Medium-sized power tillers with a power take-off shaft

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How to choose a single axle tractor?

Before purchasing a unit, you need to focus on the set of operations that the single-axle tractor will have to perform. Do not buy the most expensive modifications of units that have in their arsenal a full set of functions. Not every model can cope with the task.

For example, on large plots with dense soil the purchase of a heavy unit will be optimal, while a small dacha the purchase of a light class power tiller will be sufficient.

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Also when choosing, you need to decide on the type of fuel on which the agricultural machine will work. Gasoline-powered machines are quieter, lighter, easy to maintain. Diesel motoblocs are noisier, but they take up their high power. The disadvantage of diesel is considered to be its high price.

Keep in mind that additional attachments can often be provided by another manufacturer. In this case you will need an adapter to connect the implement to the purchased power tiller. This can lead to malfunction of the machine or problems in doing the job.

Today there is a wide range of power tillers on the market. The models of such companies as Husqvarna, Profi, Hyundai are in great demand. In our country and neighboring countries such machines are represented as “Belarus”, “Neva”, “Salyut-100”. Of course, the Chinese companies Forte, Wiema should not be disregarded, because their products are also quite popular.

If you compare foreign models with domestic counterparts, you can see that not always their cost is justified by their reliability and ease of use. In addition, imported models will require expensive consumables and experienced professionals to conduct maintenance. And both are very difficult to find.

Domestic companies focus on ease of use and low cost. The decisive factor is the ability to repair the power tiller by own efforts.

Review of models

In order to get some idea of power tillers with a PTO, it is necessary to become more familiar with the characteristics and features of some models.

Neva MB-Compact C-6,0

The single-axis tractor of this model is considered a real godsend for professional equipment followers. The machine has great functionality despite its compact size. Practically the whole range of mounted implements, from plough to snowplow rotor, can be connected to the PTO.

Due to the design of the gearbox, which shows powerful traction characteristics, the single-axle tractor is capable, using a reduced gear, of plowing very hard soil. Additionally, the single-axle tractor can be used for carrying loads weighing up to 500 kg.

The manufacturer specifies the following technical specifications:

  • weight. 70 kg;
  • 6 liters of power. с.;
  • low noise level;
  • Quick start-up and flawless operation in cold weather;
  • Cultivation depth up to 20 cm
  • High engine life;
  • Working width of 86 cm.

In addition, some modifications of the “Neva” can be equipped with an electric starter.

Agat (Salut) 5P

single-axle tractor is mainly used for agricultural work on small farms. With auxiliary equipment it can be used as a small tractor.

The single axle tractor is capable of hoeing, ploughing, snow clearing, mowing hay, planting and harvesting potatoes.

Equipped with a downshift function. Can reach a speed of 10 km/h when transporting up to 500 kg.

  • weight. 78 kg;
  • power. 5 l. с.;
  • Plowing depth 25 cm;
  • adjustable working width up to 90 cm
  • steering column is equipped with two position switches for comfortable driving.

Belarus 09H-01

The model is designed for diverse soil cultivation up to 5 hectares. The machine is not required to work in difficult conditions and is reliable. The mass ensures that the wheels have traction on the ground and excellent steering. Refers to the heavy type.

Of the above characteristics can be noted:

  • machine weight. 176 kg
  • developing power. 9,38 l. с.;
  • The working width is adjustable from 45 to 70 cm;
  • number of gears. 4/2;
  • payload. 650 kg;
  • speed up to 11 km/h.

Profi 1900

German manufacturers’ motorized blowers have been specially developed for agricultural operations on the plots with heavy soil and poor cross-country ability. Thanks to its 14 horsepower, this machine is able to provide easy working conditions, where with a conventional power tiller it is necessary to apply considerable effort. For working in the evening, these models are fitted with a front light.

  • weight of the walking tractor. 178 kg;
  • power. 14 l. с. (in some models up to 18 l. с.);
  • tillable width of cultivation. 80-100 cm
  • tillage depth. 15-30 cm.

In addition, the single-axle tractor is equipped with a cold start mechanism and vibration damping system.

Chinese farm machines mainly differ from other brands by their low price. Good, if the cost reduction is achieved by increasing the amount of production. But sometimes manufacturers from this country make their products cheaper by installing low-quality units.

When choosing a power tiller from China, you should carefully read the reviews of both the company and the device itself.

One way or another, let’s look at the most popular models.

Forte 105

Positions itself as a multifunctional machine for farming operations on plots of up to 1.5 hectares. Used for cultivation, root crop harvesting, seeding and many other tasks. single-axle tractor can withstand high loads for a long time.

Suitable for almost any soil, whether black earth or virgin soil.

  • The average weight of the machine is 105 kg;
  • capacity. 7 liters. с.;
  • the working width is 105 cm;
  • Processing depth. 35 cm;
  • Developable speed. 8 km/h;
  • loading weight. 350 kg.

Weima WM1100BE

single-axle tractor of western design, belongs to the heavy-duty class. Powerful engine is able to fully provide quality functionality and performance of all tasks. PTO enables the machine to work with implements for various purposes throughout the year. This modification is equipped with an electric starter, which facilitates starting in very cold weather.

  • unit capacity. 9 litres. с.;
  • weight. 140 kg
  • cultivated depth. 30 cm;
  • working width. 80-130 cm;
  • payload. 300 kg;
  • maximum speed. 11 km/h.

Due to the fact that all mentioned machines are equipped with power takeoff shaft, the list of their functions is rather extensive. That’s why these machines are indispensable aids for country houses and homesteads.

On how to make a PTO, learn in the following video.

Types and differences of PTO shafts

Today agricultural equipment manufacturers equip power tillers of four basic types. These include:

  • dependent PTO. this type of mechanism rotates simultaneously with the clutch. When the clutch is disengaged, the PTO stops at the same time. To control mechanisms of this type on power tillers, levers are used, which are mounted near the steering wheel of the machine. As soon as the lever is lowered by the operator, the shaft is engaged, and when the lever is raised, the shaft is disengaged. If debris or soil gets inside the PTO, the single-axle tractor must be stopped without disengaging the preset PTO drive. After waiting a few minutes for the tiller to reach its normal load level, you can continue to use the machine;
  • independent PTO. to use this type of machines it is not necessary to connect them to the clutch of power tillers. Asynchronous PTO. these mechanisms have the same load on the drive and allow the operator to use all the additional mechanisms of an engine without having to start the tractor’s engine;
  • Synchronous PTOs. these mechanisms start rotating with the drive wheels of the power tiller in use. Due to this peculiarity, such PTOs function properly only when the wheel rotation speed is constantly maintained;
  • Asynchronous PTO. the speed of this type of mechanisms does not depend on the rotation speed of the wheels on the power tiller. PTO shafts of this type have found application in connection and use of equipment, which carries out pumping of water, hay cleaning, spraying of vegetable garden from pests.

In connection with individual features, each of listed types of PTO shafts has found its application in one or another way. they are used for connection and stable operation of harrows, mowers, seeders and other useful at home implements.

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