Metabo 125 angle grinder with variable speed

Makita 125 mm angle grinder (angle grinder)

When it is necessary to carefully polish, sand, cut, snag or deburr a small or medium surface area at low speed (not more than 4,000 rpm). You should ideally use an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 millimetres (RPM). This tool is used in processing materials such as ceramic tiles, concrete, metal and stone. The scope of use of angle grinders is very wide: the construction industry, carrying out repair and finishing work. These devices are used by experienced professionals, and home craftsmen.

The Metabo 125 MM angle grinder (angle grinder)

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Product Range

The Metabo brush cutters are available in more than 50 different models.

Here are a few of them that are especially in demand.

  • W 12-125. Household model with mains operation. The power of the tool is 1.5 kW. Circle speed at idle speed up to 11000 rpm. The machine has a heavy-duty motor with patented dust extraction. The machine is equipped with a flat gearbox.
  • WEV 10-125 Quick. Another mains-powered model. Its power is 1000 W, the maximum speed of the wheel at idle rpm is 10500 rpm. This is the smallest model in the line of bolt cutters of this manufacturer.

The tool is equipped with a knob for adjusting the speed, you can choose the mode of operation of the tool according to the material to be processed.

  • WB 18 LTX BL 150 QUICK. Angle grinder, which is equipped with a 4000 Ah lithium-ion battery. It is capable of working at a speed of 9000 rpm. It is quite a compact machine with the ability to install a cutting wheel with a diameter of 15 cm. It’s also brushless, which means you don’t have to change brushes on the motor, which means you save on consumable parts. The angle grinder weighs only 2.6 kg.
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This model can be purchased without the case and without the battery, in which case it will be cheaper.

  • DW 10-125 QUICK. The particularly powerful airpowered model, designed for use in tough conditions. It is quite a light device, weighing only 2 kg. And it’s capable of wheel speed up to 12,000 rpm. On the angle grinder this modification installed cutting and grinding disc diameter of 12.5 cm. The tool has an ergonomic, impact resistant plastic body, the guard is adjustable without tools and locked in 8 positions.

The machine is quiet. But to work you will need additional equipment in the form of a compressor.

What is the best angle grinder: a review of the most high-quality and reliable models

What kind of angle grinders there are? Angle grinder are divided into two types: household and professional.

Что стало с METABO W-650-125 за год? Стоит ли брать? Какую болгарку выбрать?

Domestic tool is cheaper and it is designed for short-term use for a maximum of 60 minutes. For complex works, grinders of this type are not used, but for dacha and home use. it is an ideal option.

Metabo WE14-125V diagnosis and repair the RPM SPEED PROBLEM electric variable speed angle grinder

To say what is the best angle grinder and will work reliably and for a long time, it is impossible to say for sure. It depends on what kind of work the tool is purchased for. If for very simple, for example, dacha. you can take a household angle grinder with a minimal set of options. If you aim to solve different tasks and at the same time long-term use of the technique, it is better to buy a professional model.

The design of professional and household hand tools has virtually no differences. The angle grinder consists of three main elements:

METABO W 850-125 ИЛИ MAKITA 9558HN. Какую болгарку выбрать? Сравнение популярных УШМ.

  • Body. There is a motor inside the housing. The body in most gasoline or electric ratchet saws of well-known brands has an ergonomic design, so that the tool is the most convenient to use.
  • Rotating spindle. It is designed to hold the accessories of the angle grinder. disc elements with different diameters.
  • toothed gear. It is the element that connects the spindle and motor, due to which the rotation occurs.
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Dimensions and weight of angle grinders vary. It can be quite light, weighing just over 1 kg, and quite heavy. from 4 kg and more.

Rating TOP-10 Metabo bolsters: review of the best mains and cordless models for 125 and more

Metabo angle grinder. review and rating. Criteria for choosing a Metabo angle grinder. Features, technical parameters, advantages and disadvantages of mains and cordless brand models.

Metabo angle grinders (angle grinders) are reliable, robust and service-friendly.

The modern engineering solutions implemented in the brand’s angle grinders provide durability, safety and comfort in the performance of tasks.

Which Metabo angle grinders are the best today, what criteria and parameters you should pay attention to when choosing them, let’s consider in this review.

TOP-9: Rating of Metabo angle grinders (angle grinders) 2021-2022

Compiled according to About selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

Rating-2021-2022 best angle grinder (angle grinder) Metabo (Metabo) on customer reviews: what angle grinder (angle grinder) is better to buy, how to choose, price comparison, buy in a reliable online store in your city.

Technical data

Seating diameter is 22.2 mm and the working disc diameter is 125 mm. This model has a motor power of 1000 watts and a maximum speed of 2800-10500 rpm. Tool weighs only 2.1 kg, and a cable length of 4 m. Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick is equipped with functions: protection against unintentional start, electronic speed control, maintain constant speed under load and overheating protection of the engine. Spindle thread is M14 type, and the tool is also equipped with SDS-plus quick-action nut and soft start function.

Fitting diameter, mm 22.2
Number of revolutions, rpm 2800-10500
Protection against unintentional start yes
Tool-free adjustment of housing position yes
Power, W 1000
Soft start yes
Weight, kg 2.1
Cable length, m 4

angle grinder (angle grinder) Metabo

Online store TMK. is a large selection and attractive on angle grinder (angle grinder) Metabo. Read the photos and descriptions of the products, customer reviews, technical specifications, and then compare the models that meet your requirements and choose the appropriate price. To buy an angle grinder (angle grinder) Metabo, place an order online or call TMK hotline: 8 800 700-70-77.

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Metabo angle grinder WEV 850-125, 850 W, 125 mm

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