feng shui. At work in one hand. I will not buy it myself!

Cons: They sent me the wrong model, I ordered Sparta 25 and they sent me Sparta aluminum.

Review: I understand that there is no difference in functionality, but it is still not nice when the photo and description shows one product but the actual product is different. And there is no warranty card.

Pros: Starts up pretty good. Have not experienced any difficulties. According to the instructions

Cons: Vibration is noticeable. After 30-40 minutes my hands are very numb

Review: Has been working since 2005 without any problems. True, I have two trimmers for grass and two lawn mowers. For its class. a great machine.

Pros: All made of metal and not plastic. It looks reliable. I would like to add: I was bought in the IMPERIA INSTRUMENT GK, address: 3, Zelenograd. Moscow, str. Friedrich Engels, d. 58 pp. 3 floor 2 office 326 via Yandex Market. After 3 starts, the starter stopped working. And this on the scythe out of the box. Service people from homestead-moto on Dimitrova in St. Petersburg flew away with the repair in Murino. We’ll see how to fix it. If it breaks again. I’m going to give up and buy Huskvarna, let the money returned

Disadvantages: Bought in CC IMPERIA INSTRUMENT Ltd, address: 3, Fridriha Engel, Moscow, tel. Moscow, ul. Friedrich Engelsa str. 58 pg. 3 floor 2 office 326. The grass trimmer’s lauded starter stopped working after three starts. The device came with promo code that promised not to be convenient, promo code came, I bought the device in another shop, all right, but it’s handy, easy to use. I have drastically changed my opinion on this grass trimmer in the negative side. I will take it to get it repaired one of these days.

Review: I bought in IMPERY INSTRUMENT, Ltd. Moscow, str. Friedrich Engels, d. 58 pg. My opinion about this trimmer has changed dramatically. 58, pg. 2, floor 3, office 326 After three starts the starter did not start. I am sorry for the purchase, I am planning to change to Husqvarna

Review: The product was not delivered. I was promised a promo code, 200 p for the next item, the promo code came, the item was purchased in another store all is normal.

Plusses: All made of metal and not plastic. It looks reliable

Review: It is a good gasoline trimmer for the vegetable garden

Feedback: Happy to this day. The scythe is 10 years old. but careful attitude

Pros: I have been using it for three years. Reliable “machine”. Turns it on in half a minute. no vibration. handy in the work.I like the STIHL STIHL FS 120.

Review: I once or twice let my relative (in the beginning) mow the grass on HIS property so after that it started up capriciously. later refused to use it.You need to use this in ONE hand )))) It has been working properly for seven years now !

Pros: Has been in service for over 12 years and has started to choke on hot water. The assembly is excellent, over the years I have changed only a spark plug and a spool for the fishing line. Last couple of years the manual starter has been jammed. the cable didn’t tighten back.

Cons: like a wish: 1) power. it has a hard time with high grass, and you get to mow grass only once every 2 weeks. It has a high grass and you can mow it only once or twice a week. that’s not good for the engine life. 2) strap for a long time with the mower fatigues my shoulder. The backpack would have been perfect.

The lawn mower has been working great for about 7 years and all my lawn mower needs is a pleasure to use.

The fuel consumption is not too bad, the starter has no power to start the engine

Plus: great mower I personally had it just over 10 years, from the beginning okalalat as it should be at idle speed

Cons: I’ve been using it for more than 10 years, mainly for mowing with a disc. Always apply full throttle when working, and release it when idle. That’s the only way to mow.

Pluses: mowing is great, the nettle and the chaff are great with the fishing line

Cons: Very strong vibration. The fishing line has to be taken out with my hands (though it is possible that we reel it in wrong way))) It is not assembled correctly. After the winter started up without any problems.

Pros: Used for the seventh season, very satisfied. Starts well, though after the winter is not immediately, but after the usual manipulation, all in its place. I’m thinking of taking it to a service center this winter to get it done. Only 92 gasoline with no additives and strict observance of the proportions of gasoline and oil.

Disadvantages: This season I found a small leak of gasoline from the tank, where the fuel hoses enter. I have not eliminated it yet. Had to replace the fuel filter and air filter, also had to replace the fuel hose because cracked over time.

Review: Bought it at the beginning of the 2014 season. Made in itali. I bought it early in the season, but I don’t know how to use it. The grass mower is good. Plan to buy a second, more powerful one, as the area has doubled in size.

Review: Nice car. I only did it once

Pros: Powerful, high-quality, rugged grass mower. Will start right away. Hot off the belt. Buy original fishing line with ribs and go. I try not to mow with the disc. You can catch a rock and the disk can fly apart, as an acquaintance in the army. I have a good grasshopper, thanks to the foxgloves.

Review: Five years in use, I mow only in August on vacations, the grass is waist high. Totally satisfied. Don’t forget to wear glasses, take care of your eyes.

Pros: Lightness, good balance, easy to start, metal shaft. Collapsible, which is convenient for transportation in the car, only need to tie the rod at the end, so as not to lose the shaft. And it’s more convenient to keep at home.

Cons: I am picky, but my finger gets tired after a long time mowing, I try to change my index finger to the middle finger, but it is not so comfortable. I can not install the brushcutter (the seller said that if I risk it, I will kill the gearbox).

