Metabo powermaxx bs how to remove the chuck

Bit jammed in an electric screwdriver. how to pull it out without much trouble

When working with an electric screwdriver, the clamping device is under the most strain. Every owner, sooner or later, is at risk of facing such an unpleasant phenomenon as a tool jamming and a bit jamming. In this article, the master plumber will tell you how to remove the bit if it jams.

The chuck is where the drill bit or bit is fixed. Usually, standard drills are equipped with its cam type.

Most often jamming occurs due to uneven compression of “cams”, exceeding the allowable size of the tool, as well as due to getting into the tool a variety of construction debris. Despite the seeming complexity of the accident, you can solve the jammed bit yourself.

In the first place you can try to open the jammed chuck of an electric screwdriver by adding a lubricant to it. The ideal lubricant here is WD-40, but any other “liquid wrench” can also be used. The bit should be poured in such a way that it must run through each of the “cams” of the chuck. After the grease has been applied, wait 10-15 minutes. Then the “knuckles” are gently knocked with a suitable tool through a cloth gasket. In most cases this is enough to solve the problem of jamming. If the bit failed to unclamp, you can try warming it up with a hair dryer and try again.

It also makes sense to try and use an adjustable wrench to remove the bit. After greasing the chuck, use one wrench to squeeze its base and the other wrench to gently rotate the upper part of the part.

After removing a jammed element, it is highly recommended to clean the electric screwdriver.

  • Regularly disassemble and clean the internal parts of the screwdriver of soot, dust and dirt;
  • Diagnose the tool if it becomes unstable. Check the wear of the brushes so that you don’t have to replace the motor armature;
  • Do not leave the tool in high humidity or in the sun. This also applies to the battery;
  • Do not keep the battery near keys, coins, or other short metal objects. Accidental contact with the poles will short-circuit the battery. This may result in a fire;
  • At the end of the day, take a clean rag and wipe down the tool. A cloth may be lightly dampened with water without the use of detergents;
  • Store the screwdriver in a dry, positive temperature environment. Use a case or other packaging to keep the tool free of dust.

Work with the electric screwdriver while observing safety precautions and rules described in the manual. Choose the right accessory. Then your tool will last a long time.

The details of removing, disassembling and replacing the heads on different screwdriver brands

The design of the chuck of an electric screwdriver is such that the procedure of its removal, disassembly and replacement, in general, is the same and standard for all models. The only difference is in the details for each company.

Home tools from this manufacturer are often equipped with a plastic head. it is necessary to remove it carefully, because the risk of damage is higher than with a metal sleeve. The quick-clamping devices on Makita screwdrivers are usually single-headed.

The cylinders on Bosch screwdrivers are designed similarly to Makita, and are removed and disassembled in the same way. The only difference is that Bosch has a fixing screw in the cylinder. It must be unscrewed clockwise.

To change the cartridge, unscrew it clockwise from the shaft.

Removing the head on screwdrivers models Interskol, Hitachi, DeWalt, Metabo, Vortex is not diverse. The procedure is as follows:

  • Unscrew the fixing screw with a Phillips head screwdriver. It is advisable to apply a little WD-40 on the element to be unscrewed beforehand. This not only loosens the grip but also dissolves any rust if there is any.
  • Clamp an L-type hexagon wrench 10 mm or more into the chuck with the short side.
  • On the long side of the hexagon is worth making one accentuated blow with a hammer in a clockwise direction. It is necessary to hit the hexagon, not the cylinder itself: you can thus both break the locking device and deform the electric screwdriver shaft.
  • After impact, the chuck can be unscrewed by hand.

Chuck can fail completely, becoming unusable. cams in it are not able to fulfill their purpose, it is impossible to clamp the drill bit. or it can become backlash. The toughness of the element makes it impossible to hold the bit tight. Drill bits constantly fly out when working.

There is a thread inside the chuck or a special cone for attaching it to the shaft. Structurally, the element is divided into three types:

Quick-clamp chucks are considered the most popular: the tail is clamped by manually rotating the sleeve of an electric screwdriver. The main difference between the types is that in one case the nozzles are fixed by hand, in the other. you can not do without a key. Manual clamps save a lot of time, because the user does not have to pick up the wrench. The main function of the chuck is to ensure the tight contact between the working bit and the other mechanical parts of the tool. The key type copes with this better, so it is considered more reliable.

metabo, powermaxx, remove, chuck


The design does not allow for the bit to be held in place when twisting the chuck, since it is not as securely retained in the chuck, unlike the self-clamping type. The quick-clamp chuck consists of:

The quick-clamp type is divided into two more types:

If the user buys the first type, then in the box with a screwdriver should be a special locking device. it allows you to change the tooling without turning the chuck. The two-move types allow the bit to be installed without additional attachments, which is more convenient when the drill needs to be changed frequently. The accessory is removed by locking one chuck ring with your hand and twisting the other.


This type is noticeably different from the quick-change bit. It is all about the interesting feature that enables the bit to be additionally clamped during the cranking of the cordless electric screwdriver. You can distinguish the self-clamping and quick-clamping types by a distinctive click when relaxing or tightening the jaws.

