Metabo asa 25 l pc review

Metabo asa 25 l pc review

Metabo ASA 25 L PC 1250W 602014000 industrial vacuum cleaner for wet and dry cleaning with industrial approval. It has a manual filter cleaner PressClean which is activated by a switch on the cleaner between jobs. Model Features: Wet/dry vacuum cleaner, with industrial approval; Ideal for mobile use due to its light weight and compact design; To provide extraction from power tools and clean the construction site, workshop, etc.д.PressClean: manual cleaning of the filter by means of a strong air flow, activated by a switch on the vacuum cleaner during breaks in operation.User protection: homologation in accordance with EU dust standard class L; Automatic shut off for wet cleaning when the tank is full; With integrated suction system for rinsing out, drying and extracting exhaust air; Cable and hose holder for easy transport; Practical storage space and storage area;
  • Air performance: 3600 lpm
  • Vacuum: 210 GPa (mbar)
  • Filtering surface: 3000 cm²
  • Maximum power consumption: 1250 W
  • Tank volume: 25 l
  • Suction hose diameter: 32 mm
  • Hose length: 3.5 м
  • weight: 8.3 kg
  • Cable length: 7.5 м

The country of manufacture from the penultimate delivery was: Germany

Warranty: official from Metabo on the warranty card

Hello! Please tell me why the in your store are lower than others and sometimes even much lower?

Answer: Hi! Our store works on a regular customer basis, not a system where we would make 50% on every sale, but sell once a month. Thank you so much for writing to us! Come to us for shopping, we will be glad to see you in our store!

2 Please specify the configuration of this model of vacuum cleaner!

Answer: Hello! You can find the package selection on the product page.

metabo, review

Good afternoon! Included or not included in the package: 1. suction hose;2. the felt filter bag?

Answer: Hello! The hose is included in the set. The bag polyethylene and paper.

Afternoon Metabo asa 25 factory assembled Hungary or Germany? Answer please.Thank you in advance

Answer: Hello! The country of manufacture from the penultimate delivery was: Germany.

Is this vacuum cleaner suitable for use with a floor saw??

Hello. advise as part of the package of the vacuum cleaner includes the filter element

Answer: Hello. Accessories are listed on the web-site. Please note that the supplier has the right to change the delivery set at any time. We can not guarantee that the equipment will not change before you buy. But you can personally check what’s included in the delivery set in our store: d. Moscow, m. Avtozavodskaya st. Masterkova str.The 4th entrance from the side of the 3rd Avtozavodskiy proezd street.

I bought the vacuum cleaner, the equipment corresponds to the statement, works quietly, bags fit the Kercher and many other brands. The hose and wire long, that was the main criterion for choice. Builds up static charge like construction vacuum cleaners of any other manufacturers. In conjunction with a gutters cutter and sander type giraffe copes with hurray.

Answer: Hello! Thank you very much for taking a moment to write to us! Come and shop with us, we will be happy to see you in our store again!

Metabo MFE30 Strobore cutter and Metabo ASA 25 L PC vacuum cleaner

Sergey Ordzhonikidze

aerated concrete, then whether plaster the top, the bottom where the dick is hanging out. stroba)))

Vyacheslav Volivach

Metabo sucks badly and heats up. There are cheaper and better quality.


Guys, kudos for the honest video! One moment. Rims for 700 are nothing. Unfortunately. I myself choose a grommet cutter. The case is not easy. If there is no 60-200 tr. I have a cheap one from Leroy, I took for one repair. Not dead, but waiting. My blades are more expensive than a floor saw! ))) Your advice. try Bosch’s exact 3 diamond. Thanks again for the vidos, all YouTube is full of “unpacking” (stroborezami). ) and test on the fucking brick. plaster. You have a real working environment, real concrete. By the way, given the cost of the device itself and NORMAL drives, I can not imagine how to drill such panels in the regions with their rates. (((

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Nikolay Malinkin

Good review, but no word on the labor intensity, how many minutes it takes to saw a meter of chisel in the concrete?My analysis of reviews of this vacuum cleaner on all the well-known red site says that the guys who use cyclone when shtrobbing, do not mention bags as a consumable; and vice versa: those who do not mention in the review use cyclone, complain that the bags are clogged very quickly, sew lightning in the bags, and so ee.