Review: My first petrol mower (before that I used a hand held mower). I bought it for my country house with 20 acres. It’s grass and small bushes. Works just fine, no worries. I’m very happy with it. In the store told me in detail about how to start the engine, the ratio of oil to gasoline (emphasized 92-milliliters per 1 liter-30 ml), maintenance, so that this book did not look. I also took the oil and grease for the gearbox and the fishing line. If I have to mow with a knife (the grass is tall). No debris at all, the fishing line. I wear rubber boots and goggles just in case. The visor is not useful. Didn’t know it could be one way, I mow back and forth myself. And when I drive it to the left (if I use a knife). Leaves most of the grass on the left side. The fishing line cuts not a big grass to a small fraction that after it is done there is nothing to clean. Tough enough for a single mare. Don’t forget to clean and lubricate. All the advantages are described above in detail. I will not repeat myself. P.S. Served flawlessly for three seasons. For those who like to mow with a knife. I advise you to buy a second hedge trimmer and change them as they get blunt and sharpen two at the same time at home. Sometimes my spouse mows out of boredom, but she prefers a fishing line, she thinks it’s safer that way. At the end of every season I put extra grease in the gearbox. In third season fucked up nut from the gearbox (suffering!). Where to buy one? 2019г. Supplementing! I bought it when I still had no electricity in the country. And when the light fails. I got an electric mower. Compared to a chainsaw. It is just a song, the difference is like heaven and earth, because you always carry a lawn mower on you and waving it around, and an electric mower is like a sidecar. you roll it back and forth and have a lot of fun ))))) If the area is flat, it cuts the grass nicely under one height. And a chainsaw. I can mow behind the fence or on the perimeter where an electric mower can’t reach, but seldom.

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Review: I’ve been mowing for 15 years, didn’t break down, I clean the filter, I pour the original oil, the oil is in 5 liters by eye.Bottle and everything is fine.I want to buy another one, as long as it’s Italian.

Pros: I’ve been using it for 12 years, everything is ok, even the spark plug is native, starts the car right away.I have to pump all the gasoline out of the tank in the winter.

Pros: I trust Italian companies, have experience.

Cons: A little more power would be nice. Price.Blunt instrumentation.

Review: Simple, robust product. Don’t forget the T.О.

Manual for Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25TR


INTRODUÇÃO P Para um emprego correcto da roçadora e para evitar OS acidentes, não iniciar o trabalho sem ler com atenção este manual. O indice ajudará a encontrar a página do manual onde se encontram as descrições de funcionamento dos diversos componentes e as instruções para o necessário controle


1 3 2 Ελληνικά Português NORMAS DE SEGURANÇA ATENÇÃO: Se utilizarem correctamente a roçadora, terâo um instrumento de trabalho rápido e eficaz. Para que o vosso trabalho seja sempre agradável e seguro, queiram respeitar escrupulosamente as normas de segurança indicadas a seguir. 1. Não utilize a

5 6 7 Ελληνικά KANONEΣ AΣΦAΛEIAΣ 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28. προστατευτικó του δίσκου τοποθετημένο (Εικ.4). Εργαστείτε μóνο εάν έχετε μια στάση σταθερή και σίγουρη (Εικ.5). Θέτετε σε λειτουργία το θαμνοκοπτικó μóνο σε χώρους που αερίζονται καλά. Με τον κινητήρα εν κινήσει μην

1 Português 2 Česky Ελληνικά BEZPEČNOSTNÍ P ŘEDPISY Upozornění: Křovinořez, pokud je správně používán, je rychlým, pohodlným a účinným nástroj. Aby byla vaše práce vždy příjemná a bezpečná, dodržujte přísně následující pravidla bezpečnosti. 1. Křovinořez může být používán pouze dospělými osobami.

5 russian Česky WARNING 12. The power supply can only be switched on with the engine off and the safety shield on (Fig. 4). 13. Take a stable and secure position while working (Fig. 5). 14. The hedge trimmer may only be operated in well ventilated areas.

001001079A 001001080A 001001081A 001001082A 001001083A 1 2 3 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe VESTUÁRIO DE SEGURANÇA ΠΡΟΣΤΑΤΕΥΤΙΚΗ ΕΝΔΥΜΑΣΙΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ KORUYUCU GÜVENLİK GİYSİSİ Ao trabalhar com a roçadoura utilize sempre um vestuário de protecção homologado. A utilização do vestuário de segurança não

4 p.n. 001000940A 5 6 7 Česky РУССКИЙ Polski BEZPEČNOSTNÍ OCHRANNÝ ODĚV ЗAЩИТНAЯ OДЕЖДA ODZIEŻ OCHRONNA Při práci s křovinořezsm si vždy oblékejte homologovaný bezpečnostní ochranný oděv. Použití ochranného oděvu neodstraní nebezpečí úrazu, ale v případě nehody sníží její důsledky. Při výběru

3 3 2 4 2 6 6 4 1 7 5 7 5 8 8 9 9 12 10 10 P COMPONENTES DA ROÇADORA 1. Sistema de correia 2. Interruptor de paragem do motor 3. Protecção da panela de escape 4. Motor 5. Filtro de ar 6. Tampa do depósito de combustível 7. Depósito de combustível 8. Alavanca de acelerador GR 9. Punho 10.