Metabo Powermaxx BS Basic cordless drill/driver overview: miniaturisation and high performance

We have not yet studied the tools of this brand. And they say nowadays this brand almost rattles. The thunder, no doubt, is not least due to the modest price of the tool against a background of decent quality. Decent, exactly right? Interesting.


The table below shows the main characteristics of the tool:


The electric screwdriver comes in a large case (385 mm)×300×110 mm) plastic carrying case with a sticker, where there are brief technical specifications of the tool. When you open the carrying case, you are surprised that it is not difficult to lose the electric screwdriver. So much free space, why? And when you think about it, you answer: Of course, to store additional accessories. Drills, bits, whatever. At least a stash! No, it’s too big for a stash. However.

The electric screwdriver comes with a quick-action chuck, two Metabo 12 V / 2.0 A battery packs·The Metabo LC 40 cordless screwdriver and battery charger.

Second battery pack is a real plus. But also a hint at the need for frequent battery changes during long periods of use. Put a tick here in your head.

At first glance

There is a compact battery in the tool, recessed in the handle. Standard form factor with a slight tilt of the rotation axis for proper tool holding. Black plastic body with green inlays (or maybe the opposite, green with black) with a rough finish resonates well with the bright orange lever, switch and battery heel. Thanks to these bright inserts the tool can be easily found in the junk heap. That is other tools.

Because of the electric screwdriver’s modest size, there is no place for a spare bit on its body. But do you really need it?? Who has ever used a spare? There’s a lot more to it than that. For example, you can change the location of the belt-hanging hook with your bare hands just by pressing down on the back catch and pulling the hook out of the slot.

The second and the third are situated near the start lever. They are three-sectional indicator of the remaining battery charge and the built-in flashlight. The flashlight is not bright, but it is not good for the tool, because a bright one will dazzle the eyes. One bad thing is the overhead illumination. Practice shows that the most ergonomic positioning of the LED, which illuminates the work area at the bottom, in the end of the handle.


Slim multilingual booklet contains three pages in Russian. As it has become fashionable these days, there is no useful information in the text. The instructions are absolutely universal. It goes with any power tool, from the vacuum cleaner and cutter to the mixer and the sponge capper. Warnings, safety, warranty, disposal. It’s convenient! Print it once in the newspaper and get out of here!


Torque adjustment is done, as with most screwdrivers, by means of a rotary clutch with marked divisions. The socket rotates rather tightly with a distinct clicking sound at each click. The last click with the drill icon sets the tool in drill mode. In this mode the electric screwdriver does not engage the gearbox, the ratchet is disabled. However, the integrated force sensor prevents the screwdriver from twisting the hand of the craftsman.

The speed ranges are switched with a standard slider and the maximum spindle speed is 1400 rpm.

The direction of spindle rotation is also selected with the usual toggle switch, whose middle position locks the start lever.

The start lever, which supplies power to the light and motor and controls the spindle speed, has a 9 mm stroke and is depressed with medium force. At 2 millimeters, the LED and remaining battery power indication turns on, and the motor starts rotating at the 3rd millimeter of the lever stroke. This leaves 5 mm to adjust the speed from 0 to 1400 rpm.

The quick-action chuck of the electric screwdriver is equipped with a locking mechanism: one hand is all it takes to clamp the accessories. In the photo you can see that the chuck is attached to the spindle from the inside. It is not fastened in any way!

It can be unscrewed from the spindle easily if you keep turning the spindle clockwise because the locking mechanism works. And that, you know, reminds me of something. Oh, yeah! Screwing and drilling with this tool is a pleasure. But unscrewing. There is a suspicion that after several self-tapping screws are turned out of the wood, the coupling will fly off, unscrewed. But experiments have shown that there is no such thing! Apparently a lock works here, too. The coupling can only be unscrewed from the spindle by turning the coupling itself by hand.

The medium brightness LED under the socket lights up the lower part of the working area, so it is parallel to the drill or bit. The light bulb doesn’t glare, it gives off a blurry cone. When you release the main button, the LED turns off momentarily. We have to point that out as a drawback. Well let the LED idle for about 10-20 seconds to see what you drilled or screwed in?

The battery pack fits inside the handle of an electric screwdriver like a magazine in a pistol grip. There is no ejector spring in the handle, just two pins.

From the following photo, you can see why, with this form factor of an electric screwdriver, you can’t make a bottom-type light. A large hand will block the light from the flashlight if the LED hits from below.

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The standard two main rules for working with screwdrivers.

  • The mode of operation of the tool must correspond to the intended purpose. If drilling is intended, switch to 2nd speed with the obligatory turn of the ratchet ring to drill mode. Otherwise oops, up to and including critical overheating followed by throwing the motor in the trash.
  • When working with self-tapping screws/bolts/nuts, select speed 1, and in order not to break the heads of self-tapping screws or bolts, the torque ring should be set to a position that matches the length/thickness of the fastener and the density of the material (to be selected by experience).

Chuck, motor and battery are the three main aggregates that need attention and care. The chuck should be regularly cleaned of dirt. Do not store an electric screwdriver in a humid and/or unheated room, and it is advisable to put the reversing switch in the neutral (middle, locking) position during storage. Regular recharging of both batteries is also recommended.

