Oil leaks in chainsaws. The chain does not stop

Frequent malfunctions and repair of Chinese trimmers

To rule out possible malfunctions on the wiring side and on the switch-off buttons, it is possible to disconnect the control wires from the coil for the duration of the test.

  • Measuring coil resistance. This method is not always applicable: first, you need to know the parameters of coil winding resistance. Second, besides the inductance coil, the ignition contains the semiconductor elements for the formation of the necessary high-voltage pulse. Therefore, if you try to wire a magneto through the high-voltage wire and the minus wire, you will get either a “Break in Circuit” reading or a huge resistance. If the chain does spark, this is most likely a sign of malfunction.
  • by means of a device that checks the presence of the spark. It is mounted in the gap between the spark plugs and the high-voltage wire of the ignition coil. The device is expensive and is mainly used at serious service centers.
  • Using a spark plug. Unscrew the spark plug and hold the spark plug housing against the cylinder. Pull the starter and observe the spark between its contacts. This method is approximate and does not give a complete picture of the ignition coil condition, since the spark plug is not “under pressure” and the flywheel will rotate faster because of the lack of compression in the engine (the spark plug is turned out)
  • “Barbaric” method. This is used at your own risk in hopeless situations.

remove the cap from the spark plug and put a nail in it

Be careful not to damage the inside of the cap. it is then put back on the spark plug and operated. It is better to bite off the cap in the nail

Otherwise it might be difficult to remove it. place the nail 6-7mm from the cylinder. “start” the engine, that is, perform the usual actions when starting the tool. You’ll make the ignition system work. Make sure that the spark plug is screwed into the spark plug hole. look at the presence and color of the spark. Ideally, the spark is “strong” and bright blue. Anything else is a sign of malfunction. Important points:

Philosophy of the method: there must be a large gap between the nail and the cylinder, the spark must be “strong” and bright blue

Checking the fuel mixture

Suppose you do not start the grass trimmer. In this case, the first thing you need to check whether there is enough fuel in the tank, as well as to assess the quality of the fuel mixture. Only high-quality gasoline should be used for filling the engine. It is recommended to use fuel, which brand is not lower than Ai-95. Filling the grass trimmer with fuel of unknown origin, bought not at the filling station, is fraught with the occurrence of frequent malfunctions of the tool. This can cause damage to the cylinder-piston system. Repair in such a case often exceeds the cost of the device itself.

Why the grass trimmer gasoline does not start? Can also lead to this can not properly prepare the fuel mixture, which consists of oil and gasoline. The proportions in which these components are combined, are indicated by the manufacturers in the trimmer manual for grass. It is highly discouraged to prepare the fuel mixture in large quantities, i.e. for the future. After all, when stored for a long time, the loss of the defining properties of the substance occurs. Therefore, if the grass trimmer does not start, it is worth to drain the old fuel and use a freshly prepared fuel mixture.


First you need to disassemble the boom. In a conventional gasoline trimmer, to do this, it is enough to disconnect it from the upper and lower gearbox.

If the grass trimmer has a collapsible rod, consisting of two parts, it is even easier. It is only necessary to remove the coupling in the center and divide the halves.

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If the grasshopper has already been in operation, then when inspecting the shaft, or shafts in the case of the collapsible boom, you may notice scuffs from the alignment bushings. These are the places that need to be lubricated.

Squeeze a small amount of grease onto a cloth or your fingers and coat the shaft without skipping. It is applied in a thin layer, but everywhere. You need to pay special attention to the splines, because they are under the heaviest load, especially when the grasshopper blade hits rocks and other objects.

The lubricated shaft is reinserted into the boom and lightly twisted. This ensures that some of the excess grease stays on the center bushings, where it needs to be. Rotating will also help the splines get into their seats on the gears.

If you service a straight mower with a non-disassembled boom, it is simply reattached to the gears. In the case of a two-piece boom, the short shafts are each inserted into their respective halves. Then the parts of the boom are joined together in the center. If their splines don’t hit, you can simply twist the bottom gearbox by hand. Next, the docked rod is clamped back by the coupling.