P EXPLIÇÃCAO DE SIMBOLOS E ADVERTENCIAS DE SEGURANÇA CZ GR ΕΡΜΗΝΕΙΑ ΣΥΜΒΟΛΩΝ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΝΟΝΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ RUS TR SEMBOLLER VE İKAZ İŞARETLERI. Utilize calçado protector e luvas quando manejar discos metálicos ou de plástico Φοράτε προστατευτικά υποδήματα και γάντια χρησιμοποιώντας μεταλλικούς ή

SPARTA 25 TR 1A SPARTA 25 D SPARTA 25 S SPARTA 25 1B 2 3 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe MONTAGEM ΣΥΝΑΡΜΟΛΟΓΗΣΗ MONTAJ MONTAGEM PROTECÇÃO SEGURANÇA (Fig. 1A-B) Fixe a protecção de plástico ou ferro (A) no tubo de transmissão com a ajuda dos parafusos (B) numa posição tal que vos permita trabalhar com

25 D. 25 S. 25 4 5 6 Česky РУССКИЙ Polski MONTÁŽ СБОРКА MONTAŻ MONTÁŽ KRYTU NÁSTROJEę (obr. 1A-B) Kryt (A) přišroubujte pomocí šroubů (B) k trubce hřídele do polohy umožňující bezpečnou práci. POZNÁMKA: Kryt (C, obr. 1A) použijte pouze s hlavicí s nylonovými vlákny. Kryt (C) připevněte šroubem

8A 8B 8C 9 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe MONTAGEM. NORMAS DE TRABALHO ΣΥΝΑΡΜΟΛΟΓΗΣΗ. ΠΡΟΔΙΑΓΡΑΦΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ MONTAJ. ÇALIMA ÖNLEMLERI MONTAGEM DO PUNHO (Fig. 8 A-B-C) Monte o punho sobre o tubo de transmissão e fixe-o com OS parafusos (A), as anilhas e as porcas de maneira uniforme e cruzada. A

1 Česky РУССКИЙ Polski MONTÁŽ. PRACOVNÍ PŘEDPISY СБОРКА. ПРАВИЛА РАБОТЫ MONTAŻ. ZASADY PRACY MONTÁŽ RUKOJETI (obr. 8 A-B-C) Rukojeť namontujte na trubku hřídele a přišroubujte ji pomocí šroubů (A), podložek a matic. Polohu rukojeti je možné upravit podle požadavků pracovníka. УСТАНОВКА РУЧКИ

p.n. 4095595 1. p.n. 4095596 2. p.n. 4161567 3. p.n. 4161530 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe Dispositivos de corte aconselhados Συνιστώμενα εργαλεία κοπής Önerilen kesme seçenekleri 4. SPARTA 25 TR SPARTA 25 TR 5A. Cabeça “Tap and go” Ø 105 mm. 2 fios em nylon Ø 2 5A. Κεφαλή “Tap and go” α 105 mm. 2

p.n. 63019001C 6. Česky Russian Polski DOPORUČENÉ ŘEZNÉ NÁSTROJE Recommended cutting devices ZALECANE NARZĘDZIA TNĄCE SPARTA 25 TR 5A. Tap and go” Ø 105 mm. 2 nylonové struny Ø 2 mm SPARTA 25 TR 5A. Tap and go head Ø 105 mm. 2 lines Ø 2 mm SPARTA 25 TR 5A. Głowica półautomatyczna

BENZINE. ΒΕΝΖΝΗΗ BENZIN. benzínu. gasoline. BENZYNY l 1 5 10 15 20 25 OLEO. ΛΑ∆Ι. YA⁄ oleje. oil. OLEJU 2%-50 : 1 l (cm3) 0.02 (20) 0.10 (100) 0.20 (200) 0.30 (300) 0.40 (400) 0.50 (500) 16 4%-25 : 1 l (cm3) 0.04 (40) 0.20 (200) 0.40 (400) 0.60 (600) 0.80 (800) 1.00 (1000) 18 19

20 РУССКИЙ Polski STARTOVÁNÍ ЗАПУСК ДВИГАТЕЛЯ URUCHOMIENIE Топливная смесь (рис. 16-17) Use 4% (25:1) gasoline-oil mixture. If you use special oils for two-stroke engines, e.g. OLEO. MAC PROSINT for two stroke engines, use 2% (50:1) gasoline

24 25 27 26 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe PARA DAR PARTIDA ΕΚΚΙΝΗΣΗΗ MOTORUN ÇALIŞTIRILMASI ARRANQUE DO MOTOR Encher o carburador com gasolina pressionando o bulbo (A, Fig. 24). TR. Coloque o interruptor (A, Fig. 27) na posição “I”. Manter o acelerador (B) em metade do curso durante o arranque. S. D.