An electric screwdriver: the torque. A test that left a good impression

The torque is the force with which the spindle with the chuck rotates. We measure the torque with a simple test bench (see here for a detailed description).

Completion of the cartridge / Metabo PowerMaxx BS

All electric wrenches are equipped with a torque sensor. This system shuts off power to the motor a second or two or three after locking, as is done on most screwdrivers. Yes, we have seen wrenches with a different personality. Sharp and fast, like an upset stomach. When the spindle locks, they shut off the motor almost instantly. But the electric screwdriver at hand looks more like an apathetic strongman: the motor turns off as much as three seconds after locking the spindle. This makes it easy to get the right readings: 19.5 N·м.

Recall, the manufacturer specifies a different torque value, 34 N·м. Nothing special, that’s what almost all brands do. Some overestimate it by less than half, like Metabo. And someone is even 8 times, there are such heroes.

The following table shows the torques of the different screwdrivers that have passed through our test bench. The tested screwdrivers are sorted by the date of publication of the reviews (earlier earlier, later), and the model name is a reference to the published review of the tool.

Model Kr. torque, N·m SW. measured torque, N·m Divergence, times
DEKO GCD12DU3 32 7 4,6
Kolner KCD 12M 14 7 2,0
Zitrek Green 12 32 4 8,0
Bosch Ixo 4,5 3,5 1,3
Stanley SBD201M2K 55 55 1,0
Tonfon 12V 25 12,5 2,0
Worx AiDrill WX178 20 8,3 2,4
BlackDecker BL186K1B2 52
Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic 34 19,5 1,7

To summarize the torque measurement: an electric screwdriver allows you to adjust the force in the range from 1 to 20 divisions of the adjustable clutch. In the great majority of cases we used a medium force level, around 10 parrots. Only occasionally, when a screw hit a limb, it was necessary to set the force close to the maximum, otherwise the ratchet would work.

electric screwdriver: unscientific test that genuinely surprised

This practical test consists of screwing 50 mm long, 3.5 mm diameter self-tapping screws into dry wood (pine). The battery is charged to full before use.

The electric screwdriver in question was used for about 50 minutes (with breaks, of course), during which it was possible to drive 413 screws.

Finally, here’s the plate a constant element of our screwdriver reviews. It shows the battery capacity of the tested screwdrivers in watt-hours and the number of screws driven in units. From these numbers it is easy to calculate the amount of energy an electric screwdriver uses to drive one screw. It turns out the efficiency. The higher the value, the more effective the electric screwdriver.

Model Battery capacity, W·h (V · mA·h) screwed in screws, pcs. Efficiency (more = better)
DEKO GCD12DU3 18 210 11,7
Kolner KCD 12M 12 28 2,3
Zitrek Green 12 18 222 12,3
Bosch Ixo 5,4 0,0
Stanley SBD201M2K 72 1293 18,0
Tonfon 12V 24 376 15,7
Worx AiDrill WX178 40 750 18,8
BlackDecker BL186K1B2 36 717 19,9
Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic 24 413 17,2

In short: 17.2! The efficiency of this electric screwdriver is on par with legendary brands like Worx or Stanley. I want!

Electric screwdriver: Battery

The enclosed charger is modestly sized and melted. The battery is inserted in the designated slot and the green charging LED is turned on and flashes.

Flashing continues until the battery is fully charged. After that, the LED turns into a continuous glow. The second LED, which is on the right, is designed to alert you to battery malfunction or overheating.

One battery takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to charge. Given that an electric screwdriver with a charged battery can work intensively for 50 minutes, you have as much as 20 minutes to rest.

You would not expect such power and performance from a miniature device, its dimensions stretch at most to a screwdriver. It’s a pleasure to work with: your hand doesn’t get tired, and the tool can get lost in your jacket

Review: Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic cordless electric screwdriver. The little beast

At the end of 2015 the question arose about the purchase of an additional electric screwdriver. The criteria was a small, good power, and of course a good brand. I had a couple of weeks to choose from, the options were few: Makita 3300, DeWALT 710, the blue Bosch 10.8, and the AEG 12v platform.

Before that I worked with almost all models, so I knew the advantages and disadvantages more or less. Then the Metabo brand caught my eye and made me pay attention to it. Good brand makes professional tools. The head office in Germany, but half of the tools for our market is produced in China.

I did not pay attention to this. к. Now most tools are made in China and other Asian countries (eg DeWALT, Bosch, Makita, Hilti, AEG, Milwaukee and many other serious brands. In terms of convenience Metabo a bit loses, only to Bosch and Devolt. But there were so many pros and wanted to experience this brand. At first the electric screwdriver did not seem very convenient, but my opinion has changed after a couple of days of work, now it is as if I was born with it).

In terms of the case is debatable who has a better case, but Metabo case quality is mediocre. It looks like a thin plastic that plays, you get the feeling that it will break at any moment, but the case showed that it is very robust.

