Metabo ks 216 m lasercut setting

Features of Metabo trimmers

With Metabo trim saws you can perform a wide range of carpentry work, handle a variety of materials, among them:

Many times in the home Metabo saw allowed the owner to install the door frame, lay the floor laminate, insert windows and mount the skirting board.

Metabo mitre saws are made by the company with the same name, which is based in Northingen, Germany, but the main production of the machines is done in Shanghai, China. It makes economic sense to provide customers with affordable power tools.

Metabo KGSV 72 Xact

Professional mitre saw for demanding applications in the home and industrial sector. The unit is equipped with a broaching function, the saw blade with 40 teeth is driven by a 1.8 kW motor. The saw is equipped with a belt drive, which allows to adjust the rotation speed of the saw blade depending on the material to be cut. Constant RPM under load thanks to Vario-Constamatic and soft start without jerks or chipping. High cutting precision is ensured by the double laser pointer that indicates the cutting direction on both sides of the saw blade. The Metabo KGSV 72 Xact crosscut saw is available for 685 on the manufacturer’s website.

Metabo KSU 401 worktable

Along with a wide range of mitre saws the company offers a number of log stands and tables for mitre saws. The work table is durable and sturdy and has a load capacity of up to 250 kg. Compact dimensions and low weight of 25 kg make this unit very easy to transport to and from work. Also possible to transport with the mitre saw mounted. the legs of the stand have small wheels, so you can move the tool around the site with little effort. The KSU 401 is suitable for the vast majority of Metabo mitre saws and costs starting at 230 USD.

Main features

Package Contents

The new Metabo mitre saw KGS 216 M. even more cutting comfort with time-tested tools.


It can be used in aluminium with the disc supplied? I can’t find it anywhere.

Metabo Shop aluminium cutting disc not included. It must be purchased separately. These are Multi Сut and Aluminium Сut blades

Because the saw has RPM adjustment, which is the lowest RPM that can be set?

Answer Metabo Shop Good day. This saw has no variable speed control. The adjustable speed is the KGSV 216 M (Art. No. 619261000)

Not a bad tool as basically all Metabo tools.But I ran into a discrepancy stopper for the locking position of the turntable broke.It is a shame everything else works great, but I have not used the turntable yet. Can this fault be repaired under warranty?It hasn’t been a year since I bought it.

Answer Metabo Shop Good day. Mechanical failure is not a warranty case. The Saw blade is used for trimming, cutting and sawing in ceramic, porcelain and laminate

And if you install a diamond disc, is it possible to cut tiles (porcelain.)?

Reply Metabo Shop Good day. For porcelain work. This tool is not meant for tile

Alexander Kryzhanovsky (29.04.2020) Evaluation:

Review: Saw Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut. Because laser, because it can!

I am madly glad to welcome you all, dear friends, reviewchans!

And today we will talk about the gorgeous and amazing, elegant and eye-catching Metabo mitre saw KS 216 M LaserCut. Or as I call it the Metatron. (Because it is a laser).

metabo, lasercut, setting

Trimming saw comes in handy wherever construction work begins and is in full swing. It passed almost all stages of construction, but I can not say that it is useful everywhere.For example saw a bar 150 on 150 made chainsaw, planks 50 on 150 made circular saw manually.

And here is the exact work such as assembling purlins, hardwood floors, parquet, sawing the stairs, and sawing at an angle and slanted skirting boards and Styrofoam baguettes (yes, even sawed Styrofoam).

Of course It is difficult to describe this product in technical language, especially since there is a manual for that, I will try to touch upon the main aspects of this crosscut saw.

This saw has a rotary table with a ruler, on which the electric drive with a saw blade is located vertically. The table is equipped with side feet that can be used to lay the material to be cut.

Under the table there are diagonally placed support legs. True, they are small, of course the device is stable, but by the height they are neither horizontal nor to the floor. That is the table is short (small) and putting a big material on the table, some of the material hangs down. Very inconvenient. But, I put the plates at the level of the table.

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In turn, the table has a longitudinal ruler. Also the table has a rotary angular protractor, which has a kind of catch (you can feel a kind of holding force) on the multiples. Like 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees.

So, with the turn of the table we can easily saw off the material at an angle.

Going up from the table to the crosscutting saw stand we will see the swivel clamping mechanism.

To use the tilt mechanism, which is located at the back of the rack, it is necessary to take the rotary wrench, which is included in the kit.

With the tilt mechanism, we can adjust the inclination of the disk from the vertical position to 45 degrees to the left and right.

That’s how we get the bevel saw.

This is what makes a package crosscut saw worth buying, as a matter of fact. Because it makes it possible to make beautiful and smooth joints of the corners. And it does not matter what material it is: it can be wood, plastic or styrofoam. And if you install the diamond wheel you can safely saw the floor tiles (this will be up to me).