28 29 31 30 Česky Russian Polski STARTOVÁNÍ STARTUP URUCHOMIENIE SPUŠTĚNÍ MOTORU Nasajte do karburátoru palivo: Několikrát stiskněte klobouček pumpičky (A, Obr. 24), dokud se palivo neobjeví v kloboučku pumpičky popř. v přepadové hadičce. Páčku plynu (B) nastavte do polohy “půlplyn”: TR. Vypínač

32 33 34 35 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe PARAGEM DO MOTOR ΣΤΑΜΑΤΗΜΑ ΤΟΥ ΚΙΝΗΤΗΡΑ MOTORUN DURDURULMASI PARAGEM DO MOTOR Coloque a alavanca de acelerador na posição de ralenti (B, Fig. 32-33-34) e espere alguns segundos até que o motor arrefeça. Pare o motor ponha o interruptor de massa (A) na posição

36 37 38 Česky РУССКИЙ Polski ZASTAVENÍ MOTORU ОСТАНОВКА ДВИГАТЕЛЯ ZATRZYMANIE SILNIKA ZASTAVENÍ MOTORU Páčku plynu uveìte do polohy volnoběhu (B, obr. 32-33-34) a počkejte několik vteřin, až se motor ochladí. Vypněte motor přepnutím vypínače zapalování (A) do polohy STOP. ОСТАНОВКА ДВИГАТЕЛЯ

C 40 41 42 43 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe PREPARATIVOS PARA USAR ΠΡΟΚΑΤΑΡΚΤΙΚΕΣ ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΕΣ MOTORLU TIRPANIN ÇALIŞMASI AS CORREIAS Uma correcta regulação do sistema de correias permite ą roçadora ter um bom equilíbrio e estar a uma distÃncia adequada do solo (Fig. 40) Enfie a correia simples ou a

44 45 Česky Russian Polski ÚVODNÍ KROKY READY TO WORK CZYNNOÂCI WSTĘPNE Belts Use the lawnmower belts correctly to set the balance and weight distribution Set the single or double belt Hook the belt to the special opening (A, Fig.41) Позиция кронштейна

48 49 50 RCJ-7Y Português Ελληνικά Türkçe MANUTENÇÃO ΣΥΝΤΗΡΗΣΗ BAKIM FSC 75 PR 51 ATENÇÃO! – Durante as operações de manutenção, calce sempre as luvas de protecção. Não efectue as operações de manutenção com o motor quente. ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ. Κατά τη διάρκεια της συντήρησης φοράτε πάντα προστατευτικά

52 53 Česky РУССКИЙ Polski ÚDRŽBA ОБСЛУЖИВАНИЕ KONSERWACJA UPOZORNĚNÍ! Při údržbových pracích vždy používejte ochranné rukavice. Údržbu neprovádějte, je-li motor ještě teplý. ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ – Всегда надевайте защитные перчатки во время выполнения действий по уходу за оборудованием. Запрещается

55 56 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe MANUTENÇÃO ΣΥΝΤΗΡΗΣΗ BAKIM ATENÇÃO! Um utensílio com o gume não ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ! Οι κίνδυνοι αναπήδησης conforme ou uma lãmina afiada erroneamente, αυξάνουν εάν χρησιμοποιείτε λανθασμένο εργαλείο κοπής ή μαχαίρι με λανθασμένο ακóνισμα. Ελέγχετε aumentam o risco de

Česky РУССКИЙ Polski ÚDRŽBA ОБСЛУЖИВАНИЕ KONSERWACJA UPOZORNĚNÍ! Nástroj se špatným řezem nebo nástroj se špatně nabroušeným ostřím zvyšuje nebezpečí zpětného vrhu. Kontrolujte, zda nejsou nože na trávu poškozené nebo popraskané; zjistíteli závadu, ihned je vyměňte (obr. 55).

63A. 64 65 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe ARMAZENAGEM ΑΠΟΘΗΚΕΥΣΗ MOTORUN MUHAFAZASI − Ακολουθηστε τις οδηγιες συντηρησης Ιου αναγραφονται ΙροηγουΒενα. − Καθαριστε τελεια τον θαΒνοκοΙτη και γρασαρετε τα Βεταλλικα εξαρτηΒατα. − Βγαλτε τον δισκο, καθαριστε τον και λαδωστε τον για να αΙοφυγετε την σκουρια.

Ø 2.0 mm … Ø 2.4 mm …. 66 25 TR 25 D. 25 S. 25. … Ø 2.0 mm. … Ø 2.4 mm 67 68A 68B 69 Česky РУССКИЙ Polski SKLADOVÁNÍ ХРАНЕНИЕ PRZECHOWYWANIE. Внимательно изучите все инструкции по обслуживанию Очистите составляющие газонокосилки с смажьте металлические части Снимите, очистите и смажьте

70 71A 71B 73 72 Português Ελληνικά Türkçe CABEÇA DE FIO DE NYLON ΚΕΑΦΛΗ ΜΕ ΝΑΑΪΛΟΝ ΚΑΛΩΔΙΟ MİSİNALI KAFA SUBSTITUIR DE FIO DE NYLON (25TR) 1. Desparatusar o botão (Fig. 68B. pag. 67) e retire a bobina (A). 2. Dobre o fio na metade deixando uma parte mais comprida do que a outra de

