Nissan Sunny air conditioner compressor bearing replacement

There are many reasons for a non-functioning bearing:

Poor quality repairs made earlier;

Factors from outside. ingestion of corrosive fluid.

The operation of the air conditioner compressor will last a long time if it is properly and timely monitored and serviced.

But if you notice any problems with air conditioner, perform repair immediately. It will protect you from further damage of the case or its parts and will not cost you money.

It is necessary to define a condition of a bearing breakage, and all conditioner.

It is possible to make diagnostics at the service station (service station). However, it costs money.

I advise you to make a diagnostics of air conditioner‘s work independently in your garage.

Replacing of the bearing of QG16De QG18De air conditioner compressor clutch.

The report will also suit the owners of QG18De Q11-144 engines

Good day to all. After a week of driving with metallic noise from under the hood, I decided to find time to change the bearing. So, let’s proceed, if you do not have a garage with a pit, it will have to crawl under the car, as I did. First of all, jack up the right side, unscrew the wheel and remove the fender and engine protection. We take a ring spanner for 14, take away a tensioner in a steering wheel side and skip a poly-V belt from a pulley of the compressor. Further, with the head on 12 unscrew the tubes from the compressor and the radiator, I had not filled condenser, so down the freon did not have. Pull the tubes out of their seats. Further we get under the car and unscrew the compressor, it is screwed by four bolts with faces on 12. And you have the compressor in your hands. We take it and bring it to the table to remove the pulley. Take a wrench for 10, unscrew the central screw, it is not screwed tight and pull out the upper part, it sits on the splines, but you don’t have to put much effort. This is what it looks like with the top part off. After that we need to take off two stoppers, one inner and one outer, then we screw the bolt back and with light strokes, holding the pulley from the weight remove the pulley from the shaft. I had a good enough. You can clearly see in the pictures that the bearing had lufi and the plates were rubbing against each other. Press out the bearing, it is better to use a press, because the pulley to the touch fragile. Then we go to the store, buy a new bearing, in Barnaul took in trial, cost 350, new, the number on the box. Pressed a new bearing into place and assembled everything in reverse order. For those who are sorry about freon, you can try to do all this on the weight, it will be a little less convenient and less operations will have to do

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And now for the sad part, while I went to get the bearing, the car slipped off the jack, the bumper is broken, the fender bent upward. I hope someone helps someone my report, thank you for your attention. Do not forget to put something else under the car except the jack.

how to change Nissan sunny Ac compressor clutch

Replacing the bearing of air conditioner clutch of Nissan Sunny.

How to replace the bearing in the pulley. clutch of air conditioner compressor on Nissan Sunny cars in our service.

  • Initially it is carried out compressor removal from the car, (if there is no access. space under a cowl for the puller), and unscrew the central nut of fixation of a pinch disk with a shaft, then it is clamped and the lock ring is taken out.
  • With the help of a special pulley puller from the splines or keys (depends on the modification) to remove the pulley. coupling assembly. Then using press and mandrel you make repressing of jammed bearing on a new one and assembling of parts in reverse order.
  • Fixing of locking ring to avoid its falling out of its place or appearance of skewness. play when rotating shaft. After the replacement work, the components should be installed in their original place in the car.
nissan, sunny, conditioner, compressor

All most common types of original bearings of all sizes, from well known manufacturers Newsun made in usa, Nsk, Fkc, Koyo and Nachi made in japan are always available for replacement. for all models of Nissan Sunny at the most reasonable prices.

Bearing dimensions for Nissan air conditioner compressors inside outside diameter and width Original and analog Koyo, FKC, Alpha HQ, DYZV, NSK, NACHI, MCB, MBS, JB, BWT catalog bearing numbers for Nissan air conditioner compressors
30x52x20 30BGS10G-2DST(101.007)
30x55x23 30BD219V 5006-2NSL / 30 55 23 30BD40-A-T12DDF2CG01 / 30BG05S5G-2DS DAC3055.2RKCS4B / 30BD40-A-T12DDF2CG01 / 30BG5222-2DSECS20 DAC3052 / 30BD40DU 30BG05S5G-2DS / 30BD40T12DDUCG21 / 30BD40T12VVCG21 / 30BG05S2DS
35x55x20 5BD219-A-T12DDUCG01 / DAC3555RD3H / ACB / 35BD219-A-T12DDUCG01 / 35BD219-A-T12DDUCG21 / 35BD219DUK 35BG05S10G 2DST2 / DAC35550020 / 35BD219T12DDUCG21 / 35BD219T12DDUCG33 / 35BD219T12DDUKCG2 / 35BD219T12VVCG21 / 35BD219T12VVCG33 / 35BD219T1XDDUKGCG33

In conclusion we completely check the work of all parts of the system for leakage of the refrigerant and charge the Nissan Sunny with the required amount of freon according to the table of standards up to the total volume considering the model of your car.