I seldom use cases, I prefer the big bags, but I managed to use it a couple of times, it was necessary to go to the customers to finish a little mounting, and I did not want to drag a bunch of tools, quickly threw pliers, a pair of screwdrivers, a set of bits, screws, and other small things. turned out to be a very roomy case.

And you start to wonder if the thin plastic and flimsy looking dividers. it’s not a disadvantage, but a more rational use of space, unlike the competitors’ bloated cases.

In other respects, the electric screwdriver, just left the competition far behind. The shortest electric screwdriver with a chuck and a removable chuck. It is like a blue line of Bosch compact screwdrivers, but it does not smell of chucks, only bits, and to drill with a drill bit shank under the bit is a tantrum. Metabo for the same money offered a 2 in 1 tool and a compact drill and a great screwdriver.

The short length is very handy when space is limited, furniture workers often work in tight spaces and need to get somewhere. This package has, of course, disadvantages. If you work with an electric screwdriver, you turn self-tapping screws and need to drill, you have to spend time that screw and lock the chuck. It is not five minutes, but it is not done in a second.

For such purposes, the model with the quick system (quick chuck change system at Metabo, allows you to remove the chuck in one motion or replace it with special attachments) is much more convenient but the price difference at the time of purchase was about 3 thousand.

The batteries are made with Ultra-M technology, which, according to the manufacturer, provides maximum power, gentle charging, optimal energy usage and a long service life. My battery pack had two 2Ah Li-ion batteries each. competitors 1.3-1.The battery capacity is 5 Ah, which is significantly less if you work all day, but not critical, of course competitors have had 2 batteries with 2Ah, but the price has come out already at the level of Metabo quick.

The power is 34 Nm, some manufacturers 18v screwdrivers have that kind of power. This baby drives a black self-tapping screw 102 mm without drilling into a pine beam (experience both dry and wet). Tried 122 but didn’t have any good self-tapping screws in the store, bought cheap. They 50/50 screwed in or broke/bent.

In the end I decided to buy a Metabo. Used it mostly for furniture assembly and home repairs. I drilled with core bits up to 68 gypsum plaster boards, it is true that I get slowly in the beam, it is faster to do it with a mains drill, so I decided not to experiment with big core bits and drills. The chuck is good, takes drill bits up to 10mm (there is a chuck up to 13mm, but decided not to buy t. к. for large drills there is a drill up to 13mm).

Drills at 1400 rpm. absolutely average results. The screwdriver has backlighting, but it does not have any delay. I would like Metabo to take care of their customers, and if it was 1 buck more expensive, it would have a delay of at least 5-10 seconds.

Amateurs put the tool on the battery, it is better to get rid of this habit, the ac 2Ah stands, but not reliable, at 4Ah stable, but craftsmen who work with “soft” materials, never put an electric screwdriver on the battery, t. к. there is a chance of bumping and dropping it and damaging either the tool or the tool or the material.

1/2″ threaded chuck. 20 UNF, other chucks available as an option, please consult Metabo website for catalogs. If you don’t tighten the chuck well, when you unscrew the saamore or reverse the drill, the chuck can unscrew. Minus, it must be fixed with a wrench, not very convenient. It comes with a plastic thread guard. If you have not removed the cartridge, be sure to put it on.

Tried a lot, different work with it. it gets warm during long work (i twisted the bolts M6. about 12 hours of almost continuous work), but bearable. 2 batteries enough for a whole day of work with an electric screwdriver, but they charge quickly, even with heavy loads did not manage to drain the battery before charging a new one.

Also has a charge indicator and a belt clip (removable). I will also say about a warranty of 3 years for the electric screwdriver (from the date of purchase if you immediately register the tool on the site) and 3 years on batteries, but I think from the date of production.

in my experience, in the category up to 9k there is no analogues. This is the best choice. The fans of the brands listed above, better try this evil little thing, maybe change your mind about your tool, I started replacing all power tools for this brand. For plumbers, electricians, finishers, furniture installers. Take it, it is worth the money. For home, take it if finances allow, just think if it holds up well in professional conditions, then for home if there will not be a factory defect, it will practically forever)))). The more so, Li-ion batteries for home use are great, there is no memory effect and it is much easier to use. Decide for yourself what is more important to you, quality or a little economy. For pros, think about how many times you couldn’t get under with your electric screwdriver, Makita and the blue Bosch were immediately sold out. If finances allow, look at the quick system, I think it is more convenient if you have to use and drill bits and often change, but it may be more convenient to buy another one such screwdriver or screwdriver.

If you view it as a gift to yourself or others, I think any master, though a pro, though an amateur, will be happy with such a gift. over, it has become cheaper. I, for example, always make myself a nice gift. And the thing is good and does not cost exorbitant. I’ve seen some negative feedback, so I’m guessing it’s either the wrong hands or a defect. If you have any questions or want to argue that he is the best please)). If there are still questions, write. If you liked the review, please evaluate it to see if I am moving in the right direction or need to change something. Adequate criticism is welcome. Anyone interested, here is a review of my jigsaw Metabo STEB 65 Quick.