P DADOS TECNICOS GR ΤΕΧΝΙΚΑ ΣΤΟΙΧΕΙΑ Cilindrada. Κυβισμóς − Motor Kapasitesi. Objem válce Объем. Pojemnośç silnika TR TEKNİK ÖZELLİKLERİ CZ TECHNICKÉ ÚDAJE cm3 Motor. Μοτέρ − Motor. Двигатель. Silnik Česky Potência. Ισχύς − Güç. Výkon. Мощность. Moc N. rot./min mínima. Αρ. στροφών/λεπτó

Português Ελληνικα Türkçe CERTIFICADO DE GARANTIA ΕΓΓΥΗΣΗ GARANTİ SERTİFİKASI Este aparelho foi projectado e fabricado em conformidade com OS critérios mais avançados da tecnologia actual. A empresa fabricante oferece uma garantia sobre OS seus produtos de 24 meses, a partir da data de aquisição

ZÁRUKA A SERVIS WARRANTY CERTIFICATE KARTA GWARANCYJNA UPOZORNĚNÍ Vzhledem k překročení přípustných hodnot hluku a vibrací je obsluha stroje povinná dodržovat následující zásady: Při práci s tímto strojem budou pracovníci používat osobní ochranné pracovní prostředky proti

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Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 lawn mower

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25. lawnmower with high performance, quality and ergonomics. In particular we would like to mention the fact that the installation of additional bearings and the articulated coupling of the motor and the shaft has resulted in a significant reduction of vibration, which could not but affect the performance and quality of work. A backpack strap is used to hold the brushcutter and a bicycle-type dual handle is provided to control the process. The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 takes all the Комментарии и мнения владельцев from its predecessors into account, namely. Fuel primer and assisted starting system installed. In addition, the clutch has been improved to significantly reduce the load on the drive shaft. Standard features include a mowing head with automatic line feed, a 3-toothed blade, and a shield that prevents branches and grass from being thrown sideways.

Advantages and characteristics of Sparta 25

Powerful and durable engine (1 l.с. / (0,8 kW). Compact and lightweight engine with a nickel chrome-plated cylinder (Fig.1). Crankshaft and connecting rod made of forged steel. Electronic ignition guarantees high performance, easy starting and a long service life (Fig.1).

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The Sparta 25 hedge trimmer is easy to operate, even for the less experienced user. Presence of PRIMER (A Fig.2), which resembles a carburetor mix, allows you to start with less effort (Fig.2). Easy access and maintenance of the air filter: the operation does not require the use of tools, but is done by pressing a convenient latch. Large fuel tank allows long periods of autonomy and easy lawnmower operation: the ergonomic handle combines all controls: throttle lever, start and stop switch (Fig.5), have a gas pedal lock safety system (B Fig.4), which prevents accidental acceleration. The centrifugal coupling with sliding blocks coated with antifriction material is designed to withstand continuous operating conditions (Fig.5). Transmission tube (Ø26 for SPARTA25), fully aluminum, guarantees excellent resistance to low weight. Fuel tank protected against accidental crashes (C Fig.6). Reduced vibrations to a minimum thanks to:. Five self-lubricating bushings located inside the transmission tube (D Fig.7). anti-vibration on the motor cover. anti-vibration on the handlebar grip support (SPARTA25 only) E Fig.8) A flexible drive shaft (SPARTA 25TR) made of steel with a special sheath over the entire length (F Ries).9) prevents annoying vibrations from the operator and increases the life span of the machine. Transparent fuel tank makes it easy to see the fuel level. There is also a wire harness bracket on the handle (optional for SPARTA25TR).

Review of the petrol grass trimmer Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25.

The Italian brand Oleo-Mac has been well-known to Belarusian customers for a long time. The trimmer and brushcutters model range is quite diverse and will satisfy any demands. And of course price is an important factor. It’s the price-performance ratio that makes Oleo-Mac very attractive to potential customers.

In this article, we will discuss and review with you such a gasoline grass trimmer model as the Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25. The first thing I want to say is that this grass trimmer is ideal for a small area up to 10 acres. The use of gasoline as fuel makes the mower versatile, not tied to electricity or to the length of the power cord. All you need to get the job done is 95° gas and oil.

The Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 has an output of 800 watts, or one horsepower. The engine is two-stroke, located on top of the grass trimmer, and its displacement is 25.4 cubic centimeters. Gas tank capacity is 750 ml, which is plenty.

Grass cutter control, namely, switching on and off is done with buttons on the handle. There is a start button and gas pedal. The t-shaped bicycle handle makes the Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 very easy to operate, it distributes the weight evenly and lets the operator mow for a long time without straining his hands and back. Handle can be adjusted in height depending on the height of the operator.

Grass trimmer boom has a straight shape. The weight of the Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 is six and a half kilograms. The mowing width is forty centimeters.

I would like to mention the anti-vibration system, which, as its name suggests, suppresses vibration during the operation of the grass trimmer.

Mowing itself is due to rotation of the rod with a fishing line. The fishing line can be optionally replaced with a metal three-blade blade, which is also included, if you need to cut small branches and bushes, for example, or just to make hay. The line diameter is standard, 2.4 mm, line feed on the head is semi-automatic.

To sum up. The Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 is a lightweight and handy petrol SPARTA lawnmower from the famous Italian brand that has proven itself in the market. Suitable for a small area, can easily cope not only with grass but also with small bushes and branches, fairly powerful and easy to use.