On the stand itself is located high-speed electric motor with a disk. The disk itself is protected by a metal casing. On the body of the electric motor there is a handle with two buttons.

the electric motor with the logo and characteristics.

I was immediately familiar with these buttons, but it took some time before I got used to them.

As it turned out one of the buttons is a starter and turns on the electric motor. The second button unlocks the swivelling saw lowering mechanism.

However, probably a long time ago is known to all and all used to that usually on dangerous power tools is two buttons, but with a different purpose, namely: One controlling a safety button that removes the lock start the electric motor (such as angle grinder, or circular grinder), and the second button is what starts the motor.

So, usually you have to press two buttons to start the tool.

But there’s no such lock! That’s how I got to know it.

Actually that’s what really bothers me.

At the back of the stand you can install a dust canister, which comes with. However, I can not say that it is effective because if you saw a board, everything flies around.

As I said this machine has several measuring tools to make a precise and even cut. But beyond that, the crowning plus is the backlight and laser marking, which shines on the cutting table and indicate where to pass the sawing line.

Unfortunately for me this laser line stopped shining after literally one year of use. In fact, it’s a shame, because with it (with the laser tag) sawing is much more convenient. I now saw in two passes: I simply put the disc down to try on the cut in the first pass. in the second pass I start the motor and I saw.

The advantages of the device: Versatility. You can work with it from the beginning to the end of the construction site. Sawing from rough boards, to parquet and baguette. Different swivel cutting angles, as well as the “chip and trump” of slanted cutting angles. There is a dust bag. Has a laser line marker.

Disadvantages:- Quickly failed saw light. This is a real shame.- No motor start interlock. Do not like that there is no control safe button.- If you saw at an angle, you could cut a ruler. So you have to watch where the saw line goes, and not “saw the saw”.

What can I say, in fact, in hindsight, I probably would have rented this tool when I needed. At any rate, it’s more idle than it is working.

So as a conclusion, it is a good thing, but if you have a neighbor. You don’t have to go broke and you can borrow something good. Or rent, for example in Petrovich now a lot of tools can be found and rented.

Actually in the store 220 Volt you could buy this saw for 10,399, for precision work with small parts and materials. It’s definitely the right one. For roughing-it is better to use something else, it would be a pity.

With baguettes (ceiling moldings) is very interesting turned out, first cut with a knife, after reading online “wizard” advised to cut the penknife at an angle.

Cutting at an angle is half the battle, you also have to cut at an angle! It’s without such a miracle machine is difficult to do. And here it comes in handy, click and done.

Example work. bypassing the box, inside and outside corners.

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Thus, having at hand this unit you will be able to make the final stages of building a house. Certainly with this machine will be easier to do it than without it. However, whether or not to buy it for small jobs is up to you.

Review: Saws trimmer Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut. Rarely is a cheap thing so satisfying.

Do you like wood as much as I do?? If so, you might find this review of the Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut socket saw helpful. If you’re a woodworking professional, then you can just laugh at an amateur’s review. To the ear is more accustomed to when it is called “socket saw”, but our manual says exactly “socket saw”.

So, I love wood. I not only love using wood, I also love making it. When making my handicrafts I always used a hand saw. Because I have nowhere to hurry, I can saw, getting pleasure from the process, enjoying the wonderful smell of wood. But it turned out that the manual saw is not only a more time-consuming. It turns out it’s impossible to saw perfectly matched joints with your hands. Even joints were needed when we decided to take a big dog from the shelter this spring and I started making a kennel for him. It was clear that we needed a coping saw. To build the kennel, we borrowed the saw from a friend. It was a huge powerful and very expensive machine. The kennel was quickly built, the dog approved of it, the saw was returned to the owner, and my husband and I had a dream of owning such a chainsaw. But the of such powerful machines are very frightening. And on the site of the store “Enthusiast” we found the cheapest socket saw “Metabo” KS 216 M Lasercut.

But it only cost us 10,500. Today it’s even cheaper and costs 10,000. We ordered the saw, and a few days later it was delivered to the store “Enthusiast” in our town, which is located in the shopping center “Arbuz”.

Metabo ks 216 m lasercut

Compared to the one we had been using to build the cabin, this saw:

While using our saw, I sawed some workpieces for crafts, and my husband made a steam room in the bath (the shelf and floors of solid wood, the walls of bentwood) and the fence of the garden from the dog.

To cut through the same wood with these two saws of different power, I had to use exactly the same amount of force. Both cut the same. So I don’t see the point in more power for more money. Both also roar equally loud and nasty.

The size of the circle is a very important parameter. No, not even the size of the disk, but the size of the groove in the table where the disk enters. Our saw only cuts completely 120 mm wide workpieces, although the groove in the table, where the saw blade enters, is 160 mm, and the diameter of the blade is 216 mm. And if you turn the board over and finish it from the other side, it turns out with a flaw. It is very difficult to make accurate cuts on both sides down to hundredths of a millimeter. Metabo has similar model KGS 216 with possibility of increasing slot size and with ability to cut workpieces up to 305mm wide. But this model is almost twice as expensive as ours.