Bakytzhan Istyleuov

Last year I got sick with tools bought a lot of 2.3 pieces of brandava

All cool. Guys. Throw out the paper bags and the rest, forget about them. I did so. took the fabric from the pillows (duvet cover) sewed a bag to size, bottom sewn a large zipper and a bag put on by attaching the metal. clamp. And all. Total happiness. I do a lot of mashing myself. It turns out every 5-6 apartments.

Alekseq Kulkov

So as not to go broke on bags. It is necessary to buy reusable bags. Thank you for the video.Good luck!


See how to make a reusable bag from a disposable one

Dmitry Ahmetshin

The vacuum cleaner looks very similar to the Makita VC2512L

Pavel Gladilin

I bought the same. I have not worked with it at work yet. My wife was vacuuming at home. Dust button got bitter after 5 minutes.of work. And the hot air comes from the side holes. It is the same for you?

Answer Metabo Shop Good afternoon. You can connect it and you do not need to buy adapters

Please tell me the body to it from what material, I prefer sturdier

Answer Metabo Shop Good afternoon. The body is plastic

Bought this model for home use: cleaning the garage, workshop and car. For all of the above cope excellent. Light enough and maneuverable, long flexible hose and cable.Connected to a circular saw, for sawdust is more than enough. The model for simple tasks is good.How it will behave with a floor saw and heavier debris is still a mystery to me:). One of the minuses is the high price of the spare bag.

Hello, could you tell me which vacuum cleaner can be used without a bag, just poured garbage into the bottom? In this line there is this?

Answer Metabo Shop Good afternoon. Metabo vacuum cleaners can also be used without the bag, but then the filter gets clogged quickly and you lose traction, the filter has to be cleaned

Answer Metabo Shop Good afternoon. Three years warranty

I would like to order a reusable vacuum cleaner bag can not find ! Please advise

Answer Metabo Shop Afternoon. There are no refillable bags, only disposable ones

Do you have a tool adapter??

Answer Metabo Shop Afternoon. It is not included in the kit. It depends on what kind of tool you have

Good afternoon. The vacuum cleaner with an electric tool works, after turning off the tool, the vacuum cleaner continues to work for some more time. (To pull the remaining debris from the hose).

Answer Metabo Shop Good afternoon. It is very likely that you can connect this vacuum cleaner to your saw without any problem. But what would you say 100% you need to know the outlet diameter on the facing tool. As a last resort, Metabo has many adapters for different diameters.

Hello, I would like to know if I can buy the handle itself separately for this model?(to which the hose is connected).Thank you.

metabo, review

Answer Metabo Shop Afternoon. No, it comes with a hose

Answer Metabo Shop No, it does not have such a filter. The Metabo ASR 50 M SC model has this filter

To connect your hole saw to a vacuum cleaner requires a special nozzle for the hose, is included or should be bought separately?

Answer Metabo Shop Good afternoon. If you have a Metabo punch cutter, you do not need an adapter. If the tool is not from the same make, you need to look at. Metabo has a range of adapters that you can see in the Accessories and Consumables category

Works and enjoys the quality for 4.1 year !

Can I buy a filter class M to this model

Answer Metabo Shop Unfortunately, no. Only the original filter fits on it

can it be used with a mitre cutter and sanding. Bosch has separate models for wood dust

Answer Metabo Shop Good afternoon. This model is suitable for use with trimming, it can also be used with sanding, but when working with sanding you get wood fine dust, so experts recommend using vacuum cleaners with M-class filter and anti-static hose

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It is already a year and a half I use it with different hole saws to clean the dust at facilities no problems so far, but need only to change the bag time with a polyethylene one has not yet tried so I advise all. Quality of work as in more expensive models with automatic shaking.

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Professional vacuum cleaner Metabo ASA 25 L PC (602014000)

We offer you a universal industrial vacuum cleaner, which can be used as a wet / dry cleaning, and in conjunction with other tools: jigsaws, circular saw, grinder, sander, etc.д. With this device it will be much easier for you to keep your workshop clean.