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Review: Metabo PowerMaxx BS Basic cordless electric screwdriver. You can unscrew a lot of things somewhere)

It would seem that here is a set of screwdrivers and what else is needed for happiness?electric screwdriver! It’s one thing to unscrew eight screws in a laptop, or screw a screw in a dowel, for a painting, for example.

And if you are on a larger scale.? For example, to assemble the kitchen cabinet can be and the usual Allen screwdriver from the kit.And spend 30-60 minutes on it. And if there are 6 cabinets? And still have time to hang up before it gets dark, so as not to anger the neighbors. An electric screwdriver saves both time and, oddly enough, effort. For example, it is one thing to twist a screwdriver on the outstretched hand (hinged cabinet), or attach a screwdriver and a small gas to twist it in 7 seconds))

I don’t mean simple models Don’t judge me, but these are toys.Who is even slightly familiar with technology, understands that quality and reliability are not cheap.

I had a Casals electric screwdriver once (I don’t remember the volt rating, unfortunately). Bought in Obi. You know, a couple of years dreamed of a screwdriver, saw at work at the guys. And then go, in my is not a big advance, and pop, Shurik, beautiful (something like a modern Hitachi), in a box, buzzing! 2,000 rubles for the whole thing! (2007) Bottom line. Full charge 4-6 hours. Total discharge. 20 screws 4mm 4cm into the dowel. Gloom.

Not so long ago the dream chest was reopened, because I needed a set of tools for the job.

First on the list was the electric screwdriver, then the torch and then.

Started to look at forums, reviews and ratings on the Internet. At the end of 2018 came out the most only Metabo.

1) power. 34nm. nm than the competition, taking into account the 2pc batteries, the price is quite adequate.2) Accessories. Case, charger, 2 batteries included. For example, some companies have a trick to sell tools and batteries separately. It is all in one piece) 3) Lipol batteries. Lightweight and power-hungry. Charged in an hour at the most. The charger is quite weighty, indicating the presence of the necessary filters inside and competent assembly.4) It is possible to remove the quick-change chuck and install the bits, or an extension adaptor, directly on the shaft.5) Price. It is significantly less than the more popular competitors.6) Purely externally also very nice and comfortable machine! The size is not big, the back and the handle is rubberized. Take!

I went to Leroy Merlen, there and bought, and there are several models, but I took one with two batteries and a case.

of course there is an external flimsiness, but it only seems.

The plastic, although thin, but of good quality, strong.

Inside walls and dividers, made against the gap, and a soft cushion that the tool does not dangle.

I wanted to write about how it is in the hand, the build, etc. And is it worth it?)Case, I will try to lessen the child’s enthusiasm for the new toy)))

Assembled perfectly. The handle feels good in my hand, not thick. The grip is great.Rubber and plastic added where necessary and without fanaticism.

Output shaft of the gearbox with a slot for the bits.

With a plastic cap, probably to protect the threads.

Quick-action chuck. There are of course opinions and reviews that it unscrews, etc., but if the mindset. This is an electric screwdriver, not a drill. And a little bit of drilling and this design is enough, I think.

Very bright, you could light the way in the woods))

Clip on the belt. Tested it, it holds perfectly. Can be moved to the other side.

By the way, it is very convenient, because of the lack of a huge block of Accumulator NiCd housing on the handle stands of course, but very unreliable, and on the side of it is not the case, I think.

Snaps in easily, the battery is not backlash.

The charger also inspires respect.

Two indicators. Rubber feet, by the way, very convenient)

The batteries themselves, very lightweight, compared with eg NiCd.

It worked very well in the work. To be sure of the result, Metabo bits were bought.

The trigger is soft, no sudden changes in speed. Exactly as much as you want, that’s how much it gives out. By the way, I digress. This “infinitely variable” is probably worth a lot of money. Separately, as a spare trigger costs 1600.

After assembling and hinging the two cabinets, the indicator did not take off a single bar.Although it took some effort, especially with the screws in the dowel.I’m sure a screwdriver would make it really, really hard to unscrew.

In general, I recommend all, for work, for home. To give as a gift to husband, son, father.I have a case with 2 batteries and a chuck. Universal set and capacious)

All the victory over the repairs and Happy New Year! ^_^

Upd. About inexpensive models, I wrote about the cheapest segment, sold in stores.

There are very powerful and not a bad screwdrivers from Alick. And not expensive.But I wanted a proven machine. It is with his hands to evaluate it in the store and buy.

My review: The Metabo PowerMaxx BS Quick Basic Electric Screwdriver. Debunking the legend or prose of life.