The small size is great! We don’t have much room in the garage to find room for a huge unit. The support legs of our saw are about half as small as the one we borrowed from our friend. But it’s also stable, it doesn’t run away while working. In addition, our saw is lightweight and easy to carry in the bathhouse, garage, put in the car.

So some of the disadvantages are even a plus.

The Metabo mitre saw can make longitudinal, transverse, diagonal cuts and bevel cuts, as well as double diagonal cuts (the latter is probably the aerobatics, I have not tried it).

It can cut wood, chipboard, laminate, synthetics, and aluminum profile. Metabo offers different saw blades for different kinds of materials.

But circular (like firewood) or irregular cross-sections are not permitted, because they can no longer be held securely in the saw, which is very dangerous. And I already had the “good fortune”, that is, the stupidity to make sure of it. I wanted to cut a small and narrow 4 cm lengthwise bar that I couldn’t hold with my hands. It cracked and shattered, good thing it wasn’t in my eye.

The splinter flew off so fast that it broke the metal ruler. And to hold the workpiece even tighter for better safety and more accurate cuts there is even a special tightening device. It’s not for nothing that practically the entire manual is one safety technique. A few pages of warning triangles.

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And very little is said about how to make cuts at different angles and bevels, at least the pictures are clear.

The bevel saw cut. We unscrew the locking handle and turn the worktable as many degrees as you need from 0 to 45 (turns both left and right relative to zero):

Inclined cut. We unscrew the tilt locking lever and tilt the saw blade itself for as many degrees as you need from 0 to 45 (that’s only one way):

The main thing is not to forget to move this workpiece stop:

Otherwise the circle will go over it. As you can see, this is much harder for the ladies to guess. Well, I forgot to move it, I immediately broke it off and that’s the end of it, it no longer prevents angular cuts. You can also see the broken off ruler in this photo.

In general, either this cheapest saw is of very low quality, or it is my personal not being friendly with such equipment that I have already trashed it so much. My husband is shocked.

Who knows if these elements are fragile in more expensive saws, let me know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

We checked the angles with a protractor. Smooth, precise. As much as you set it out, that’s how much you get.

The cut-off saw is equipped with a bag for chips. This thing is completely useless, chips and dust fly everywhere and only a small fraction of them falls into the bag.

And when that wood dust gets inside the machine, the cutting laser stops working. Sometimes it works again after cleaning. But not today, when I decided to write this review. I wiped it both ways, but alas. That’s the one particular disadvantage that’s missing from another brand of expensive saw that we borrowed from a comrade. Her laser worked without fail, no matter how much dust and shavings were flying around. But more expensive models of the same brand Metabo, for example the already mentioned KGS 216 have the same problem with the laser as you can see from reviews of this site.

And finally something else nice. When I bought the saw “Enthusiast” with Metabo they gave us two brand-name beer mugs and three vodka shot glasses.

I drank in China, but the shot glasses are made in Germany.)

Of course I recommend you look into this model. What other socket saw, which gives a good and even cut, even if it’s a small width of workpieces, you can find for such a price??

This is the second time people want to see what I do.

It was my eldest son asked for an easel. And they are expensive at artist stores. Well, I did it myself without thinking too much. It is folding. And a height-adjustable planchet board moves to the desired height.

Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut mitre saw 619216000

The Metabo mitre saw KS 216 M is a crosscut saw for sawing in wood, plastic and laminated panels. Made of solid aluminium. a guarantee for reliability and durability. The saw is equipped with side pivoting handles for quick and easy carrying.

  • A compact “lightweight” which can be carried with one hand;
  • Robust construction thanks to die-cast aluminum housing for the toughest conditions;
  • Easy transport thanks to ergonomic carrying handles and lockable saw head;
  • Effective sawdust extraction via integrated sawdust funnel;
  • Quick precise setting of the most common angles via clamping points;
  • Laser for an accurate indication of the cutting line (from the network, batteries are not needed);
  • Smoothly extending table extensions, removable, for mounting under long panels, slats, etc.д.;
  • Bright working LED light to illuminate the place of cutting (from the mains, no batteries needed);
  • High stops, sliding to the sides, for safe sawing;
  • Material clamp for securely clamping the workpiece from above or in front;
  • Saw head tilts to the left, with additional angular range for undercutting;
  • All scales and controls are visible from the working position, operation is intuitive;
  • Easy saw blade change thanks to spindle lock; no need to remove the sliding blade guard.
  • Carbide saw blade (40 teeth);
  • 2 built-in table extensions;
  • Trim stop;
  • Material clamp;
  • Tool for changing the saw blade;
  • Sawdust collection bag.

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