This vacuum cleaner model has a number of advantages:

Innovative filter cleaning system; Perfectly copes with both dry dust and dirt, and liquids; Purge function; Possibility of synchronized start with power tools; Voluminous tank with float switch; Thought-out ergonomic design; Compact design, relatively light weight.

Строительный пылесос Metabo ASA 25 L PC использование без мешков

  • Country of manufacture: Germany
  • Manufacturer: Metaboverke GMBH., Metabowerke GmbH, Postfach 1229, D-72602 Nürtingen, Germany
  • Importer in Belarus: SPI Instrument Ltd, Minsk region, Minsk district, Zapadnaya suburb v. Malinovka, b/n, room E, r/o. 85

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Metabo ASA 25 L PC Building Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner for wet/dry vacuum cleaner with industrial authorization.Ideal for mobile use due to its low weight and compact design.For extraction of power tools and cleaning of construction sites, workshops etc. д.Power tool outlet for automatic connection and disconnection of the vacuum cleaner.PressClean: manual filter cleaning using a strong air stream, activated by a switch on the vacuum cleaner during breaks in operation.User protection: EU dust class L certification.Automatic shut off during wet cleaning when the tank is full.With integrated blow-out capability for purging, drying and exhausting air.Cable and hose holder for easy transport.Practical storage area and accessory compartment.

Equipment: Suction hose (Ø 32 mm / 3,5 m)Spacer handle2 suction tubes made of aluminiumPolyester filter folded filter bagPolyethylene filter bagFelt filter bag seam nozzleFloors nozzle (300 mm wide)Suction nozzle (120 mm wide)Brush nozzleHandle for cable / hose

Advantages and disadvantages

Metabo vacuum cleaners are very popular with Russian users and have a number of indisputable advantages that set them apart from other manufacturers.

  • The dust canister capacity of almost all German units is large enough, and even in low-power household models is 20 liters or more. This allows large enough spaces to be cleared of dust and debris without having to empty the drive frequently.
  • Stainless steel and impact resistant plastic are used for the dust collectors. This gives the tanks high durability and necessary stiffness. over, the containers are quite lightweight and even when full, they do not add much weight to the construction of the vacuum cleaner.
  • The units have a separate cooling circuit which protects the motor from overheating and increases the service life of the models.
  • All devices are equipped with a washable and reusable pleated filter that is highly robust and durable. The filter is equipped with a float valve that immediately stops the suction as soon as the tank is full of dust. At the same time, an automatic engine cut-out is triggered to prevent the motor from overheating.
  • Virtually all Metabo models, including the powerful industrial models, are quiet.
  • Large range of models and wide price range makes it easy to choose the right model and allows you to buy a vacuum cleaner of any power and cost. For example, the most budget model costs 9,000, while for the serious industrial units you’ll have to pay 55,000.
  • The body of vacuum cleaners, made of high-strength materials, is not afraid of shocks and mechanical effects.
  • The devices are equipped with swivel wheels, which makes it easy to move them to the right place.
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The disadvantages of vacuum cleaners Metabo include the high cost of industrial models and the need for frequent replacement of bags for dust in bag models.

Metabo ASA 25 L PC vacuum cleaner manual

Needed manual for your Metabo ASA 25 L PC Vacuum Cleaner? You can view and download the manual in PDF format for free below. In addition, there are FAQs, product ratings, and user reviews to help you make the best use of your product. If this is not the manual you were looking for, please contact us.

Your device is malfunctioning and there is no solution in the manual? Go to Repair Café for free repair services.

Metabo ASA 25 L PC 1250 W Construction Vacuum Cleaner. review

Read the text review of the Metabo ASA 25 L PC 1250W Construction Vacuum Cleaner, written by reviewer journalists especially for our website. Manufacturer: Metabo.

Construction Vacuum Cleaner Metabo ASA 25 L PC 1250 W reviews

Powerful, compact, a set of different attachments. High dust bag capacity. I bought it to work in the studio, but after comparing it with our “domestic”, it was decided to vacuum the carpets at home, too). Long cord, long suction hose. The ability to connect directly to the vacuum cleaner tools, there is a function for “shaking” the filter. Reliable and great vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price.

Pretty heavy, big. No “coil off” function.

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