And so. I want to say right away that this review will talk about one of the most popular (and in my opinion the best) screwdrivers on the market, with an unprecedented history and an equally unprecedented trail of clerical “hagiography and apologetics”, coming from the pen of Internet “experts” and reviewers.The situation is so “neglected” that 99,999% of Russian men have only two dreams in life: to get into bed with Monica Bellucci and to possess the legendary Metabo PowerMaxx!But let’s start with the order)) I became the owner of this particular instance on May 12, 2021. For the first time I met the PowerMaxx about 10 years ago. I bought that “distant” Metabo at my own expense, but as the head of the company, and rather for the household needs of the office. However, a huge amount of time used it (justifiably, as you understand) for personal purposes. Perhaps this is one of the two most “worked” screwdrivers I personally “worked” with. About the second “old guy” I will write a separate review.A couple of years ago a dishonest colleague stole a veteran Metabo and this year I decided to restore justice and return “to the stable” one of my favorites, which I will continue to mercilessly and firmly “break”))).It will not be a secret for many that the number of options represented by the manufacturer of this electric screwdriver is fantastic. (From “carcasses” in cardboard packaging, to real tool kits with rulers, tape measures and even drawing pencils).However, it is not always easy to find and buy exactly the right one, because of the availability of.I was interested in the least convenient. with a hard case, a traditional pair of batteries, and a. What I couldn’t live without in my old PowerMaxx. I wanted a “normal” quick-release chuck of the Quick. Т. к. I always considered a threaded chuck of the old one as the height of idiocy and inconvenience.I found it under the code 600156950.A second angular chuck was a useless bonus for me personally. к. I use the more specialized DeWALT DT 71517 for “tough jobs”.What I did not want (and avoided) was the switch to the bulky slider batteries instead of the clip-type batteries, which helped this electric screwdriver to win its popularity and became a trendsetter in the ultra-compact form-factor. Fashion, which is now at the height of its prevalence! All the more strange that Metabo is pedaling the PowerMaxx slider kits right now, on the contrary.Again. Experts and historians can and probably will argue with me about the primacy of the “chicken and egg”. But for posterity, it was the Metabo PowerMaxx that became the first mass and hyper-popular “subcompact with a clipboard”.

The second topic that absolutely did not excite me was the switch to a brushless motor. Exactly for this model of electric screwdriver, it is categorically “marketing”, although again Metabo in parallel with the old version desperately “sinks” for the update.Contrary to marketing fantasies, brushlessness in terms of tool life can make sense on tools where the cumulative motor runtime reaches any significant amount: drills, complete drills and saws. On an electric screwdriver, a quality electric screwdriver with quality components, the brushes are simply eternal!With all the pandemics in the world, God willing we all live long enough to see the PowerMaxx brushes wear out)))) It’s not going to be easy!!)And here it is. The Great and the Terrible. the classic PowerMaxx, but with a normal quick-release drill chuck.

Next, when talking about the PowerMaxx, I will use the “artillery reference point” several times. Such a comparative benchmark to help argue the points. For this purpose, I will choose the Makita DF012 DSE cordless screwdriverWhy? Well, firstly, because it is more convenient for me in terms of chronology of my reviews. And second, despite the many formal differences, the capabilities, and most importantly, the fields and applications of these tools are very similar (to my taste).And one more thing, so that there would be no “offence and disputes” afterwards. Makita, Bosh, DeWALT, AEG, Metabo. these are clearly equal brands. However, people who have held various quality tools in their hands easily identify themselves as belonging to one particular “sect”.I am personally married to a Makita. It is the love of my life. (My fidelity, alas, is not my strongest personality trait and I often dip into the adulterous flirtations with Bosch and DeWALT with pleasure)) But I am not simply indifferent towards Metabo. Metabo is not my “girl” and I will explain why in this case. Although, as I hope it is clear, I buy Metabo, I will buy it, I use it and I use it successfully. And the PowerMaxx is not the only Metabo in my collection.

electric screwdriver and accessories included in the set. Quick-action chuck, Quick-action angle bit, belt clip that can be removed and adjusted on both sides, two 12 volt 2.0 Ah batteries. comes in my case in a more than pretty plastic suitcase, which, in contrast to the aforementioned Makita, has a handle on the hinge (albeit a little thin on the grip). The case itself is about 10 percent more compact than a Makita case, made of a solid, though thinner plastic. The lid of the case is also equipped with a full-fledged metal hinge pin.

And the locks of the case, in the form of pressure keys, look and feel much cheaper when used. over, it is necessary to note at once that their kinematics is extremely ineptly executed. When opening the keys they are tilted by a microscopic corner and stay in a kind of “popped” state and sooner or later they are sure to be broken or damaged in the cramped working area if they catch on something.It is important to say that in the case of the Metabo, the case is supplied without a protective cardboard cover with label seals. Neither the manufacturer, importer nor distributor made any protective seals on the case itself. With consumer extremism rampant (every second purchase is returned for no reason in internet sales) and no less rampant cannibalism of warehouses and delivery services, the buyer has no way, except for detective inspection, to make sure his product is new, not “returned” and fully complete.

The first “grip” of the new electric screwdriver made a depressingly unpleasant impression. It is necessary to admit that some brands managed to even out completely the consequences of migration to China. But this is not the case. On the rubberized grip of the handle, you can feel under your fingers a characteristic sticky residue of a layered and not very good quality polymer.

Which, however, they managed to remove without trace by lightly wiping with a wet alcohol wipe. However, at the bottom of the case, under the electric screwdriver, there were also dried “spits” of something strange and sticky.