Reviews on Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

True reviews of the oleo-mac sparta 25 from Sidex. All Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 have been pre-screened.

Pros: lasted more than 12 years and started to choke on hot. Assembly is excellent, only changed 1 spark plug and 1 line coil over the years. In the last couple of years the recoil starter would get stuck, the cable would not tighten back up. Weaknesses: like a wish: 1) power. Has a hard time with tall grass, and only gets to mow once every 2 weeks. If you have to mow more often or if your grass is dense or thick, look for a model with more power. it makes you turn the gas on all the time, which is not good for engine life. 2) The shoulder straps fatigue during long hours of work. A satchel would be a perfect solution. Review: I’m satisfied and I would recommend it to those who mow the grass at least once a week and want a 10 year mower with no problems.

If you have to mow less often or the grass is dense or thick, then look for a model with more power

Pros: High-quality materials, good grip, comfortable T-handle, 1 liter power.с. more than enough. Compared to a 1500 watt electric mower, this one seems much more powerful. Tools for assembly attached. Cons: The instruction manual is horrible 🙂 They tried to save 3 kopecks by assembling in one booklet the manuals for three models in 28 languages. The knife is not sharpened. Canister, oil, gear lubricant, funnel, etc. are not included.п. This is a trifle for the manufacturer, but the consumer is very happy with this kind of thing. I have very little line in the reel (again, saving money on the customer?Review: Worked my 6 acres of land with this scythe yesterday. I used it with a fishing line and a knife. Before I used only electric mowers. Assembled, fueled and started intuitively, t.к. instruction. see. above. My impressions are the best. Starts up with a “half-pinch”, mows everything, including raspberries and buckthorn with a finger thick. The center of gravity and the strap are comfortable, even for women should not be heavy. Did not feel any vibrations, the volume is tolerable. In general, the purchase does not regret it.

August 2017., The flight is normal)) It has been working well for 3 years

review of gasoline trimmer for grass Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S

Good antivibration system, the power is excellent

CommentA very comfortable handle, easy to grip, nothing is in the way. Still attracts attention the location of the starter, usually it is behind. And thanks to it the engine is narrow and the muffler comes out in a straight line. I also really liked the brochure for use, handy with pictures and detailed descriptions, very clear even for novice users.

CommentA very nice model. I use it for the first season, and I don’t know how I could do without it before. Easy to use, read the manual and everything is clear how to work. On the plus side. The construction is completely made of metal, which is very important for a grasshopper. The joystick is very handy, you can practically control it with one finger. There is practically no vibration!

AdvantagesU very economic, not heavy, anyone can do it, my grandson is 15 years old, mowing with pleasure.

CommentWe almost never use the knife, only when the bushes come out. Starts up immediately, never had any problems with starting, the line does not stick. It has enough speed. We do not regret the money spent.

CommentBought a grass trimmer like this in spring. My friends have had it for 3 years now, so we decided not to experiment and bought the exact same model. It was assembled quickly, the kit includes all the necessary tools and a detailed manual. Adjusted the handle and belt. This is also very easy to do. We have been mowing for three months. Works great

CommentBought it for parents four seasons ago. No complaints, works on my area without any problem. Not heavy, perfectly cuts “uncomfortable” places (under bushes, by the fence, near the barbecue area). Starts up without a problem, even when cold. The starter at a convenient angle. on top, not on the back. Particularly pleasing is the low fuel consumption.

The downside is that it has a very good anti-vibration system

The commentary I have chosen for myself for a long time and stopped on this model. Since I have a big yard, the weight and a big tank were the main criteria, so I don’t have to run and refill the mower. Very easy to use and the price is cheaper than similar trimmers. The neighbor liked it too, wants the same one.

CommentNearly we bought this type for the household. Turns out to be a useful and handy piece of kit. Very easy to start. There is a shrub cutting head (a metal disc), but we have not used it yet. Easy to disassemble (handle can be removed). It has a metal handle, not plastic, I think it will last longer.

AdvantagesEasy to use, works on gasoline, the fuel tank is a liter, the fuel consumption is good. Handy handle, the grasshopper is light, doesn’t vibrate much.

CommentsCan mow both flat and hilly terrain, lawn mow good. Very pleased with the nozzle included. I’ve been using it for 4 months now, no complaints. I am completely satisfied with the purchase.

Advantages Straight boom, powerful, chops all weeds and brushwood, takes universal oil

Disadvantages it would be more convenient to use a horn handle

CommentGets high weeds, nettles, last year’s growth. Mows meadow grass evenly. Does not choke when working, does not overheat, can work all day and night

The advantagesThe lightweight, easy-to-use grass mower. Known brand. Spare parts are easy to find, it consumes little fuel, easy to start, easy to operate and maintain, operational stability.

CommentVery convenient, no need to look for the mowers to do the job. You control the process and the quality. A hired mower can’t do it the way I want it. I have lots of nooks and crannies, bushes. I am very happy with my purchase.

CommentsI am satisfied with my choice. My father-in-law and I used to mow my 19 acres of land with an ordinary scythe. Still a lot of impressions. It takes very little space. Now I mow the grass and weeds around the apple trees and fruit bushes with my new one, like a razor, in all places that are out of reach. Eats little gasoline and oil, almost no maintenance.