For your information! If the ball bearing in the pulley of the air conditioner compressor is not replaced on time, it can skew. play that will cause more serious problems;

  • Overheating and burnout of insulation varnish layer for protection of electromagnetic coil.
  • The load on pump components. pistons. valves will be increased and it will lead to their complete destruction!

As a result you will need not only to replace the burned out clutch, rebuild all the components, with internal washing of the system with partial or complete disassembly on special equipment, make repair of broken pump or change it for a new one, but also replace the receiver. filter, dryer and radiator. condenser, and these activities are very expensive.

  • Need to replace the crumbling, jammed or humming bearing in the pulley. clutch of the compressor of the air conditioning system of your Nissan Sunny fb15. qg15, with a new original, with the exact selection of the size. part number, warranty on the work and the minimum price, please call our contact phone number.
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How to change a bearing on a Nissan Sunny air conditioner

The air conditioner has not been checked for a long time, and in summer time it does not work Valentin, the heater became noisy on the third speed, and the warm air is blowing very little, in addition to that the windows are misting badly.

Diane at Nissan as it is hidden disease I have the same, my car 2001 Serena two heater, I was offered to change the antifreeze at the station by vacuum replacement \\\\\, I want to try. it is not a scam, to remove the air bubble from the system manually is difficult but with an automatic you can. I’m gonna try 1500 bucks.

nissan, sunny, conditioner, compressor

Check the antifreeze inlet and outlet ports. If they are cold, you may have air or dirt in them. If it’s hot, it’s the furnace radiator. You need to take it off, take it apart and give it a good flush inside and out Ivan. If the fan is noisy, it is probably because of the bearings on which its motor rotor rotates. In short, you need to check the whole “furnace” economy.)

Artem, if the engine warms up badly. it is the thermostat. It is ajar and immediately runs in a large circle Start the car in the cold warm up a little and touch the radiator. if radiator is warm. thermostat for sure the windows will stop sweating when you move the choke to “air from outside” or change the cabin filter Grigory

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nissan, sunny, conditioner, compressor

Cleaning the air conditioner

Hey there! Decided to do a preventive cleaning of the air conditioning system. I didn’t smell any rags or anything. There was just the smell of dampness after turning off the air conditioner and leaving it just on air blast. I went to the store to buy hood bumpers and saw this miracle cure. I used Plak because I am using the same brand of paint and I have not found a better one, so I trusted it and it was right. I am not going to spell out the snot here, but tell you the facts of what you need to do. The process is ELEMENTARY. Before you start the process take out the cabin filter, throw it away and after the cleaning process put in a new one. So insistently recommended by the manufacturer. Well, let’s go:1. jack the car;2. get under the car and look for the hose with condensate drip (it is located under passenger’s seat and if you will not get to the middle of the car you will hardly ever see it);3. take the tube and put it on the cylinder;4. then push it forcefully until it hits the evaporator (about 30 cm, MB more);5. start squeezing the content of the bottle (about 4/5 of it);6. further we take out the tube and push it into the air inlet and pour in there until the foam goes through the gaps (whatever remains we push into the hose again);7. stand for 10-15 minutes, smoke bamboo, after we look under the car and see the swamp color stain (I had a whole palette there);8. after that do what is written in the end of paragraph 6 (blow the rest of foam into the tube);9. after you stop flowing from below, start the car and switch on air conditioner on full (4th position) in internal circulation mode and turn it to blow in a face and legs; after that, friends, foam will fly from all sides))))) but you should not be scared, it is normal and so there must be, if you did all right. So as soon as you saw that it breaks out of there, just cover it with a rag and that’s it.10. Let it work at us so 15 minutes (ONLY in a salon there should be nobody, fumes will be not absolutely useful for your health), then we turn off the conditioner, release all windows and wait until all smell will be aired out.

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After the procedure was really easier to breathe, the air was more dry, foreign odors and can not talk about. Whether it became cooler or not I cannot say, because since then I have switched it on only once and that to defrost glasses together with a heater. So strongly recommend)))

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