Certainly, all these are trifles and even faults, but, as I told, we are speaking about the electric screwdriver-legend!To conclude on the subject of the interior of the case with which the tool is supplied (and this is an important subject, because it’s not a very good one). к. and the case itself is a complete set option), I will return to what I already told you about.The PowerMaxx is barely more compact than the Makita case. But as I wrote in my review of the Makita DF012 DSE cordless screwdriver, I easily and very organically managed to fit the additional “half dismembered horse”, namely the bit and bit holder set.Metabo approached the organization of the interior space with a sleeve. To say nothing of the fact, that even original elements are arranged as God wills (both chucks-heads in a wild wobble mode, and the second battery on the contrary, purely conditionally and barely fits into its groove), it is impossible to put into this case anything else, even from additionally offered by Metabo. neither a third battery, nor an optional 4 Ah battery, nor the optional bit holder. But the Russian man is a born “survivalist” and to provide at least some autonomy of this electric screwdriver, having searched through scraps, it turned out very “crooked” to put the following:

See also  Electric screwdriver then works, then not. Metabo

The next well-known trouble with all Metabo tools is their instruction manuals. Gentlemen from Metabo! Your mission is not to teach me, an old man, to love nature, but to create a product consistent with the concept of “user friendly”!As an owner of different Metabo tools they print their manuals (and this is a systematic thing, I can say that) not only on recycled paper but on organic waste products from living beavers that have eaten wood.))

Except for the unimaginable color shade, reminiscent of Soviet toilet paper, the thickness of this paper is similar to the ancient Egyptian papyrus from the Library of Alexandria. Not only do I not dream of being able to turn pages with some kind of protective gloves, but even when carefully turned over with bare fingers these books do not last long. And there’s something to flip through!So, for example, the crumpled manual in Russian is located on the 60th page, which contains a summary table of the characteristics of an electric screwdriver with the use of abbreviations and symbols. However, in order not to completely ruin the penguins with global warming, the deciphering of all symbols and abbreviations for all manual languages can be found on page 3 !!

As the cherry on the cake of this “ecological masterpiece” the multilingual charger manual has been placed at the end of the basic manual, but with the pages oriented upside down!

The beauty of the Metabo PowerMaxx is its ultra-compactness and decent power output, plus the ability to work “off the spindle” with a removable 1/4″ hexagonal chuck that makes it so compact in so many ways. I will not return to my own reasoning concerning the appropriateness of calling the Makita used for comparison a “screwdriver”, but it is positioned as such on the market nevertheless. Therefore, please see the clear comparison:

Yes! It is clear that there are distinctive nuances in the form factor. But in principle, the PowerMaxx electric screwdriver goes head to head, albeit with a large cordless screwdriver.The angle bit was a pleasant and important surprise, which, for the reasons given at the beginning, I did not consider necessary for me personally. As it turned out, the Quick system allows for quite interesting combinations, providing not only angled screwdriving, but also drilling in hard to reach areas. Not a frequent need, but when it arises. the solution becomes a lifesaver.

The quick-action chuck also has small dimensions, is primitive enough in principle and does not have a full-fledged mechanism with a retensioner and a ratchet, but, I would say, imitates it naturally, even with a crackle at the end of the clamping.Although the chuck jaws have aggressive sharp edges, there are no full-fledged notches for quality retention of accessories with a cylindrical shank:

The backlight has a place, although I consider any backlight without a separate control key to be non-existent. Among other things, my pre-reform PowerMaxx doesn’t even have a delay to turn it off. Direct action. Press the main “trigger key” and it lights up, release it and it goes out. The LED has a large optic. It shines brightly, but it’s diffuse. However, it is not a camping lantern and I would have preferred a focused beam. When working through the bit holder the hit is comfortable. The overlap with the mounted quick-action chuck is already very substantial. But if the combination is the most compact. The short bit in the spindle holder. The overlap is total. Think of it as no backlight!

The PowerMaxx’s worst ergonomic blunder is its grip. Your humble servant boasts a palm size 11-12 in his gloves. Nevertheless, in my case, too, the grip “swells” the fist when holding. Below is a visual representation of the “scale of the disaster”:

I firmly declare that if it is simply uncomfortable for a man, it is physically difficult for a woman to use it. And a battery-pumper can’t be an excuse. Today on the market there are many direct analogues of the PowerMaxx, repeating its concept, but without this ugliness. First of all in the Bosh line. I almost forgot! That’s where every professional reviewer starts.)!! The electric screwdriver, next to the “light” of the backlight, has a three-position diode indicator of the remaining battery charge. The thing, well, at least with some sense, if the screwdriver did not have a spare, quickly replaceable battery. And so. When the battery is dead, I see it even without the indicator!Finally, as a comprehensive informational supplement. The clip-carrier (thing for my taste in any case is also useless regardless of the design) with a spacer lock in the process of installation:

I’ve honestly taken off asterisks for all of the deficiencies of this electric screwdriver that I’ve already listed, and for the ones I will say more about. And nevertheless I will EATERLY recommend it for purchase as the first, most universal home electric screwdriver. Think of it as the magic of synergy. The sum of even sometimes mediocre “parts” produces an excellent final result. It goes like this.The electric screwdriver has great torque. And it’s not about numbers. They’re just honest and brutal! It always pulls! The adjustable “ratchet” (clutch) to limit that torque is convenient. Very pleasant, with an “expensive” and soft switching. 20 positions, each with 0.25 Nm. And the “drilling” or maximum torque position.