Comment My mother-in-law gave me and my husband a very useful thing for a gardener when we bought our dacha. Sparta lawn mower with a nozzle included. We, of course, tried it out at once. It’s great with grass. It is convenient because it is light and takes up little space. So far we are satisfied with the gift.

The upsides are the good build, nothing fell off after three seasons

CommentFinally, I bought a normal lawn mower, which works without serious failures for the third season. I used to have another trimmer for grass, so it had to be changed for a season by 2 winding bars, but this has never changed yet. A great product.

AdvantagesWorks properly, weight is light. I don’t feel tired when mowing. I even let my neighbors use it and they were very happy with it.

DisadvantagesI bought it and I don’t regret it at all.

CommentWhen choosing a lawn mower I focused on its weight, productivity and quality.

AdvantagesShe doesn’t make a lot of noise. The mower is lightweight and does not consume much fuel.

CommentAll are advised to buy. I would like to say that it is inexpensive and everything I hoped for was justified.

My commentI bought the mower Sparta 25 ES 4 months ago. I think it is a necessary thing if you have a cottage. It handles its duties well, mows the grass and fights with overgrowth in small areas. It is easy to work even in inaccessible places. I store it in the garage in the corner, it’s compact and takes up little space. Easy to put in the trunk.

AdvantagesEconomy, low-noise, trimmer nozzle included.

DisadvantagesNot an Atlantist myself, so for me it is a bit heavy

CommentsIt is not very loud, starts up easily, gasoline consumption is low. For a grass trimmer of this power, the weight could be less, but it does not strain overall. I mowed my front yard with it several times. Deals with large and small grass, does not feel the lack of power.

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AdvantagesNot heavy, maneuverable, reliable.

The commentary In summer I often work with the similar model of brushcutter. Thanks to the engine capacity of 25.4 cubic meters. see. Enough fuel economy achieved. The line is well secured with sturdy catches inside the mowing head. Compact and not very heavy mower for maximum maneuverability.

AdvantagesSlight, powerful, not noisy

CommentFast engine start. To pick up grass for rabbits. 2 minutes. Mows weeds, bushes, young shoots. Where is easier. A heavier line is used. Knife. Comfortable in terms of light weight and low vibration. Unpretentious and resilient. Maintenance does not take much time: clean up, pour the fuel mixture, sometimes lubricate the piston.

Advantagesreliability and comfort.

CommentQuite a mobile mower, which is easily and quickly operated. Can’t help but notice that the line sets up in seconds. The special TapGo system allows you to feed the line without stopping the mower.

Advantages of the fact that all reviews Exactly 2 YEARS old. It’s like one team wrote these reviews on the same day !! It’s a thought-provoking experience

Your review will help someone make a choice. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 gasoline grass trimmer

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The more powerful the grass trimmer, the thicker the diameter of the line can be installed. Never fit a line of larger diameter to your mower than recommended. This increases the strain on the motor and the tool shaft. There is also a risk of damage to the grass trimmer’s mowing head. Large-diameter line enables you to mow tougher and thicker grass, weeds, dead wood.

Some trimmer models have a collapsible drive shaft. This allows to use the tool not only for cutting grass, but with different tools, the trimmer can be used as a cultivator, garden hacksaw, etc. The necessary attachments can be purchased separately. In addition to increased functionality, the demountable mower shaft makes storage and transportation easier. A small disadvantage of this design solution is an additional connection on the shaft, which can turn into a breakage.

On modern trimmers, manufacturers install handles of the following shapes or types: first. G-type; the second. D-shaped; third. P-shaped; fourth. bicycle. The first 3 differ only in form. The fourth type of handle is used more often on chain saws. The bike handle provides a comfortable grip and the throttle trigger / start button is mounted right on the handlebar.

oleo-mac, sparta, fuel, consumption

Опыт использования мотокосы Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25

Modern gardening and construction equipment use three types of fuel, depending on engine type. For two-stroke engines. is a fuel mixture of AI-92 gasoline and 2-stroke oil. For four-stroke engines. simply petrol AI-92. For diesel units. diesel (diesel fuel).

Horsepower is one of the main characteristics of any tool. This parameter for gasoline equipment is usually rated in horsepower (hp). 1 horsepower equals 0.7355 kW. The harder the conditions, the more work you have to do, the more powerful the tool has to be. Improved power performance does not always translate into increased engine size and weight. Thanks to the latest technology, leading manufacturers are achieving better performance without significantly changing the weight and size of the tool.

Power. this is the most important characteristic for any power tool. Higher horsepower gives you more power: more power, longer nonstop work time. Please note that power consumption is usually indicated on the machine’s nameplate instead of the amount of power used to drive it.

Engine displacement is the most important variable determining its power and other performance parameters. Engine displacement is the sum of the volumes of all cylinders in an engine. The higher the working volume the higher the power to the tool.

The size of the fuel tank directly affects tool’s working time. Fuel consumption depends on engine power. Made of plastic or metal. When choosing a fuel tank, pay attention not only to its volume, but also how easy it is to keep track of how full it is.

On sites with trees, decorative landscape elements, paths and other obstacles invaluable help gasoline trimmer Oleo-Mac, model Sparta 25, with a two-stroke engine.