With infrequent use of the lawnmower, this boom maintenance should be done every season. The grease used for the joints can withstand high temperatures well, which eliminates oil drips when the grasshopper is in use for a long time. The same compound can also be used for lubricating gears. You can use a syringe to squeeze it in if the tube has no spout. Lubrication frequency of gears is higher than the shaft. Manufacturers usually recommend doing it every 5 moto-hours.

How you can fix the oil leak on your chainsaw.

One of the cases of spontaneous chain oil leakage from a chainsaw.Repairing the oil pump on a chainsaw:http://vesyolyikarandashik.ru/remont-. Another video on this topic:https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=vxe6h. DIY repair at home. Doing everything yourself with your own hands. Designing and repairing by ourselves. Making a small agricultural tools for the garden. Repair of motorized equipment, chainsaws and chain saws. Do-it-yourself repair of household electrical appliances. Easy and affordable car and motorcycle repair. Our group on “”:https://vk.com/club42265699 Our group on “Classmates”:https://ok.ru/grou /52072543682733 Our website:https://vesyolyikarandashik.ru/

Thanks a lot ! A simple solution to the problem. As far as I know it is a disease of all chainsaws Chinese.

All cool but it would be nice to comment

What is that adjusting bolt on the oil pump?

Gasoline is undesirable. You can use kerosene, and if not, then diesel fuel.

I don’t believe it’s fixed.Wrong place to look and wrong place to fix it.disassemble the pump completely then you will understand why it leaks: there is a rubber sleeve at the rod of the oil pump, but it seals poorly the hole in which it is, because it is larger in diameter and may still be the sleeve turned to the other side.screw adjustment does not work because there is supposed to be an eccentric at the end, and there is no eccentric, just a uniform taper.When you poured gasoline should have just put the saw on the right side, on the side of the tire and did not have to wait an hour probably would have been a puddle. same with the oil.nothing can be done-Chinese pump, the oil flows through the collar and then lubricates the plastic worm drive, lubricates the beveled end of the rod.Somewhere on this forum a guy replaced the original cuff with two rubber rings

Well, if you use not Fum tape, and put an additional rubber ring on this rubber seal, I agree that with the tape is much easier, no need to look for gasoline and oil-resistant ring of the appropriate diameter in auto stores, but still the next time you repair in the field may not be at hand tape. I have a Chinese saw is a similar pump with a similar drive and clutch, I this new saw, from power sawn a couple of hours, and put away for long term storage, a month stood dry and suddenly out of the blue flowed, not yet dealt with the problem, tried only to minimize the filing, tried only to minimize the supply, by adjusting the screw (did not help), today went to work, changed the wooden house windows, expanding the openings, and had the care to leave a lot of oil stains on the freshly laid floors, very nice, I’m life is neat, and here’s the matter, as an asshole left a trail. To be honest I was initially worried about the crack in the tank casing, as the casting and the quality of the plastic leaves much to be desired, the pump itself is unlikely to leak oil, and it does not matter what type of pump, screw, gear or gate, so most likely you are right, I will disassemble and seal the intake

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Igor, thanks for the reply, I have a little detail, I think I will not be the only one wondering which way the pump is strangled, clockwise or counterclockwise?

You’ll need

Don’t be lazy to spend a couple of minutes after the purchase of the brushcutter and before the mowing season to lubricate this important assembly. And your tool will always be ready to work at any time and will serve for many, many years.

Oil for brushcuts. how to choose, what proportions to dilute

Many of you have gasoline tools in your household, for example, in a private home you can’t do without a chainsaw. You know, making firewood for the winter, it comes in handy at construction and repair, and in general, it’s a very useful tool. If the country house has a decent-sized plot, you just need a grass trimmer or lawn mower to deal with the grass, which also run on gasoline.

Of course, you can buy them and electric, but not everyone likes to pull a 30-meter extension cord to mow the area overgrown with grass to the knee. Therefore, most people prefer to work with gasoline tools. As you know, you need to add to gasoline special oil for two-stroke engines. That’s what we’re going to talk about, because this is a very important aspect, if you don’t add oil and add it in the wrong proportions, then your engine will “crash” very quickly and your way will be to the service center. To avoid all these troubles, you should add only quality oil in right proportions.

The most popular for chainsaws, brushcutters and trimmers are the well-known STIHL. It comes in two packages: 1 liter and 100 ml. For those who work a lot, a liter bottle is fine, and a small bottle will be enough for “one time sawing”. A 1-liter container costs 250, and 10 ml container costs 60. If you buy a larger one, the savings are obvious.