Next to the clutch, which I praised so much, there is a miserable and hardly visible position indicator arrow. The same “blunt and rusty nail” engraved numbers “1” and “2” of the rotation speed switch (360/1400 rpm). The picture doesn’t depict the reality, but you can’t see them without a magnifying glass! The shift slider is unacceptably tight “out of the box,” but is quickly developed. On the contrary, the direction switch is loose and fuzzy!!But I do not pay attention to this in the job. The screwdriver goes round and round! Drills pretty good in wood on the second speed! Goes everywhere and everywhere. What continues to be felt always and to the end in the possession of any Metabo tool is the very lack of a “user friendly” concept.Probably everyone has heard about the concept of “dusky Teutonic genius”??))So. There is also “dusky Teutonic sullenness”. And this is Metabo!Look at how the tool in its most compact form looks like

The impression is that it is broken. And competitors offer a decorative cap cap to “hide” this steel innards. And here’s how the concept of reeling the charging cord for stowage in the case is implemented. Do you think the bondage attached to the cord?? Maybe even Velcro?? Well at least the famous packing wire. No!

Rubber band!! A rubber band from a curler from the 60’s!! Maybe men who are used to using rubber contraceptives won’t suffer as much as I did!! I hate pulling on any rubber bands!!)) And when the time comes to unwind the wire charger, I personally call my wife! It’s a woman’s job to mess around with rubber bands))))Ah. Yes. I almost forgot. charger. And then! And here you’ll never get confused or doubt that it’s a Metabo!Metabo remembers its mission to save global warming here too. Any modern electrical device has a signal to connect to the mains. A “stand-by” light. Standby mode. The Metabo has a half-second “roll over” of all the light diodes when plugged in, and after. nothing! It’s okay if you haven’t noticed that “roll over” in time. It works? Fixed? Maybe the wire is broken?? Mystery and mystery! The indicator light appears only after you insert the battery and charging begins.But let’s change the tune and go back to the positive! On the PowerMAxx when you sign up for Metabo-service.This machine is covered by an extended 3 year warranty and what a warranty it is!!First, it is real and not nominal. At least in the big cities there really are service centers, and even more importantly. There are parts!Second, see text! Especially those highly concerned about the longevity of “brush” tools. Warranty not only for factory defects and breakage, but even for natural wear and tear!

Overall. Of course the Metabo PowerMAxx is not a miracle, a masterpiece or a legend. It really is a reliable and hard working helper, with high performance as well as engineering reliability. But the greatest secret of its success lies in its. PRICE. As banal as it may be.Metabo, one of the famous manufacturers of quality and professional tools carries out an exceptionally favorable pricing policy, even in light of the most stable African currency. Russian ruble Mine. 7,700 (see package at the beginning). You won’t find anything cheaper than 10,000 (10-12,000 actually) at direct competitors. And it comes to this price and up to 20 000 including nozzles and cartridges in competitive models, famous in the market one only defect.That’s all the “miracle”. Here is the whole “legend”. Well, an electric screwdriver bravely take! It is a good and charismatic))) If something is forgotten, I will be glad to tell you and add in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Electric screwdriver Metabo BS 12 NiCd. Replacing batteries with Li-ion

Hello, everyone.After four and a half years of use the NiCd batteries in the screwdriver died. Since it is used occasionally and is still in good condition, it was decided to restore.

First option. To buy new batteries. Was rejected for financial reasons (one battery 2250r).

I searched the Internet and decided to convert to Li-ion. Ordered these batteries (since electric screwdriver 12v, need three per battery):

And these are the control boards, one piece at a time. On the battery:

The money all together came out about 1500r. I will not describe the replacement process, it’s very simple: took apart-soldered the old-soldered the new. Power wires 1.5mm2, the control wires are thin. I left the thermistor line. Still left one old can, it’s propping up the current jack. Solder the cans need acid, I had not, in the old school memory tinkered with an aspirin tablet. The good thing was to fix the boards with hot melt adhesive but I don’t have a gun:

Pros: reduced weight. Previously one battery pack weighed 450g, but now the battery assembly weighs 345g. Current from 1.7A increased to 2.5А. I’m charging with the regular charger that monitors the charge, overheating, and battery condition:

Actually, I have a question for people who know about radio engineering. After a while of the charging process, the charger starts blinking red, supposedly a faulty battery. The way I reason: The BMS (charge control board) has determined that the banks are charged, and turned off the current supply. The charger also registered this moment, “thought” that if the battery doesn’t take the current, it means it is faulty and gave a signal. I measured the voltage on the assembly after the malfunction signal, 12.5V, t.е. What’s up. So, the charger cutoff was implemented through the battery fault cutoff, and everything is great? And the battery is charging, and no need to make a charger, and use the regular charger? I would be grateful for specialist Комментарии и мнения владельцев. By the way, these batteries spin the screwdriver very well Hand couldn’t stop it. If you have any questions about the redesign, I’d be happy to help.

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