The power package is remarkably fuel-efficient, noiseless in operation, operational stability and long service life. Long engine life due to centrifugal clutch and high-quality air filter. The grass trimmer is lightweight and does not cause operator fatigue, even when working for long periods of time. The compact size of the machine is ideal for cutting grass in hard-to-reach areas. One filling lasts for 40 minutes. operation.

  • Top-mounted engine. Helps to keep the grass trimmer free of dust.
  • Protective hood. Protects the operator from flying grass.
  • Convenient shoulder strap. Allows you to adjust the trimmer’s optimal mowing position.
  • Fuel priming system (primer). Ensures easy starting of the grass trimmer in all conditions.
  • Enlarged, straight aluminium rod (28 mm diameter).). Gives you great stiffness.
  • Forged steel shaft rotates in plain bearings. Eliminates vibration and provides increased torque.
  • Knife and line included. Uses a spool with semi-automatic line feed and a plastic disc.
  • Easy service. Easy access to air filter.

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Advantages: Lightweight. It copes well with all kinds of small vegetation (grass, burdocks, rhubarb, small bushes with a line, with a knife. Lightweight: Easy to carry, up to 5 cm shrubs), economic fuel consumption (on average 1 refill per 10 hectare garden).

Weaknesses: The quality of components, expensive spare parts.

oleo-mac, sparta, fuel, consumption

Comment: In general the model is pretty good, but spare parts. Read more on Yandex.Markete

Comment: this is my second review on this brushcutter, first one was a few years ago. We’ve been using it for 7 years, making hay, tidying up our lots. Operates almost every day from May to September. Read more on Yandex.Markete

Comment: I mow a plot of 30 acres three times a season for 5 years, never once let me down.Recommended All reviews on Yandex.Markete

Advantages: quite lightweight, the engine runs smoothly and does not roar (it purrs straight), starts up easily. In the cold. 3 or 4 jerks, hot. right away. without taking it off the shoulder. The knife was three-blade, so I had to sharpen it more than once. I walked through small trees (brushwood). Find out more on Yandex.Marketplace

Advantages: It does the job.

Comment: Practically no complaints. In the second year it got a little worse. Find out more on Yandex.Marchette

Advantages: The machine has been in my possession for 5 years. I made hay for 5 heads of cattle and it never let me down. Find out more on Yandex.Market

Advantages: handy, reliable, reliable, productive, aesthetically appealing.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I bought this brushcutter 3 years ago. I have had this machine for 5 years! My plot is a large 40 acres, it takes me 3 evenings to mow it after work. The lawn mower is awesome!! Yes, it is expensive in price, but it is worth it. I would buy this mower if I had another one. I was hesitant at first, thinking to take STIHL, but the salesman recommended it, so I bought it and did not regret it. info on Yandex.Marketplace

Advantages: Starts up quickly, mowing is great and the blade of disc also takes good care of the bushes.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: We’ve had the oleo-mac sparta 25 since about 2007, maybe even earlier. We mow a 12 hectare garden every year, we get it about 5 times per summer. But we take good care of it. Always use. Find out more on Yandex.Marketplace

Advantages: Not heavy, sturdy, mows well

Disadvantages: If I don’t mix oil and gas correctly I get vibration or if I don’t assemble exactly and tighten everything.

Comment: Bought in 2010 to mow ditches for the countryside. Except for mowing grass on a 10 acres garden plot. After 6 years of use. Read more on Yandex.Markete

Weaknesses: In order to start it in cold conditions you need a certain algorithm, just a pull won’t do. Strong vibration. Not a handy belt. No tank to mix gasoline with. on Yandex.Marketplace

Features of Oleo-Mac equipment

The Italian company presents its products not for the first year, so it offers only high quality and productive gardening equipment with excellent performance.

Basic design parameters of Oleo-Mac brushcutters:

oleo-mac, sparta, fuel, consumption
  • Vibration dampening system ensures comfortable operation. The handle is isolated from the power unit, the shock absorbers are rubberized;
  • The 2-stroke engine has plenty of torque, even at low engine speeds;
  • Aluminum boom that reduces the weight of the tool. Boom inside with bronze plain bearings that reduce vibration. The boom will not rust;
  • Forged steel shaft allows not only fresh vegetation to be mowed. You can mow tough vegetation and weeds with the blade;
  • Steel crankshaft and cylinder with nicotyl coating give you a long life-span. If the machine is serviced properly and the user manual is followed, all elements will last much longer;
  • Aerofilters are easy to remove and clean without using special tools;
  • The centrifugal clutch protects the engine in case of an abrupt cutter rotation stop;
  • Handle with all controls for easy operation.

Italian grass trimmers has numerous advantages:

  • Ergonomics are ensured by a precisely adjusted balance, wide shoulder straps, comfortable long handles and all controls;
  • Affordable price for all products;
  • Low-noise and environmentally friendly engines, high motor life ensures low fuel consumption;
  • The main units are made of forged steel, so they are reliable and of high quality;
  • Capacious fuel tank allows you to work for a long time without stopping for refueling;
  • Requires a minimum of maintenance, easy to use, repair work can be done with their own hands.

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