You add oil to petrol in the ratio of 1 to 50, so for example for 5 liters of petrol you add 100 ml. As you see, a small bottle is perfect for making 5 liters of gasoline mixture for a chainsaw or a trimmer for grass. The big bottle has special markings on the side so you can see how much oil you’ve poured from it. If you bought a large 1 liter bottle, you can buy a 20 ml syringe at the drugstore. Very convenient. 1 syringe of oil for 1 liter of gasoline.

Specialists recommend brand-name oil for your machine which is ideal because it has been developed and tested specifically for STIHL power tools. I should note that Stihl has its own brands, such as VIKING (popular models of gasoline trimmers). Also use Stihl oil for them and you won’t have any problems at all.

If you have applied more gasoline than you can use, it is best to store the remainder in a metal canister or glass container. Never store the mixture in a plastic bottle. Of course, if you use up the leftovers in a couple of days, you can pour the rest of the mixture into a plastic container, but if the mixture will be stored for a long time, then either a canister or a glass container. The thing is that the gasoline mixture corrodes the plastic bottle, there are microscopic precipitations of plastic in the mixture and it is very bad for the engine. Keep it in mind if you want your tool to run long and trouble-free.

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The second most popular oil brand is the notorious Hooksvarna. Of course, if you think about it that way, more people use STIHL chain saws, at least all my friends and their friends use them only in their work.

However, there are those who cherish Husqvarna tools and I understand them, because I personally do not see much difference between Husqvarna and Stihl, both tools are of very high quality. But I have seen the happy owners of chainsaws Husqvarna. they say the saws are great. I have not cut my own saws, but I always listen to what people say. So if you have a Husqvarna chain saw, it is better to use a special brand oil for it. Although nothing terrible will happen if you dilute the gasoline Stihl. But since the manufacturer recommends using only its products, we will do so.

You can find liter capacities on sale. The bottle is black and has the same markings on the side as Stil’s (to know how much oil has been poured out of the bottle). For me, the quality is absolutely identical. Costs a bottle of this 270, a little more expensive.

Both oils are of high quality, cost about the same, each diluted in the proportion of 1 to 50. So feel free to buy any oil, of course, better to take the oil of the brand you have the tool. then everything will be perfect, just like the manufacturer advises. Have a good time while mowing and let your lawn mower run for a long time without damage.

On a side note: The submersible pump “Aquarius 3”. my review.

How to clean and store the tool?

During the life of the lawnmower keep an eye on the engine’s cooling system. The channels in the starter housing and the cylinder fins must always be clean. If you ignore this precaution and continue to use your brushcutter, it is possible to overheat the engine and damage it.

The correct care of a petrol mower during operation allows to use it for several seasons in a row without serious repair

Let the engine cool down before cleaning. Take a brush with a soft lint and clean the outside of the mower from dirt. Clean plastic parts with solvents, including kerosene, or special detergents.

After the summer season, the lawnmower should be prepared for long-term storage. To do this, the fuel mixture is drained from the tank. Then the engine is started in order to exhaust the residual fuel in the carburettor. The entire tool is well cleaned of dirt and sent to “winter hibernation”.

As you can see, the repair of faults of the domestic lawnmower can be quite on their own. Contact the service department in the event of a serious breakdown. In doing so, compare the cost of repair with the price of a new lawnmower. It may be more sensible to buy a new tool.

Dismantling and cleaning the muffler

If the engine runs fine at low RPM and starts to stall at high RPM, the cause may lie in the muffler spark arrestor, clogged with combustion products.

  • remove the muffler;
  • disassemble (there are also non-disassembled models);
  • Clean off any carbon deposits with detergents;
  • dry it with a hair dryer;
  • install in place.

Dry cleaning is not permissible because the soot contains carcinogens that are hazardous to health if inhaled. After removing the muffler, the exhaust port must be covered with a clean cloth.

Chainsaw malfunctions signal a possible clogging of the muffler

In order to prevent the muffler from clogging, it is necessary to follow the composition of the fuel mixture. Do not use more oil than recommended by the engine manufacturer. Poor oil quality also negatively affects engine performance.

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